75th Birthday Gift Ideas – 40+1 Ideas For Celebrating a Colossal Milestone

Old geezers are hard to shop for people who have already collected all the functional to futile items in their lifetime. But there’s one thing even they can never get enough of, Good Memories! And giving a well-thought-out, eccentric, and personalized gift is one way to add on to their sweet memories. Choose the Best from my list of 41, 75th Birthday Gift Ideas!

As a little pick me up, I have put up a list of all the practical and/or peculiar items, one of which may come out to be the flawless 75th Birthday Gift you were looking for.

If you are in a hurry check out our top 5 picks :

1. 75th Birthday Coffee Mug $

The first item on my list is not just a usual coffee mug titled “Happy 75th Birthday” but rather it is a door to sweet memories of the past for all those who were born in 1945. It has imprinted on it, all the news events, popular cultures, prices, and names of celebrities born in the same year. The mug is UV protected, Dishwasher and Microwave safe, and has a smooth shiny surface.

2. Classic Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player With Turntable $$

This 8 in 1 Entertainment Centre with a peep of retro and the convenience of technology gives you the best of both worlds. It is Bluetooth empowered, functions on the remote control, and the turntable facilitates vinyl to mp3 recording. For the elderly suffering from incomplete adult hearing loss, the sound can be extended by connecting speakers or amplifiers. One can also plug in headphones in the provided headphone jack.


3. A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography $

Know someone who has trouble sleeping? Chances are they need this lamp.

Sunlight has a lot to do with or sleep-wake cycle. But what about those who spend most of their time indoors? This lamp will save their life! It’s simple to operate. The user turns it on during the day and the light will act as a makeshift sun. This gift is bound to improve a bad sleep schedule. 

4. Neck and Shoulder Massager $

Perfect choice of gift for your loved ones, Shiatsu Neck, and Back Massager alleviates muscle pain in minutes with its 8 Deep Kneading Massage Nodes. It has 3 different speed levels for adjusting to the strength of your pain. Also, the in-built Overheating Autoshuttoff System makes it safe to use. The device is made from high-quality PU and breathable mesh fabric for easy cleaning and massaging.

5. Electrical Feet and Legs Massager Machine with Infrared Remote $$$

Muscle pain and Irregular sleep sweep right in as we get old. EMS Feet and Leg Massager is one solution to both these problems. This high-tech machine relaxes stiffness, reduces swelling, improves circulation, and gives you a good night’s sleep. It is also easy to use, portable, and safe (FDA Certified).

Note: Since the device uses electrical stimulation of the nerves, its use is contraindicated in having an artificial pacemaker, pregnancy, epilepsy, and DVT.

6. Whiskey Stones Gift Set $$

Surprise your Meemaw with this luxurious set of twisted design Wine Glasses at her 75th Birthday Party. Giving an aesthetic appeal, the set includes a 30 oz twisted crystal Decanter and two XL stainless steel Cooling Rocks. You can also give rest to your quality suspicions as the glasses and decanter are made from Lead-Free Crystal and the whole set qualifies the given FDA specifications. Enjoy the pour!

7. Fun 75th Birthday Trivia Playing Cards $

Remember how exciting it was when your teacher gave you a sticker? That feeling of appreciation felt good.

Help bring back those feelings with this beautiful set of self-care stickers. With over 100 stickers per set, remind your loved one that they are worthy of love and appreciation. The unique designs vary from inspirational phrases to self-care reminders. Pair this with the wellness planner above for a wonderful gift.

8. Echo Plus Premium Smart Speaker $$

To save your grandparents (and yourself) from the trouble of turning fans and lights on/off or searching your favorite song online, gift them Echo plus (2nd Gen) with a built-in Zigbee hub. The device will effortlessly link to the compatible smart devices and Alexa will immediately take matters into her non-existing hands.

With a double layer of privacy protection, Echo Plus also helps you connect more to your family and friends.


