Gifts For Truck Drivers That They Would Actually Use! 🚚 [37 Cool Ideas]

If you have someone in your family or your friend circle who drives trucks for livelihood, then you must be well aware that the job they do is not an easy one. So if you want to thank the truck driver you know for his/her valuable services, then there’s no better place than this to go. Nevertheless, it’s not every day that you go out searching for gifts for truck drivers. So if you have given it a hard thought and still cannot come to a decision as to what might be the best choice, then worry not. Here in this article, I have curated a list of 35+ unique gifts for a truck driver, which includes something for everyone.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet $$

Truck drivers frequently come across situations where they are required to use tools like a knife or a screwdriver. This tactical wallet from Dango, made from genuine leather and stainless steel, houses 14 different tools such as a knife, in a compact form factor, and an easy-to-use design.

It makes for an excellent gift for any truck driver since it allows for convenient carrying around of essential tools and cards. 

2. Focuspower Mini Bluetooth Earbuds $ 

There is no better way to pass time while driving than to listen to some music. Therefore, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds make for the perfect gift for a truck driver.

This pair of BT earbuds from Focuspower are compact and fit extremely well inside the ears, and won’t fall off no matter how bad the road is. The battery on these earbuds can last up to 6 hours, making them perfect for long journeys of a truck driver.

3. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion $

It is not easy to sit on a truck’s seats for hours, yet it is something a truck driver does daily. Therefore, this seat cushion from ComfiLife with gel enhanced cushioning can make for a well thought out gift. 

This gel memory foam cushion will definitely make the truck driver’s life a lot easier and comfortable. It will also help prevent any damage to the back.

4. River Knife & Tool Outdoor Spork Multitool $

You will find a lot of multitools on the market but only a few of them have a spoon and fork on them, like this one from CRKT. And a spoon and fork can be a really useful tool for someone who eats most of his meal on the road, like a truck driver.

This multitool is made from durable and lightweight material and also has tools like a screwdriver, bottle opener, etc. 

5. Heated Travel Blanket $

Truck drivers can encounter some really cold temperatures on their trips, especially at night. Therefore, something like a heated blanket can be a perfect gift for them.

This heated blanket has a dimension of 58” x 42” making it more than enough to cover the whole body. It can be plugged into a 12V socket, which is available in almost every truck. 

6. BESTEK 200W Power Inverter $

Having a constant source of power to keep your phones and other devices charged is extremely important. However, trucks are rarely equipped with USB ports or AC sockets, but rather have 12V sockets.

This 200W power inverter from BESTEK plugs into a 12V socket and has multiple AC outlets and USB ports. It has a maximum power output of 500V making it perfect for charging multiple devices at once. 

7. SiriusXM Satellite Radio $

This satellite radio from SiriusXM is a perfect gift for truck drivers who love listening to music on the go. This satellite radio kit can be easily connected to a vehicle’s music system and can be used to access hundreds of different radio music channels offered by Sirius XM.

It also has a display that is convenient for getting all the relevant information at a glance.

8. Mobile Innerspace Truck Sleep Mattress $

It is no secret that most of the time truck drivers have to spend their nights inside their truck. And it can be an extremely uncomfortable experience if proper bedding is not available.

This foldable truck sleep mattress from Mobile Innerspace is the only mattress a truck driver will ever need. It is made with comfortable materials and is foldable to make it easier to carry. It is one of the best gifts for a truck driver.

9. Surviveware First Aid Kit $$

It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy if you are doing such a high-risk job as driving a truck. This first aid kit from Surviveware is the best option in terms of size and features, to give as a gift. 

It has a simple and well thought out design with separate compartments for each component. It also comes with a smaller and more portable first aid kit.

10. Flask, Funnel, and Rescue Knife Gift Box Set $

This gift box set includes a 7oz flask, a rescue knife, and a funnel, and is made especially for people like truck drivers. However, it is not to be confused just as a showpiece because everything included in the box is extremely functional.

The knife comes with a built-in glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and bottle opener, and can come in handy in case of emergency as well as for general use.

11. Portable Fridge/Cooler $$$$

Carrying enough food for long journeys can be a struggle since it can get rotten along the way. The best way to prevent that from happening is to have a portable fridge. This is why this Portable cooler from Dometic can be a really useful gift.

It is powered from the truck’s battery using a 12V socket and its 26L capacity allows you to store enough food and beverages for long journeys.

12. Leather Keychain $

A keychain can be a good gift for any occasion. And this leather keychain with a single alphabet embedded on it can be an excellent personalized gift. You can even buy two of them to spell out the initials of the gift recipient.

