21st Birthday Gifts ❤ – 39 Awesome Ideas to Choose From!

Life is at a turning point when one is entering his early twenties. Turning twenty-one might get you to say goodbye to fake IDs for having liquor but age comes with much more sensibilities and responsibilities. Choosing 21st birthday gifts might be difficult as it becomes important to strike a balance between fun and seriousness. Do not worry I have all types of gifts ready for you. From old school lovers to millennial style!

Before choosing a gift makes sure to know their taste and needs. At such an age, they would like more of a practical gift than an irrelevant passive object.  Be their favourite person by giving them the best you can think of but with a smile and hug.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. “101 Secrets For Your Twenties,” by Paul Angone for the struggling new adults

Till we reach our twenties, our life becomes full of secrets and dark thoughts. The struggles, job, high school traumas, heartbreaks, and failures make us hard and confused. Amidst this chaotic life, your loved one definitely needs a guiding light to avoid any mishaps. Gift them the “21 Secrets for Your 20s” that will inspire, encourage, and help to give a fresh start to their life. It is the best birthday gift; she will definitely thank you after going through it.

2.    Nintendo Switch for best home gaming system

Take his gaming experience to a whole different level with the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch.  Surprise him on his 21st birthday with this mind blowing gaming system. At home or travelling, he can take it everywhere and play solo or with his friends. For the best results, he can even switch to enjoy HD gaming on the TV. Be prepared to be his favourite person after this gift.

3.    Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker to make him feel like home

Is your dear son soon leaving the nest and moving out to face the world? Living all by himself can be quite intimidating especially to manage all the household chores. Help him out in reducing his worries with a Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It will help him to have varieties of sandwiches just like you make. Give him the luxury of warm, tasty breakfast even sitting miles apart. 

4.    Wine. All the Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking something she needs

Does she love to have wine but always shop the wrong one? Choosing wine can be a bit tricky and peculiar. Fear not! The Wine. All the Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking will guide her thoroughly to shop for a wine that matches both her budget and taste palates. It will also give insightful information to enhance the flavour of her wine.

5.    Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser for adding vintage feels

Celebrate your loved one’s legalised age to have liquor on his 21st birthday with a Godinger gas pump liquor dispenser. It is a perfect way to impress his friend through the mind blowing way of drinking liquor. All he needs is to fill his favourite liquor- whiskey, vodka, rum or scotch and serve the drinks through pumping hoes. Chug and cheers to this retro twist.

6.    Beer Making Kit to learn something new

It is very common nowadays for boys and girls to indulge in early drinking habits. If your kids love drinking, it is better to have something homemade than those high packed sodas and alcohol. Surprise him/her by organising a beer-making fun activity on his 21st birthday. Let them chug as much as they want as nothing bad goes in.

7.    Mixology Set for kick-ass booze

Let them know how cool father or mother is by getting him his own Mixology Bartender Kit on his 21st birthday. It is a ten-piece kit that is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. He can invite over his/her friends and stylishly make some amazing cocktails. Later, you can also use a décor set in your bar. Impress the guests with this elegant, luxurious kit.

8.    LeafLife Bamboo Tumbler With Tea Infuser for a quick sip

While they constantly juggle between their classes and part-time jobs, comfort them with some go-to tea or coffee in a bamboo tumbler. It comes with a tea infuser and strainer for managing his green tea or any infused energy drink. It is a great tumbler that can be used during workouts and exercising.

9.    Adios Fake ID Candle for fragrant room

With constant tough competition, nowadays life of an adult is no less a battlefield. But how much you work hard, it is important to sit back and rest once in a while. Gift your dear friend or sibling the Adios Fake ID luxury scented soy candles to leisure in peace after a long day of work. The scent of tropical fruit, spice and sweet vanilla will calm down their nerves and recharge them for the next day.

10.  Law of Attraction Life Planner for a successful life

The early twenties are the most crucial years for everyone. Everything in life is a constant change and upgradation. To keep the game strong, you need to focus dedicatedly on your education and career. If your loved one is turning twenty one this year, help him be organised and planned with Deluxe Law of Attraction Academic Planner. With all the feel-good lists, mind maps, reflection pages, habit trackers and many more, he will be able to increase the level of efficiency and execution.

11.  Customized Hip Flask something he will really love

Just in case they need a reminder how cool dad you are, give him this trendy leather stainless steel hip flask gift set. With six ounce of capacity he can have his booze wherever he wants. The shots glass will help him have a perfectly measured drink according to his alcohol retaining capacity.  But do not forget to set some ground rules to avoid cases of over drinking.

12.  Beard Grooming Kit for the beard keepers

With beard coming again in trend, it will become important for him to have his beard game on the top. If your boyfriend or son is turning twenty-one and love to groom his bear, get him a luxurious beard grooming kit to achieve that perfect look. This kit gives him everything he need for his beard and moustache like Beard Brush, Unscented Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Moustache & Beard Balm Butter Wax and many more.

