Gifts For College Boys That They Actually Want – 54 Creative Ideas For 2022!

Let’s be honest – finding gifts for college boys is usually an impossible task. You spend hours at the mall looking for something that isn’t generic and boring. And when you do find something, it turns out the receiver doesn’t like it or doesn’t have any need for it. Birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas have become stressful events for you.

Well, you’re in luck – I’ve handpicked over 50 items that any college boy is bound to enjoy! Shopping for students is easier than you think. With their small dorms and tight budgets, a lot of these gifts will come in handy. What college student doesn’t love Ramen? Or want to get up on time for once? Here’s how you can gift them something they actually want!

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 picks :

1. Care package for the munchies

Show them you care with this cute box full of 45 delicious snacks!

Whether they are at the library or chilling in their dorm, there is one thing all students love to do – eating. With no mom cooking for them, snacking seems to be a preferred option. This care package is full of sweet, savoury, and salty snacks that they are bound to enjoy!

2. Portable mobile phone charger

Never worry about a dead phone again.

No college student wants to waste time waiting for their phone to charge. Not when there is studying and partying to do. Save them from the misery of low battery life with this portable mobile phone charger. And when I say portable, I mean portable – it fits into your front jeans pocket!


3. Wireless Earphones

College is about keeping your mind AND body fit!

But it’s hard to do that when headphone wires get in the way of lifting weights and running on the treadmill. For wireless headphones don’t look further than the Apple AirPods. They’re great for the gym and with their noise cancelling feature they’re great for the library too!

4. Daily Planner

Let’s be real for a second – guys aren’t known for their organizational skills.

Help them with this beautiful daily planner. From their classes to study groups to dates, this planner will help keep them on track. Not only will it help them get organized and plan ahead, but it looks pretty good on the ‘gram too!

5. Mobile phone sanitizer AND charger

Time to drop some truth bombs – your phone is dirty – even more than your toilet.

It’s final weeks and no student wants to get sick. This device will sanitize your phone by killing 99% of germs. And not – it also charges it! Perfect gift for your average germaphobe.

6. 4-step sandwich maker

The unhealthy trend of skipping breakfast needs to end.

Students would rather get more sleep than get up and make a nutritious breakfast. Even though they know how healthy and important a good breakfast is. Help them start the day right with this 4-step sandwich maker. In 5 minutes, they can have a delicious breakfast sandwich!

7. Wi-Fi Booster

Student or not, there is nothing more frustrating than bad Wi-Fi reception!

It’s even worse for students. With 2 minutes left to a deadline, a bad internet connection can be disastrous. You can help save their grade with this Wi-Fi booster. In two simple taps, they can improve their Wi-Fi performance. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones!

8. MacBook Air

Imagine what it must be like to go to college without a laptop.

A lot of students don’t have the funds for a new laptop. They resort to using limited computers in their library. Help them with their technology woes by buying them a MacBook Air. Be it taking notes in class to backing data to their iCloud. This laptop is bound to make their college experience better.

9. Reusable Notebook

Imagine being able to get through 4 years of college with ONE notebook!

This reusable notebook makes that possible. Students need to write their notes, save it on the cloud and wipe clean the page! Be it sketching, note-taking, planning, or plain doodling. This notebook lets them do it all without wasting paper! No more frantic note searching or losing notes.

10. Student Cookbook

Students are notorious for eating unhealthy snacks and processed foods.

Usually, laziness is to blame. Actually, students don’t have time or funds to make home-cooked food. Well, this cookbook is the perfect gift for ‘starving’ students. Filled with quick and easy recipes, now any dorm-dweller can cook up an amazing meal. And they can do it on a budget!

11. Portable Cabinet

Dorms may be great places to make friends. But they come with next to zero storage space.

That’s where this portable cabinet comes in handy. Students can attach it to their door or a wall. While it’s meant for jewellery, college boys will find it useful too. They can store watches, studs, and other small items. Boys rooms are already cluttered – give them the chance to clean up a little.

12. Ramen Cooker

If you went to college and didn’t eat ramen, did you go to college?

Ramen is the perfect college food. It’s cheap, doesn’t expire, and is easy to cook. But during finals week, most students find it too hard to even cook a bowl of ramen! That’s where you come in with this amazing ramen cooker. No more waiting for water to boil or washing pans. Use this cooker and have amazing ramen in 3 minutes!

