42 Unique Gifts For Professors That Will Get You In Their Good Books 😉

Professors exert themselves daily to make their students’ lives mellow. They, too, deserve a token of appreciation and gratitude on their special days. But I often find people pondering over “what are some cool gifts for professors?”. Because let’s face it, we are all tired of wrapping up and handing over a parker to our teachers since the beginning of time! 

Searching for Gifts for Professors that are meaningful and nifty, and pocket friendly is quite a challenging task. I meticulously searched and finalized some unique and affordable items to give your professors at any suitable affair to aid this situation. 

Set out below is the list of 42 quirky gifts for professors with a mini description. Please take a look at these personalized products, which not only give a hint of thoughtfulness, but some of them may also make your professor chuckle.  

If you are in a hurry check out our top 5 picks :

1  Humour filled book of Worst Test Answers For a Good Laugh

ou can now tell your Professor the story of your struggle through the exams funnily and humorously. The book “F In Exams by Richard Benson” shows the creative side of failure through 250 wrong but ingenious test answers, which will make anyone laugh his gut out. It has an interesting test taker’s handwriting and doodles, which can take anyone back in time. 

No matter what subject your Professor masters at, this book got you covered. 

2  Flamboyant Radioactive Glowing Coaster Set

Featuring four radioactive series elements, this glowing set of coasters will be loved by your Professor. The coasters light up with vibrant colours as soon as you put even the slightest amount of pressure on them. They undoubtedly are an elegant addition to home décor. 

Though the battery life is a bit substandard, the ceramic base and in-built water-proof battery case increase its durability double-fold.


3 Onesize Navy Blue Periodic Tie

Is your science professor a nerd? (Well! They all are). A navy blue necktie with printed periodic table elements can be a perfect gift for him. 

With impressive reviews on Amazon, the tie has an unusual shine with a soft and silky texture, making it ideal for science gatherings. It is available in one standard size, and the material is100% polyester. 

4 Wireless Presenter Remote with 39 foot Long Range

Set your Professor free from the keyboard while delivering a PowerPoint by gifting him a presenter remote. 

This 2.4 GHz long-range wireless device lets you control the presentation from a distance as far as 39 feet. It comes with a highly convenient “Plug and Play” feature, i.e., all you need to do is insert the USB dongle to the USB port on your PC, and you are all set up.

5 Auto Shut-off Electric Mug Warmer

A hot beverage will help your Professor cool down whenever he gets frustrated by your indecorous behaviour in class. 

VOBAGA beverage warmer has three different temperature settings and shuts down automatically after working for 4 hours. It is made up of fire and heat resistant material and has a compact, user-friendly spill-proof design, making it a perfect gift for anyone.

6 I’ll Just Wait Until It’s Quiet Socks

A skeleton joke is not funny. But a relatable skeleton joke on a sock? This could be the resting point of your long and tiresome search for a gift for your Professor.

These 8 inches crew socks are one of their kind and made of lightweight, breathable, soft fabric. Your Professor will love to wear and flaunt them around his colleagues.

7 Mesh Design Style Desk Organizer

Professors are managed and organized beings and like to keep their space neat and clean. A mesh design style drawer with three compartments and letter trays will prove to be a space saver on his desk. 

Whenever your Professor slides test copies to check from the drawer, your name will surely pop up in his mind. (Think about it!)

8 WTF Sticky Notes

Just like studying, teaching can also become boring sometimes. Knock Knock company makes stationary with a twist of humour and irony to add some flavours of fun. 

One such product is this pack of nifty notes that will help the Professor communicate with his students in a unique and fun way. I am sure that no student would like to miss his class!


9 Chemistry Spice Rack

One of my personal favourites is this creative 14 piece chemist spice rack with 9 test tubes, three Erlenmeyer flasks, and a carrying tray. It has small labels for different spices along with their specific symbols, representing them as elements. Quirky indeed!

The rack is made up of metal with a silver-tone finish and a classy look. It will add a sciency aura to your Professor’s kitchen.

10 USB Digital Voice Recorder for lectures

Some students relentlessly make notes of every lecture. But most of us prefer to doze off. 

No need to worry anymore. This USB Voice Recorder will help you or your professor record lectures so that every student excels at their exams. The device has a 16 GB capacity and stores 300 hours of lessons at once. 

It comes with a 12 months warranty.

11 Thank You Cookies

The shortest route to an A+ grade on your mark sheet is through your Professor’s stomach. And what’s more dear to a stomach than a jar of chocolate chip cookies? 

Nam’s Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies are freshly baked and delivered to your doors on the same day you order them. These are made using natural ingredients without preservatives or natural additives.

12 Freudian Slips Sticky Notes

Keeping notes is a part of a professor’s life. These sticky notes featuring a famous neurologist Dr Sigmund Freud will make note-keeping fun. 

Freud invented a method to treat psychos, and thus he is famous among psychologists. Is your Professor also a psychologist? Bingo!

