Gifts For Medical Students 👩‍⚕️ 47 Cool Ideas To Choose! [31st Is Hillarious]

Everyone knows a medical student but how often do we get gifts for medical students? They’re a friend, partner, sibling, neighbour, or family friend. If you don’t know a medical student, consider yourself lucky. Your parents never compared them to you. But the truth is that these students are highly stressed. Their studies are hard and they have a lot riding on it too.

Gifts For Medical Students 👩‍⚕️ 47 Cool Ideas To Choose! [31st Is Hillarious]

Usually, they barely have time to celebrate their birthdays. This is where you step in with a birthday gift they will cherish forever! From an espresso machine that will help them with their all-nighters to fun games to help them de-stress. This list of 48 cool gifts for medical students will get you on the right track.

As someone who knows a lot of medical students, I can tell you my top 5 favorites right here:

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.  Bone Writing Pen – $

50% of medical school is writing notes. The rest is dealing with bones. If only there was a way to combine these two…

Oh, look; there is! This bone pen is a great gag gift, but it’s cool and useful too. The nib is a fountain pen and the handle is made of Ox bone. These boost the pen’s cool points! Let’s just hope the receiver doesn’t bite their pens.

2.  Syringe Pens

I’m not a medical student, but I would honestly love to own these. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they ask for a pen and you hand them a filled syringe!

This pack has 24 of these syringe pens. All the pens have black ink, but the syringe liquid is of various colors like red and yellow. If you know someone who treats children, this pen would be a great way to distract tantrum-prone patients.

3.  Pandemic! – $

Um, yeah. This game definitely doesn’t have the best name.

But if you think about it, this game represents what every person in the medical field wants to do! To be a part of a team of people who are dedicated to save the world from pandemics and other diseases. In this group game, people work together to solve mysterious diseases and discover cures.

4.  Espresso and Cappuccino Maker – $$

Do I even need to sell the concept of this gift to you?

Medical students are KNOWN for their exhausting all-nighters. These help them prepare for lives as doctors where they will also pull all-nighters. The one thing that helps them get through all that is a glorious cup of coffee. Help these brave souls stay awake and get through another page of anatomy with this amazing coffee maker!

5.  Pulse Oximeter – $

Here’s something medical students won’t tell you – they love owning medical equipment.

And I’m not talking CT scan machines. Although no doubt some would love to own those too. I’m talking about equipment like stethoscopes and BP machines. It just makes them feel more professional for some reason. Help them “collect ‘em all” with this accurate pulse oximeter!

6.  Laboratory Shot Glasses – $

Medical students are going from getting chemistry sets as kids to getting chemistry sets in med school!

But they won’t be mixing any chemicals with this set. Help them cut loose with this funny shot glasses set. The set is made up of 2 beakers, 1 boiling flask, and 1 Erlenmeyer flask. It even comes with a couple of faux eye droppers!

7.  Ostrich Pillow – $$

All-nighters can only last for so long. Eventually, they’re going to have to hit the hay.

Or in this case, hit the Ostrich. This pillow is an absolute Godsend. They could be in their bedroom, on the bus, or at their desk – this pillow can be used anywhere! This promises an excellent sleep as well. This wraps one head up like a cocoon, blocking out all noise and surrounding lights.

8.   MacBook Pro – $$$

Reading research articles, completing assignments, and watching YouTube tutorials – medical students have a lot of use for a good laptop.

And they can’t get one better than the Apple MacBook Pro! Fast processor, 16-inches, and up to 1 TB of storage makes the perfect laptop for a medical student. They can even learn Adobe software and make their anatomy classes more interesting!

9.  Bone Socks – $

You know how we used to hate getting socks as kids? As adults, we love getting them now!

Medical students would agree with you too. From all the classes and labs, they don’t have enough time to buy something as simple as socks. Bring out their fun side with this cute gift. These long socks are imprinted with bones and can be used for anything from Halloween to jogging.

10.  Brain Coasters – $

Remember, medical students are adults now. And adults use coasters.