The keychain has multiple easy to use clasps and is made of high-quality materials like leather and metal. It can be really useful for managing the large number of keys a truck driver has.

13. Under Armour Men’s Cap $

A cap is something every truck driver wears since it provides good protection against the sun while driving, making it a useful and functional gift. This cap from Under Armour is one of the best trucker’s caps out there and has high-quality fabrics and materials.

The back half of the cap is made from trucker mesh that provides suitable ventilation to keep your head cool and dry. It is perfect for extended uses.

14. Kabana Men’s Wallet $

If your trucker friend or family member for whom you are searching for a gift, is also a bike enthusiast then this Kabana Men’s Biker Wallet with a 45cm long metal chain can be a great gift option.

The wallet is made out of genuine leather and is pretty spacious to keep all your cards, money, and belongings. The chain also provides extra protection.

15. LED Flashlight $

A flashlight is another important tool that is used in the day-to-day life of a truck driver. It, therefore, makes for a good gift choice. 

This mid-sized LED Flashlight from GearLight is an extremely high-quality product with excellent build quality and has a super bright light with a long throw. The flashlight is also water-resistant and therefore can be used in rain as well.

16.  Polarized Sunglasses $

A pair of sunglasses is just as essential for a trucker as a cap or a flashlight. Polarized sunglasses are a better option to gift to a trucker compared to normal ones since they offer better protection against the sun.

This lightweight plastic-framed polarized sunglasses from RIVBOS is a good choice for the purpose of using for a long stretch of time. The sunglasses, despite being light, are also highly durable.

17. Personalized Engraved Leather Sunglass Case $

If you are going to gift a sunglass, then you might as well gift a sunglass case along with it. And there are no better gifts than personalized ones, just like this personalized sunglass case.

The case is made from synthetic leather and has a photo of a truck engraved on the outside. You can also get the gift receiver’s name engraved on the wallet beside the truck to make it even more personalized.

18. Swiss Army Pocket Knife $

A Swiss Army Multitool pocket knife is one of the most useful gifts you can give to anyone. The tools on this knife are useful for day-to-day life as well as professional use.

This knife contains 12 different functions such as a knife blade, can opener, screwdriver, etc. making it suitable for almost any situation a trucker might encounter during the trip. The build quality of the knife is also exceptional.

19. Leatherman Multitool Knife $$

If you think 12 tools on a knife are less and want even more than this multitool knife from Leatherman can be a good option. This knife has 19 different tools built into it, which means it can be used in almost every situation. 

The knife is made from high-quality stainless steel and has a leather sheath. The knife also comes with a 25-year warranty.

20. Gel Seat Cushion $

This gel seat cushion is an excellent way of providing that extra bit of comfort that is required in long truck journeys. The person receiving this as a gift is definitely going to be very happy and touched by the fact that you care about them.

This cushion can be extremely helpful in relieving pain in the lower back and tailbone region, and can also protect against injuries from vibrations.

21. Portable Cooker $

Being able to cook your own food or having something to warm up the cold food that you kept in your portable refrigerator while on the road, can be a huge advantage. Since the food available while traveling is not really hygienic.

This portable cooker with two cooking pots is the best way for you to do so. It is compact, has different heating levels, and has cool-touch handles. 

22. Stainless Steel Water Bottle $


A water bottle is always a good thing to gift since it is something everyone carries with them during journeys. This Stanley classic stainless steel thermos water bottle can be a good option if you are looking for a good water bottle to give.

Along with maintaining the temperature of your beverages, this water bottle also has a cap that doubles as a cup and a sturdy handle to hold the water bottle. 

23. 24” LED TV $$

Television can be a great source of entertainment while on the road. You can watch movies on it while resting or just listen to music. 

This 24” LED TV from LG is the perfect travel companion for a truck driver due to its compact size. It can be easily carried around in a truck and has excellent picture quality, making it a perfect source of recreation.

24. Sony DVD Player

Having a TV makes no sense if you don’t have something to play movies in. This DVD player from Sony can efficiently fill that gap and be the perfect companion gift for your TV.

This DVD player is also extremely compact and easy to carry around. It comes with a remote for easy controls and comes with a 1-year warranty.

25. CB Radio $$

A CB Radio can be a life-saving tool in emergencies since it allows you to communicate with nearby people without any cellular connection. Giving such a gift shows that you really care about the person and sends a positive message.

