Astronomy Gifts For Those Space Lovers 🌌 A List Of 32 Awesome Ideas!

Astronomy is a science that deals with celestial objects and phenomena. And there is no shortage of people in this world who are fascinated by this science, me being one of them. If you happen to know someone who is an astronomer, or is just obsessed with celestial bodies and starry nights and are looking to buy some gifts for them, then go no further my friend. To make your life a bit simpler, I made a comprehensive list of 32 items that can be gifted to an astronomy gifts lover. You can also give some of these to your children to foster their curiosity beyond the clouds. 

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. A Stone Bead Charm Solar Orbit Necklace $

It is hard to be prepared beforehand for the unannounced anxiety attacks. Trying to minimise the intensity of the outcome, Faurora store has come up with a floral essential oil bracelet. It is a perfect gift which will help them to calm down their nerves and relieve tension. The bracelet is an aromatherapy diffuser that offers essential oils- Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose Garden and Lilac. It can be accessorised with any outfit, adding fragrance to your charm.

2. A NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover $

If the gift is for a child who loves NASA and wants to be an astronaut someday, then there is nothing more he/she is going to like then a sweatshirt with NASA’s logo on it. The one we have linked here is one of the best you can find in terms of quality and design. The sweatshirt is grey and has a crew neck collar, making it suitable for almost anyone, no matter the age or gender.

3. LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer $$

Got a toddler who is obsessed with space and astronomy? Then it is always a good idea to fuel this passion of theirs starting from a young age. And this LEGO NASA Space Shuttle can help you do just that. This 285 piece LEGO creator kit can be used to build a NASA space shuttle with a movable opening and closing kit. The kit also includes a buildable LEGO astronaut.

4. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Constellation Mug $

Gifts are always better when they are unique. And you are never going to find a more unique gift for an astronomy lover than a coffee mug that shows all the constellations on it when you pour hot coffee on it. Your astronomy enthusiast friend doesn’t need a clear night sky to view all the constellations anymore. All they need is their new gift and some hot coffee!

5. A Circular Crossbody Glitter Planet Purse $

For women who like astronomy, a purse that looks like a planet will never be a bad gift. And if you’re wondering if a purse like that even exists, then let me tell you; It does. The purse I have linked here looks like Jupiter and even has a ring around it, giving it a more dramatic look. The purse comes in 2 color options.

6. Men’s Astronaut Crew Socks $

Gifting a pair of quirky socks is a prospect that is overlooked almost every time, even though it has a lot of potential of being a great gift.

People who are obsessed with both socks and astronomy will very gladly receive this pair of socks with Neil Armstrong’s moon landing’s graphics. The quality of the socks is excellent as well, as it is made up of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex.

7. LEGO City Rocket Assembly And Transport $$$

If you think that the previously mentioned LEGO set won’t cut it as a gift for your toddler then you can always go for this more comprehensive LEGO CITY: Rocket Assembly and Transport Set. This set comes with pieces that allow you to build a whole rocket assembly facility and transportation facility. This LEGO set is extremely detailed with things like a control room and rover garage and will keep your kid engaged for a long time.

8. This Galaxy Sky Bedding Duvet Cover Sets $

Remember as kids how we used to dream about sleeping amidst the stars? This Galaxy duvet cover set will bring all the stars down to your bedroom. Made from microfiber polyester, it is very comfortable, cozy, and breathable. The two pillowcases and the bedsheet are machine washable and fade resistant.

9. Astronaut Gloves With NASA Patches $

Come Halloween, every parent starts looking for costume ideas for their kids. And the obvious choice for a kid who loves astronomy is an Astronaut outfit. And while you can find Astronaut outfits easily, they are often not complete. One thing every astronaut costume lacks is the gloves. And if yours does too, then this pair of NASA Astronaut Gloves from Aeromax is all you need. These gloves are extremely well detailed and are very high-quality.

10. LEGO Ideas International Space Station Building Kit $$

While I have already listed 2 LEGO sets that absolutely any astronomy loving kid will adore, it’s still better to have more options. This third set from LEGO can be used to make the International Space Station. I believe even an adult who loves Space would be more than happy to receive this as a gift since it will allow them to build and display something very important in the field of astronomy.

