40th Birthday Gifts – 43 Amazing Ideas To Choose From In [2022]

Turning forty is a bummer for most people. Bring back the ecstasy of entering a new decade with surprisingly amazing gifts. Let them know how fabulous and efficient they are even in their forties by appreciating them with a nice present. I have got for you a whole deal of ideas for 40th birthday gifts that will jazz up their mood for their birthday party.

Turn up their gloomy day to a party full of laughter and enjoyment by getting something worthwhile. Choosing a gift for your loved one can be quite tricky, but my list for 40th birthday gifts is pretty helpful. It will manage to impress you with a wide range of exotic gift range. Hold on to your card and get ready to swipe for some amazing souvenirs.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 picks :

1.    Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker for hidden chefs

If your loved one is turning forty this year and loves to cook then cherish their hobby by getting a top-notch Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker. It is an elegant machine that effortlessly rolls and cuts your pasta dough for traditional lasagne or fettuccine. This will give a professional touch to their cooking.

2.    Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-Over Kettle for hot beverage drinkers

People who love to drink coffee or tea are very serious about the right temperature and aroma. If you know someone like this, the Fellow Stagg EKG, electric pour-over kettle can be the perfect 40th birthday gifts for them. It offers flawless functionality for its ultimate brewing experience.


3.    Vintage Candy Co. Retro Candy Gift Set for the kid inside them

There is no age limit to have your favourite candies. Bring back the nostalgic memories from childhood by gifting your partner, friend, parents or sibling the Vintage Candy Co. Retro candy gift set. It is a delightful keepsake candy box that includes over fifty-five types of candies, all resembling the 1980s’ taste.

4.    Shun Premier Chef’s Knife for the perfect chopping

Does your loved one love to spend most of the time in the kitchen? Make them happy by slowly upgrading their kitchen with high-end tools. Get them the Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife as their 40th birthday gift. It is a lightweight knife with a comfortable grip that will help them to perform precisely.

5.    ‘You’re Only Old Once!’ by Dr. Seuss for a good laugh

Reaching at the age of forty can be traumatic for some people. If your dear one is facing the same midlife crisis then take this as an opportunity to cheer them up with You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children by Dr. Seuss. It is a perfect read for people who are still kidded by heart and get anxious whenever their body shows old age symptoms.

6.    Chic 40th Birthday Gifts Wine Label Pack for the lady who ages like wine

Is your friend, mom or sister throwing her 40th birthday party? Wine and a lady has always been a best friend. Zing up the mood of the party by getting her favourite wine along with these personalised Chic 40th Birthday Wine Label Pack. It will add the perfect touch of elegance in her décor.

7.    Cote D’Or Mignonette Extra Dark Chocolate for a rich flavour

By the time people grow up, they tend to shift their tats from milk to dark chocolates. Gift them this rich Cote D’Or Mignonette Extra Dark Chocolate and watch them hoard these bars like a kid. You can even serve the guest these sweet delicacies with wine or champagne.

8.    Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Tree Pair for luxurious shoe hoarders

Adulting is all about buying your favourite expensive stuff and regretting it later. Shoes are no exceptions.  From pure leather to delicate sued, footwear has become very expensive. If you know someone who loves to collect high-end shoes, help them to preserve and adjust the shape by getting Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Tree Pair.


9.    Joan Didion: The Collected 1960s and 70s for the literature geeks

Nothing can be sexier than a man with the habit of a nice read. If you know anyone around you with a love for literature and poetry, gift them this mind-blowing Joan Didion: The Collected 1960s and 70s book. Inspire them with her flawless writing of fiction, memoir and factual journalism. A true book lover with a mature sense of insightful reading will know the true essence of this book.

10.  Not a Day Over Fabulous Wine Tumbler for wine lovers

Does she love to pamper herself with nice rich wine? But, getting a bottle whenever she wants can be difficult. Make her life a bit easy by giving her 24*7 access to her wine with a nice wine tumbler. The W&O has come up with an elegant and sturdy wine tumbler to keep her wine at a desirable temperature with a leak-proof cap. Its design celebrates her eternal beauty regardless of age.

