Bar Mitzvah gifts 🎁 26 Cool Ideas That Any Jewish Kid Would Love ❤

Is it your first time attending a Bar Mitzvah and you don’t know what would be an appropriate gift? Or have you been to many and want more a unique Bar Mitzah gifts idea. Any Jewish boy that reaches the age of 13 feels a lot of anxiety about their upcoming Bar Mitzvah. You can help make their day by buying one of the 26 Bar Mitzvah gifts.

Maybe you want to add some depth to their prayers. Or you could create help enhance their knowledge of Jewish traditions and culture. Or maybe you want to get them something more suited for a 13-year old boy! Whatever it is, this list will help you find the perfect gift.

From experience, these are my top 5 favorites:

  1. Swiss Army Knife
  2. Bar Mitzvah Thank You Cards
  3. Mezuzah – Art Glass Mediterranean Sea Design
  4. Katie Doodle Bar Mitzvah Decorations
  5. Glow-in-The-Dark Outdoor Game

1.  Ten Commandments Bracelet – $$

The 10 commandments play an important role in Judaism. From worshipping God to avoiding societal evils, following these commandments help raise good and responsible humans.

This bracelet serves as a daily reminder of these commandments. Made of sturdy leather, the 10 commandments can be read behind a glass cover. This is a great gift for someone on the cusp of adulthood.

2.  Swiss Army Knife – $

Don’t worry we’re not encouraging violence here. But a Swiss Army Knife is considered a great gift for someone transitioning to adulthood.

This Swiss knife is a bright blue color and has the Star of David on it. This pocket-friendly knife can be carried almost anywhere and has 7 different functions.

3.  Tallit Prayer Shawl – $

This beautiful shawl comes all the way from Israel!

This prayer shawl has a Hebrew blessing and the 10 commandments on the collar. The 4 corners have a different Hebrew letter; when brought together, they form the name of the Lord. The shawl comes in 6 different color options and is the perfect spiritual gift.

4.  Glow-in-The-Dark Capture the Flag – $

Just because they’re turning 13 doesn’t mean they don’t like games anymore.

Capture the Flag has always been a fun outdoor game to play with friends. Make it even better with glow-in-the-dark game pieces! From light up wristbands to glowing orbs, this game puts a fun twist on a popular game. This is bound to make them the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

5.  Lacoste Kids Watch – $

As they grow up, kids become busier with school and extracurricular activities.

Help them keep track of time with this wonderful watch made especially for kids. The 3-hand blue dial and blue strap goes with every outfit so they don’t have to worry about being unfashionable. And since this is for kids, it’s also water damage and scratch resistant!

6.  Hebrew Banangrams – $

Bananagrams is an award-winning board game. And now, you can get it in Hebrew!

Bananagrams is an anagram game. Every player gets a pile of tiles with letters and has to form words with them. The first person to finish their pile wins. This Hebrew version is the perfect way to have fun and learn Hebrew at the same time!

7.  The Jewish Encyclopedia – $

Some Jewish kids struggle with their identity. This is largely due to a lack of understanding of their culture and traditions.

This Jewish encyclopedia is a great way to re-connect with one’s roots. The book is chockfull of knowledge about Jewish history and important events. But that’s not all. This book also covers modern Jewish experiences too. Any kid would be happy to learn about Jews contribution to Hollywood!

8.  Gaming Headphones – $

Lest you forget, this is a gift list for 13-year old boys!

And what do boys like? Gaming; boys like gaming. No household likes the sound of racing cars or guns ringing through the house at all hours. Relieve both parents and sons of the irritation with these epic gaming headphones! These headphones promise an exhilarating gaming experience, noise-cancellation, and peace and quiet for parents.

9.  Tree of Life Wall Hanging – $

The Tree of Life has a lot of significance in Judaism. That makes this a beautiful gift fit for any Jewish household!

The tree is painted on moss green glass and can be easily mounted anywhere. You don’t need screws or nails – the two-sided tape will do the job perfectly! The gift also comes with a mezuzah and non-Kosher scroll.

10.  Glass Candle Menorah

Other than Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Hanukah is also an important holiday in Judaism. The most common symbol of Hanukah is the Menorah.

As he reaches adulthood, every Jewish boy would be proud to own his own Menorah. This glass one is a beautiful blue and silver color. It’s made of premium materials and boasts its durability. The design features a classic Star of David and meets all halachic requirements.

11.  Ramen Baseball Cap – $

What kid doesn’t love baseball?

This baseball cap comes in 21 different colors and has a cute bowl of ramen embroidered on the top. This relaxed fit will make them look cool at each and every baseball game!

12.  Handpainted Mezuzah

A Mezuzah is a piece of parchment covered in a beautiful case. The parchment is called a klaf and has particular Hebrew verses from the Torah.

This is usually hung on doorways and is thought to bring blessing and good luck to the household. Gift this to a Jewish boy to hang over his bedroom doorway. This light blue Mezuzah has a painting of a young Jewish boy holding the Torah and wearing a Tallit.

