40 Mind Blowing Lord Of The Rings Gifts For An Avid Fan Out There

The Lord of the Rings has been foremost the most viewed and popular saga to date. With maximum fan following, 2 out of every 5 people are a LotR follower.  If you know someone who is as crazy for the show as you, get them the best lord of the rings gifts that can be cherished throughout life. Take your nerdy fandom seriously and let the world know the power of the Hobbits by giving them these amazing lord of the rings gifts.

Just like the in-depth storyline with a bit of confusing twist and turns, selecting an appropriate gift can be as difficult. Do not worry; treat yourself and your fellow fans with few of the best Middle-earth-inspired gift ideas. Check out all the lord of the rings gifts.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy is a must own-$$

Do you know someone who can go on any extend to get a hold of those few more seconds of the extended version of his favourite? That too in Blue-ray! Well, you landed on the right gift. With Beautifully packaged 15-disc set, The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy delves on featuring the creation of one of the magnificent art. One of the cool lord of the rings gifts.

2. The One Ring for the avid fans-

Planning to propose to your long-time boyfriend? If you both are not one of those clingy lovey-dovey couples then why not opt proposing in a unique style? Make him laugh and cry (out of joy) by gifting The One Ring. Be the coolest fiancé ever in history by getting your boy a Lord of the Rings themed engagement band.

3. Legolas Funko Pop Figure for completing your collection-$

Get your stylized POP Legolas and proudly place it with your other sculpted figures. Funko has got figurines replicating almost every character from your favourite lord of the rings. Go collect them all!

4. Middle-Earth Map Canvas Print for a majestic look-$$

If every corner of your house is filled with various collectables of lord of the rings, complete the décor with a Middle-Earth Map Canvas Print that will level up your game. It is a perfect add on to your living space to let people know how seriously you take your fandom. Make every LotR fan jealous with this three map picture print. Makes an exciting possibility with holidays coming up lord of the rings christmas gifts.

5. Ares Games War of The Ring 2nd Edition for never ending fun-$$

Going for a birthday party but could not narrow down on a gift?  What about Ares Games War of the Ring 2nd Edition? It is a perfect lord of the rings gifts that can be played by two to four characters at a time. Make his party the talk of the town with 204 plastic figures replicating the characters from the show.

6. The Lord of the Rings (1978 film) for the binge-watchers-$$

With the overwelhming response from J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy trilogy, controversial animator Ralph Bakshi’s literary adaptation of the show in animation. Here is your chance to either rent or buy its blue-ray form in respect to your profound love for the show.

7. Morphing Mugs The Lord of The Rings for having a hot coffee-$

No one likes having a lukewarm coffee which was originally meant to be sizzling hot. Make their life a bit better by getting Morphing Mugs that will come to life once it fills up with something hot. Be a considerate boyfriend and give a merchandised heat-activation revealing mug that reflects the bond you share with this show. best lord of the rings gifts.

8. Music Box The Lord of The Rings for expressing your love-$

If she is an old school person, you can never go wrong with a music box. It plays the tune of evergreen love song i.e. You are My Sunshine. With high sound quality, it is an idle gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and even anniversaries. It is a compact box which she can carry with her anywhere, in case she misses you.

9. Catdalf Woven Throw Blanket for cozy nights-$$

Snuggle up in your favourite Catdalf Woven Throw Blanket and laze around for the whole weekend on your couch. It is a soft and warm blanket that makes it perfect for couples to relax on the sofa together during Saturday movie nights. The vivid print will level up the mood of your room.

10. Witch King & Fellbeast Funko Pop

If by chance you know a die-hard fan of the lord of the rings but somehow fails to get hands-on the figurine of one of the cunning strategist and terrifying warrior i.e. Witch King, get them this ASAP. The figurine comes with Fellbeast which is styled as a pop. Go help them complete their collection. games workshop lord of the rings

11. United Cutlery The Hobbit Sting Sword of Bilbo Baggins a replica of actual filming prop-$$$

All the geeks in the house, this one for you. A true LotR prodigy will know the worth of Sting Sword carried by Frodo Baggins on his quest through Middle Earth. It is the 22-Inch replica of the same sword that can be yours on just a single click. With “Maegnas is my name, I am the spider’s bane” engraved on the blade, it will not let you feel less than a true warrior.

