Christmas Gift Ideas – List Of 45 Awesome Ideas! [9th One Is My Favorite]

Let’s be honest; 2020 was a horrible year. From a pandemic to political turmoil to natural disasters, it’s hard to find a reason to be merry this year. But that means that this year it is even more important to spread cheer and joy. Go visit friends and family. Send someone a sweet Christmas day message. And most importantly, surprise your loved ones with some amazing Christmas gift ideas.

I want to help you with that. After copious amounts of research, searching, and asking around, I have compiled the best list of Christmas gift ideas. In this 45 items list, you will find a wonderful gift for anyone regardless of your budget. From the electronic fanatics to the book lovers, this list has everything!

This list has items from the following 6 categories: general., electronics, clothing, books, toys, and cameras. Here are my top 8 from each category:

If you are in a hurry check out our top 5 picks :


1. eGift Card

Christmas gifts don’t always have to be heartfelt and big gestures. Know someone who isn’t doing great financially? A gift card could go a long way to help.

Amazon houses a lot of basic essentials that could be bought with an Amazon gift card. These gift cards have cute designs on the cover – you even have the option of animated covers! The gift cards start from $25, but you can choose any amount you wish to gift. Make someone’s Christmas with just one email.

2. 5 ft. Inflatable Santa  

I’m sure we all remember outdoor Christmas decorations from our childhood. The Santa and reindeer figurines, the red and green lights, and even the fake snow! Decorations haven’t changed much – they’ve just got fancier.

Take this inflatable Santa for example. How many of us can claim to own a 5 foot Santa that also has LED lights inside him? This gift is perfect for anyone trying to win their neighborhood Christmas decorations competition.


3. Snowflake Window Decorations – $

The worst part about growing up in a hot place is no snow during Christmas. Honestly, that kind of effects the whole Christmas feel.

But no worries – pretend snow works fine too! These stickable snowflakes are attached to windows to give the perception that it’s snowing outside. 

4. Wall Christmas Tree – $

Not everyone can afford to put up a Christmas tree, or simply don’t have space for it. This wall Christmas tree is the perfect alternative.

This 3ft. tree is made of felt and can be attached to any wall. It even comes with felt decorations so the whole family can come together and decorate the tree. This is such a sweet gift to get for parents who can’t get their own tree.

5. Festive Dining Room Chair Covers – $

Christmas is that one time of the year when the whole family gets together and has dinner. I’ve got a brilliant gift that will make that moment all the more fun.

Matching chair covers! Festive matching chair covers to be accurate. These Christmas-themed covers protect chairs from spills and stains. They also give the dining room fun and festive feel.

6. Electric Wine Opener Set – $

Ah, Christmas. The time for gifts, family, and most importantly wine! During the holidays, your friends are allowed to cut loose and drink as much wine as they want. 

But those damn wine corks are just so annoying! Make their lives easier with this beautiful electric wine opener. This silver wizard opens wine bottles in only 7 seconds! No risk of injury or breaking the bottle. Perfect gift for a wine enthusiast.


Know someone who loves electronics? They are shockingly difficult to shop for – everything they like is too expensve! Look at the list below for some extraordinary within-budget techy Christmas gift ideas.

7. Echo Dot – $

Smart homes are the future. How else to make a house smart than to get the Echo Dot?

Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can basically control your house. From setting the thermostat to turning off the lights, it does it all. It can even stream music from various music apps like Apple Music. There’s even Alexa, your always helpful virtual assistant.

8. Fire TV Stick 4K – $

Time to cut the cable cord! Online streaming is the new thing! With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so many more, online streaming has opened up the world of unlimited content!

The Fire TV Stick makes it easier to scroll through all the streaming services one has subscribed to. Simply attach it to the TV and scroll through options upon options! 


9. Fire HD 10 Tablet – $$$

I have a question: are tablets small laptops or big mobiles? I’m asking because the Fire HD 10 Tablet seems to be both.

Your tech-savvy friend will love this tablet! It offers 12-hours of battery life during which one can enjoy movies, read a book, browse the web, work on documents, and so much more! Even watching Netflix on this will feel like a whole new experience.

10. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet – $$

Moan all you want, but kids today don’t enjoy dolls anymore. They prefer playing games and watching TV. All while parents wish they would do something educational.

Well, this tablet offers both. Kids can use it to play games and watch videos on YouTube. At the same time, it offers 1 year of Amazon Kids+ which gives access to 20,000 games, apps, and educational content from PBS! 

