Gifts For Engineers In 2022 – List Of 35 – [7 Might Shock You!]

You are lucky if you have an engineer in your life. Finding a gift for engineers is fun and learning at the same time. Engineers love innovation and technology, so gifts for engineers should be unique, advanced, and authentic. At the same time, you need to find a gift that challenges their left brain. 

In this post, I am covering all the interesting gifts for engineers, like circuit board tie, drones, robot arm, puzzles, 3D printers and many more. You can select the gift according to the engineer’s major branch and your budget. The list has high spent, medium and low spend gifts with the purpose to make it easy for you to choose.  

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Sphero Star Wars BB-8

The robot ball droid is certainly one of the most precious gift ideas for a Star Wars fan. The droid connects with all the devices with the help of Bluetooth. It records holographic videos and works smoothly on tiles and carpets. The 4.5 rated device is also going to be loved by younger kids. 

2. G & F Cut Resistant Gloves

Engineers are involved in all kinds of trimming work. These cut-resistant gloves are just perfect for a person who uses the blade, knife, mandoline and wire etc. The gloves come in 3 sizes and fit in both the male and female palm. The 4.5 rated gloves can be gifted to a VR gamer as well. 

3. Locomotive with Tender 3D Wooden Model

Give something really technical and artistic to your engineer. The 19th-century technology and adventure involved piece is filled with realism and romance. This locomotive needs no glue, hence it’s easy to move and assemble at different places. The 4.6 stars rated wooden model is best for bonding between two generations. 

4. Tesla Coil Lighters USB

Lighter and engineers go hand in hand. The smart coil lighter is a smart choice for non-smokers and smokers. This lighter creates an electric arc. Charging lasts up to 17 days for regular smokers. The 4.4 stars rated lighter is the safest and reliable electric lighter. 

5. Nintendo Entertainment System

An entertainment system is indeed a true friend of the engineers. After using the continuous mind, it will help him/her to relax. This original look system comes with 30 preloaded games. The best seller on amazon also includes an HDMI cable, NES classic controller and an AC adapter. 

6. All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB

AThere are dozens of gifts for game developers and gamers but VR gaming headset is one of the most thoughtful gifts. The headset has an insight tracker, touch controller and works on all the environments. One can play games while sitting or standing. The 4.7 stars rated headset is a deal stealer.  

7. HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

This virtual reality system is for revolutionary engineers. The VR system can be used seated, standing and in an 11’5”x11’5” room-scale zone of the creation. It comes with a VR headset, 2 wireless controllers, link box, 3-in-1 cable, 2 base station and other accessories. The 4.4 stars rated product is indeed one of the best in VR systems. 

8. Crystal Transparent Kayak

Give the luxury to an engineer who is always with his work. This 11ft transparent kayak works in lakes, ocean and bays. The crystal clear bottoms make the fishing and water exploring more fun. Seller claims for no scratches on the kayak and online reviewers support the claim. 

9. App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors

A creative programmer is going to love this robot ball. The matrix allows you to program your robot to display characters and others on the matrix itself. The ambient light sensor can tell the coder if it’s dark and bright. The 4.7 star rated is amazon’s choice in the sphero bolt category. 

10. Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino starter kit is one of the best gifts for hardware and software enthusiasts. The kit walks you through the basics. It comes with a 170-page project guide book. It also includes over 100 components. The 4.6 starts rated Arduino kit is reviewed as the best kit for people with no experience.

11. FlashForge 3D Printer 

3D printers are a great companion for every student and professional.FlashForge 3D printer is on cloud and it can be connected to wifi, USB and flash drive. The side plate helps the object to move fast. This Amazon’s choice for FlashForge Finder 3D printer has a non-heated plate which makes it safe to use.  

12. Retroworks Large Cryptex Bronze

Cryptex is a novelty gift for the engineers, it can be used to hide and protect money, drive and small objects. It’s made of solid cast metal and has a unique design with vinyl lettering. The 4.3 stars rated cryptex’s passcodes can be set up to 5 letters.  

13. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

A snorkel mask is a thoughtful gift for a swimming enthusiastic engineer. Vaincre 180° full face snorkel mask is an anti-fog and anti-leak with adjustable head strings. The panoramic view helps to see everything big and clear. The 4.4 stars rated mask can be used by kids as well.  

14. AUKEY Solar Charger

An eco-friendly solar charger is a useful gift for the engineers who work on the site or on the field. This AUKEY charger works in every weather and environmental conditions except the rain. Online reviewers praised the material and found it one the best solar charger out there. 

15. Self-Sharpening Cutlery Knife Block

Engineers use portable and flexible knives and this knife set is one of the best gift sets for the engineers. All the knives are made of forged steel and come with a labelled handle. The In block sharpers and beautiful storage blocks are a luxury for any engineer cum chef. 

16. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

A 3D pen as a gift is not only unique but a creative and useful gift as well. The 3Doodler pen can be used to create, fix, design and build. This pen is made of plastic and it’s safe for all the age-groups. The 4-star rated pen claims to be the world’s first and no.1 best selling 3D pen. 

17. RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector

The lightweight and portable mini projector is going to a companion of your engineer friend. The CUBE projector is compatible with HDMI devices and has multiple connectivity options. The 4-stars rated mini projector projects a clear full LED display and comes with the basic accessories.

18. Wacaco MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

The coffee machine is one of the essentials for hard-working engineers. The espresso maker doesn’t need any power or electricity, it only needs boiling water. It can be used anywhere at any time. The coffee maker is Amazon’s choice for the portable espresso maker category. 