Doesn’t mean they have to be boring coasters though, now do they? These brain coasters are a lot of fun! There 10 glass coasters are printed with brain slices on them. When stacked in the proper order, they make a full brain!

11.  Anatomy Necklace – $

Know someone who is into neurology? This is the gift for them!

This bronze necklace has a detailed picture of a human head. The picture perfectly depicts the inside of the human head, from the brain to the nose to part of the spine! The necklace itself has a very medieval feel to it. From wearing on a regular basis to using as part of a Halloween costume, this gift is very cool.

12.  Gray’s Anatomy – $

No, I’m not talking about the hit TV show. This may come as a surprise; by Gray’s Anatomy is an actual real life medical book.

Medical students all over the world use this book to study the anatomy of the human body. The book has seen many renditions and edits. For anyone who loves anatomy, this classic version of the popular book is a great gift.

13.  Coffee Gift Set – $

A medical student will tell you that they need only one thing to survive med school – coffee.

And while that may be true, that’s not all they need – they need some love too. So why not give them both through this grand gift basket! The basket is full of coffee-lover gifts. Those range from coffee-scented candles to coffee mugs to coffee socks!

14.  First Aid Sticky Notes – $

This pack of sticky notes will make any medical student laugh.

The pack contains several sticky notes in the shape of ointments and various bandages. While these may not be able to fix their grades, they can surely go a long way to help. If you wrote something on a fun sticky note, won’t it stay in your mind forever?

15.  Physiology Coloring Book – $

Coloring books are usually used for enjoyment or stress relief. This coloring book is used for education!

Physiology coloring books are actually a great way to learn physiology and its various diagrams. Spending an hour looking at a diagram and coloring it in can actually help in memorizing it. This book contains several illustrations along with captions that help enhance one’s understanding.

16.  Microbiology Coloring Book – $

Microbiology can be a great pain to learn some times. Why not help a student out?

This coloring book helps simplify microbiological processes and principles. The illustrations help to break down the course. It also offers a review of all the major parts of microbiology. The end result is visually appealing figures which students can return to at later dates.

17.  Essays on How to Be the World’s Best Doctor – $

Being a doctor is more than just reading massive books and taking exams. It’s when one starts to practice that they understand what being a doctor is.

Dr. Oscar London imparts valuable advice to medical students in this book. He talks about the challenges in being a doctor as well as the joys. While his book is witty at points, it’s his reality checks and insights that make this book what it is.

18.  RX Prescription Flask – $

Sometimes, medical students need to be able to cut loose and enjoy themselves. And drink booze – a lot of it.

This funny gift is one way to help them out with that. The flask features a fake Rx medication label. But on the inside, all one will find is 7 ounces of alcohol; and not the medical type!


19.  The Hungover Cookbook – $

Well, you got them the alcohol flask. Now what? They can’t exactly go to class in a drunken state!

Well for every problem, I have a gift. The hungover cookbook contains dozens of recipes that help improve one’s hangover. The book also has small quizzes and graphic tests. Looking back at these, students can analyze their drunken state and make inferences. Science FTW!

20.  Dissection Kit – $

So, just by the way – I hate biology. The whole aspect of dissecting the frog gives me shivers.

If someone has the stomach for that, then being a doctor is a great field for them. But they need to be armed with the best tools available. That’s where you get them this dissection kit. This pocket-size kit holds 37 different instruments that could be used in dissecting frogs and other small animals.

21.  Anatomy Chart – $

Kids have celebrity posters; medical students have anatomy posters!

The muscular system is one of the many important systems students have to learn in Anatomy. The more they memorize, the easier it is for them as they become doctors. Hanging this in their room and seeing it daily will help them in this memorization. This is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to become a surgeon.

22.  Heart Model – $

Can you call yourself a doctor if you don’t know the heart perfectly? I mean, it is one of the most important organs in our body.

With all that they have to learn, medical students struggle to remember each and every detail. Having a 3-D heart model can help aid that process. This 2-part heart replica is life size and has 34 anatomical structures!

23.  Medical School Uncensored – $

Know someone applying to med schools? They will tell you how daunting of a task it is. The need for good grades, the MCAT, and then the stress of passing medical school is nerve-wracking.

