Gifts For History Buffs 📚 – 43 Ideas That Will Take Them By Surprise!

The past is the only present for a History Buff! (Pun Intended) You might think that boring gifts should interest someone like a history fanatic. But to your surprise, the thrill and action-filled in the artifacts stated below may even kindle the interests of belittlers of history.  So let’s dive back in time and dig some awesome gifts for our history buffs who will never stop saying “Here’s something interesting about this………”

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.  Chronology game: 20th Anniversary Edition $

A very addictive game for all the history enthusiasts, it takes you on a journey through time. There are 429 double-sided cards for 858 events in history, that you have to arrange in the order of their occurrence. The first player to assemble a timeline of 10 cards wins! This game will add to your general knowledge along with lifting the party spirit. 

2. Atlas of World War II Illustrated from National Geography $

Get escorted by this Cartographic Atlas Book to the era of the world’s greatest conflict and land on the vintage wartime maps to savor the real-time thrills of battles. From all the land, naval and aerial attacks to the real maps used by President Roosevelt, the book highlights even the minute details of WW2. 

3. The Civil Rights Movement, in Graphic Novel, $

One of the meritorious winners of the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, “March” by John Lewis communicates the story of the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of the Author. It is a Trilogy Slipcase Set that contains an extraordinary representation of how ordinary young men with an unbroken will can change the world. 

4. Boston Tea Party Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler $

This historical tea was thrown over by the Sons of Liberty in the commercial protest of 1773 known as The Boston Tea Party. It has a traditional but slightly smoky green tea flavor as it is pan-fried and hand-rolled with a steamed vegetal finish. The set features six revolutionary teas that are packed in 6 reusable tea tins. With a rich historic background, this is a perfect gift for a tea and history lover.

5. New York Times: The Complete Front Pages 1851-2009 $

The New York Times also referred to as “The Gray Lady” is the national ” newspaper of record ” in America. This blockbuster book is a complete collection of the front pages of New York TimeTimes from 1851 to 2009. There are more than 55 thousand pages and multiple DVDs for long-lasting fun and learning.

6. History Magazine Roosevelt $

This History Magazine is stuffed with the historical incidences and revolutionary events lining North America’s odyssey. Be it government, arts, sports or innovation, etc., it carries hundreds of unheard-of facts and facets of the past. A complete treasure box for a nerd, it could be the end of your search for gifts for history buffs. 

7. LEGO Empire State Building Kit $$

Combining history with architectural culture, this LEGO Empire state Building Kit is a fun DIY project for adults and kids alike. Resulting in a 21 inches tall 360° displayable tower, it has 4 detailed facades and a tiled base plate depicting 5th Avenue. After enjoying the assembly of the pieces, the replica of the Empire State would make a stunning centerpiece on your office desk. 

8. Quill Pen and Ink Set Turkey Feather Pen $

Not swords, but pens change the world. This Quill Pen and Ink Set is like a time machine that may tickle any soul to wield it, independent of their academic interests. The Calligraphy Quill is made of genuine Turkey feather and is backed up with five extra nibs and an empty ink bottle. All are boxed up beautifully and are ready to gift without involving any extra effort.

9. History of the World Map by Map $

Maps not only show the division of lands but also the diversity of culture, race, ethnicity, and ideas. Thus the elucidation of human history is best done by studying the movement of people and their ideologies through maps. This is exactly what this book “History of the World Map by Map” did. A thoughtful gift for a history enthusiast, it is an unprecedented opportunity to travel through time.

10. Shepherd Made Multi-Colored Mead Making Kit $ 

Ferment your honey wine at home, just like they did years ago, with this Mead Making Kit. The set comprises a glass jar, yeast energizer, yeast nutrient, hydrometer, etc. and all you need to do is to separately buy and add 4 lbs of water and honey. Enjoy the oldest man-made beverage in just a week without spending a handful. 

11. National Geographic Magazine Subscription $

A National Geographic’s flagship magazine, it covers topics like nature, culture, science, geography, and even technology. Holding the title of one of the most-read publications, it has detailed illustrations and maps which make the read far from boring. 

