Chemistry Gifts – 35 Practical and Amusing Ideas For Science Lovers!

Buying chemistry gifts for chemistry geeks that make them give an amazing reaction is not easy. The gift should be funny, useful, and unique at the same time. What does a chemist like- chemicals, solutions, formulas, or fun? I’ll say it all. There are many gifts out there for a chemistry lover but only a few are relevant and never failed to amuse the receiver. 

In this list, we have listed the Chemistry Gifts for every chemistry lover from a school student to professional gifts for chemistry teachers to gifts for chemistry majors and gifts for chemistry geeks. One can choose the gift according to the age, level and budget plus they are one of the cool chemistry gifts. All the chemistry gifts in this list are selected based on reviews, popularity and usefulness found by the users. Here you can pick one of the best for your chemist. 

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Chemistry Pattern Flask $

A thermal flask is the need for every student and working professional and that’s what makes it a useful and chemistry themed gifts. This stainless steel flask comes with high-quality print. The flask is easy to carry around with hot/cold drinks. The 4.4 stars rated product has a durable double-wall vacuum and is one of the best chemistry gifts there is.

2. Chemistry Scarf $

The chemistry scarf is a useful gift for every stylish male and female chemist. This scarf has chemistry, biology and biotechnology printed elements on it. It’s eco friendly and soft as silk. The 4.6 rated scarf in 20$ is best for birthday and graduation presentations. 

3. Element Encyclopedia Book $

It’s one of the most exciting gifts for chemistry geeks, the encyclopedia is the reimagination of the classic table. The Element is printed with illustrations and it’s a perfect blend of art and science. The 5 stars rated book has sold over one million hardcover copies worldwide. 

4. Beaker Shot Glasses $

These shot glasses are for workaholic chemists and mad scientists, it’s going to make their inner nerd come out. The set comes with 4 different flasks and beakers. It’s made of high-quality glass and can be carried anywhere with care. The 5 stars rated shot set is the best choice of the mixologists. 

5. Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug $

The borosilicate glass coffee cup is unlimited fun for chemists and chemistry lovers. The mug is a beaker with a handle attached to it. The chemist can add colourful drinks and hide the handle for fooling the peeps around. The 4.5 stars rated mug is ideal for siping 400 ml of hot/cold beverage in it.

6. Beaker Wine Glass $

This beaker wine glass is a useful and classy gift for adult chemists or chemistry teachers. The lightweight glass has scientific precision on it. Each glass is hand-blown and it contains up to 200ml of wine. It’s Amazon’s choice in the beaker wine glass category. 

7. Periodic Clock $

Clocks are timeless gifts for all ages, professions and budgets. This periodic clock is an educational element and a wall decor. The quartz movement clock is made of acrylic and it is for wall mounting. The 4 stars rated clock can be used in the bedroom or kitchen. 

8. Molecule Necklace For Women $

The serotonin molecular structure necklace is for the beautiful chemist in your life. The necklace is a limitless piece. It comes with a 19-inch long chain and lobster clasp closure. The 4.5 stars rated necklace has a perfect size pendant which is comfortable and can be worn on any occasion. 

9. Chemistry For Babies $

The Chris Ferrie and Cara Florance written book is a thoughtful gift for chemist parents or toddlers. The colourful illustrated book will introduce compounds and materials to the toddlers in a fun and presentable manner. The 5 stars rated book follows the tongue-in-cheek approach for learning. 

10. Periodic Table Lanyard $

It’s an awesome idea to give a periodic table lanyard to chemistry enthusiasts of all kinds. The polyester lanyard is made of 36 ribbons and it’s printed on both sides. This lanyard is sturdy and it comes with a 1.5” metal clip. The 5 stars rated lanyard is fade resistant.

11. Beakers & Flasks Tie $$

This science necktie is for passionate and bookish chemists. The chemistry necktie is designed with Florence and Erlenmeyer, test tubes and beakers patterns. The silk tie is hand finished in New York City. The 5 stars rated necktie comes with a tin can, which makes it a ready to gift piece. .