13.  “Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist,” by Tim Federle

for their next read If you know someone obsessed with literature and alcohol then this might be the perfect gift.  The “Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist,” by Tim Federle will entertain them with sixty-five delicious savoury drink recipes along with witty commentary on history’s most beloved and classic novels. Grab your copy now to get some Pun-tastic cocktail delights.

14.  Spa Bath Bomb Birthday Basket for relaxing after work bath

Who does not like a warm relaxing bath after long hours of hard work? Every time going to a spa might not be possible. Surprise them with a refreshing spa bath bomb birthday basket that will help them to unwind their tiredness from all the work and have a spa-like experience at home. Isn’t it cool and affordable! You can add your own message to make it more personalised.

15.  Undercut Innovations Wine Tumbler Gift Set for a wine lover lady

Does she love to have her wine no matter wherever she goes? Get her a travelling Wine Tumbler gift set that includes an insulated wine tumbler, socks with funky lines and a wine cupcake for boozy flavour. Now she will be able to travel wherever she wants with the wine in her reach. The insulated layering will keep her wine at the exact temperature she poured.

16.  The Hungover Cookbook for making them ready

With legally entering the age of drinking, it becomes more important to have basic knowledge about a hangover and its effect on one’s body. Get them one the bestseller- The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford that features many comforting recipes, sorted easy graphic tests for analysing their state of mind and some simple quizzes for tracking the progress. It is better to be prepared beforehand than being sorry.

17.  Fun 21 Bracelet to match her elegant personality

If your sister or girlfriend is turning twenty-one, cherish her D-day with gold plated Fun 21 Bracelet. It features twenty-one beads, each bead represents each year they spend enjoying their life. It is an elegant bracelet that will give a subtle yet classy touch to any outfit. Surprise her with such a thoughtful gesture and see a smile while she slips it on her wrist.

18.  Photo Hanging Set to refresh the memories

Everyone enters with lots of memories and people to cherish in their twenties. Give them a chance to relive those beautiful moments and again feel close to those people through the Umbra Hangit Photo Display. In the era of digital prints, developed photos are still considered precious by the people who are old school by heart. It will instantly refresh the ambience of their room and bring a smile whenever they look at it.

19.  Instant Polaroid Camera to have a lifetime of fun

To all the selfie lovers we got the best 21st birthday gifts for them. Nothing can be cooler than an Instant Polaroid Camera for your loved one who loves to capture small moments. Do they always want to have a photo scrap file filled with memories? Get them a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and get started. In a few years, they will have an album full of memories to treasure for life.

20.  Beer Cap Wall Art for the beer enthusiast

Some people know how to enjoy their booze. It is not always about getting a hit but to saviour all the flavours and appreciate the long hours of fermentation it went through. If you know someone who takes his beer seriously, get him a beer cap wall art. It will help him to show off his best fifty beer bottle caps. It is an idle gift for anyone good at craft beer or home brewing.

21.  What Do You Meme? For The Girls Party Game for a wild night

Adult game alert! Planning a girl’s slumber party on your bestie 21st birthday? Be the star of her birthday party by gifting her WHAT DO YOU MEME? For The Girls. It is time to ditch your boyfriends and have a gala time with your girlfriends. This has all sought cards to make your party happen like 100 ‘Truth or Dare’ cards, ‘If You’ve Ever’ cards, ‘Rapid Fire’ cards and many more. Do not forget: What happens at the party stays at the party!

22.  Cool Cats and Ass Hats for some crazy times

Want to make your 21st birthday party more fun and interactive among your friends? Get a Cool Cats & Ass Hats hilarious adult party/drinking card game. Have your shots glasses ready and have the most memorable nights of your life. In the end, with a winner (Cool cat) and looser ( Ass hat), everyone will be rolling down laughing. It is the best game to bring your friends closer.

23.  50 Cal Bottle Opener something to jazz up the party

Never ever have I seen such tremendously different bottle opener! This 50 Cal Bottle Opener gives exactly a real life bullet look, thus proving to be one of the best novelty gifts. It is an excellent source of conversation opener with a lifetime of memories and laughter. Now open your chill beer with a veteran feels.

24.  Grown-up Book for teaching them to cope

Who said growing up will be easy? It includes responsibilities, betrayal, in-depth planning and what not. We always wished that what if life comes with a specific rule book, Jason Hazeley made it true with A Ladybird First Grown-Up Picture Book. It will guide your newly grown up with the difficulties and their solutions in an adult’s life.

25.  Hangover Recovery because adult life is not all party

Entering in the twenties means regular late-night parties and lots of alcohol. But with the fun comes responsibility. After partying all night, waking up for work with a throbbing headache can be a bit of a setback. Keep the Hangover Recovery packet handy to quickly hydrate your body which water alone cannot do. It has a specific ratio of glucose, potassium and sodium to replenish your body with lost nutrients.

26.  Poker Set to enhance the fun in the party

Are you bored with regular parties with drinks, music and dance? Want something more? Need something different? Gamble up your enjoyment with poker sets. The Monte Carlo Poker Club Set comes with attractive designer chips with golden frames. Now play like professionals and have the best days of your life with your friends.