12. 4 Piece Premium Aluminum Crusher – Lionhead

What can be a one of the perfect lord of the rings gifts for the fan who loves to create art in the kitchen? Searching for something extremely different? A Laser Engraved Spice & Herb Grinder can be a unique option. It can grind even the hardest spice in seconds through its twenty-eight sharp teeth.

13. An Unexpected Cookbook for one who loves to cook-$

What a perfect amalgamation it would be who can cook delicious meals along with enjoying binge-watching with you your favourite show. If you are lucky enough to have such a person, surprise her with the An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery which features recipes for traditional Hobbit meals along with Tolkien’s specific vision of the Shire. Find it in your nearest lord of the rings gift shop.

14. LEGO The Lord of the Rings 9474 The Battle of Helm’s Deep for something creative-$$$

Already got a hang for the love of lord of the rings? Explore the all new world of Lego adapted in the theme of LotR. It is a perfect source of entertainment while your friends are around. Spread the whole feels of battlefield in your living room through all the ladder, words, axe, bomb, and horse.

15. Hobbit Shower Curtain something evergreen-$

Have no boundaries for your love for LotR? Well, join the club then. Cherish your never-ending devotion for the show by getting a Hobbit Shower Curtain. It is a perfect way to jazz up your boring simple bathroom. It is an idle gift for your fellow friends who love to take long hot showers. Tapestry, window curtains, tablecloths and beach blankets use it as you wish to like.

16. The Hobbit Bilbo’s Pipe for the cool man in your life-$$

Searching an amazing birthday gift for your boyfriend or brother who is an ultimate fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work? Make him your slave by getting The Hobbit Bilbo’s Pipe on his birthday. You will be the coolest girlfriend/sister that will always be the talk of the party. Make him proud by helping him make his friends jealous. Find it at your nearest the lord of the rings shop.

17. Gollum Plush for the lord of the rings or the hobbit fans-$

After this your mom might hate me for recommending you this, but it is worth all the cringe. Your lord of the rings collection is incomplete without Gollum Plush. This cuddly soft figurine is approximately 8 inches tall made with durable materials. It is one of the great lord of the rings gifts for any die hard follower of the show.

18. Lord of The Rings – The One Ring Key Chain for something unique-$

Planning on getting a promise ring for your partner? What better than One Ring as a Key Chain. If he has completed his journey from being a teenage fan of Dragon Ball Z to now The Lord of the Rings fan, official your love in a way he can never forget. He can carry it anywhere he wants and will remind him of you.

19. The Great Tales of Middle-earth to get some more thrill-$$

If you are done with reading all the volumes of the Lord of the Rings and craving for some more Middle-earth, consider yourself lucky. J.R.R. Tolkien has come up with The Great Tales of Middle-earth which is a beautiful collection of Children of Húrin, Beren and Lúthien, and The Fall of Gondolin. These masterpieces are packed together in respect to your overwhelming response to his work.

20. Gimli Collectible Figurine something to must add-$

Expand your lord of the rings’ merchandise collection and make your friends jealous with this dwarf warrior’s figurine. Reflect your traits of being a leader by adding Gimli on your shelf. It is a super-stylized and ultra-expressive character that can be one of the excellent lord of the rings gifts for your fellow fan. Go collect them all!

21. Lord of The Rings Jigsaw Puzzle for some quality time with friends-$

After the end of the saga, it is time to shift your love from screens to in recreational activity. Get your hands on Lord of The Rings Jigsaw Puzzle and keep cherishing this art. It features 23.5 inches by 18 inches five hundred jigsaw pieces, making it an amazing game to be played with your friends and family.