11. Roku Premiere – $ or Roku Streaming Stick+ – $

With this media streaming device, who needs cable?

Cable is far too big an investment for some when there are much cheaper and better streaming options out there. The Roku Premiere lets them enjoy all of that on the TV. They just have to connect the device and log in. They can now watch everything on the big screen, including some cable alternatives like Sling.

12. Echo Show 8 – $

Remember Home Alone 4? Kevin’s dad’s girlfriend had this really cool house that did everything on voice command? That isn’t an impossibility anymore.

The Echo Show 8 is a smart display that is connected to Alexa. This display can do everything! It can turn off the lights and change the thermostat. It can voice call and video friends and family. It can even be placed on the wall and display different pictures!

13. Echo Dot (4th Gen) – $

The Echo Dot 4th Generation is Amazon’s most popular speaker. It even comes with an Alexa. But then again, what Amazon product doesn’t? Alexa is always the best part!

This device will help anyone organize their life. From setting alarms and reminders to changing the thermostat to playing relaxing music. This device will keep things in check when humans struggle to.

14. Kindle Paperwhite – $$

Your loved one is a techie and bookworm? Your Christmas shopping is saved! 

Kindles have been around for a long time. So much so that we have started to take them for granted. But they are ultimately one of the best ebook readers out there. The newest version is thinner, faster, and just all-around better. Reading it is said to be like reading a real book. Except real books get wet and damaged; this Kindle is waterproof.

15. Apple iPad – $$$

Looking for Christmas gift ideas that are a little more high-class? Look no further – the gorgeous Apple iPad is here!

Available in 3 different colors, the iPad keeps getting better and better each time. With 10 hours of battery life, this is the perfect gift for someone who likes reading and watching shows on a screen. It’s even better for someone who likes drawing – pair this with an Apple Pencil and Procreate and the artist inside will come alive!

16. Video Doorbell – $$$

Let’s be honest – the world isn’t safe anymore. Show you care for someone’s safety with this top of the line video doorbell.

This bell does more than ring when someone is at the door. Connect it with a mobile or tablet and the residents inside can see who is at the door. They can even hear and talk to them. No more opening doors for strangers and unwelcome guests.

17. Apple Watch Series 6 – $$$

All devices are getting smarter now. So it makes sense that watches do the same. Watches don’t get any smarter than the Apple watch.

This beautiful piece of technology can do anything you ask it to. It can play music, track your steps, show you your messages, and more! Perfect gift for anyone aiming to be healthy in 2021.

Clothes, shoes, and jewelry

This list is for the fashionista you know! Everyone has different styles and preferences. This list is full of Christmas gift ideas that suit everyone regardless of their style preferences.

18. Acrylic Watch Hat – $

The skater boy look will never go out of fashion. Men, women, and children alike are rocking the beanie style hat. 

This hat is warm and comfortable. The rib-knit design is a nice addition. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from black to lime green. Keep your friends nice and healthy by keeping their heads warm.

19. Hooded Sweatshirt – $

Can you imagine winters without being warm and toasty in a comfy hoodie/ sweatshirt? I should hope not. 

This sweatshirt combines the best parts of a sweatshirt and a hoodie. The thick and hefty fabric keeps the wearer nice and warm while the hoodie does its job of protecting the ears and hair. Get this for the whole group – it comes in so many colors!

20. Fleece Sweatshirt – $

So, a hooded sweatshirt may not be the best idea for an office setup. But no one will say anything against a normal fleece sweatshirt!

This solid-colored sweatshirt is soft and durable, all to enhance its overall comforts. Get this for a loved one – they will never be able to stop wearing it.

21. Jogger Sweatpants – $

I’m not going to tell you who this gift is perfect for. Everyone knows that sweatpants have two purposes – to laze around the house or for an intense workout session. Two completely opposite activities.

If you know someone who is into at least one of these hobbies, congratulations. You can found for them your Christmas gift. These slim-fit pants are extremely flattering and come in so many color options!

22. Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $

Trust me – there is nothing better than getting a plain shirt as a gift. People are so used to getting loud and unusable gifts that a sensible and usable one is likely to excite them more.

Make their day with this eye-catching long sleeve t-shirt. The thick and soft fabric is extremely comfortable and the shirt itself looks good on anyone. Get this in any color- there are at least a hundred options!