11. USB Flexible Astronaut Lamp $

Portable USB Lamps have lately been very popular and can be a great form of a gift. Especially this astronaut shaped USB Lamp that will get any astronomy lover excited. The most unique thing about this lamp is the fact that you can open and close the lid on the astronaut’s helmet to turn it on and off. This feature is something every astronomy lover will admire.

12. A Microfibre Black Space Tie $

Although it is not every day that one gets to wear a tie with stars all over it, however, it can still be worn to some astronomy-related events. If you are looking for a gift for someone who goes to such events and likes to wear clothing that makes them stand out from the rest, then you should consider gifting this tie to them.

13. 3D Solar System Crystal Ball $

I love gifts that foster fun learning. Having said that, this 3D Crystal Ball has planets of our solar system floating inside it (except pluto) with their moons. It can comfortably fit in your hands or sit on its base that can light up the crystal ball in seven different colors. When your kid is not busy learning the names of the planets, the crystal will still be of an application by imparting elegance to your desk.

14. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket $

This stunning blanket has several constellations that give a neon glow in the dark and will make you feel like you are at the center of the universe. The fluffy feel and the premium microfiber quality more than compensates for its comparatively smaller size. This oddity gift would be appreciated by any giftee as it is meaningful and useful.

15. 4D-Vision Saturn V Rocket $$$

The geeks would know that the awe-inspiring Saturn V rocket heaved the mighty Apollo 11 into space in July 1969. This model is a detailed recreation of the same rocket and has a DIY construction plan of putting together 180 different parts (without using glue). The rocket divides into three stages plus the Apollo spacecraft. You can also peek inside these stages through transparent panels. 

This magnificent replica is 43.5 inches tall on a black display base. 

16. Handmade Gemstone Celestial Planets $

Made from some of the most precious stones, here are eight marble planets resting on a walnut base which will not only impart a classy look to your desk but will also take away your worries and give you a good night’s sleep. For example, Saturn is handcrafted from Topaz stone which is believed to relieve negative thoughts and energies. Multiple small color brochures are made available to delineate the significance of each stone.

17. Galileo Thermometer and Glass Globe Barometer $

Based on Galileo’s principle of variation in the density of a liquid with temperature change, this Thermometer and Globe Storm Glass interprets weather. The large clear liquid-filled cylindrical glass has smaller colored liquid-filled glass bulbs with counterweights that float or sink according to the surrounding temperature (and consecutive change in density of the clear liquid). Perfect as a novelty gift, it can spark curiosity and a zeal to learn more in anyone. 

18. Night Sky Constellations Playing Cards $

Based on the award-winning author of “Night Sky”, naturalist Jonathan Poppele, these 52 distinct cards represent constellations. The deck can be utilized as flashcards also to learn these perpetual assemblages of stars like Orion, Ursa major, or the Cygnus. This product can be gifted to kids or even adults who are into astronomy. 

19. Metal Earth Apollo Metal Model Kit $

This is a striking replica of the Command Service Module part of the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969. The pack comes in unassembled pieces that are connected using holes and tabs. Glue or solder are not required but tweezers are recommended. This Model Kit challenges your brain in disposition and finally evolves into an eye-catching showpiece. 

20.  Handmade Solar System Planet Charm Necklace $

Make your sweetheart your sun and thus center of the universe by placing all the planets around her. Sounds impossible? Just order this phenomenal celestial necklace retaining seven intertwined stones representing seven planets of our solar system. The material used is an Alloy plus glass with cabochon protected patterns. The necklace will be appreciated by both astronomy buffs and nonfans alike.

21. Moon Man Astronaut Statue $$

Though customary, this gift can never go out of style. It is an aide-memoire of one of man’s greatest achievements of stepping on and conquering Earth’s moon. This astronaut figurine is hand cast using a real stone that is crushed and bonded with a premium quality resin. It will add a feather in the cap of any place it is kept in.

22. Nasa Solar System 1000 Piece Puzzle $

Refine your motor skills and widen your astronomical knowledge with this astonishing 1000 piece puzzle. It is manufactured from wear and tear-resistant 0.07″ blue board and is 100% recyclable. The puzzle is very safe even for small kids as the NASA generated picture of the solar system is printed by vegetable-based inks. It will also promote cooperative and fun learning among friends and siblings.