13. Multi-Purpose Ottoman

Being a student means being creative with limited resources and budgets.

This ottoman fits right into their lifestyle. It helps store items like pillows. It acts as a coffee table to place laptops and mugs. It can even be a footrest! An item as versatile as this is the perfect gift for those boys living in tiny dorm rooms.

14. Ballpoint Pen

I know what you’re thinking – a ballpoint pen?

But think. What item do students always need but almost never have? A pen! Whether in class, in the library, or in their room, every student ends up searching for a pen. So why not gift them something they need and will never lose. A pen as beautiful and comfortable like this will never leave their person!

15. The Skin Refresher

Boys need to take care of their skin too.

All that time spent in the library and playing video games leaves boys with dull complexions. This skin refresher will save the day! Whenever they feel like their skin is dull or dehydrated, all they need is this spray. A few pumps are all they need to make their skin healthier, brighter, and hydrated.

16. Light-up Alarm Clock

Students struggle when it comes to waking up for their 8am classes.

All they needed is this alarm clock. This isn’t your average clock that will wake them up in the morning with an annoying beep. This clock actually simulates the sun. This leaves them feeling more refreshed, less irritated, and can take on the day.

17. Fitbit Watch

Move over moms, college boys have a new guardian now.

They may not confess it, but students actually miss their moms nagging them. The constant reminders to eat healthy and exercise were what kept them fit and healthy. Well not to worry – the Fitbit watch does that too! From measuring their activity to making sure they are sleeping. This watch will be their new college mom.

18. Bottle Openers

Guys need to be able to kick back and relax with a cold bottle of beer.

This is better than your average bottle opener. This one is cool. Attaching it to the top of the fridge means no more losing bottle openers! Being able to pop open a bottle of beer right from the fridge is bound to make this student a lot more popular.

19. Modern Desk Lamp

Late night cramming in your dorm with a single desk lamp is what college is all about.

But that doesn’t mean that desk lamp can’t be cool. This lamp comes with 3 USB ports. Students can charge their devices while completing their assignments. It even has power outlets, so charging your laptop should be a breeze! Who says late-night studying has to be a bore?

20. Mini Fridge

Dorm mates stealing food? No more!

No college student wants to come home and see that someone stole their food. Make things easier for them by getting them this mini fridge. From small snacks to medications. They won’t have to worry about their favourite things getting stolen anymore!

21 Hemingway Pencil Cup

You would think a bedside table would be in every bedroom.

For students, that’s hardly ever the case. That’s where this bedside caddy comes in. Attach this multi-purpose organiser to the bed and hold books, magazines, and more. With enough room to hold a 14” laptop, this caddy is a lifesaver! No more frantic searching for glasses in the morning.

22. The Hangover Cure

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a cure. But it’s close to one.

Campus parties can get pretty crazy and hangovers can suck. This book offers recipes that can help improve a killer hangover. But that’s not all. Cute graphics and mini quizzes can actually help students analyse their hangover! And what is college if not the best place to discover oneself.

23. Instant Pot

What food can’t this pot make?

Students don’t have the kitchen space to store dozens of pots and pans. This instant pot is the perfect replacement for all those! Be it cooking rice, making yogurt, or slow cooking a delicious rack of ribs, this pot can do it all. More storage space and less dishes to wash? Yes, please!

24. Spikeball!

Move over volleyball – there’s a new beach game in town.

Going to the beach is a tradition. Make any college boy the most popular one there with this epic game! With its portability and ease of assembly, no time wasted trying to set up this game. Never played it before? No problem – it’s rated 4.5/5 on ease of learning!

25. Cordless Kettle

Laptops. Mobile Phones. Lamps. Too many things to plug in.

Well that’s not a concern with this cordless tea kettle. College students can boil an entire 1.5 litre bottle of water in only 6 minutes! So whether they’re trying to make pasta or a soothing cup of tea, this is the kettle for them.

26. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Libraries are always quiet, right?

Tell that to a college boy and they will laugh. As finals week gets closer, libraries get more packed. And that means they get noisier too. But with these headphones, who cares? These comfortable headphones will quash out any background noise. Students can focus on their studying.

27. Bluetooth Speaker

It’s not a party without music!

