Japanese Gifts For Your Japan-Obsessed Friend | They’ll Love You I Promise!

Japan is a country worthy of being obsessed over. From their cherry blossom trees to their famous Anime, Japan is on nearly every person’s bucket list. While you may not be able to afford to take your friend to Japan, you can still do something to feed their obsession. I’m talking about my 53 Japanese gifts list!

Whether it’s something traditional or unique, this list will have it! Japan is known for its beautiful culture and food. Who hasn’t watched a Japanese show and wanted a bite of that ramen or sushi? Or maybe you know someone who is more into the pop culture element. Like someone who has always wanted to be a samurai. Well whatever it is, this list is full of Japanese gifts perfect for the Japan-obsessed friend!

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.  Japanese Ramen Bowl – $

Why eat ramen in a boring old bowl when you could get this one?

This bowl comes in 8 different designs. Each design is so cute and bright and will serve as a great contrast to the ramen inside. Another amazing element is the chopsticks. Not only does this bowl come with chopsticks, but there is a built-in chopstick holder! Very handy and very cool. This bowl is perfect for udon, ramen, and pho.

2.  Japanese Flash Cards – $

This is the perfect gift for any friend that hopes to visit Japan one day.

The worst thing that can happen is landing in your dream country and you don’t understand a single thing. These flash cards are determined to help visitors learn key Japanese words and phrases. Can you say arigato gozaimasu? These cards will teach you how.

3.  Matcha Kit – $

Matcha has become a huge craze all across the country. From tea to coffee to desserts, it’s everywhere! This kit will teach your friend how Matcha is really made and drunk

This ceremonial matcha tea kit contains 4 gorgeous pieces. It has a bamboo whisk, whisk stand, Matcha scooper, and a bowl made in Japan. This beautiful gift is exactly what your friend needs to learn the Japanese way of having Matcha tea.

4.  Book on Japan Food Culture – $

One of the best things about Japan is the food. From noodles to rice, your Japan-obsessed friend must already know about the rich Japanese food culture.

This book will take them on a cultural trip through the best food points in Japan. Writer Matt Goulding writes about his mouthwatering experience. His writing takes the reader on a delicious journey through seven regions in Japan. A great gift for a foodie!

5.  Koi Fish Wind Chime – $

Japan is known for quite a few animals – one of those is the koi fish.

Japan lovers love to own koi fish and put them in a backyard pond. However, not everyone has the luxury of owning a backyard pond – or a backyard. This is a great gift for a friend that would love to own koi fish. This wind chime is incredibly detailed and creates deep, relaxing tones whenever the wind blows.

6.  Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu – $

Got a friend who loves Japan and eating? I’ve got a gift you can get from them.

Haku Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged Shoyu is Japanese style soy sauce that is 2 years old. It is further aged in whiskey barrels for another 13 months. Making Haku shoyu is an age-old technique. This particular technique has been used for over 250 years! Perfect sauce for dipping and to eat with steaks!

7.  Pusheen Plush Toy – $

This is the best gift for that friend who LOVES sending using Pusheen stickers on social media.

Little is known about the cat that inspired the Pusheen stickers. But nevertheless, the stickers are one of the most popular ones out there! Even Wikipedia lists her as an internet celebrity. This plush toy is a great gift for her fans. It’s soft, huggable, and even holding a pair of chopsticks!

8.  Chef’s Knife – $$

If your friend loves sushi, this is the gift for them.

This eight inch chef knife is an essential tool for each and every kitchen. Be it vegetables, fish, meat, or just cutting the plastic off – this knife will do it perfectly! The knife has the word “Shun” on it in Japanese. Shun refers to food when it’s at its very best. So help your friend get to the best of her cooking skills with this Shun knife!

9.  Japanese Chef Knife – $

If you’re looking for a knife in the less pricy range, this works too!

Also eight inches long, this knife has an ergonomic design which focuses on efficiency and comfort. Don’t be fooled though – this knife can still do some incredible slicing and dicing! The handle is made of rosewood which gives a very classy and urban look to the knife.

10.  Panda Sake Set – $

Now pandas may be more of a Chinese thing. But sake is definitely Japanese!

This adorable ceramic Sake set has 1 bottle and 4 cups. Best of all, each cup has a tiny tail on the back. Gifts don’t get much more adorable than this. I can’t think of something a Japan lover would love more than to have some sake out of these cups!

11.  Shiba Inu Plush Toy – $

Not many countries can claim they have their own dog breed. But Japan isn’t like any other country, is it?

Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed dog and it is SO CUTE! While originally meant for hunting, the dog is now more suited for hiking and mountains. While your friend might not be able to own this fearless dog, they can get the next best thing. This adorable plush toy is soft and perfect for cuddling!

12.  Japanese Quince Candle – $

Now your friend’s house can smell of Japan!

Japanese Quince is a shrub which produces fruit and flowers. The flowers are small red ones that have the most exquisite smell. Imagine a mix of passionfruit, rhubarb, and a hint of jasmine. Who wouldn’t want that smell in their house? Your Japan loving friend would certainly love it.

13.  Samurai Figurine – $

Remember watching Samurai Jackson as a kid? I know a lot of us wanted to be Samurais after that.

So no, you can’t make your friend a Samurai. But you can give them one of their very own! Choose from 3 Samurai figurine options and wow your friend. The quality is superb and there is this incredible attention to detail. The outfit is authentic Samurai armor and he even comes with a katana!

14.  Japanese Coca Cola T-Shirt – $ 

You know how some people love to get Chinese or Japanese symbols as tattoos? And then it turns out that word means bread or something?

This gift is a less permanent version of that. These cool shirts have “Coca Cola” written on them in Japanese. To the untrained eye, the wearer will appear cool and worldly. Perfect gift for your Coca Cola plus Japan obsessed friend.

15.  Great Wave off Kanagawa Canvas Print – $$

This gift is for the most hardcore Japan fan.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is one of the most popular Japanese paintings of all time. The image shows a massive wave or tsunami about to hit a coast with Mount Fiji rising in the background. This image is so popular that Japan is actually using it for their 1000 Yen note in 2024! Before that happens, gift this beautiful painting to your friend.

16.  Panda Bank – $

You’ve heard of Piggy Bank. Say hello to Panda Bank.

This cute money box is perfect for little kids, especially those that love pandas. The entire mechanics is so much more fun than a piggy bank. Put a coin on the box and a panda inside will reach for the coin and put it in the box. This gift is both useful and fun.

17.  Japanese Cookbook – $

If your friend loves Japanese cooking, they will definitely know of this book.

This cookbook redefined Japanese food in the Western world. It made it more interesting and desirable. Now, this 25th anniversary edition is taking things even further. It contains over 200 detailed recipes. If you know someone who wants to learn authentic Japanese cooking, this is the Japanese gift for them!

18.  Japanese School Satchel – $$

The Japanese are known for their efficiency which starts from a young age.

This satchel is perfect for any school-going children or even office-going adults. The decompression design ensures that less pressure is placed on the shoulders, back, and buttocks. The suede material is designed to be rain-proof and scratch resistant. With the addition of reflective strips for the night time, this is the most Japanese gift you can give.


19.  Handheld Fan – $ 

Of COURSE I was going to add a Mulan reference to this list! And it has to be with this floral hand handheld fan. It looked so cool when the women used them in Mulan.

And as an adult, I can confirm that they are still cool. There’s just something elegant about a woman walking around with a handheld fan. The action of opening it with just one swipe is honestly just so sexy.

20.  Takoyaki Maker – $

Are any of my friends reading this? Can you buy this for me?

I LOVE Takoyaki. I don’t think anyone can claim to be a Japanese food lover if they don’t like Takoyaki. Honestly, Brooklyn 99 make them out to seem gross. Come on, Jake! They are amazing! This Takoyaki maker can make up to 18 Takoyakis at once! By the time you’re done eating them, the next batch will be ready.


21.  Indoor Zen Garden – $

Zen gardens are one of the most Japanese things that exist. Not everyone can afford to have their own though.

They can, however, befriend you and you will gift them this indoor Zen garden. This black and gold mini sandbox is a great way to unleash one’s creativity. Get the therapeutic experience right inside your house.

22.  Tokaido Board Game – $

The Tokaido road was one of the most important roads in Japan. It was used for trade and travel. Now, it’s the name of an amazing board game.

Like the road, this board game takes you on a journey through Japan. The entire game is beautifully illustrated with gorgeous characters and scenes. While your friend might not be able to visit Japan, they will surely appreciate this gift.

23.  Japanese from Zero! – $

This is THE gift for anyone trying to learn Japanese.

This book was designed by professional Japanese interpreters and has been used by teachers for over 10 years! From grammar to common words and phrases, this series has it all! It even has a workbook to help put theory into practice.

24.  Japanese Coloring Book – $

The best thing Japan ever gave the world was teaching us about tranquility.

Coloring books are known for calming people down. This coloring book is full of 30 beautiful illustrations. It will give the owner a taste of Japan’s beautiful sceneries and landscapes. Let your friend experience the culture and beauty of Japan without leaving their home.