Subscribe to all 12 magazines and send your birthday gift every month for a year. 

12. Lego Architecture U.S. Capitol Building Kit $$$

Build a replica of the United States Capitol building and place it on your table as an iconic centerpiece. It has a striking white appearance with a detailed columned facade and a base plate depicting lawns and steps. The dome is removable to expose the fine interiors of this magnificent building. If your friend enjoys puzzles that challenge his mind, then this is what you are looking for.

13. A Navy SEALs Deep Dive $

This is a single issue magazine seating interviews of former navy insiders known as a SEAL. They are mariner cum spies that make their ways into some of the most grisly missions like the raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. These thrilling stories are printed on premium quality matte interior paper and are copyright to Meredith Corporation. Order your issue now and become a part of this extensive overseas journey of Navy SEAL.

14. 111 History Lessons You Should Have Learned in School $

A hilarious new point of view of learning history for the history buffs ( and a way to make the history haters love it), this book is the bridge between slapstick humor and wisdom. It can help you learn how to handle haters or getting ghosted by people or why dog lovers rule. Filled with tragedy and satire, it is the physical incarnation of the proverb “Learn from other’s mistakes”. 

15. American Trivia Cards $

Online games, however great, cannot compete with a good old card game in bringing people together. But this card does more than just pass your time. It provides you with credible information on America’s History while you are having fun with your dearest peeps. The deck has 100 double-sided cards with 1000 questions covering five categories like Geography, Pop culture, historical landmarks, etc. 

16. Aviator Winter Hat with Snowboard Fur Ear Flaps $

ILILILY store is marketing a stunning camouflage Faux Fur Hat with detachable goggles in multiple colors. It is made of Faux Leather Shell and is covered with Faux Sherpa Fur from the inside. Feel comfortable with buckle closure chin strap and buttoned ear flaps with your choice of goggles. Though not specific to history enthusiasts, it is still a very functional and appreciated gift among the customers. 

17. Abraham Lincoln Figurine $

Here is an iconic bobblehead of an iconic personality, the 16th president of the United States who preserved the Union and ended slavery, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. This collectible, made from heavyweight polyresin, is delivered inside a Styrofoam protected custom-cut printed box. It stands 8 inches tall and is skillfully hand-painted with care. 

18. Pop-Up Book of Mythological Gods and Heroes $

Those who dove deep into the chronicles of the world know that there are elements of the past that cannot be answered with certitude. But the stranger the lore, the better the read. Based on the same theme, this pop-up Encyclopedia Mythologica has myths and legends of the deities of Ancient Egypt and divinities of Asia and Polynesia. It has 3 to 4 flaps that further opens smaller pop-ups, each more interesting than the other.      

19. Coffee & Campaign Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug $

Delivered in a colorful gift box, this ceramic coffee mug is doodled with 29 classic political campaign slogans from Zachary to Adelai! With witty little messages left inside and below, it has a 12 oz capacity; and dishwasher and microwave safe. The durability of the mug is exceptional and will continue to be your favorite mug for years to come. 

20. White Mountain Puzzles WW2 Poster Collage $$

Piece together the account of World War II and enhance your creativity and cognitive skills with this WW2 jigsaw puzzle collage. It has in total 1000 pieces to configure which are thick, durable, and easy to pick. Made in the USA, on recycled paper with blue chipboard, it will bring back memories of the old geezers and strengthen everyone’s grasp on history. 

21. The Road to Freedom: A Biography of Harriet Tubman $

Next on my list is the heart wrenching yet igniting biography of a passionate fearless woman, Harriet Tubman, who led her troops to victory through extraordinary vision, love, and sacrifice. Becoming a true war hero, her stirring life story is chronicled by Kate Clifford Larson explicitly in her book “Bound For The Promised Land”. Passing this book to someone you love could be a life-changing event of his or her life. 