12. Periodic Table Tie $

Another budget-friendly option is this cool periodic table necktie with a navy blue background. The necktie depicts the atomic numbers and elements with the chemistry lab equipment on the top of it. It’s made of 100% polyester microfiber and has a standard size of 56×4 inches. The 5 stars rated tie will complement the chemist on every occasion.  

13. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle $$

What can be better than a glowy bottle which reminds the workaholic chemist to stay hydrated all day? This silicone sleeve bottle is perfect for day to day use and trekkings. In-built sensor technology tracks your water intake and shows on its app. The battery on the bottom is replaceable. 

14. Molecule Model Kit $

This molecule model kit is a very thoughtful gift for chemistry learners. The kit has colour-coded atoms which make it more fun and enjoyable. The kit comes with an 8-page long instruction guide. The link makers are easy to attach and remover. The 5 stars rated kit has a total of 239 pieces which makes it different from any other kit. 

15. Periodic Tableware Beaker Pilsner Glasses $

The elegant beaker pilsner glasses are a blend of mixology, art and science. The glasses have a metric scale and it’s made of fine glass material. These pilsner glasses are perfect for wheat and IPAs. The 4.7 star rated glasses set is one of the best products of the periodic tableware store. 

16. Ba Co N Hoodie $

The unisex hoodie with Ba Co and N print is an adorable gift for male or female chemist. The hoodie has soft fabric and it comes with a kangaroo pouch. The hoodies are printed in the US and come in all the sizes from XS to 5XL. The 5 stars rated hoodie is ideal for chilling on the sofa and for workout sessions.

17. Beaker Wine Glass $

If you know a chemist then must be aware of how much a chemistry love beaker and items like beakers. This 200ml capacity wine glass is perfect for an adult chemist. The glass is made of durable glass material and each piece is hand blown. This glass is Amazon’s best choice for a beaker wine glass. 

18. Caffeine Molecule Necklace $

The caffeine molecule necklace is a charming and beautiful gift for a female chemist. The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and it’s comfortable to wear. This necklace comes with a chain, a gift box and a polishing cloth. The 4.5 stars rated necklace also has a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

19. Covalence: A Molecule Building Game $

A cooperative game which can be played with other chemistry geeks is the most fun gift. The game teaches chemistry and covalent bonding. Anyone above 8 years can play the game and make the molecule, bonds and learn chemistry concepts. The 4 stars rated game can be played with any gamer, student and chemist. 

20. Organic Cold Brew $

A chemist’s true passion is to make environmental changes and reduce carbon footprints. This carbon negative coffee organic coffee is going to his/her favourite. This ready to drink ground coffee is shade-grown and it’s a mix of Ethiopian coffees. The 4.4 stars rated coffee seller plants a tree on every pound sale. 

21. Looney Labs Chemistry Fluxx Game $

Fluxx games are fun and a chemist is going to love this chemistry Fluxx game. In this Fluxx game elements are listed with atomic numbers, colours and models. One reviewer said “ Fun and educational! Learn about the items used in chemistry and then learn the periodic table as well as chemical compounds! Excellent choice”. 

22. Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit $

This microscope STEM kit is for the beginner chemists, students and professionals. The kit is a set of 52 items and it has prepared experiments like Brine Shrimp egg etc. The kit comes with a case which is easy to carry around. The 4.4 stars rated Microscope kit is a best seller in kids microscopes. 

23. Chemistry Themed Socks $

Socks are essentials for everyone. The chemistry theme socks can be a new favourite of your chemist. The high-quality socks are ultra-soft and made of polyester and cotton. The knee-length socks are stretchable and have 2-ply heel and toe. The 5 stars rated socks are chemical-free and safe to wear. 

