Gifts For Dancers – 37 Mind-Blowing Ideas For The Dance Lovers!

Do you have a ballerina in your life? Or someone who is super into freestyle? There are so many different types of dance, each with its own style, music, and personality. Finding gifts for dancers of any category can be a tough job. This is why I’ve made it easier with my list of 37 gifts for dancers!

There are so many gifts that work for any type of dancer. Every dancer is looking for a good pair of leggings or a sturdy pair of shoes. And what dedicated dancer doesn’t need a bag to hold all their dancing things? And what dancer doesn’t like a beautiful necklace? Whatever their genre, this list is full of fabulous ideas for a fabulous dancer also birthday gifts for dancers or be it gifts for young dancers or gifts for ballerinas and dancers!

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Dancers Among Us – $

This book is essential for every dancer’s bookshelf. It brings out the dancer in everyone. 

This photography-heavy book shows different forms of dancers. Some twirling, some leaping, some lifting, and so on. But there’s a catch; all of this is done in completely unexpected places. A dancer leaping in the middle of the street. Another twirling in a construction site. Showing once and for all that dance is universal and belongs everywhere!

2. Duffel Bag – $

Dancing isn’t just flimsy dresses. It requires entire equipment!

From dance shoes to leggings to hoodies, dancers need to carry a lot of stuff to the dance studio. These kinds of gifts for dancers will make their lives easier if they have this rolling duffel bag. This pretty bag can hold all their things and then some. And no breaking backs – just roll this bag around!

3. Dance of Life Ornament – $

Decorating a Christmas tree is a beloved tradition. And everyone wants to see themselves in the ornaments they hang.

We already know about the angel on the top of the tree. Time to transform that into a dancing angel. This beautiful delicate ornament shows a normal angel – white dress, wings, and all. The only difference is that she’s in a dancing position!

4. Ballerina Pendant Necklace – $

This necklace will look absolutely gorgeous on your friend’s neck!

The platinum-plated necklace is such a beautiful addition to any dancer’s jewelry box. The silver chain is attached to a pendant of a ballerina engrossed in dance. Her dress is in the form of a synthetic gem – one that comes in different colors.

5. Dancer Compact Mirror – $

Very few sports require one to look as put-together as dancing. Despite the grueling and physically exhausting nature, dancers are expected to look put together and beautiful.

An easy way to take a quick look at oneself is through a compact mirror. From checking for fly hairs to refreshing makeup, this compact mirror can keep one looking in top condition. The front of the mirror is pink and has a cheeky phrase: “Keep Calm and Dance On”.

6. Ballerina Jewelry Stand – $

Every dancer will agree that they have their daily jewelry. Ones they wear to every dance recital and on daily occasions. 

Wouldn’t it be so cool to hang that jewelry on a dance-themed jewelry stand? Now they can! This black steel stand can hold several jewelry items from necklaces to earrings to bracelets. These items can be hung on the dancer’s neck, feet, and arms as she takes a ballerina pose.

7. Flexistretcher – $$

Being a dancer requires so much. Agility, composure, elegance, and most importantly flexibility!

Is your dancer friend struggling with improving their flexibility? This gadget is meant for them. This strength and flexibility tool is used by professionals all over the world. It uses resistance techniques to help improve strength and make one more flexible. 

8. Dancer Acrylic Painting – $

When I think of dancers, I think of people who live in small but well-decorated apartments or flats.

I don’t know if that’s accurate for all dancers. If not, you can help them achieve that perception with this beautiful acrylic painting. The painting is an abstract picture of a dancer who is dancing on a stage with a gorgeous colorful shawl. The best part is that your friend can paint this entire painting themselves with the included paints and brushes!

9. Foot Massager – $

There was a picture that went viral a few years ago. It was of a ballerina standing on tiptoes. One foot was covered with a shoe and the other was uncovered. The uncovered foot was full of bruises and scars.

Dancing wreaks havoc on one’s feet. It’s a painful task that can lead to cramps, bruises, and a lot of pain. Your dancer friend will LOVE you for getting this foot massager for them. This device will soothe their pain and cramps, preparing to dance another day and help them unwind during the holidays plus it makes great christmas gifts for dancers.

10. Warm Up Slipper – $$

Ballet shoes may be pretty, but they are flimsy as hell. In the cold weather, ballet shoes offer nearly no warmth.