23. Unisex Clogs

Don’t @ me right now! Clogs are the best thing made since the creation of Mankind!

Yes, they aren’t the prettiest shoes out there. But that’s because that isn’t the goal. All these shoes need to be is hella comfortable and they do that does the job! Whether it’s walking around the grocery store to running from door to door in a hospital, Crocs does all it promises to do. Keep your feet as pain-free as possible! 

24. Jogger Fleece Pants – $

Keep your loved one warm and comfortable with this great Christmas gift. 

These jog pants are lined with fleece. This makes them not only fashionable and flattering but also keeps the wearer nice and warm. According to Amazon, these #1 in Men’s Athletic Wear. So better buy a pair before they run out.

25. Moisture Control Socks – $

Once Christmas is over, it’s back to work. Some people you know may have strenuous jobs to return to that require them to be on their feet a lot.

People like that NEED these socks! Their arch control makes them extremely comfortable, ensuring a better fit and less pain and discomfort. The mesh ventilation properties make these socks breathable and keep one’s feet cool and dry.


Shopping for bookworms is easy? Yeah right! What do you get for a bookworm that has read so many books, there are none left? Struggling for a solid Christmas gift idea for your bookworm friend? I’ve got something that just might work for you.

26. Humans – $

If you haven’t been following Humans of New York, I have just one question. How’s the weather under that rock?

Humans of New York is a Facebook page by Brandon Stanton in which he takes pictures of people on the street and shares their stories. His success has led Brandon to publish books about his adventures and discoveries. Humans is a culmination of different people and cultures he interacted with all over the world!

27. The Answer Is . . .: Reflections on My Life – $

This book by Alex Trebek is bound to blow any reader’s mind.

Alex Trebek was a TV personality for shows like Jeopardy! and more. He has long been celebrated for turning mundane games into something exciting! In this book, Trebek reflects on his experiences with different facets of life. The book is an enthralling read. Since Trebek passed away a few days ago, you’d better buy this book before it’s sold out!

28. The Deep End – $

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this a child’s book? Yes, it is, and no it isn’t.

It’s true the Diary of the Wimpy Kid’s target audience is young children. Children who are just developing their habit of reading. However, this series has been around for ages. It’s developed somewhat of a cult following which even adults are a part of. Does this remind you of a friend you know? Be sure to get him this book!

29. A Promised Land – $

The elections are finally over. We’re getting a new president soon. Let’s take this moment to reflect on presidents of the past.

For any friend that loves politics and current affairs, this is the book for them. Written by Barack Obama himself, this book covers his journey from a poor black boy to the president of the United States of America. The interesting anecdotes will surely shine a light on the ex-president.

30. First Principles – $

This book is more for the current affairs and history geeks. Ever wondered what makes the USA what it is? Is it the food and culture? Or maybe it’s the laws and policies.

This book helps answer those questions. It goes into extensive detail on how the Greek and Roman empires influenced the policies and actions of the USA. In short, it explains the influences of outside sources on what the country is now.

31. A Wealth of Pigeons – $

Not all books have to be serious and educational. Some can be fun, like this book of cartoon comics.

Everyone has enjoyed reading cartoons in the daily newspaper. This book is a longer and more enjoyable version of that. Written and designed by two people, this book covers hilarious takes on the past, present, and future.

32. If Animals Kissed Goodnight – $

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift you can give is in the form of an experience. If animals kissed goodnight is from an adorable cartoon series centered on animals.

Parents would love to read this book to their children at nighttime. The ritual of reading a child to sleep is loved and cherished by parents all over the world. Help them make that ritual all the better.

33. Dog Man – $

Kids loved Captain Underpants. As adults, they fell in love with Marvel and DC movies. This book is the next step in the superhero journey.

From the creators of Captain Underpants comes Dog Man. It’s about a young dog who decides to help the world by joining the police force. The book exudes themes of positivity and hope; all the things needed in a world like ours.

Toys and Games

Children’s likes and dislikes keep changing. There’s always a new character that they love. It’s hard to keep track, which is why this list gives you some great Christmas gift ideas for young children.

34. Crayola Art Case – $

No matter what, Crayola art cases will never go out of fashion! The colors and the feel of new stationery are just too exciting for kids.

Crayola has been updating these cases for decades now and this recent one is just amazing. With 140 pieces, this case is full of pencils, markers, and crayons. Along with coloring paper, this will keep children entertained for hours!