22. Famous Painting Art Printed Walk with Greatness Socks $

A nice blend of mainstream culture and epochal arts, this pack of 6 pairs of second to none socks is gold for both history and art fanatics. Each one is manufactured in distinct vibrant color and printed on a soft material made of 90% combed cotton and 10% polyester. Available in all possible sizes, as a gift, these are enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

23. Military History Calendar: 365 days of America’s Greatest Military Moments $

Every day military men put their lives in line for us and these lives should never face oblivion. As a tribute to these real-life heroes, History Channel came up with this astounding idea of making a calendar that gives you a record of astonishing military events that occurred on the same day but different years in the past. A perfect way to start your day, it will make a great gift for anyone in your family or friends. 

24. Civil War Box Set $$ 

A meticulously jotted legacy of fearless warriors, this masterpiece originated from the pen of Shelby Foote. A detailed narration of the gruesome lore of the Civil War starting from the introduction of Confederate President Mr. J. Davis, it is an unprecedented opportunity to enter the battlefield yourself and experience the war up close. The set contains three volumes that are ready to embrace the bookshelf of any war buff.

25. Hampton Nautical Titanic Cruise Model $$

Built from scratch by the pristine hands of the skilled craftsmen of the Hampton Nautical Store, this 14 inches long cruise ship is carved from high-quality wood. Having a touch of maritime history, it will fit perfectly between the aesthetic vintage collection of a history geek. Though inspired by the famous RMS Titanic, this ship will never sink in the ocean of elegance. 

26. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong $

This book is a popular 90s publication and a receiver of many prestigious literary awards. It’s humorous tone and brutal honesty is an antidote to the sugar-coated lies of American History. It presses on how the inept education system has led the youth to believe that an incompetent man (like Donald Trump) can solve their problems. So abandon the lies and step to the light with this literature sensation by James W. Lowen.

27. Professor Noggin’s US History Trivia Based Card Game $

Not just another typical card game, it gives you an in-depth knowledge of the History of the United States. Roll the dice, pick the random card, answer the question, collect more cards, and win the game. There is also a Nogging Choice Card which lets you take a card of your choice from any other player. There are 2 levels of difficulties for the convenience of different age groups. 

28. Search History Party Card Game of Surprising Searches $

Out of fun games to play with friends? Well, not anymore! Complete and search the aptest answer that you can think of after choosing any of the “Incomplete Most Searched Topic” card from the pile. The one who is closest to the actual answer wins. You and your friends will be surprised to know the topmost actual internet searches and how they could have never thought of it.  

29. Chrononauts Time Travel Card Game $

Track the ripple in time, understand the paradigm of the universe, and fix baffling paradoxes with this small deck of 135 cards which will turn you into a time traveler. You land into an alternate reality where history-making is in your own tiny hands. Collect the artifacts according to a specific timeline or fix paradoxes and become a Time Repair Agent. Gift chrononauts to a history buff so could prevent assassinations of his favorite war heroes. 

30. Leather Bound Constitution of The United States of America $

Not gold but for knowledge is a treasure. This palm-size version of the United States Constitution is prized by the connoisseurs of History and Politics. It also holds every Constitutional Amendment to date and also the Bill of Rights. Some extra documents are also shipped along with the item that is worth every penny spent. The imitates won’t undergo wear and tear as they are made from one of the finest full-grain leather, i.e. the traditional calfskin.

31. History Mysteries Classics DVD $

A fascinating and informative way to pass time, this DVD reveals the huge unspoken incidents in history which will give you goosebumps. Cases like a strange object falling from the sky that changed the lives of some people downright and why no one came back from the Devil’s Triangle. Encrypting 8 documentaries in 4 DVDs, the mental possession of this haunting data will drastically change your point of view towards this world.

32. Magicians of The Gods By Graham Hancock $

Following the footprints of its sequel, the world-renowned novel “Fingerprints of the God”, this book also tells us about the astonishing and controversial mysteries of the past. It mentioned the ” The Great Return” of the Comet that predictably wiped out a complete civilization more than 11 thousand years ago. Beware! 

A thrilling experience for anybody, no wonder books make the best of gifts.

