Gifts For Knitters That They Really Can’t Get Over With! [4th Is Love ❤]

Guess what, knitting isn’t just for grandmas anymore! More young adults are starting to pick up knitting needles and make gorgeous creations. Their families and friends are loving their new hobby – who doesn’t love a free sweater? But buying gifts for them isn’t that easy, especially when you know nothing about knitting. That’s where this list comes in! I’ve written down 45 gifts for knitters that range from beginner level to advanced. Is the person you’re buying a gift for also a cat lover? Or maybe they’re having trouble with their craft due to poor eyesight. Be them experts or novices, I have the perfect gift for them on this list.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Knitted Hats – $

This winter beanie is perfect for youngsters, from infants to young children.

Each pack comes with 3-4 beanies in a variety of colors. The soft and warm material and snug fit will keep any child’s head nice and warm. They’re sure to ignite the imagination of anyone who loves to knit. 

2. Knitting Keychain – $

Every major pop culture phenomenon or hobby has a keychain; so why not knitting?

This keychain is made of stainless steel and has two pendants. One pendant is of two needles being used to make a sweater. The other is of the quote: “In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul”. This cute keychain comes in a velvet bag, making it an adorable little gift.

3. Arm Knitting Book – $

Could you imagine knitting with your arms? Well, guess what – arm knitting is actually very 

popular with beginners!

The concept is exactly how it sounds – you literally knit with your arm. That results in loose and chunky stitches, but stitches nonetheless. This book is an incredible way to start arm knitting. From scarves to bags, this book will teach a beginner how to knit anything.

4. Knit your own cat – $

Remember how I said anyone who loves to knit loves cats? If that wasn’t true, why would there be so many cat gifts specifically for knitters?

This is probably the coolest gift on this list. It’s an entire guide to help people literally knit their own cat! The book comes with 16 feline instructions so literally, any cat can be knit!

5. Touchscreen Knit Gloves – $

A lot of seasoned knitters use the internet to serve their craft. From YouTube tutorials to how-to articles, the internet is helping them develop their skills.

The issue? How do you use your mobile in the winter when you’re wearing gloves? These touchscreen gloves will fix that. These warm gloves don’t affect smartphone usage. So using your phone and staying warm is no longer an issue!

6. Knitted Slippers

Who doesn’t want to keep their feet nice and toasty during a long knit session?

These slippers are made up of soft cotton yarn in a beautiful cable knit design. The inside of the slippers are lined with comfy fleece and the rubber soles are slip-resistant! The memory foam is an added benefit that makes the whole experience so much more comfortable. The slippers come in 5 color options.

7. he Ultimate Knitting Book – $

This is an essential gift for every knitter!

This massive book has over 1600 pictures and step-by-step illustrations that cover all kinds of knitting. The knitting guide has several options for hats, gloves, scarves, shawls, and more! From learning new styles to improving old ones, this book covers it all!

8. Top-down Knitting Garments – $

Top-down knitting is one of the many ways to knit.

Whether they know it or not, this book is a great gift for someone who likes to knit clothes. The book is full of gorgeous patterns and designs that are modern and fashionable. From pants to skirts, this book gives the reader 24 different knitted garments. 

9. Cat Butt Coasters – $

So you know someone who likes to knit? I already know they like cats. Do they also like to have a laugh?

Then this is the gift for them! These adorable knitted coasters are perfect for placing a glass of water or a mug of coffee on. They come in 4 different colors. But best of all? They’re in the shape of a cat’s butt! 

10. Japanese Knitting – $

Every culture has its own way of doing things, and that includes knitting techniques too.

For the seasoned knitter, this gift is a spectacular way to learn new stitches all the way from Japan. From popcorn stitches to twisting stitches, this book is one-of-a-kind. Once the stitches are explained, there are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make different garments. 

11. My Knitted Doll – $

Know anyone expecting a child or grandchild any time soon? Make sure to gift them this book.

Dolls are loved by children far and wide. We often see adults reminisce about their favorite childhood toy. Wouldn’t it be great if that toy was made by someone they love? This book covers knitting techniques 12 different dolls! From clothes to hairstyles, there are hundreds of possible combinations to make!

12. Pom Pom Throw – $

I always love those houses that have beautiful throws on their sofas and chairs. The throw is basically just a blanket, but so much more fancy and cozier.