At least that’s what every single college student has to say! But what happens when the speaker falls in the pool or someone gets their drink on it? Well with these waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you don’t have to worry about that. With over 20 hours of playtime, this speaker will keep the party going!

28. Bed Sheet Set

Coffee and sugary snacks are great ways to keep students pumped and full of energy.

But do you know what’s better than that? A good night’s sleep. And with these sheets, that is all that any college boy will be getting! Soft and comfortable sheets like these are only made better by the fact that they are easy to clean.

29. Voice Recorder

Whether it’s recording lectures or interviews. This voice recorder will come in handy for any student.

This useful gift is a lifesaver for students. This pocket-size device will record their lectures. They can then save and transcribe later. The best part is the AVR function which makes sure silent moments aren’t recorded. This saves space and time; students won’t be forwarding through long stretches of silence.

30. Drinking Game

Let’s be clear about one thing. College boys drink – a lot. Let’s make that enjoyable!

This drinking game is bound to do that! This game is a better version of truth or dare. Either perform the dare on the card or take a shot! These cards can survive any amount of alcohol. No wilted cards when the night is over.

31. Laptop Cooler

It doesn’t matter how high tech the laptop is – it will heat up.

College boys spend a LOT of time on their laptop – be it studying, doing assignments, or playing video games. Save their laptops and their laps with this cooling pad. It keeps the laptop cool AND also props it up. They’ll thank you for that when their wrists stop hurting.

32. The College Lunchbox

Didn’t you hear? Lunchboxes are cool now.

Okay, maybe not. But they sure are useful for college students! This lunchbox has 3 different compartments. Meaning students can carry around and entire meal! The easy portions will also make lunch prep easier and makes the whole meal look all the tastier!

33. iPhone Charger Cable

Have you ever misplaced an Apple charger cable before? Well, you won’t be the first.

Students are always misplacing their charger cables. So wouldn’t it be easier to get a 10 feet long charger cable? Impossible to misplace! The best part: compared to original wires, these ones are unbreakable.

34. Amazon Fire Stick

Sure, students can buy a used TV for a cheap price. But who’s going to pay for expensive cable?

The Amazon Fire Stick is for college boys who have a TV in their room. They need to connect the stick to their TV and bam! They now have access to every streaming service there is! And it gets better – the device hosts its own Alexa! Best gift for a Gen Z student.


35. Inflatable Chair

Ever seen those movies where college students enter their dorm room and there is nothing? There’s a bed and nothing else?

That is still the case in some colleges. But worry not – this inflatable chair is a dream for any student. It doesn’t need a pump, is comfortable, and even has a bottle opener! They can deflate the chair, which means they can carry it around anywhere.

36. Freshman Survival Guide

College is the most exciting thing to happen to someone. But it’s also the scariest.

With this freshman guide, fresh college students can take on any and every challenge! Are they worried about managing studies and part-time jobs? This book will help them. Are they concerned about peer pressure? This book will help them. Full of incredible advice, this book should be compulsory reading for every freshman.

37. Water Bottle

Gotta keep hydrated, baby!

Between all the running around campus and the alcohol, dehydration is a real risk to college boys. Get them this beautiful flask. Made with stainless steel, this flask will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours! One of the lids even comes with a straw!

38. Sticky Notes

Any college student that doesn’t have these is missing out!

College boys have graduated from high school. Time to graduate from boring sticky notes too. These sticky notes are like a magnet and can stick to any shiny surface. But best of all, they aren’t made from paper – they’re made from whiteboard material! Yes, these are erasable sticky notes!

39. USB Flash Drive

Laptops aren’t perfect. They get overwhelmed at times and end up losing precious data.

That doesn’t stop that from being devastating! Working on a project to lose it the night before is every student’s worst nightmare. Keep that nightmare away with this flash drive. The black and red colour is sure to make any guy love it. With storage of 128 GB, they won’t be losing their work ever again.

40. Instant Photo Printer

College is more than studying. It’s about making memories.

This pocket printer can do that! All you need to do is pop in your iPhone and print out any picture or video. Yes – I said video. This printer can print videos! Any college student will feel like they’ve gotten into Hogwarts. The best part is that it uses ZINK, so no wasting money on expensive ink.

41. World’s Strongest Coffee

It’s no secret that students survive on coffee. But how many have them have tried the world’s strongest coffee?