13 Teacher Teabags

A hot delicious beverage is an excellent way to start a day. These tea bags from stash herbals will give you a perfect kick start for staying active for the rest of the day. 

The box contains 50 packets with one tea bag each, and they come in 25 different flavours—something new and fresh each time you make your tea. 

14 What’s Your Power Tumbler

Shaping the future of thousands of people is indeed a superpower that a teacher possesses. 

This cute insulated stemless tumbler states the above in a very subtle and impactful way. Gift your Professor this beautiful yet functional mug with a significant 12 oz capacity so that his coffee never gets cold. 

15 Einstein Socks

Every scientist, mathematician, coder, or Electrician knows and loves the great Albert Einstein. Similarly, everyone loves and wears socks. So, there is no chance that anyone wouldn’t love Albert Einstein printed on their socks.

Socks It to Me brings you these soft and high-quality cotton socks, which are ideal for gifting a nerdy professor on teacher’s day or his farewell party.

16 Milk & Dark Decadence Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apples

Even doctors won’t be able to keep themselves away from these chocolate-dipped apple candies, let alone your Professor. Made from fresh apples, pure milk, and dark chocolate, the candies come in a signature “Orchard Fresh” wooden crate. 

Gift messaging is also available for jotting down a piece from your heart to make the gift extra sweet.

17 Shakespeare Sticky Notes

Just like the Freudian slips sticky notes, these sticky notes feature another infamous man, the legendary William Shakespeare. 

Your Professor will love these colourful slips, which can stick and restick multiple times as required. He won’t forget to take a scheduled test and check your test copies anymore.

18 Chalk Keeper Holder

Chalk might be small, but its dust can cause severe issues for a teacher. From spoiling the clothes to getting in the mouth, it can prove to be frustrating sometimes.

Stikkiworks Chalkholder is a great way to solve all these problems at once. It keeps the chalk from breaking and from making any dust for a mess-free and comfortable lecture.

19 Molecule Necklace for Professor

Finally, a gift specially made for female professors that will make them go crazy. 

The pendant of the necklace resembles a serotonin molecule that mediates happiness and optimism in humans. When your Professor opens the gift, this necklace will indeed cause some serotonin release in her brain.

20 Teacher Wine Glasses

A celebration is incomplete without a glass of wine. The line stating “I teach; therefore, I drink” on the glass explains that a sassy glass of fine wine can only compensate for the amount of blather that teachers go through in class every day. 

This product is made of Grade A Titan plastic, making it highly durable, and the design is very ergonomic. 

21 Hemingway Pencil Cup

Though gifting a pen holder is quite ordinary, the one on my list is far from the usual ones you will find in the market. 

Hemingway Pencil Cup is a typewriter shaped faux stone composite that makes the perfect showpiece cum pen holder for gifting your Professor. The elegant black coloured typewriter has small golden alphabet keys and is 5 inches long and wide. 

22 Periodic Tableware Beaker Pilsner Glasses

As the brand name suggests, this Periodic Tableware is the right combination of co and chemistry. The modern pilsner glass is given a scientific twist by blending some features of a laboratory beaker. 

If nothing else, the metric scale on the glass will help your professors keep track of his caffeine and alcohol intake!

23 Travel Stainless Steel  Mug

When hopping from class to class, it is not comfortable for teachers to keep big steel bottles that are too heavy to carry easily.

This product on my list is the solution to the problem mentioned above. 

The Zojirushi stainless steel mug is small, handy, lightweight, and capacious. The vacuum insulation will keep the beverage hot for hours.

24 11×14 Unframed Patent Print

There is no definite value or number of digits in Pi, which denotes “Infinity.” Best gift for math professors, this unframed print of the fraction “Pi” is made in the USA using high-quality materials. 

The numbers are printed over a semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which will last a lifetime, if not more.

25 Journal Planner Pens Colored Pens Fine Point Markers

If you are still stuck with the customary idea of gifting a pen to a teacher, then this is it for you. These multicoloured fineliner smart colour pens will make an incredible and vibrant gift.

It will help your Professor make precise, colourful, and mess-free notes so that he can highlight the crucial points for you during his lectures.

26 A Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag

A briefcase bag, on the one hand, is a characteristic feature of all the professors. Made by using genuine leather, this laptop bag has a durable interior fabric lining, which significantly increases its longevity and gives it a flexible touch.

It has multiple pockets, which help in the contents’ organization, and the ergonomic handle makes it suitable for everyday use.

27 Laptop Carrying Bag

A laptop sleeve bag is as necessary as a laptop itself. This laptop bag on my list is the most sturdy and stylish one of all. 

Your Professor will give you blessings for saving his laptop from scratches and spills. 

A handy add-on to this product is a small separate case for carrying the charger.

28 Modern 17 Ounce Wave Water Bottle

Premium Copper Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle has made its place on my list because of its user-friendly design, vibrant colours, and high-quality, durable finish.

The double-wall vacuum insulation will keep the beverage hot or cold for an exceptionally long period. 

It comes in different sizes and colours and makes a perfect gift for anyone.