27.  GPS Keyring Tracker for the one with poor memory

In such a hectic life, it has become a common problem of losing small stuff like keys, remote, scrunches, shoes and many more such things. If your loved one constantly cribs about losing the stuff, make their life easy by gifting them the GPS Keyring tracker.  They just need to attach to the most lost item and it will become your GPS tracker of the lost item.

28.  Exploding Kittens –time for some card game

Kittens and explosions! This combination might sound weird but it is a card game for adults and teens that are into kittens and explosions. It is an upgraded version of Uno with goats, magical enchiladas and kittens. Gather your friends and have rounds of these card games with some beer and of course shouting and cheating.

29.  Cards Against Humanity for awkward time

As the name says, the Cards Against Humanity is a card game especially designed for horrible people. If you are looking for something really weird, wicked and yet enjoyable, this might be the game you are looking for. The sick, cruel and disturbing lines make this the funniest card game. If you have guts then do give it a shot in your next intimate reunion party.

30.  Keyring Breathalyzer for careful driving

Drinking and driving have always the riskiest and most dangerous things to do. With thousands of accidents caused due to the influence of alcohol, it is better to keep your loved one aware and safe. If your son is getting legalised to drink this year, as responsible parents, you need to give him a Keyring Breathalyzer. Make him a responsible citizen and ask to drive only when the machine flashes 0.00%.

31.  LEGO Death Star for the nerd adults

A boy can never get too old to play with Lego sets. If his room is still filled with Lego pieces and Star Wars mementos then the LEGO Death Star will be the perfect 21st birthday gift for him. The set features an in-detailed ultimate battle station of the evil Empire which includes Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader and twenty other mini-figures. Invite his nerd friends over and watch them go mad over this set.

32.  Corgi Slippers for dog lovers

Finding something cute and funny for your loved one’s 21st birthday gift? We got you Corgi Slippers which will definitely win their heart. It is cosy and comfortable to lounge around the house. These funny slippers reflect the spirit of this intelligent breed. All its features and detailing makes it a perfect gift, especially for a dog lover.  Watch his dog going red from jealousy after seeing his new adorable pair.

33.  Cash Soap as a gag idea

Nothing can be more bizarre than soap with actual dollars in it. Who thought washing hands can make them earn some money. Make everyone laugh by getting the birthday boy/girl the best gag gift of the party. It is a duck-shaped, lemongrass scented soap which will thoroughly clean his hands and reveal some dollar bills once it disappears.

34.  50 Cal Shot Glasses to buzz up his booze

Make his friends jealous while he parties like a pro. Get him these stylish fifty Cal shot glasses and see him go gaga over them. These are made from ceramic and shaped like shiny gold 50 Cal bullet casings for giving real-life experience. It is a perfect display piece on his bar counter or man cave. Organise a party and show off in front of your friends.

35.  Bubble Ball for a crazy party

Planning to do something crazy this 21st birthday? Why not bubble balls ride! Get a bubble ball and have a non-stop laughing party. Roll down laughing every time seeing your friend rolling down and screaming in the ball. You can have a ride on a beach, swimming pool, lake or a big backyard (especially with a slope). Get ready to bum, flip and roll down and laugh crazily with your friend while playing soccer.

36.  Tipsy Tower Game something everyone can play

Get his party started with the ultimate new adult game i.e. The Tipsy Tower game. With a twisted version of Jenga, it is perfect for everyone and every occasion. No need for a drink! You can play like a regular board game night. The set comes with everything included but your friends. It has thirty-five game sin one box to zeal up the birthday party to another level.

37.  Bunny James Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Box to treat them with something special

Big foodie alert! If your friend, sibling or child loves to hoard food like a pig then get him the meat hamper of his dream. The Bunny James Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Box has assorted twelve individually wrapped beef jerky snack packs for each kind of taste palate. With a range of flavours, spice levels and savouries, each of the snack packs is a go-to meal. It is a perfect hamper for your loved ones if he is mostly on wheels.

38.  Beer Chiller Sticks for no more warm beer

The worst thing that can happen to your beer is getting lukewarm due to various reasons. Waiting for it to get chilled again is quite a long process and adding ice cubes is a nightmare. Surprise your friend by getting him beer chiller sticks that will instantly cool it down. Take this to his party and show this magical wand to have the best drinking experience.

39.  Kan Jam Outdoor Game for a fun activity

Get his party started with the ultimate new adult game i.e. The Tipsy Tower game. With a twisted version of Jenga, it is perfect for everyone and every occasion. No need for a drink! You can play like a regular board game night. The set comes with everything included but your friends. It has thirty-five game sin one box to zeal up the birthday party to another level.

Who does not like getting some extra dollars? Being in my early twenties, I myself prefer money above everything. The Cash Soap will always be on my top list among other 21st birthday gifts. But you can choose whatever you want. From a practical purchase to sentimental personalized gifts, we got it all. If you have more gift ideas, notify me on my contact page. If you found my article helpful, do not forget to share.

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