25.  Just Bento Cookbook – $

Honestly, Japanese are so smart.

Bento is basically single portion home-packed meals. You prepare them yourself and take them to school or office. It has taken over the world for how cheap, efficient, and healthy it is! This cookbook is a great addition for anyone who is looking to eat healthier and save money from eating out.

26.  Sushi Platter

Can’t have a Japanese gifts list and not include sushi.

This epic sushi platter will be the talk of any party. It even works for just one person too. Simply pour the dipping sauce into the shark’s mouth and you have a perfect plate of sushi. Know someone that loves Japan but not sushi? This plate can be used for chips and other snacks too!

27.  PlayStation Shirt – $

I have a feeling I’m about to anger some Xbox fans here. But PlayStation is one of the best things Japan has given us!

Does your boyfriend love gaming and wants to go to Japan for his honeymoon? You know this gift is perfect for him. The black shirt is comfortable and high quality. The PlayStation logos and Japanese writing on it makes it all the better.

28.  Japanese Coffee Maker – $$

Japan is known for designing everyday products in a creative manner. This coffee machine is no different.

This coffee maker has two parts. The bottom is filled with water and the top filled with coffee grounds. As the water boils, it rises and mixes with the coffee beans before coming back down. This method enhances the taste and smell of the coffee better than any other coffee maker!

29.  Reusable Cat Chopsticks – $

Japanese sure love their cats!

This is the most adorable gift you can get for a cat owner who loves Japan! This set of gorgeous chopsticks is reusable, making it environmentally friendly. Each pair comes with a chopstick holder in the shape of a cat. Imagine seeing these at a dinner party? I would just play with that cat the entire time!

30.  No-Face Money Box

No one is about to steal money from this money box!

No-Face is one of the main characters in the popular Japanese movie, Spirited Away. Get this money box for a fan and watch their face light up! It’s even a fun game. Put a coin in the red bowl and watch No-Face ‘swallow’ it up!

31.  Aromatherapy Scented Candles 

Time to release your inner Geisha with these scented candles.

Each candle is decorated with an adorable drawing of a Geisha and they come in 4 different colors. The smell of these candles will make any bath seem more luxurious and relaxing. I’m sure if you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re in Japan!

32.  Japanese Home Cookbook – $

32.  Japanese Home Cookbook – $

Haven’t you heard? Home cooking is the new eating out.

Okay, maybe not. But wouldn’t it be cool to get restaurant quality Japanese food in your home! Well, it would be for the Japan obsessed friend you’re buying a gift for! This book is full of delicious and authentic Japanese recipes. Your friend is about to invite you over to a lot of themed parties soon…

33.  Japanese Sake Kit Kat – $

I CANNOT be the only person obsessed with Japanese Kit Kats! They are all over social media and the flavor choice is impeccable.

This version is perfect for someone who likes their alcohol and their chocolate. This white chocolate kit kat is mixed with a little bit of Sake. The mixture gives the whole thing this spectacular punch that will make you come back for more!

34.  Japanese Soda – $

This is the most popular soda in the entire Japan!

Know someone who loves Japanese snacks? Well then this soda is 100% on their list! Ramune is one of the most popular drinks in Japan and is consumed during every junk food binge. The original has a lemony taste, but there are 4 other taste options too.

35.  Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – $

If you asked a complete novice about a tree they associate with Japan, they would definitely say Bonsai tree.

The bonsai tree is one of the most beautiful additions to the Japanese landscape. And now, it can be a part of your friend’s home too. This bonsai tree starter kit is an easy way to get your very own bonsai tree. 

36.  Wabi Sabi Book – $ 

If you know someone looking to make some life changes, this book will help them.

Wabi Sabi is the concept of being aware of the impermanence of the world around us and feeling content about it. This book will guide one on their journey in becoming a better person. This will help increase feelings of gratitude and help transform the mind and body.

37.  Takashi Knife Set – $$$

This is the knife set to beat all knife sets.

Made up of 10 grand knives and a wooden block, this set can probably magically transform the worst cook into a fantastic one! Each knife is handmade and ergonomically designed. Just like a Japanese katana, these are weighted to ensure perfect balance.

38.  Tatami Slippers – $

Get the feeling of walking in Japan without taking off your shoes.

Tatami is a Japanese mat that is often used for martial arts rooms, bedrooms, and living quarters. These slippers have Tatami on the sole. So anyone wearing them will feel like they are walking in a tradition Japanese room.

39.  Japanese Kokeshi Dolls – $

Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese dolls.