This gorgeous throw will improve any room it’s put in. The high quality of the fabric is evident in its look and softness. Just looking at it makes people feel comfy. It comes in 5 different colors, so options galore!  

13. Knitting Storage Bag – $

Here’s the thing about knitting – you can do it anywhere! All you really need is a chair, yarn, and needles.

Carrying the yarn and needles around can be a hassle though. That’s where you come in with this useful storage bag. From mounds of yarn to various needles, this bag holds it all. 

14. Cable Knit Beanie – $

This gorgeous knitted beanie comes in dozens of different colors!

These beanies are the perfect addition to one’s winter wardrobe. The snug fit means they will stay safe from harsh weather. The variety of colors means they will be the most fashionable person around. Can your friend replicate this beanie? Gift one to them and challenge them to the task.

15. Knitting Tote Bag

Carrying around knitting equipment doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun with this pretty tote bag!

This bag is designed specifically to carry all your yarn balls and needles without tangling them up. The bag is made of quality and durable materials, so no worries of a needle poking a hole in it. It comes in 6 pretty patterns.

16. Lamp Magnifier – $

Knitting is a very delicate craft. One loose stitch and the whole thing is ruined. Poor light only makes things worse. All of this can add up to poor eyesight in the future.

Protect your friends from that with this lamp magnifier. This desk lamp shines a bright light right underneath the magnifying glass. The glass can be angled in any way that’s comfortable and makes it easier to see tiny stitches.

17. Knitted Socks  – $

Absolutely no one likes cold feet. They’re uncomfortable and can be downright painful too.

These wonderfully patterned knit socks are here to save the day. This 5-in-1 pack will keep feet nice and toasty while they knit. And with so many pattern options, who knows? Maybe inspiration will strike for a new knitting project.

18. Spaghetti Yarn – $

Spaghetti Yarn is the new craze for those who have just started knitting.

Also known as t-shirt yarn, a variety of garments can be easily made using this yarn. This yarn slips less whilst knitting, which makes it ideal for beginners. And it isn’t just garments – this yarn can be used for home decor projects too!


19. Yarn Shelf – $

Knitting isn’t the simplest hobby to have. With all the yarn and various kinds of needles, it’s very easy to create a mess in one’s house.

No more with this yarn shelf organizer. The shelf is 1 foot tall and has 6 cubbies to hold all the knitting equipment! What a useful gift.

20. Stitch Markers – $

If the person you’re gifting doesn’t know about these, you are about to blow their mind!

Stitch markers are used to mark important places in a knitting project. Talk to your friends and ask them how many times they had to count rows again and again and again. This tool will save them all that hassle and frustration!

21. Yarn Umbrella

Yarn is so essential for knitting. It can also be a pain in the ass when it gets tangled up or in the way of knitting.

There’s a simple solution here – get a yarn umbrella. This wooden device holds balls of yarn. Got a ball of yarn that is unraveled? This umbrella can also hold the ball while you wind it back!          

22. Knitted Coffee Cozy – $

No one wants to burn their hand on a mug of hot coffee. But no one wants that coffee to go cold either. So what to do?

Easy – use a coffee mug cozy. These knitted ones are probably just up your alley. Dress up old and faded coffee mugs with these fabulous cozies. They even soak spilled drinks, so they’re children friendly too! Just throw them in the washing machine after.

23. Safety Scissors – $

Knitting lovers would agree that is there is nothing more satisfying than hearing the snip of scissors after finishing a long project.

These folding safety scissors can be carried around anywhere and kept in knitting tote bags. But that doesn’t make them less effective. These scissors can cut loose threads, yarn, and plastic wrapping around new balls of yarn.

24. Knitted Uggs – $$

Uggs are just about the comfiest things to wear outside the house.

These uggs can be worn inside the house too! These knitted shoes have rubber soles which make them great for every style. Pair them up with a dress or jeans, they work either way. These stylish shoes come in 3 colors – black, gray, and brown.

25. Harry Potter Crochet Kit – $

Be them Potterheads or mothers/grandmothers of Potterheads – this crochet gift is a brilliant gift.

This kit allows one to knit miniature figures of all the characters in the Harry Potter world. From Harry Potter to Dobby, this kit covers the technique in detailed steps. Who wouldn’t want to own that?