13.  Glass Mezuzah – $

If you want to get a more elegant gift, this glass Mezuzah is the way to go.

This beautiful Mezuzah has the Mediterranean Sea and its bubbles as a design. It comes in a white gift box along with a non-Kosher scroll. To top it off, it comes with brass screws that make it easy to mount.

14.  Jewish Wristbands – $

This 20 pack of wristbands can be great party favors for any Jewish holiday!

These wristbands are in various shades of blue. Each piece is covered with Jewish symbols such as the Star of David, the Jewish goblet, the Torah, and more. The bands can fit children and adults, so they can be used as party favors for any kind of party!

15.  Thank You Cards – $

The Bar Mitzvah is over – what next?

Thank you cards come next, of course! And what better way to commemorate the event than with these beautiful Bar Mitzvah themed thank you cards? These 36 cards have “Thank You” written in English and Hebrew. The blue color and the Jewish symbols make these the best thank you cards one can send!

16.  Hand Knitted Kippah Hat

Wearing a kippah is considered a way of honoring God.

What a way to return to one’s Jewish roots than to own their own kippah. These kippahs are hand-knitted and come all the way from Israel! This kippah can be worn on any occasion, be it formal ones like Hanukah or casual ones like Bar Mitzvahs. Either way, the owner will be the most fashionable one there!

17.  Wooden Torah Pointer – $

A great way to connect with religion is by reading the Torah.

Many Jews like to use Torah pointers to help them in reading the book. This gorgeous Torah pointer is made of wood and hand-painted. The colorful art is actually a depiction of the city of Jerusalem. The pointer even comes with a wooden stand that is also painted. This beautiful gift can help young adults reconnect with their religion.

18.  Silver Torah Pointer – $

The wooden pointer isn’t appealing to you? Maybe you’re looking for something more elegant like this silver Torah pointer!

This pointer helps readers not lose their place while reading the Torah. The whole pointer is silver and can actually be quite a special gift to a loved one. The pointer is attached to a bead chain which could help in keeping the pen around one’s wrist.

19.  Kiddush Cup Set – $

This cup set plays an important role in traditional Jewish ceremonies.

Each stainless steel cup can hold wine or grape juice. These are used during the blessing session on Shabbat or other Jewish holidays. This set is durable and can stay with the owner for years! Why not give something that will stay special for a long time?

20.  Tzedakah Charity Box – $

Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for righteousness. It represents the ethical responsibility every Jew holds in being charitable.

This charity box is a great way to get young teenagers involved in charity! The wooden box is painted to represent the city of Jerusalem. Hopefully, owning this box will encourage the owner to be more involved in charitable work.

21.  Mediterranean Sea Bubble Tzedakah Box – $$

Looking for something a little fancier? This box is the way to go!

This metal Tzedakah box is beautifully decorated to represent the Mediterranean Sea. The box is also adorned with Hebrew letters. The box is topped with a clear glass lid which brings the whole look together. Other than being a gorgeous gift, it will hopefully encourage the receiver to become a more charitable person.

22.  Bar Mitzvah Cookie Stencils – $

Um, hello? What teenager doesn’t love cookies?!

These cookie stencils are a great way to combine someone’s Jewish identity with their love for cookies! This set contains 3 unique stencils. One is a stencil of the Torah, one is of Tefillin, and the other is of the phrase “Mazel Tov” written in Hebrew.

23.  Bar Mitzvah Balloons – $

Giving your bar mitzvah gift in advance? This is a cool option that can be used for the party!

These balloons are made specifically for bar mitzvah parties. These 5 balloons are brightly colored and even incorporate the Star of David. Kids can even have fun blowing these up before the party starts.

24.  Star of David Keepsake Box – $

As a child reaches their teenage phase, they’re not going to want to share everything with their parents.

This keepsake box is a great way to keep some things hidden away. This could be stuff like a diary or personal gifts. This handmade wooden box has the Star of David engraved on the top. The deep blue color plus yellow star are a great pairing. This is definitely a gorgeous gift.

25.  Judaica Decorative Paper Hand Towels

These decorative paper hand towels are great for any Jewish holiday party!

These paper towels are blue and gold and decorated with a Judaica star. This makes them the perfect addition for someone’s next Hanukah party. The mix of tradition and convenience makes this a pretty cool gift to own.


26.  Bar Mitzvah Guestbook – $

Having a part dedicated to you is pretty great! But it’s pretty hard to give attention to all your guests.

The host doesn’t have to worry about that anywhere with this beautiful guest book! This can be kept on a table and guests can sign the poster whenever they want. They can leave wishes and prayers as well as tidbits of advice and love. Once the party is over, this can be hung up on the host’s bedroom wall. What a sweet gift!

And that’s that! 26 amazing bar mitzvah gifts! Each of these items has been carefully picked and I really hope you found something you liked. I personally love the Bar Mitzvah Guestbook. Sounds like something I would keep forever and look at to perk up my mood. Let me know down below if you found this article useful!

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