This guide provides the inside out of being a medical student. From applying to schools to actually surviving there, this book covers it all.

24.  Medical Gift Pen – $

A pen is a doctor’s mightiest instrument. From testing joints to writing prescriptions, a pen is a basic requirement.

For clinic-going medical students, this gift is handy and also a joy to own. The inscription on top as well as the satin covered box makes this an elegant gift. The pen even comes with a stylus that can be used on tablets.

25.  Soul of a Doctor – $

Meeting seasoned doctors makes one think that they were born aloof and cold. But not a lot of them started off that way.

This book shows the world through the eyes of third-year students as they begin clinics. It describes the transition students feel as they enter into the real world of being a doctor. This book will take you through the journey of what it is like to be a doctor.

26.  Anatomy Coloring Book – $

Like the Physiology coloring book? The same author has also released a similar book for Anatomy.

Anatomy is a very complex subject. Learning the several systems and anatomical structures can take ages to learn. Most medical schools take two years to teach anatomy. This 162 book will help this process through detailed and well-explained illustrations. While coloring, students will also be improving their knowledge.

27.  DNA Necklace – $

This is a cool gift for anyone in the medical field!

This sterling steel necklace comes in a beautiful glass box. The chain holds a delicate 3 dimensional helix. The gift even comes with an information card which explains what DNA is. This is a gorgeous gift that also looks quite sleek and elegant.

28.  Leather Journal Set – $

Imagine sitting at a desk and writing into a rustic journal. Such old-timey feels.

This authentic leather journal is a great vessel to put down one’s feelings and experiences. At times of extreme stress, this journal can act as a great way to let out one’s feelings. The set comes with a pen and 3 notebooks.

29.  WhiteCoat Clipboard – $

This folder is a cool way to hold all your important daily documents.

The folder can easily hold up to 30 sheets of paper. When closed, the folder looks like the clipboard that doctors and nurses carry around. The folder also acts as a medical reference guide. This guide holds relevant daily information such as injection sites, pain scales, and more!

30.  Stethoscope – $$

You can’t be a doctor without a stethoscope. You just can’t.

Why not get a stylish one for a good friend? This comes in several designs and colors, ranging from black to hot pink! This stethoscope can be used for both adult and child patients and is designed to ensure utmost comfort.

31.  Doctor Wars Hospital Game – $

Move aside Operation; this is the new hit medical game now.

Doctor Wars is a medical-themed card game perfect for anyone in the medical industry. While it is full of medical jokes, no actual medical knowledge is needed to play this game. In that tactical game, it’s all about who can cure the most patients.

32.  Anatomy Models – $$

This bundle comes with 4 extremely detailed anatomy models.

Sometimes, books aren’t enough. When you’re studying the human body, you want to be able to see it in a 3-D model. This set includes models of a heart, brain, human body, and skeleton. And if that isn’t enough, it also comes with step-by-step photo illustrations!

33.  OrganATTACK! – $

Every medical student knows that organ harvesting is illegal. But knowing the value of all those organs has to be tempting, right…?

I’m kidding. But even so, this game will help satiate all those illegal cravings. Organ Attack is simply a friendly game of organ harvesting. It’s played with others and the goal is to remove everyone else’s organs before they remove yours. Medical students love this game!

34.  Dr. Scrubz Bear

Medical students are humans too. They also need to eat, drink, and sleep. Some like to cook, some like to play football, and some like to sleep with a stuffed toy at night.

Dr. Scrubz Bear is the most adorable stuffed toy and adult nearly-doctor could ask for. The fluffy brown bear is clad in a pair of doctor’s scrubs and cap, as though he’s ready to take care of his next patient. The patient in this case is his owner who he protects while they sleep.

35.  Syringe Highlighters – $

Medical books are FULL of information. Highlighting important parts helps students memorize them quickly.

Make their studying session more fun with this set of syringe highlighters. Each of the 72 highlighters comes in the shape of a syringe. There are 6 different colors: pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, and green.