These slippers were designed by the American Ballet Theater and are used by ballet dancers all over the world. They can be worn over ballet shoes and be used to warm up one’s feet between rehearsals. 

11. Adidas Defender III Small Duffel Bag – $

This multi-colored duffel bag will make your friend the envy of all the dancers! 

This bag is large enough to hold all of one’s important items that they need for every dance practice. But it’s also fancy and pretty enough that they feel proud carrying it into the studio. The bag is incredibly roomy and has various compartments to hold different items.

Dancers are constantly on a diet. Every once in a while, they get to enjoy a cheat meal. Make that meal all the better with this cookie cutter set.

These 3 cookie cutters show dancers in different dancing poses. This set also comes with a booklet that gives different cookie and frosting recipes. The very best for an awesome cheat meal. 

13. Silk Streamers – $

Different dance modes make use of streamers. Not just ballet; even freestylers and hip-hop dancers make use of these streamers.

Usually, these streamers are of poor quality. Get your friend the best quality streamers so they can actually enjoy using them! These streamers are made of high-quality silk and found in gorgeous colors.

14. Dance Hoodie – $

Like I mentioned before, dancing outfits tend to be quite flimsy. You can’t leave the dance studio in one, and frankly, after wearing a dance outfit you would want to wear something warm.

This threadrock hoodie is a great inclusion in any dancer’s closet. It’s warm and comes in various color options. The front of the hoodie has a fun statement: “Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat”. And what dancer doesn’t relate with that statement?

15. Cable Knit Legwarmers

I seem to be spending a lot of time talking about how cold dancers are. But it’s true! If they’re not cold, they’re dancing to “So Cold”.

These cable knit leg warmers are a great way for keeping dancers warm! They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are the perfect gifts for dancers who tend to get cold a lot.

16. Music Note Night Light – $

This creative and interesting design light depicting a music note is so soothing to eyes! It is so safe and convenient to use as you can light it either with AA batteries or through a USB. I think your friend will really like it turned on while dancing on the beats!

17. Dancer Night Light – $

Are you getting a gift for a young and aspiring dancer? You cannot find a gift more perfect than this.

Kids love night lights. They make them feel safe and aware of their surroundings. These beautiful night lights perfectly encompass the dancer in them. The beautiful music and dance themes are a constant reminder of their love for dance and will help keep them motivated.

18. Ballerina Earrings – $

These stunning earrings are beautiful gifts for dancers.

Made of sterling silver and full of crystals, these earrings show two girls engrossed in dancing. These young women are striking a ballerina pose and their dresses are made of crystals. These are practically a necessity for any dancer’s wardrobe.

19. Costume Bag – $

For dance competitions, dancers can’t carry their outfits in duffel bags. They’ll get all crinkled and messy.

These garment bags are a great way to carry all their outfits while not messing them up. This set has 3 garment bags, each of which can hold one outfit and a pair of shoes or a small bag.

20. Dancer Bracelet 

This gift is a great one for a close friend.

The metal bracelet has the engraving “never miss a chance to dance” on it. This delicate bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box and can be pulled or pressed to fit any wrist. The bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that the color and plating never fades.

21. Love Dance Charm Bracelet – $

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, this charm bracelet is the way to go.

The bracelet is made up of 5 different straps. 3 of the straps have a charm attached to it. One says love, one says dance, and one says I love to dance. This is one of the fabulous gifts for dancers and those who live to dance.

22. Donut Hair Bun 

Ever wonder how dancers keep their hair up so high? 

It’s through doughnut buns. These are small polyester buns that are attached to the hair using pins and elastic bands. This helps keep the hair up and facilitates making various elegant hairstyles and makes a good gifts for dancers.

23. Dance Calendar – $

Gone are the days where we had boring old calendars that showed nothing but random sceneries. Now, people are getting themed calendars that fit with their personalities.

This dance calendar is a great option for dance lovers. Each month shows a beautiful picture of dancers on the stage right in the middle of making a spectacular dance move. The photographer really needs to be credited for taking such wonderful pictures.

24. Ballerina Slipper Necklace – $

Another one in the jewelry gift options!

This necklace has a silver chain that is connected to a beautiful crystal pendant. The pendant shows two ballerina shoes tied together, a visual many dancers know all too well.