33. The Ascent of Man DVD Set $$

A perfect gift for your history teacher, which he can flaunt during his lectures, this series is an unusual non-scripted narration of the scientific paradigms by Dr. Jacob Bronowski. This digitally mastered commentary is famous among fanatics and is a one time winner of American Film Festival awards. A Co-production of Time-Life Films and BBC, it carries 13 volumes in total.

34. John Adams DVD Set $

The recital of America’s gruesome path of Independence and the truth about its Founding Fathers, this set is based on the bestselling biography of The Great David McCullough. Adam was the 2nd President of the US who was an unorthodox orator and a skilled attorney. But his passion for Anti-English earned him some enemies. 

Beyond the scope of my history knowledge, I am sure it’d take a geek by surprise. 

35. Benjamin Franklin DVD $

Another short film from the past, this one is based on an elective mind and an extraordinary life of one of the Founding Fathers of the US, Mr. Benjamin Franklin. He was a scientist, activist, inventor, writer, humorist, diplomat, and whatnot. An opportunity to experience Franklin’s prodigious journey is what all the history buffs wait for. 

36. 1,000 Events That Shaped the World $

Finally, a book for children to understand this world better, chronologically arranged paragraphs explain how we are made and what was the cost of our continuance. Escorted by National Geographic, this book is intended to change the thinking potential and aptitude of the youth. Gift this to your children and watch them get addicted to it.

37. Bad Days in History: A Chronicle of Misfortune $ (Book)

And just when you think things can’t get worse, you fall into this item on my list, “Bad Days in History” by Michael Farquhar. From the investor who lost the chance to become a millionaire to a Shah who experimented with Viagra, these stories will tell you what not to do in life. 

38. National Geographic – Visual History of The World $

Another classic issued by National Geographic, the book is about everything a history geek could think about. Personalities, discoveries, happenings, and catastrophes are some of the many topics it covers. Giving the facts away in vibrant colorful themes, the visually stimulating layout will make you wanna read more. At the bottom of each page, the names, events, and dates are highlighted in a color-coded manner in a timeline.

39. Letters That Changed The World

Evident from the name, this is a collection of revolutionary letters that hold an array of emotions and passion in them. Some exhilarating and some unsettling to read, these letters shaped the world as it is today. Written by the prizewinning Author Simon Sebag, the book was meant to be an all-time bestseller. 

40. World History Timeline Wall Chart $

This History-at-a-Glance wall chart depicts credible information on the most famous personalities known and events that took place in the last 6000 years. Walk with the timeline or choose a random fact every day by sticking this 59 inches long poster on the wall. It will arouse curiosity and incite wonder in your child with a zeal to know more. 

41. Life Cover Collection Puzzle $

A collage made from the indulging vintage covers of the Life Magazine, this is a fun jigsaw puzzle from the EuroGraphics Store. The 1000 cardboard pieces have to be configured correctly. This American magazine is known for its contribution to the history of photojournalism. Suitable for all age groups, it will make a fun and knowledgeable gift.

42. Timelines of Everything Book $

Another book (cause buffs love books) on my list is an Encyclopedia for children. Tie your seat belts and have a seat on the train that takes you on a journey from the origin of life, multiplying bacterias, flourishing plants, the age of dinosaurs, the evolution of apes, the rise of modern man, and finally to this present day digital world. With 130 different timelines, you can buy a ticket for any one of these.

43. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Mug $

Another quirky invention of the UPG, this mug features 24 greatest masterpieces of the most famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Koons, Degas, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol, etc. In addition to this, the bottom of the mug has intricate information on these marvelous pieces of Creativity. Made of durable ceramic, it can hold 16 oz of beverage at once.

Books are one of the best gifts for a mind that craves knowledge. But since there is no harm in having some fun, the list above is locked up with more amusing ways of learning like Professor Noggin’s US History Trivia Based Card Game $

After picking some of the coolest gifts from the past, tell me about your time travel experience on My Comment Page below. What gifts did you find fascinating and extraordinary? Personally, my favorites are History Mysteries Classics DVD and Chrononauts Time Travel Card Game

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