35. O.M.G. Fashion Doll – $$

Bye, Barbie. LOL dolls are the new craze in town! 

These dolls are literally surprises. They are miniature dolls that are found inside little balls. Each ball has several layers and each layer has a surprise like stickers or accessories. The final layer has a doll. This special set has 5 exclusive dolls as well as over 60 never before seen accessories! Perfect gift for any child that loves LOL dolls.

36. Yoda Plush Toy – $

Seeing the popularity of this toy actually makes me a little teary eyed. It is so amazing to see Star Wars characters still get love from new generations.

This little plush toy is an amazing rendition of baby Yoda. The plush toy is soft and filled with beans – perfect for a late-night snuggle. Baby Yoda has the power to heal and will for sure keep young children safe and sound.

37. Monster Jam Grim Takedown – $

I will not lie. This toy scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it.

But it’s VERY popular amongst kids. The grim comes with an adjustable launcher which can be used to make the toy car Gravedigger fly all day long. Every time Gravedigger hits the Grim, he’ll let out a laugh! Buy this for any kid hoping to expand their monster jam collection.

38. Hot Wheels Gift Pack – $

Where oh WHERE was this when I was a child? Whether it’s expanding an existing collection or starting a new one, this gift is the way to go.

The Hot Wheel gift pack is full of 20 Hot Wheels vehicles. These 1:64 scale vehicles are a great gift for any child that loves cars and vehicles. This could even be gifted to someone who loves collecting Hot Wheels cars! Either way, this is one dope gift.

39. LeapFrog 100 Animals Book – $

I’m going to the younger side with this gift. 

This interactive book teaches kids about different types of animals. This book teaches about animal names, sounds, and even shares fun facts about it. The best part though is that it is in Spanish as well as English. Bilingual children for the win!

40. My First Princess Make-Up Kit – $

Here’s the thing – there’s no such thing as ‘too young’ for makeup.

Makeup is an art – it teaches one about color combinations, facial structure, and how to create something visually astounding. Bring out your child’s inner artist by gifting them this cute little makeup kit. It is full of important materials like brushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows. A great way for kids to practice and to just have fun!

Cameras and Photos

Photography is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice to master. But once someone does, they can create things that are mind-blowing! If you don’t know about photography, you’re probably scared about getting something useless or unnecessarily expensive. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that won’t bankrupt you!

41. Smart Home Camera – $

Not all cameras need to be handheld ones. Some can just be there for security.

This home camera is placed anywhere inside the house. Then, through mobiles and tablets, the footage can be seen at any time. This is a safe way for people to watch their homes for unusual activities. And any photographer would love to find the perfect angle to place this camera.

42. Gskyer Telescope – $$

Astrophotography is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is still a difficult skill to master and requires sophisticated equipment.

Who so ever owns this telescope is bound to have an edge over other photographers in the Astrophotography field. The telescope is a brilliant way to observe the sky. This observation will help them determine the perfect time and place to capture the perfect photo.

43. Compact Binoculars – $$

Binoculars are a great addition to a Wildlife photographer’s equipment. It allows them to observe animals from a distance and avoid disturbing or spooking them.

These portable binoculars are easy to carry around in one’s pocket. They allow 12x magnification. On top of that, one can see up to 1000 yards of land in terms of width! 

44. Binoculars with Smartphone Adapter – $$

By the time you spot something in binoculars, take out your camera, and get ready for the shot, the opportunity is long gone.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to take a picture as soon as you see something? That’s where these binoculars come in! The photographer simply attaches their smartphone to it, and that’s all. They can now capture beautiful photos in just seconds!


45. TELMU Microscope – $$

Have you ever seen those videos of ink falling into the water and the camera takes incredibly close-up shots of it? Close up photography is to thank for that.

It helps if you have a microscope to help you out. I’m talking about close-ups of insects here! A microscope can help one observe their tiny subject in advance before going out and actually shooting them

And that is my Christmas gift ideas list! 45 original and unique ideas for people of all types! I’m really hoping I get the binoculars with the smartphone adapter this year. The idea is so intriguing and the reviews are incredible! 

I really hope you enjoyed this list. Hopefully, it gave you some ideas for your own Christmas shopping. I know this is a stressful time. So if you’re looking for some ideas, don’t hesitate to ask me on the contact page.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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