25. Turning Board

No one is a naturally good dancer. It takes years of practice and brutal exercises to be able to get the perfect posture.

This device is a huge help in that. It helps one align their posture and make sure their technique is on point. From strengthening muscles to correcting the posture, this device is a life saver!

26. Swan Lake Snow Globe

Out of all the ballet recitals, Swan Lake is probably the best known. It’s a beautiful story and the dancing is just stunning.

This beautiful snow globe is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Swan Lake. The center of the globe features the Swan Ballerina and glittery flakes shower her whenever the globe is shaken. The bottom of the globe has a wind-up; when used, it plays the tune of Swan Lake.

27. Barbie Ballerina – $

There are two things that almost all young girls love – barbies and ballerina.

This gift combines the two. This barbie is decked up in a pretty tiara and her trademark pink ballerina dress. She comes striking a ballerina pose, although the owner can adjust her at will.

28. Dancer Figurine

A gorgeous gift for gorgeous home decor.

This perfect figurine is of a graceful dancer right in the middle of a spectacular dance move. The whole figurine is made of resin and is beautifully colored in silver, blue, and black. The detail is just exquisite!

29. Drawstring Bag 

Shoes tend to get dirty, so no one wants to put them in the duffel bag.

This drawstring bag is perfect for carrying shoes. It comes in a variety of colors and even has the phrase “Eat sleep dance” on it. It will go great with their already existing duffel bag!

30. Girls Ballet Slippers – $

Know a little girl who really wants to start ballet? Maybe her parents can’t afford the outfits?

You can save the day. These girls’ ballet slippers are not at all expensive but are still high quality and comfortable. They’re made of leather and have a sturdy sole to prevent injuries. These shoes will have a little girl prancing around the entire house!

31. Ballerina Bed Sheets – $

You know you’re really crazy about something when you have the bed sheets for it too.

If you know a little girl who is really into ballerinas and ballet, this gift is meant for them. The white sheets have pictures of cartoon ballerinas on it (and one other kind of dancer too for some reason). This set has everything – fitted sheets, pillows, and flat sheets. 

32. Dance Keychains – $

If your friend is lucky enough to own their own studio, they probably need something to hold all their keys.

And what’s better than a dance-themed keychain? These 12 keychains are made of metal and completely black. Each one has a dance-related statement and drawings on them. Ranging from “dance” to “express your inner awesomeness”.

33. Stemless Wine Glass 

Dancing can be extremely stressful at times. A lot of dancers find the need to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine at times.

This glass is not only pretty and dance-themed, it’s also motivational. This high-quality glass has a motivational phrase written on the front that is particular to dance teachers. Whether you’re getting this for your own teacher or a friend who teaches dance, they are sure to love this gift.

34. Dance Hair Ties – $

34. Dance Hair Ties – $

Keeping your hair up is extremely important when it comes to dancing. If your hair falls out, it’s all over. The dance is ruined.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to a loved one. These dance-themed hair ties are designed to tie hair up and keep it up! 

35. Dancing Mug – $

Caffeine. That’s what keeps dancers moving, in case you were wondering.

This mug is a fantastic gift for your caffeine-addicted dancer friend. The ceramic mug is blue and white and has a fun phrase on the front: “I dance. What’s your superpower?”. If you’ve ever seen a dancer in action, you know that it is nothing short of a superpower.

36. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Consuming copious amounts of fruits and vegetables is a necessity for dancers all over!

Help them get used to the taste of fruit with this fruit infuser water bottle. It has an infuser right in the middle which holds the fruit and the rest of the bottle has water. From citrus fruits to sweet ones, this bottle will provide some delicious tasting water.

37. Dancing Leggings – $

This CANNOT be a gift for “gifts for dancers” list without mentioning leggings. They are like the tie for the businessman – it’s weird if you don’t own a pair!

These leggings are fabulously dance-themed. They are black and have big white dance-related words scrawled all over it. They are ultra stretchy and even absorb moisture!

And that’s that! My list of 37 gifts for dancers! My personal favourite has to be the Love Dance Leggings! They look so comfy and fashionable. Of course, I would be using mine to lounge around on the sofa, here is video suggesting some more gifts for dancer especially gifts for ballroom dancers…

I really hope you enjoyed this list and it helped you out, you share your thoughts and feedback with me through my contact me page! Share it with your friends and family if you found the article useful!

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