23. Automatic Galaxy Umbrella $

Gifting an umbrella might sound odd but it won’t after you open it and take a look from the inside. There is a whole galaxy hiding behind the covers. This umbrella not only blocks UV rays and resists wind flipping but also has a cooling nano-fiber galaxy print layer that isolates and controls heat. It can rest on any surface without the support and comes with a free umbrella cover. So, is it raining? Let’s move over the clouds.

24. Cognitive Surplus Notebooks $

What is common in people who seek knowledge and learning? They keep notes. A notebook is a necessary commodity to systematize information and optimize time (offline!). Gifting a notebook is both purposeful and practical. It will be of great use to an astronomer to keep a record of the movement of celestial bodies after telescopic observations.

25. Floating Globe with LED Lights $

Making the cut for iconic centerpieces, this Floating Metal Globe is certainly a conversation starter. The inner magnetic ends of the horseshoe-shaped stand attract the metal globe with equal forces and thus render it afloat in between. You spin it subtly in place and also illuminate it with colorful lights like red, green, and blue. This item is great for anyone who is getting promoted or having a housewarming party.

26. Globe Whiskey Decanter & Two Etched Glasses $$

Take a trip around the world with this peerless Whiskey Decanter Set incorporating a globe-shaped decanter and two ergonomic glasses. All three are etched with segments of the world map and the decanter is freely set on a wooden base disseminating a majestic look while fully serving its purpose. The funnel prevents any spilling of your fine wine. All the contents of the product are leak-proof, lead-free and FDA certified.

27. Galaxy Sweatpants $

Sweatpants are the new cool and I am a sucker for sweatpants. They are comfortable, light, and stylish. But here we are looking at unique celestial printed evergreen sweatpants which are craved by astronomical buffs. These are made with high-quality fabric and have a snuggly design of elastic waist with drawstrings. Choose your favorite print from flamboyant punch to classy black & white and gift it to any of your friends or family members.  

28. NASA Bomber Jacket From Alpha Industries $$$

Manufactured by 1959 commissioned Alpha Industries, which also dispense jackets for the U.S. military, this NASA bomber jacket is the replica of the 100th Space Shuttle Mission. It has a signature “Remove Before Flight” tag and is made from pure mid-weighted flight nylon. It is filled with polyester to keep you warm and the loose design allows mobility. The authentic NASA patches can make anyone believe that you have traveled to space. 

29. Solar Inflatable Lanterns for Camping, Hurricane or Emergency Kits $

If your friend likes to go to peaceful remote places for stargazing and needs a solution for off-grid lights that is sustainable and portable then gift him LuminAIDS’ Inflatable lantern this birthday and watch him inflate with happiness. The battery life is almost 24 hrs and it is foldable and washable. Being shatterproof and dustproof, it is safe for children as well.

30. Galaxy Pendant Necklace with Planets and Orbits $

Another example of fine craftsmanship, this original universal glass necklace holds the complete galaxy inside it. Each glaze is set at 3600 degrees in 3 hrs with a low success rate, separating it from other cheap pendants. It is bound to a thick and long leather cord and comes packed inside an exquisite gift box. I am sure that the smile on the face of the receiver will be worth every penny spent.

31.  Rotating Jupiter MOVA Globe With Three-Pronged Stand $$$

Not all astronomy enthusiasts get to land on other planets but other planets can certainly land at your homes. MOVA invented a cordless solar-based method to keep the handmade acrylic shell (any planet; here, Jupiter) rotating on the three-legged bases. Magnets are used to generate torque and solar cells to generate power. The non-toxic fluid-filled globe will start rotating as soon as any ambient light falls on it. You can give it as a novelty gift to anyone on any occasion.

32.  Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe $$$

Just the same as above, this globe represents Earth. It has 4.5 inches of diameter and 7 inches long with base. It looks elegant and engrossing but if you like you can switch to the globe with the world map etched on it. Just place the globe anywhere and watch it rotate in awe every time you pass by.

From small Celestial pendant necklace to Galaxy Sweatpants and NASA Bombers, every gift has its charm and gravity (pun intended!). Some are focused on fun and learning and others convey your love and care for your close ones. Choose the ideal fit for the occasion and giftee and tell me why you chose it on the My Comment Page. 

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