26. Knitted Socks Books – $

People just can’t get enough of socks! Wouldn’t it be great to knit a pair of your own?

Or you can just gift this book to a talented friend and they can knit a pair for you. This book is full of 26 beautiful patterns. The inspiration for these patterns is derived from all over the world. From Japanese embroidery to Belgian lace, this book will take one on a world tour of knitting options.

27. Knitted Mittens – $

These cute mittens are the perfect winter gift. They even have a snowflake knitted on them! 

These mittens come in various options from dark gray to bright red. They are lined with soft fleece to ensure the utmost warmth. The design is so cute that your knitting friend might be encouraged to make their own!

28. Yarn Ball Winder 

Knitting involves being in the zone. You don’t realize how big of a mess you’ve made until it’s too late. 

A yarn ball being unwinded is quite a hassle. It creates a mess and ruins the quality of the yarn too. That can be easily resolved with this yarn ball unwinder. Just place the yarn in the relevant grooves and watch as it’s all turned back into a neat yarn ball.

29. Digital Row Counter 

Counting rows is such a pain in the ass. But losing count is even worse.

Knitting is all about keeping track. If you put in too many or too little stitches, you will ruin the whole thing. The same issue with rows. Make life easier with this row counter. It helps keep track of rows and stitches so they don’t need to be written down or memorized. 

30. Yarn Cutter – $

Carrying around scissors isn’t always possible. Airport security would probably have you in handcuffs over your range of needles and scissors.

That isn’t an issue with this yarn cutter. This stainless steel pendant quickly cuts yarn and threads without leaving any frayed ends. It’s even decorated with a cute image of a clover flower.

31. Blocking Mats for Knitting – $

Know anyone who is still using a tape measure to measure their knitting? They really need these blocking mats.

Blocking mats are foam boards with gridlines on them. These gridlines ensure better measuring and more accurate knitting. The mats can even be pulled apart or joined together for smaller or bigger projects.

32. DIY Knit and Wear – $

Children can knit too! Especially when you gift them this super cool DIY kit.

The kit is full of rainbow-colored yarn and thick wooden needles. Paired with easy to follow instructions, this kit can help cultivate a lifelong interest and skill. The thick yarn and needles make it easier for a beginner to practice. 

33. Star Wars Crochet Kit – $$$

Imagine a tiny knitted Yoda. Or a tiny knitted Chewbacca.

Well, you don’t need to imagine it anymore with this spectacular Star Wars crochet kit. Whether for a Star Wars fan or for the grandparent of one, this kit will lead to some extraordinary Christmas presents! The kit comes with detailed instructions.

34. Knitting Needle Gauge – $

If you think knitting needles come in only 1 size, you are sorely mistaken. They come in several sizes and lengths. The hard part is that not all needles are labeled, which makes it hard to find the one you need.

This needle gauge is the perfect fix for that. Each hold is properly labeled and can hold dozens of needles. No more searching for the right needle – this cute guage has them all labeled.

35. Needle Organiser Case 

I’m not kidding – there are A LOT of needles. Enough that the most seasoned knitter will need a case to keep track of all of them.

This cute little case will do the trick. From circular needles to crochet needles to regular needles, this case holds them all. There are 7 different patterns to choose from. And guess what – one of them has cats.

36. Fuck Off Mug – $

I was serious when I said that knitting is for ALL kinds of people. Yes, even the foul-mouthed ones.

In fact, there’s even a mug for people like that! This white mug has a hilarious design over it. It’s of needles and yarn with the phrase “Fuck off, I’m knitting”. Imagine approaching someone knitting and they looked at you blankly while drinking from this mug. That paired with the sharp needles, and I would stay FAR away!

 37. The Knitter’s List – $

Honestly, knitting is such an exciting hobby. It is more than just sitting on a chair and knitting a sweater.

This list is proof of that. This book covers over 1000 different experiences that any knitter would love to have! These range from museums to see famous knitters to meet. Give your friend a rich knitting experience with this excellent book.

This was such a refreshing list to write! Who knew knitting was more than just sitting around and playing with needles. My favorite from the list HAS to be the Harry Potter Crochet Kit! It really spoke to a Potterhead like me.

Anything in this list you are planning to buy? Or did it ignite an interest in knitting yourself? Let me know on my contact page!

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