My Story!

Why did I start GiftsIdeas.best?

Hi, I’m Ishita Kaul. I have been working in the IT industry for over 4 years. I know what you’re thinking. IT is so boring, how can this girl come up with creative gift ideas? First things first – IT is AMAZING. But that’s a conversation for another day. Secondly, gift-giving is a passion I’ve had long before I made my career choice.

So how did I get the idea for this website? It started off a few months ago. My parent’s 30 year wedding anniversary was coming up. I wanted to get them something spectacular. I must have gone through a hundred websites. Everything was just so uninspired.

All the articles I read had the same old stuff. Flowers, cards, bedsheets, household decorations – entirely generic stuff. The gift ideas that were a little different were overtly sexual. For those with Indian parents, you know that is a big no-no! Suddenly, I got to thinking and realized something. All gift idea articles on the internet are the same.

Gift idea articles depend on stereotypes. Mother’s day gifts will be pink and flowery. Kid’s birthday gifts will be cartoonish. But what these articles don’t realize is people don’t fit in these small boxes. Not all mothers like flowers and not all kids like cartoons. And that’s where the inspiration came to start my own website.

Why do I love gift-giving?

I’ve always had the gift of gift-giving. Some people are content with giving a generic gift on special occasions. Not me. I love that feeling you get when a loved one opens up a gift and their face brightens up! It started off with birthday and anniversary gifts. But as I got older and started earning money, I started celebrating other occasions too.

And to be honest, I got pretty good at it too. To this day, people are still talking about the bouquet of edible flowers I got for my mom on Mother’s Day. I don’t know when it started exactly. But somewhere down the line, I became the go-to person for gift recommendations.

Forgot your anniversary and need to apologize to your wife? I’ll find a gift so good, she’ll be glad you forgot! Want to suck up to your boss? I’ll help make sure he never forgets your name. I sometimes think about when Ross (from Friends) wanted Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. So he gifted him some cupcakes. Oh, Ross. You should’ve come to me.

I got so good, in fact, that I was on a first-name basis with local gift shop staff. They would even invite me over to check out new stock. And I guess that’s what led me to start this website.

My plans for this lovely platform

My goal is simple: I want to bring creativity back into gift-giving. I absolutely HATE the idea of giving a gift along with its receipt. It shows you don’t know the person well enough or don’t care enough. When you read my articles, I want you to find gifts that are so good the receiver won’t be able to contain their happiness.

But more than that, I want to make gift idea articles more exclusive. Not all guys want video games or sneakers. Some of them want journals to write in. Some want cabinets to hold their jewelry. Similarly, not all girls want make-up and perfumes. Some want the latest MacBook.

Gift-giving is a beautiful concept. You’re literally taking out the time and money to show someone you love them. When you read my articles, I want you to be able to envision your loved one. I want you to be able to imagine them using and loving that product. It’s time to make gift-giving better again.

How do I craft all my gift guides?

So, here’s a little on how these articles work. In each article, I will give several gift ideas for a specific person or occasion. These could range from 30 ideas to over 70! As promised, each of these ideas will be original, unique, and exclusive. From gifts for students to gifts for Christmas, I will be tapping into a variety of niches.

For each gift, I will give a review of the product as well as the kind of personality it is suited for. Check out my article on Gift Ideas for College boys. It has ideas for all types of personalities – sensitive, jock, and more!

However, I do need to make some things clear. I haven’t tried out all of the products I am reviewing. But here’s the thing – I don’t have to. This is a website about gift-giving; who cares if I don’t like a product? These are products that I have personally bought as gifts. My review is based on whether that gift was then liked by the recipient.

I do have some rules though. I don’t promote any products that promote discrimination. Racist dolls and sexist and homophobic posters are a HUGE no on this website. I also try to only promote products that are produced by companies with ethical values. If you feel I am promoting products that go against these values, let me know!

My Beautiful Readers ❤

Finally, I come to you guys. You guys are what keeps this website going. Your need to find the perfect gift is what I am here for. Whether it’s for a loved one or for a coworker, I want you to have the best ideas in front of you.

I want you to be inspired by my articles. I want you to fall in love with gift-giving and not treat it like a chore. And most of all, I want to keep in touch with all those that I have helped.

Please help me out by sharing my articles with your friends and families. And if you can’t do that, that’s no problem. Just commenting and telling me you like my ideas is enough 🙂

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