11.  Lucky Feather Beaded Bracelet to celebrate forty years of her life

What might seem to be just any ordinary bracelet is actually a 14-carat gold-dipped beaded hand string to suit their graceful taste. It features forty beads: one for each year. It has an adjustable fit that makes it easy to slide whenever they want with whatever they are wearing. It will match with everything. Just what she needs!

12.  Maps International Scratch the World Travel Map for one planning to retire and turn a hippie

May her forties bring lots of travelling on her card. Help her to explore the best of the best places with the help of International Scratch the World Travel Map. They can keep a mark of all the places they have travelled and scratch for a new destination they are looking forward to exploring.

13.  Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray for ultimate experience

If your wife or girlfriend loves to spend hours and hours in her hot tub, this luxury bathtub caddy tray is a perfect way to take their bathing experience to next level. It will make sure that all her bathing essentials along with her phone do not get soaked in her tub. Earn some extra brownie points by pouring her favourite wine. It is perfect for couples to enjoy their bath with scented candles, chilled wine and their favourite self-care products.

14.  Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany for your special nerd

There is something different about people who love to read. From insight understanding to great companions, they prove to be a promising partner. Lucky you are if you have someone like this in life. Cherish their existence with Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany that is an ultimate guide for your bookworm. It is an excellent source for all the literature facts, inspiration and more.

15.  Gotega Wine Glass Shower Holder for a soothing bath

After years of hard work and taking care of family, she deserves some luxurious ‘me time’. Gift her comfort her dreams with the Gotega Wine Glass Shower Holder. It is a strong, dishwasher safe suction cup for long-lasting usage. Let her relax and melt all her problems with a hot shower and chilled wine.

16.  COSORI Max XL 5.8 Quart Air Fryer for luxurious cooking

Cooking is itself an art. It takes hours of hardwork and meticulous skills to cook like a culinary chef. If your loved one loves cooking, surprise him with the latest technology incorporated in COSORI Max XL 5.8 Quart Air Fryer. It is a mind-boggling, high-end tool with easy to use presets and multi-functional cooking facilities. Make them feel as if they are performing in a big restaurant.

17.  Tile Pro (2020) for short term memory people

Have they already started losing small stuff and shouting around the whole house in search of them? Well, this is actually a gift for the peace of people around them. The Tile Pro (2020) is a high-performance finder which is perfect for keys, backpacks, luggage and many more such things. Introduce them to the magic of technology and give them a break from the entire losing and finding things.

18.  Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug to enjoy a hot steaming cup

Ask any die-hard coffee drinker about the worst-case scenarios; all of them will be complaining about how it eventually loses its temperature. Make them carry happy tears with this revolutionary Ember temperature control ceramic mug that will let them control the desired temperature just from their smartphones. Isn’t it cool?

19.  Jet Performance Products Granite Disks to preserve the spirit of his favourite drink

If he takes his whiskey and scotch seriously, you might have heard him complaining about improper temperature and how ice dilutes his drink. Gift the life to his drinks with Jet Performance Products Granite Disks. Just refrigerate them before the party and dunk it down in the glass to get the chilled drinks without losing their true essence.

Written especially for the elderly, this book is marked as an ingenious gift.

20.  Eberjey Women’s Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Set for a cosy sleep

Want to get her nice and elegant clothing but does not know her true style? In such cases, always go for something simple and safe. The Eberjey Women’s Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Set is one of its kinds that will match your requirements. It is simple yet elegantly stylish that will give her a comfortable sound sleep. Choose her favourite color and impress her without much effort.

21.  Polished Stainless Steel Bangle In Gift Pouch that she can treasure for life

There is no better gift than a dainty bracelet that she can treasure for life. This customised bangle is a polished stainless steel bracelet with charms that will remind her to live life like there is no tomorrow. It can be adjusted elegantly to suit her wrist size. This timeless beauty will touch her heart whenever she will wear it.

22.  Funny Ceramic Mug For Women At Forty as an appreciation gift

OWith age comes experience. Get her this funny ceramic mug for women at forty and appreciate how wise she has turned over these years. Make her embrace her forties with this kick-ass mug that will make her smile whenever she will have her coffee or tea.