24. Funny Science Laboratory Stickers $

Stickers are favourite of all the age groups and it can be gifted to anyone. These science laboratory stickers are made of PVC material and have sun protection and waterproof. The assorted stickers can be used on any surface and don’t leave any scar after removal. It’s Amazon’s best choice for mad scientist stickers. 

25. Periodic Table Throw Pillow Cushion Cover $

The decorative periodic table cushion cover adds a personality to the chemist’s space. Cushion covers are made of 100% spun polyester and it’s waterproof. The modern print and dyes are non-faded one. The 5 stars rated cushion cover is machine washable and dryer safe. 

26. Chemistry Coasters $

The chemist in your life is going to love these funny and sensible chemistry coasters. It’s a set of 6 pieces and every coaster has a funny message on top. The coasters are made of neoprene and the fabric top is safe to clean with detergent. The 5 stars rated coasters are Amazon’s choice. 

27. Elements Decks $

The photographic chemistry card decks are one of the best gifts for every chemist. The colourful decks have all the 118 elements of the periodic table. Every card has a lot of information written on the back. The 5 stars rated decks are fun to play with for every student and professional. 

28. Chemistry Goggles $ 

Every chemist wants to look cool and work with premium quality of lab goggles. These Wooklike anti-fog coating glasses are safe to use and easy to clean. The glasses come with a transparent frame and lens which makes it more stylish. These 5 stars rated goggles are Amazon’s choice in the safety goggles category. 

29. 5 Piece Flask Set $ 

Gift your science enthusiasts something which is going to help them experiment more. The standard set of borosilicate glasses has 5 different sizes of Erlenmeyer flask. These flasks are heavy duty reusable and won’t break if conducted slowly and carefully. The 4.5 star rated is Amazon’s choice. 

30. Iron Man Chemistry Hoodie $

This hoodie is not only for the Iron Man fans but also for the chemist because of its Iron (Fe) print on the front. The hoodie is made of a mix of 100% cotton and other blends. The hoodie has a cute drawstring hood and a kangaroo pouch. The 5 stars rated hoodie is perfect for chilling at home and evening outings. 

31. Fisher Chemicals Caffeine Mug $

The mug as a gift can’t go wrong, it’s an item which is trending all the time. A chemical caffeine mug is perfect for the chemist and coffee lover. The mug is made of white ceramic and it has a chem alert on one side. The 4.6 stars rated mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

32. Home Chemistry Experiment Book $

Chemists love experiments so keeping a record too. The DIY science book is for every chemist who wants to experiment at home with a little bit of help. This book has 17 chapters with many experiments in detail. This first edition of Robert Bruce Thompson is  rated as 4.5 stars on Amazon. 

33. The Element of Surprise T-Shirt $

T-shirts are wardrobe essentials and loved by everyone. The t-shirt fabric is soft and super comfortable to wear. It fits according to the size and can be worn on any occasion. Bought as a gift for a friend who’s a chemistry teacher. His students loved it (so did he). Looks like a good fit & good quality printing, said an online reviewer. 

34. Caffeine Molecule Earrings $

The lady chemist in your life is going to love these caffeine molecule earrings. The earnings are radium plated and it’s free from the harmful chemicals. The best thing is that it comes with a luxury gift box. The 4.5 stars rated earrings come with a money-back guarantee and perfect after-sale services.

35. Beaker Planter Vase $

This beaker shaped planter vase is impossible to ignore while writing the list. The glass planter comes with 3 bulbs,1 wood stand and metal swivel holder. It’s a perfect piece for home garden and decor. The 4.6 stars rated vase is Amazon’s choice. 

Gifts are given from one beautiful soul to the other one. My absolute favorite from gifts for chemistry nerds above list has to be the Elements Decks. It has all the 118 elements and a detailed description of each element which is useful for beginners, students, and professionals. Hope you liked the reading, if I missed something on the list please contact us via the contact me page. This list’s purpose is to guide you in finding a perfect gift for her. If you like it please share it, we are always grateful for our readers’ love and support.

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