These are simple wooden dolls with no arms or legs. Yet, they’ve been popular toys for over 150 years! The intricate drawings and details make these dolls a beautiful addition in any home. It’s a worthy gift to anyone who collects them.

40.  Mini Zen Garden – $

We’ve all heard of the Zen Buddhist principle. But how many of us know how to apply it?

Well, one can start with this mini garden. This DIY garden is a great way to relieve stress and try to attain inner peace. Plus, this is a great way to practice some Zen techniques.

41.  Bento Lunchbox – $

This stackable lunchbox is the perfect way to incorporate bento into one’s lifestyle.

The box makes it easy to create single portions of food. All one needs to do is prepare the food in advance and put it into the lunchbox. The box is also split into two portions if you want to carry more complex dishes.

42.  Japanese Teacup Set

This is it. This is the most gorgeous gift set ever.

Placed in a wooden box, these teacups are made entirely of wood. The box has Japanese letters on it while the cups have abstract drawings painted on them. The earthy colors of the cups ensure they will fit in any kitchen!

43.  Spirited Away Blu-Ray DVD – $

Let me introduce you to one of the best movies ever released by Japan.

Spirited Away is the story of a young child whose parents are trapped in a different world. She is determined to save them and enlists the help of some unlikely allies. If your friend loves Japan, they will have likely already seen this. Treat them with a Blu-ray version!

44.  Matcha Tea Powder – $

Not everyone can afford to go to the coffee shop and have an expensive cup of Matcha tea.

They can, however, make some at home with this Matcha powder you will gift them! This powder can be used in practically anything. From coffee to lattes to baked goods, Matcha is an excellent addition.

45.  Book on Japanese Tattoos – $

Some people love Japanese culture so much that they want it tattooed on their body.

Help save them the embarrassment of having something like the word bread tattooed on them. The world of Japanese tattoos is actually quite rich and artistic. If you know someone who wants to get a tattoo, this book is ideal to help them make a more learned decision.


46.  Cherry Blossom String Lights

Cherry blossoms are one of those beauties that Japan can claim as their own. How many people do you know that have cherry blossom pictures saved on their phone?

You may not be able to get them cherry blossoms. But you can get them something similar. These cherry blossom string lights will create the illusion of them right in one’s bedroom. Sleeping under them will make one feel like they are in Japan at that moment.

47.  Origami Master Book – $

Did anyone else have those origami workshops in school? I sucked at those so bad! If only I had this book to help me.

This magnificent book is by the origami master himself: Akira Yoshizawa. This covers dozens of his own original creations as well as diagrams on how to recreate them. Anyone who owns this book is definitely going to be pleased.

48.  Ceramic Rice Bowls – $

What is it with Japanese? Why is their crockery so damn pretty?

This is just another gorgeous friend that any Japan lover would LOVE to own! This set has 4 rice bowls that are glazed with soothing pastel colors and Phum flowers. These will be the talk at any dinner party.

49.  Tales of Japan – $

I’m sure you already know about Greek and Roman mythology. But do you know how exciting Japanese mythology is?

Samurais, goblins, monsters, and dragons – these are just some of the elements that make up the glorious collection of Japanese mythology. This book is filled to the brim with exciting tales. Anyone who wants to learn more about Japanese history will love this book.

50.  Gummy bear Sushi

Imagine how it must feel to love Japan and Japanese culture and yet hate Sushi. That person probably feels like a fraud.

No worries, you can just get them this box of gummy bear Sushi. Disguised to look like sushi, your friend can proudly claim to be cultured without worrying about consuming any sort of fish!


51.  Sushi Socks – $

Okay, say that person doesn’t like gummy bears either. There has to be SOME way to incorporate sushi in their Japan loving life!

Oh, I know – gift them sushi socks! These warm colorful socks make one’s feet look like massive sushi! And honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Let’s just hope the dog doesn’t try to eat them.


52.  Japanese Candy – $

You may be shocked to hear this, but Japan actually has some really good candy!

Like the rest of their stuff, the candy is colorful and cartoonish, but also delicious! This set has 32 pieces of different Japanese candy snacks. Perfect for kids and adults alike. Just hope they don’t finish it all in one day.

53.  Japanese Tapestry – $

Had to end this list with the grandest Japanese element ever – the dragons!

Here is a wonderful tapestry that would look great in any house or apartment! This can be used as a room divider, a curtain, or just a decorative wall hanging. This is the perfect Japanese inspired design for your home.

And that’s all I have! 53 wonderful Japanese gifts for a Japan obsessed friend. My favorite has to be the Reusable Cat Chopsticks. Environmentally friendly and cats? Yes, please! Which of these did you enjoy? Let me know at the Contact page!

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