23.  Most Funny 40 Year Old Yard Sign for a funny srprise

Want to get something different for your loved one on their 40th birthday? Turning forty can leave them dull and more tearfulness; cheer them up with the 40-Year-Old Yard Sign. Make everyone laugh a bit harder and light up the mood with this gag decoration. Make it easy for him to accept bitter sweet truth with this funny yet delightful setup.

24.  Nostalgic 1980 Retro Candy from Childhood for sweet memories

In the mood for some retro drama? Celebrate their landmark of turning forty with something that can retreat them from adulthood and make them nostalgia of all the lost childhood memories. The Nostalgic 1980 retro candy from childhood will make him jump from joy because let’s be honest who can resist those sweet candies, lollies, bubble tape, pop rocks and many more treats from the 1980’s taste.

25.  Tasty Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti for a safe choice

If you are totally confused and clueless regarding the gift for her 40th birthday, you can never go wrong with some chocolate biscotti. The Barnett’s Gourmet chocolate biscotti gift basket is especially assorted with twelve delectable biscotti that are garnished with different flavours. This will be sufficed to satiate her taste palate. The beautiful grafted gift box will make everyone in the party curious regarding what’s inside.

26.  Gag Gift Happy 40th Birthday Gifts Toilet Paper Prank for his poop time

If your loved one is a sport and knows how to take pranks, then get him the best white elephant gift for some crazy laugh. The Happy 40th Birthday Toilet Paper will always top the list among the gag gifts for 40th birthday. It will not only make everyone roll down from laughter, but the 2-ply paper will make it useful for later use.

27.  Funny Wine Tumbler And Cupcake Wine Socks something she will adore

Do you have a hardcore wine lover in your life who is about to celebrate her birthday? Gift her something that she can cherish and use as much as she wants. The Funny Wine Tumbler and Cupcake Wine Socks come with full guarantee of happiness and satisfaction. From a well-insulated leak-proof tumbler to cosy pink socks, there is everything a wine lover will appreciate.

28.  Lightweight Humorous 40th Birthday Gifts Tank Top for ageless beauty

For all the ladies who radiance confidence and glamour even in her forties, this is the best you can get. With a flattering low-fit, the humorous 40th birthday gift tank top will make her look as young as in her 20s. Be her favourite person as this top will definitely grab attention and make girls around her jealous.

29.  Relaxing Massage Pillow with Heat as its time to take a break and relax

For some people turning forty is still being glamorous but for some it is exhausting. Give them a break from life with this comfortable relaxing massage pillow. It is a heat and electric massage pillow to unwind all stress and tiredness from work. Make their everyday like a holiday and give them the luxury of comfort at home.

30.  Timeless Design Funny 40th Birthday Gifts Wine Glass for customised theme party

Throwing a surprise birthday party for your friend or partner? Customise your drinks with Timeless Design Funny 40th Birthday Gifts Wine Glass set. It can be a perfect gift for your loved one which can be later on use for casual drinking nights. You can also get these glasses if you are having your 1980s class reunion. No worries of getting fade or scratch.

31.  Elegant Sterling Silver 40th Birthday Necklace to beautify her neck

Cherish all the moments and achievements she made in these forty years by getting an elegant sterling silver 40th birthday necklace. Each of these four circles represents a decade she crossed with all the memories and learning. Define her beauty and elegance with this evergreen piece of beauty.

32.  National Geographic 50 States, 5,000 Ideas Best Travel Guide for the one who want to turn hippie

Now-a-days after working like a mad dog for years, people generally prefer to slow down by the age of forty and invest their time in exploring. If you know someone with the same interest and dream, help him execute their plan with National Geographic 50 States, 5,000 Ideas travel guide book. It will enable them to discover all the fascinating points and guide them through a proper travelling map. Isn’t it useful!

33.  40th Birthday Tiara and Sash Fabulous Gag Gift for timeless beauty

Turning forty is itself a milestone. Let her know that she still looks like a princess with this beautiful 40th birthday tiara and sash fabulous gag gift. Make her the highlight of the party and let everyone go gag over her sparkling beauty. Be her favourite person by complementing her ageless beauty whenever you get the chance.