19. Zipbuds PRO Zipper Earbuds

Engineers like tied and untangled wires/headphones. These 4th generation patented zipped cabling headphones are a smart gift for him/her. The headphone comes with noise-cancelling earbuds and mic. The earphone buds are made of military-grade fibres which increase the durability. 

20. Build Your Own V8 Engine

This engine kit is an interesting and unique gift for beginners and mid-level modellers. The kit comes with over 100 parts. Simulated real motor and engine sound makes it more real and enjoyable for an engineer. The 4-star rated engine doesn’t need any glue at the time of assembling. 

21. 4.5″ Jupiter MOVA Globe

MOVA globe is a unique gift item for tech geeks and travel enthusiasts. The 4.5” diameter globe rotates silently on its own with the help of solar light and any indoor light. The globe is handmade with acrylic shells and non-toxic fluids. The 4.4 stars rated globe also includes the Great Red Spot.

22. Estes Tandem-X Model Rockets  

Don’t worry there is no rocket science involved in playing with these rockets. This quick and easy to assemble rocket goes up to 650 feet. Estem rockets also come with an 18-inch pre-assembled parachute. The product is Amazon’s choice for Estes rocket with a 4.5-star rating.

23. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

What could be more fascinating for an engineer instead of a third hand? Yes, this robotic arm is a useful gift to every engineer for running the errands. The arm works on multiple commands and movements. The 4-stars rated robotic arm doesn’t require any soldering.

24. Wolfbush IQ Test Toy

These brain-challenging toys relax the tied mind and help with increasing the IQ at the same time. The pack includes 3 iron metal puzzles and 3 wooden kong ming locks. The 4.4 stars rated products are durable, kid-friendly and have a lifetime warranty. 

25. Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model

The Stirling engine is going to be one of the most memorable gifts for an engineer. This engine is going to impress a lot of people around. The burner works best with 100% alcohol as fuel. The engine runs and generates electricity. Overall the 4.7 stars rated engine looks classic with the fine textures and materials. 

26. Rothco Canvas M-51 Engineers Field Bag

Electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and everyone working on the field are the most deserving engineers for a field bag. The canvas bag comes with more than 10 different hooks and pockets. The 4-star rated bag also has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

27. Pyramex Pathfinder Aviator

Gift him/her a cool pair of aviator which suits the style and profession both. These safety glasses are metal framed in traditional aviator style. The glasses are scratch-resistant. It’s The 4.4 stars rated aviator works great for doctors and researchers as well. Pathfinder aviators provide 99% protection from UV rays. 

28. UGEARS 3D Model Safe

A functional and fun game is for satisfying the craves of the left brain. The expertly crafted handmade design is challenging to solve. The 3D model is classified as a medium level puzzle. The plywoods come with laser cut perfection and it’s safe for kids too. The 4.6 stars rated puzzle strengthens the family bonds.

29. AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens 

Cameras are companions and the third eye for engineers. This premium lens camera includes a wide-angle lens with a macro lens. The camera takes stunning close up pictures with the details. The 4-star rated camera is easy to use and works for iPhone and Android phones

30. Blue LED Binary Clock

An item which will make others curious and works for showing off that we are geeks. The binary clock has two options for BCD and true display. It has 12 hours and 24 hours display with 3 brightness levels. The 4-star rated clock has power backup during power loss.

31. Parrot Bebop 2

The drone is the most interesting gift for engineers. He/She is going to love this second-generation drone. The pilot’s flight sticks like controllers make it more fun to use. The 25 minutes flight time and 14-megapixel fisheye lens help in taking the best shots and enjoying the best views. The 4-star rated drone can connect with any phone and tablet.

32. Flyte Lyfe Magnetic Floating Levitating Plant Pot 

The magnetic plant pot will give the whole new life to an office, hall, kitchen or room. This wooden base is made of sustainably sourced wood and planted is made of silicon. In this easy to set up planter, you can keep artificial plants or natural plants. The 4-star rated planter is available in 5 colours.

33. GoolRC Wifi FPV Mini Drone with Camera

This mini drone with a camera is another fantastic gift for engineers. The drone can be connected to any phone and one can observe the real-time transmission. It needs a wifi connection for the control. Two control modes and one key taking off system make it more fun and easy to use.

34. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit

This DIY paper drone is a blast from the past for every engineer. The kit comes with a smart module and paper sheets, just attach the both and fly the paper airplane. The paper airplane is equipped with Bluetooth technology and you can control the airplane with your smartphone.

35. Transparent Speaker

It’s amazing for an engineer to see each and every part crystal clear. These transparent speakers have an active 2.1 stereo speaker. It comes with the wireless Bluetooth connective feature and doesn’t need an amplifier. The speakers have multi-room streaming over wifi via amazon echo and it’s compatible with Sonos connect and AMP hub.

36. Circuit Board Necktie

A computer science engineer will be extremely happy with this gift. The circuit board necktie is made of 100% microfiber. The tie has a print of a green circuit board. Every geek lover will love the print. This tie is Amazon’s best choice for circuit board tie with a 5-star rating.

My absolute favorite from the above list has to be the G & F Cut Resistant Gloves because it prevents hand injuries and the engineer works with any worry or caution. Hope you liked the reading, if I missed something on the list please contact me on the contact me page. If you like it please share it, I am always grateful for my readers’ love and support.

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