9. Delicious Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti $

Baked with love from premium and natural ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, or trans-fat, these 12 mouth-watering Gourmet Biscotti are all one could ask for on his or her 75th Birthday. They are topped by almonds, craisins, caramel chips, coconut crunch, peppermint, and more. They are made fresh and delivered in no time.

10. Keepsake Bamboo Wood Greeting Card $

There is a beauty in old ways that transcends magnitude. Send your wishes to your loved ones in a usual customary style with an unusual handcrafted bamboo card with a happy birthday carved on it in a snazzy manner. There is also notable space on the inside of the card for giving it a personalized touch by writing down your wishes. The brand also guarantees a full refund on dissatisfaction.

11. Nostalgic 1945 Retro Candy from Childhood $

Does fake smoking those sweet cigarette candies in your childhood still make you smile? You can bring that childhood home for a 75-year-old man with this pack of retro nostalgic candies from the year 1945. The box reads “1945 was a great year! Happy Birthday” and contains all types of sweeties to reminisce the past bite by bite!

12. Relaxing Neck Back Shoulder Massage Pillow $

Skillfully taking the job of a massage therapist, this highly ergonomic W shaped massager can relieve muscle pain in no matter of time. It sits comfortably on your neck and can also relieve shoulder, back, calves, thighs, and foot pain. An in-built auto-shutoff system and overheat protection ensures safety. It has the perfect gift-size and is very portable.

13. Meaningful Elegant Birthday Necklace $

Unopposed champion of the category “Gift for your female best friend” on my list is this Silver Intertwined Ring Pendant on a paper that says “Thank you for being my unbiological sister”. The product comes wrapped in a parcel, has a pleasing quality, and is affordable. It is also refundable in case of dissatisfaction.

14. Funny Vintage 1945 Pint Glass $

A simple yet classy Pint Glass saying Vintage 1945 is a timeless gift for a beer lover turning 75 in the year 2020. This glass can hold a significant 16 oz of beer and fits right into your palm like it is made for you. Be it ale, lager, stout, or porter, it can easily rock any beverage. And since the glass doesn’t mention the age, it won’t ever get outdated.

15. Dried Fruit Gift Basket With Tray That Turns into Basket $

This is a two-in-one gift with cleanly Sliced Fruits set beautifully on a Foldable Apple shaped wooden tray. Filled with good health content in a nifty basket, the recipient will fall in love with this piece of craft.

Though not yet approved by the FDA, pleasant customer reviews are enough to verify its quality.

16. Sentimental DIY Handmade Photo Album $

This Handmade DIY EKKONG Explosion Box is made from 5 layers of spirals with 12 pockets to keep message notes. Doing justice to its name, this box explodes with memories as soon as opened. The product also includes office cards, adhesive, a middlebox, small stickers, glass beads, ribbon, and color pens to decorate the gift in your style. The in-built middlebox is for keeping another surprise gift inside.

17. Happy Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries $

Dipped in a premium dark or creamy white chocolate and covered in the second layer of sprinklers, these fresh ripe strawberries will leave you licking your fingers. A classic example of culinary artistry, it comes in a pack of 12 inside a beautiful ribboned box. The item is shipped overnight covered in ice to ensure freshness. Promising an exquisite taste, it is like a treasure box for any strawberry lover.

18. Nostalgic Look Back In Time Booklet $

Kardlet is a greeting card cum booklet that accommodates 24 pages. This kardlet (titled

“Remember When….”) is saturated with 1945 national & world news, advertisements, fun facts, music, movies, cost of living index, sports events, etc. It is available for the years 1920-2009 and is a perfect gift for evoking pensive fun in old people. The kardlet has empty ruled pages to write messages giving it a personal touch and it comes protected inside an envelope. 

19. Funny Book For Obsolete Children $ 

Dr. Seuss is known for his eccentric style and twisted sense of humor. This book is one of his comical masterpieces that takes you (and an old man with a white mustache) on an amusing journey of a hospital visit where you are poked and prodded with fingers and instruments. 

Written especially for the elderly, this book is marked as an ingenious gift.