This radio from Uniden is a good quality CB Radio with all the essential features and a noise-canceling mic. This radio is also compatible with wireless mics.

26. Portable Coffee Maker $$

Coffee is probably the most consumed beverage by a truck driver. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise since truck drivers are required to stay awake for a long time.

Having your own portable coffee maker on your truck can really make life easier and better. This portable coffee maker from Keurig is one of the best out there and can be used to brew some of the finest coffee.

27. “Best Trucking Dad Ever” Coffee Mug $

Is your dad a truck driver and you are looking for the perfect gift to give to him on father’s day? If yes, then this is where your search ends.

This coffee mug with “Best Trucking Dad Ever” written over it can be the perfect gift for your dad, and coupling it with the portable coffee maker mentioned above will make things even better. 

28. Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag $

Having a place to keep all your travel essentials like toothbrush, face wash, etc. is extremely important to stay organized. This toiletry bag does a very good job at that. It can be changed to a hook and all the compartments are easily visible and accessible.

You can even use it to keep other essential items like your charger making it an extremely functional gift.

29. Guardian Angel Visor Clip $

Visor clips can be really useful since they help you keep important documents safe. This visor clip however is more than just a visor clip. It is shaped as a guardian angel with a traveling prayer written over it, that prays for the safety and well-being of you and your passengers.

It is an extremely heart-touching gift and is definitely something you should give to a truck driver along with other gifts if not alone.

30. Bluetooth Headset $$

Since it is illegal to use your phone while driving, a Bluetooth headset can be a great way to stay connected to your family and friends while driving. It is also a good way to ensure the safety of your loved ones while they are on the road.

This BT headset can be used with any cellphone or computer and has extremely clear audio quality. It also only covers one ear so that you can use the other for driving.

31. Waterproof Roll Up Mattress $$

Mattresses can easily get wet when you are on the road. And it can be really hard to sleep and rest on a wet mattress. Since a good rest is essential for safe driving, a waterproof mattress can literally be a life-saver for truck drivers.

If you want to give something extremely useful and important to your loved ones, then this waterproof mattress is an excellent choice.

32. Yeti Cooler $$$

While you can always carry a portable fridge on your truck, it is sometimes better to have an ice cooler since a portable fridge uses your truck’s battery for power.

This cooler from Yeti can be a good choice if you are looking to buy an ice cooler due to its lightweight design and good thermal capabilities. It has durable hinges on the lid and a strong strap for carrying it around.

33. Fast Drying Towels $

A fast-drying towel can be a useful gift for a truck driver since they don’t get much time to dry their towel while on the road.

This fast-drying towel, made from super absorbent and fast-drying microfiber cloth, comes with a net-based carrying bag making it portable and well-suited for journeys. The cloth is also extremely soft and feels nice on the skin.

34. Emergency Urinal $

There can be situations where a truck driver needs to pee but cannot since he is unable to leave the truck like while being stuck in traffic. An emergency portable urinal can really be a life-saver at such times.

This emergency urinal from OUTFANDIA is a good quality product that is unisex and has a leak-proof design. It can be shrunk when not in use to make it more portable. It also has a lid to cover the waste and keep the smell from spreading.

35. Electric Blanket $$

Electric blankets are nothing less than a necessity for truck drivers since they have to drive in some of the coldest weather. Therefore, a good electric blanket should be on your potential gift list as well.

If you have made up your mind and have settled with gifting an electric blanket, then this Micro Plush Electric Blanket should be considered. It has excellent features like auto shut off and protection from radiation.

36. Dash Cam $$

Driving a big vehicle can be a tough task, and cameras installed on the side and rear that give you a full view of the road can make it a lot easier.

While most new trucks come pre-installed with such technology, if the person for whom you are searching for the gift has a truck that does not, then this Dual Dash Cam can be considered as a gift. It has excellent picture quality and other high-tech features.

37. Leather Work Gloves $

Driving trucks without gloves can be highly dangerous since the sweat on the hand can reduce the grip over the handle. A good pair of work gloves will definitely prove to be useful and therefore should be one of your considerations. 

This pair of Leather gloves from Well Lamont is a good choice for gifting since it offers attractive features like water-resistance and tight grip. It can also prove to be useful in cold weather.

You must have made your pick by now. But if you are still struggling then for a little pick me up, the gifts I think are the most meaningful are Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Surviveware First Aid Kit, Electric Blanket, and the Portable Yeti Cooler

Consider sharing this blog post with your friends and family if you found it useful and if you have something on your mind that you think should be added to the list, feel free to suggest it to me on the My Comment Page.

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