36.  Surgical Instrument Flashcards – $

We’re used to hearing the same 6-7 surgical instrument names being used in medical dramas and movies.

But in reality, there are over 300 surgical instruments! To memorize all of them is a pain; but as a medical student, memorize them they must. Help them out with these interactive flashcards. These cards use the Leitner method to help memorization and are full of accurate information.

37.  4D Anatomy Model – $

This anatomy model gives a detailed visual of the head and torso of a human body.

The model has 32 detachable parts which aids in understanding shape and placement. This helps students get a closer look at the parts. This helps in visualizing them in exams and future studies. The model also comes with an illustrated guide and Q and A questions to test knowledge.

38.  Unisex Scrubs Set – $

So, there’s no lie when I say doctor’s scrubs aren’t attractive. They are loose and boxy and usually come in bad colors.

Save your favorite medical student from this fashion disaster with their own set of scrubs! The scrubs are comfortable and made of high quality fabric. They come in 15 different color options and you have to choice of buying ones that are a little more fitted.

39.  Clipboard Storage Box – $

This clipboard shaped storage box is a great place to store important documents.

This clipboard comes in 3 different colors and its ergonomic design means it is easy to carry around. It’s slim enough to fit in a briefcase, but can also be carried around by hand too. It even has a separate storage area for pens and pencils.

40.  Juicing Machine – $

Despite their role in the health industry, few medical students actually look after their own health.

From late-nighters to surviving on junk food, they don’t have the healthiest lifestyles. You can help them change that with this fruit and vegetable juicing machine. The sleek design can juice any fruit or vegetable – from soft ones like oranges to hard ones like carrots. Show them you care by looking after their health.

41.  Martian Watch – $$$

Martian watch is an award-winning smart watch.

This watch is connected to one’s phone and they can get any and every notification without having to pick up their phone! This is a great way to avoid getting distracted during peak study times. Keep your phone to the side and set the watch to give only important notifications.

42.  Scabs and Guts

Who said educational games have to be boring?

This board game is focused on the human body and is stocked with incredible medical facts. The rules are simple. Move around the board and answer questions that you land on. This is an incredible way to have fun whilst also increasing your medical knowledge.

43.  Mobile Hotspot – $$$

Hospitals are notorious for their poor internet speed. Something just happens the second you enter one – the internet just stops working.

Medical students can’t afford that. When they are working in clinics, they don’t have all the knowledge and answers on their fingertips. Searching the web is a fast way to get the answers they need. And for that, they need a good internet connection. This device could help save their grade!

44.  Apple iPad – $$$

When it comes to clinics, medical students don’t have the luxury of carrying around their notes and books. Even laptops are too cumbersome to carry.

A lightweight easy-to-carry tablet is their solution. Specifically, the Apple iPad. They can save all their notes on the device and quickly access the internet. They can also download forms to make it easier to take a patient’s history.

45.  EMT Lunchbox – $

This is a fun thing to carry around!

This lunchbox is designed to look like an EMT human organ transporter box. Imagine taking that into the lunchroom and eating out of it! The looks of horror would be hilarious. This box can also be used to store sodas and snacks for a long night of studying at the library.

46.  Scientific Skeleton – $$$

We’re used to seeing skeletons used in Halloween decorations or to decorate science classrooms. But these models are actually incredibly useful for medical students.

At the end of the day, the best medical student is the one who has memorized as much about the human body as they can. To be able to learn every bone and every muscle may not be possible. But you can at least help them make it a possibility with this detailed and quality-made skeleton.

47.  Prescription Coffee Mug

I’m going to be honest here. The “Best Doctor Ever” mugs are getting kind of boring.

These kinds of mugs are the future now. This is just your average coffee mug on the inside. But from the outside, it looks like a prescription bottle. This hilarious mug is made of ceramic and the text on it is sure to give a laugh. Prescription for “Mr. Java Joe” anyone?

And that’s all I’ve got! 47 top-notch gifts for medical students that they would love to own! My favourite has to be the Dr Scrubz Bear. I would cuddle it every single night and feel safe and sound. Are you going to buy anything from this list? Let me know on my contact me page!

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