20. Memory Mints For Senior Moments Fun Gag Gift $

These magical mints boost your memory for the short term so you never forget anything. Amazing right? Nope, just kidding. This tin box labeled “Memory mints” is filled with ordinary peppermints and is invented as an idea of a fun gag gift. 

Prank your close friends with this and watch them crack up as soon as they open your gift. 

21.  Wireless 6-Items Tracker Locator $

Does your grandpa always forget where he kept his glasses? (It’s on your head grandpa!) Now he can track them with these Wireless RF Item Locator and Anti-Lost Tag/Keychain. Stick a tag to all your indispensable items and find them from as far as 30 meters away with the help of the long-range tracker. It beeps with a red light to locate items even in the dark. 

22. Talking Trump Birthday Card $

Order the voice of the President of the United States from Amazon to wish your special someone Happy Birthday in a fun and peculiar way. Immediately as you open this card, a chucklesome wish in Trump’s voice is played. An out of the ordinary addition to this product is the “NO LEAKS” envelope for sending this card anonymously to play a prank on someone. 

23. Pack of 16 Bottle Openers $

Not only a great birthday gift but also an outstanding party favor, this set of 16 personalized bottle openers are elegant yet practical. Each opener is packed individually in a chic box and is secured with a bowtie. The golden-colored number 75, embedded with rhinestones, symbolizes the admiration of crossing a colossal milestone in life. 

24. Dreamair 75th Birthday Gift Photo Frame $ 

Next is this shiny transparent glass frame which is a sincere and sophisticated gift for the 75th Birthday. The photo frame has a silver finish and a stand to keep it upright. Placing a personal picture inside would be a great way to cherish memories because, after all, we keep this love in a photograph…….!!

25. 75 Years Loved Pillow $

Give support to the back and heart of your loved ones with this aesthetic print pillowcase and insert; handcrafted by the DesiDD team. The 100% polyester cover is soft and machine washable with a sewn hidden zipper. The print saying “75 Years Loved” makes it perfect for her 75th birthday.

26. Mug Tumbler with Lid and Straw $

Remind your best friend that your friendship will never turn grey, even if your hair does with this eyeful mug tumbler. The extras like splash resistant lid, stainless steel straw, and cleansing brush add on to the functionality of the product. Also, it is BPA free, double-wall vacuum insulated, and highly resistant to cracks.

27. Custom 3D Holographic Photo $$

Preserve your loving memories inside this heart-shaped train crystal with a picture followed by a quote of your choice in just a few easy steps. Mail a clear photo and a quote within 40 characters limit to the customer care and get your 3D holographic crystal heart delivered at home for gifting your beloved friends or family members. This crystal comes with a light-emitting base which illuminates the crystal in vibrant colors. 

28. BBQ Grill Accessories Kit with Bag $

Level up your BBQ game with this Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set of four stored conveniently in a bag. The spatula, tongs, grill fork, and basting brush, all four are outfitted with ergonomic rubber grips and hanging loops for a hassle-free experience. Offering exceptional quality and durability, it is a very serviceable gift. Even the old giftees will get fond of it, as there is no age limit to grill a steak! 

29. Happy Birthday Flask Gift Set $

This item helps to keep the most important thing always with you, inside your pocket. Beer! The corrosion-resistant stainless steel flask holds 10 oz of beverage to carry anywhere. You can quietly sip in a corner or even pour some for your friends in the jointly delivered mini glasses with the help of the provided anti-spill funnel. Cheers!

30. World Etched Globe Style  Whiskey Decanter Set $

Take a trip around the globe by bringing home this peerless Whiskey Decanter Set. Freely set on a wooden base, it has a majestic look and also fully serves its purpose. The decanter comes with a funnel to prevent any spilling of your fine wine. All the contents of the product are leak-proof, lead-free and FDA certified.