You can make that happen by gifting Death Wish Coffee. Yes, that’s the name! This coffee is that it will help drinker “harness their superpowers. If the reviews are believable, that might be the case!

42. Cables Organiser

From their laptops to their phones to their wireless headphones. College students do a lot of charging.

Help keep all their cables in order with this incredible cables organiser! It keeps cables from tangling and even has slots for USB drives. The bag is portable – they can carry their cables everywhere.

43. Coffee Maker

You can’t have a college boy’s gifts list without including the mother lode – a coffee machine!

This gorgeous coffee maker can make 4 cups of smooth and delicious coffee. The fine mesh coffee filter stops grounds from going into the coffee. The air-tight lid makes it spill-proof. Students can make hot or cold coffee and can take this maker with them to class or the library.

44. Stress Balls

WHERE were these when I was in college?

Stress balls are the next best thing after sliced bread! College students endure a lot of stress and this gift can help relieve some of it. It’s so simple – all they have to do is squeeze the ball to get rid of some of the anxiety. From anxiety to concentration issues to ADHD – these balls do a lot of good.


45. Laundry Hamper

Doing laundry is every student’s least favourite chore!

That is why most college boys wait till they are out of clothes to do their laundry. Carrying that all the way to the laundry room is usually an exhausting excursion. Which is where this laundry hamper comes in. Not only is it durable and foldable, but it can hold 56 pounds worth of clothes!

46. Portable Safe

Going to college could mean moving to a new city.

For a lot of students, that can be quite a scary experience. Help them feel safer with this portable safe. Students can choose their own combination lock. The safe is perfect for keeping items like cash, keys, mobiles, and watches safe.

47. Streaming Player

Who needs cable when you have this streaming device?

Not every student wants to pay for cable or several streaming sites. This is where Roku Ultra comes in. Users can scroll through 500,000 different shows and movies and choose to pay for what they want. For those that do want to buy services like Netflix, Roku will stream those for you too!

48. Bed Shelf

No bedside table? No problem.

This bed shelf is a smaller version of a table that students can attach to their bed. The shelf is sturdy and doesn’t need any tools to attach it. Students can place items like their glasses, mobile phones, headphones, and more! It’s the perfect gift for any dorm bed or bunk bed.

49. Light String

Let me tell you from personal experience – this light string is the best way to make a dorm room feel like your own.

Students can attach pictures of their loved ones to this light string and hang it anywhere in their dorm. The combination of pictures and the soft lighting is amazing. This is the best decoration gift you can give.

50. Mini Coffee Maker

Get a fresh cup of coffee in minutes! Not every student has the time or money to make a Starbucks run. This coffee maker is the perfect alternative. At less than 5 inches, it can fit anywhere. Add coffee and fresh water and have the perfect cup of coffee in minutes. Students will love how handy it is and how easy it is to clean.


51. Multi Power Strip

In today’s technology centric world, can we justify dorm rooms with only 2 or 3 power outlets?

Well, no worries. This power strip will solve that problem. With 6 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, students won’t even need any other power outlet! This power strip is perfect for those living in cramped quarters.

52. Disposable Cups

Go to college and not throw a party? That’s not good enough.

These plastic cups are the CLASSIC cup in every college party! The vibrant red, the big size, the disposable aspect – perfect for any crazy party! Cleaning up after a party is hard enough. Don’t add doing the dishes to it.

53. Popcorn Maker

Your college boy has a date over for movie night. He can’t be serving her ramen or day-old takeout.

But no need to panic – this popcorn maker will save his date. This collapsible device is easy to store and easy to clean. Since it is silicone, it is impossible to destroy it. But most of all, it makes delicious popcorn!

54. Lap Desk

Some students prefer to study on their bed. It’s more comfortable that way.

Yet, the lack of a table can prove to be dangerous to their posture and health. This lap desk will help stop that. The desk has room for a 15” laptop and a mouse pad. To top it off, it even has a slot to put one’s phone in!

So that’s that folks! 54 amazing gifts that any college boy would be glad to have! My favorite still has to be the lights string. The mix of nostalgia and happiness reminds me of all the good things college had to offer. Did you find this list useful too? If so, please do share it with your friends. You never know which stressed and broke college boy might enjoy this.

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