29 Wooden Professor Christmas Nutcracker

Teachers are also superheroes, and here on my list is the action figure of this superhero. 

The figure shows a teacher wearing a hat and holding a protractor and some books. It is made out of high-quality woods and paints, which gives it a shiny finish. 

Gifting your Professor, his miniature version is a nutcracker and will also individualize his desk. 

30 World’s Best Teacher Golden Trophy

Recognition of one’s hard work is the best gift one can give. This trophy featuring a plaque stating “World’s Best Teacher” is a very thoughtful and novel choice.

The trophy is compact, lightweight, and 10 inches long. It has a glowy gold colour coating, which makes it a perfect showpiece as well.

31 5+ Juniper Bonsai Tree In a Pot

Bonsai trees are a symbol of love, care, and nurturing and are very popular among nature lovers. 

This plant here is a 5-year-old Juniper Bonsai Tree planted on a beautifully handcrafted pot. It requires minimal care and remains green throughout the year. 

You don’t have to worry about receiving a fake product as it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

32 Original Science Lab Equipment Patent Prints

Like the patent print of pi you saw earlier, these here are the unframed patent prints of four original science lab equipment used by science scholars and experimentalists.

You can give these to yourProfessor with or without a frame, especially a biology and chemistry professor.

33 Tears of My Students

The funniest and most humorous gift you can give to yourProfessor is this coffee mug with the lines “Tears of my students” printed on it. 

But before you pass this gift to your teacher, make sure that he finds the joke funny otherwise, there could be your tears in the mug someday.

34 Pencil Pack from AmazonBasics

Be it a student or a teacher, one can never get enough of stationery. AmazonBasics brings you a pack of 150 pre-sharpened hexagonal wooden pencils with a smooth satin finish for a comfortable grip.

The pencils are secured with an eraser on one end, which is soft and latex-free and erases without any smudge.


35 LapGear Clipboard Lap Desk

Laptops are an essential part of a working man’s life. But using it for long durations is irritating as it gets heated, keeps falling from the lap, and sliding from the desk. 

A Clipboard lap desk is one solution to all problems. Not only laptops, but yourProfessor can also use it for keeping notes, documents, or test papers stable by using the mounting clip.

36 Mathematics & Art

Though Mathematics and Arts are completely different streams, if we look closely, both are linked by the quest to understand our physical world through imagination and ideas. 

The book “Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History” by Lynn Gamwell describes in detail the same link and is a must-read for everyone.

It is a very thoughtful and informative gift for professors or anyone else.

37 Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Given the amount of talking that professors do while giving lectures, it is obvious that they will get thirsty. And therefore, gifting your Professor, a water bottle becomes a viable and practical option. 

This 25oz sports water bottle is an excellent choice as a gift due to its affordability and decent quality. Your Professor will adore you for giving such a functional advantage.

38 Einstein Eraser

Professors love nothing more than when you show them how much you value their subject. And so if you have a Physics professor to whom you want to convey the same feelings, then this Einstein shaped eraser might come in handy.

This eraser works like a regular eraser but doesn’t look like one. It can make for a unique and unconventional gift that your Professor will enjoy receiving.

39. Teacher Nutrition Facts Glass CoffeeMug

Gifting quirky coffee mugs with witty quotes and graphics will never go out of style. And this coffee mug is perfect for giving to a teacher/professor due to its innovative design.

This transparent coffee mug is decent in size and will make for a functional gift since there’s probably no other drink that a professor drinks more than coffee.

40 Caffeine Molecule Navy Blue Microfiber Tie

Do you have a chemistry professor who wears a tie with his shirts? If yes, then giving them a tie can be a great Idea. And I don’t think there’s a more suitable tie you can give to a chemistry professor than the one with molecular structures printed all over it.

Well, we already searched for one so that you don’t have to go through any trouble.

41 Personalized Cutting Board

Gifting your Professor, a vegetable cutting board, is probably the last idea that will come to your mind. However, gifting your chemistry professor a cutting board with a periodic table printed over it doesn’t seem like an odd idea.

Apart from being a good gift, this cutting board is also beneficial since it is made from good quality wood, and cutting vegetables on it should be pretty straightforward.

42 Plotting of Fiction Genres Poster Print

A poster with infographics and facts about almost everything? Now that sounds like something a teacher would admire. Well then, why not gift it to them.

This poster has explicit facts on fiction genres, their origin, and transformation over time. Therefore, it can make for a perfect gift for your history or art professor.

It doesn’t matter what gift you choose; a good teacher will understand the best of your intentions. However, there is nothing wrong with going an extra mile for your favourite Professor.

All the items on my list have their unique attributes, and some are bound to match your style. For me, the  5+ Juniper Bonsai Tree In a Pot and the Mesh Design Style Desk Organizer both take first place for gifts for professors. The former because of its symbolic value and simplicity and the second due to its functional capability.

I hope you found what you were looking for on the list. If yes, then please leave a comment sharing your experience. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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