31. 55 pcs Blue and Gold Birthday Party Decoration Set $

The best of celebrations make the sweetest of memories. And well-assembled decorations make the greatest of parties. This ultimate birthday bundle set includes pom poms, cards, balloons, tassel garlands, paper fans, stars, and what not to make the birthday decoration easy peasy lemon squeezy. The brand promises quality and satisfaction or else a 100% cash back guarantee.

32. Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit $

A DIY Hands Casting Kit that captures fine details and creates an astonishingly lifelike sculpture is one of the best 75th birthday gifts for a family man or woman. The product comes with easy to follow instructions and a tall wide bucket to cast multiple limbs at once. The excitement of a fun self-do project and preservation of a priceless memory is worth every penny spent.

33. Moon Ambient Light DIY Gift $ 

A glowing moon for your moonpie, this product is taken in for its distinctive concept for exhibiting love and customizability. The moonlight can be adjusted in three levels however complements the room light. You can choose from different stickers,(included with the item) which read “We Still Do”, “Mr & Mrs” and “Love Never Fails” to stick on the moon.

34. Katie Doodle 75th Birthday Decorations $

Either you need a 75th Birthday gift or a 75th birthday party decorative centerpiece, this product on my list will rock both the titles. It is an unframed doodle poster that turns into an unforgettable keepsake when signed or gifted by your loved ones. This poster acts as a good conversation starter at parties and is also suitable as a gift for both men and women.

35. 75th Birthday Tiara and Sash Gold

A tiara and a gold sash are enough to make any woman feel like a queen. More a party supply and less a gift, the glitter slash is made of satin and the tiara is made of an eco-friendly metal alloy with embedded rhinestones. 

The noticeable factor is the nickel-free and anti-allergic property of tiara that won’t turn your grandma’s forehead all red and itchy on her special day. 


36. Witty Coffee Mug for 75th Birthday $

Age is just a number and this mug agrees. It has an exuberant quote ” I am not 75, I am 18 with 57 years of experience ” printed on it. A personalized gift for old heads but young souls, this ceramic mug will serve coffee and enthusiasm every morning. 

37. 74 + 1 Middle Finger Stemless Wine Glass for Men and Women $

An example of a bold and kooky sense of humor, this wine glass is a perfect gift for your best friend or husband for giving them a reason to laugh and drink. It has a remarkable 17 oz capacity and a smooth comfortable grip. The design on the glass is hand etched and permanent, so regular washing won’t fade it away.

38. The Trump 75th Birthday Ceramic mug $

Gift this novelty mug to your dearest peeps to tell them that they are the best and even the President of the US knows it. 

This piece of funny glassware can prove to be a great conversation starter and a source of laughter at a party. If not satisfied, the brand promises 100% cashback.

39. 75th Birthday Present  Keepsake Coffee Mug $

Yet another coffee mug but a deserving candidate, it is Amazon’s choice “75th Birthday Mug”. The print says “Not Everyone Looks This Good at Seventy Five” on both sides. Suitable both for men and women alike, it is Dishwasher and Microwave safe. The mug is delivered securely packed inside a box.

40. Funny Stemless Wine Glass by Momstir $ 

Finally, a product that features the most important event of 2020, Coronavirus Pandemic, by humorously turning it into a joke. A transparent stemless wine glass with a permanent glowing print ” I am not drinking alone, I am social distancing” is enough to enjoy your drink in silence. It is also dishwasher safe. 

41. “Cheers to 75 Years” Can Coolers! $

Either you need a 75th Birthday gift or a 75th birthday party decorative centerpiece, this product on my list will rock both the titles. It is an unframed doodle poster that turns into an unforgettable keepsake when signed or gifted by your loved ones. This poster acts as a good conversation starter at parties and is also suitable as a gift for both men and women.

Some of the gifts may give your grandpa a bellyache from laughter like this Funny Book For Obsolete Children and others will take him back in time to his days like the Nostalgic 1945 Retro Candy from Childhood. But each one of them has its own captivating essence.

Write a comment on My Contact Page telling me what’s your idea of a perfect 75th birthday gift and if it connects with anyone of the above.

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