34.  Breathtaking 3D Moon Lamp In Elegant Box for a soothing sleep

By the time ones reach forty, they need more of a sound sleep than an all-nighter. Let her have a goodnight calming sleep with a breathtaking 3D moon lamp on the nightstand. It is an artistic creation that will make her smile with its wide range of colour gradients and brightness control. Let them have a feel of sleeping directly under the moonlight.


35.  Attractive Hand-Painted Willow Tree Surrounded By Love something she can cherish

Does your ladylike delicate and feminine looking stuff? Cherish her 40th birthday by gifting her beautifully sculpted Willow Tree Surrounded by Love figure. It is a perfect gift which can be used as a showpiece to decorate her house. It is carved and painted by hand to add as much warmth and love as possible.

36.  3 Pack of Fun, Artistic 40th Birthday Decorations for bringing back the old times

You often might have heard them saying that nothing can be compared to what it felt like back in the 80s. From fresh air to fresh soulful music, everyone used to live life to their fullest. Bring back the memories of those days by decorating their 40th birthday party with 3 Pack of Fun, Artistic 40th Birthday Decorations. Make everyone laugh while they remember those golden days through these posters.

37.  Gag Gift Funny 40 Years Old Joke T-Shirt for the cool boss in the house

If she is planning to throw a casual summer party on her 40th birthday, then surprise her with this personalised 40 Years Old Joke T-Shirt. It is an idle novelty gift for women who beliefs in dressing cool and funky even on her birthday. Later on, it can be used as an excellent vacation top due to its light fabric.

38.  Whiskey Decanter Globe Set Includes 2 Matching Glasses as an expensive souvenir

Only a true whiskey lover will cherish this beautifully designed Whiskey Decanter Globe Set that comes with 2 Matching Glasses. This globe dispenser is fitted onto a mahogany stained tray. It is a perfect gift if you want to leave a bold impression on your boss or senior who is turning forty this year.

39.  Machine Chronograph Brown Dial Men’s Watch for fashioninsta man.

Gift them the luxury of time with high end watches by Fossils.  This Fossil Men’s machine stainless steel chronograph quartz watch is a high quality, fashionable accessory that can be wore with anything and everything. Blow his mind by gifting this stylish watch on his 40th birthday. It is definitely going to make one or two people around him jealous.

40.  Happy 40th Birthday Flask Gift Set for the one who loves to drink

Keen to gift something different that leaves an impeccable impression on the guest? Get your loved one an elegant and luxurious looking Happy 40th Birthday Flask Gift Set. They can have their favourite beverage in this beautifully designed round flask along with two short glasses. Make everyone in the party envious with such a delicate high-end gift set.

41.  The 40th Birthday Card Game to have a gala time

Going to attend your friend’s 40th birthday party and still confused about the gift? Lift the vibe of the party by introducing his guest with The 40th Birthday Card Game. It is a unique deck of cards, especially assorted for people in their forties. It is a perfect conversation starter through its variety of funny, intriguing and strange questions regarding turning forty.

42.  Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit for a healthy lifestyle

Planting seeds not only benefits nature but it will also replenish the lost peace in their soul. Introduce them to the world of gardening by gifting the Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit. It is an idle gift for beginners with no skills. It will not only enable them to have their own herbs but fill their house and kitchen with fresh aromatic vibes.

43.  40 Never Looked So Good Birthday Card just like the old days

Only a person born in the 80s can know the true value of a personalised card. With 40 Never Looked So Good Birthday Cards make your loved one feel special. It comes with a 3D piñata of the number 40 and a sheet for your personal message. Cherish them and let them know who fabulous they look even after turning forty.

Amidst so many amazing options for 40th birthday gifts, it is quite difficult for me to choose the best. But, being a hardcore coffee lover, my favorite will be Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug. I always like to have my coffee steaming hot till the last sip, therefore, it will be an idle gift no matter how young or old I am. Remember any gift can turn special if given with a smile and lots of compliments. Please approach me on my contact page with some new ideas and products. Till then happy reading! Do not forget to like and share my article.

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