22. Hobbit Feet Slippers to make everyone laugh-$

Searching for a novelty birthday gift item for your friend that can roar up laughter in the party? What is funnier than slippers replicating feet of furry monsters? The Hobbit Feet Slippers are slip-on closure that comes as hairy feet to make everyone around you stunned with your choice. Be the king of the white elephant gift with these amazingly warm slippers.

23. An Encyclopedia of Tolkien for the nerds-$

Geeks alert! Are you one of those who take their fandom seriously? In such a case, this Encyclopaedia of Tolkien is all you need to explore the history, lands and inhabitants of Middle-earth. Research worth four decades has been assorted for offering you as much discussion of the battles, history, beasts, and heroes of Tolkien’s stories as possible.

24. Sauron Eye T-Shirt something everyone love-$

Planning a little get together with your friends who are as crazy about lord of the rings as you are? Let’s make it a theme gala time with the customised goodies. Celebrate your love for this show by getting each one your friend the Sauron Eye T-Shirt and Stickers. Pick their favourite shade and make the party lit.

25. Frodo Funko Pop Keychain Figure something minimalistic-$

Does your loved one is head over heels in love with the hobbit of the Shire? A well-grown man in his 20s will never be old enough for his favourite toys and collectables. Make him smile ear to ear with the Funko Pop Keychain of his favourite action figure- Frodo. It is a 1-1/2 inches tall stylish keychain which will let him carry Tolkien’s most renowned character wherever he wants.

26. You Shall Not Pass Doormat for all the unwanted guest-$

Make your guest mesmerised with such a unique and amazingly crafty doormat. Let them know how much you crazily follow this show by placing You Shall Not Pass Doormat. Prank your friends by stomping on the door and shutting it on their face while mimicking “You shall not pass!” in Balrog’s voice. Fun isn’t it!

27. Lord of the Rings Risk Game to explore the new dimensions of the show-$$

Has your life become depressed ever since the end of your favourite show? I can very well relate. Bringing a glimpse of hope, New Line Cinema has come up with one of the best lords of the rings gifts for you. The Lord of the Rings Risk Game is a detailed board game which will let you battle with various sculpted characters. Gather your friends around and have the best times of your life.

28. Lord of The Rings Wall Art Prints for one considering re-décor-$

It is always the right time to redecorate your room with something you adore.  Here is a chance to make your room a chamber of lord of the rings gifts by getting a set of 6 wall art posters.  Keeping the same motif, all of them feature characters in a watercolour painting style. This grooves up the uniformity and gives an aesthetic appeal to your room.

29. Lord of The Rings Pullover Hoodie to make them warm-$

Thinking about a holiday gift for your colleague or friend? Does he follow LotR? What better can be than a Lord of The Rings pullover hoodie sweatshirt?  It is a versatile gift which he/she can wear during binge-watching the show and even on a regular wintery night. This will make them remind you whenever they will put it on. They can even show off their fandom by putting on the LotR stickers on their laptops.

30. The Illustrated World of Tolkien Book for the geek in you-$

The world of Tolkein is not as simple as it sounds. Being a fictional universe it deals with never-ending elements that human imagination can come across. Put your mind on the ease by getting yourself The Illustrated World of Tolkien. With its full-colour pages and stunning illustrations, it will help you keep a track of all the fantastical places and creatures that popped out from Tolkien’s mind.

31. Lord of The Rings Book Stoppers for the booklovers-$

Geeks alert! Has your love for Lord of the Rings started from its first edition and its growing ever since? Now proudly keep intact all the volumes with Lord of The Rings Book Stoppers. It is the most convenient and useful gift you can give to any book hoarder. It will not only reflect their profound love for the show but keep their bookshelf organised.

32. Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth Book as a tribute to the creator-$

Ever wondered about the real talent and hardwork behind the epic saga of the lord of the rings? Tolkien single handedly came up with an amazing ideation for his most famous literary works—The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. Get a chance to explore the images of his manuscripts, drawings, maps, and letters, the creative process for these unmatchable pieces of art.

33. Witch King Figurine to reignite the craze for the show-$

Add this Witch King Figurine and complete your lord of the rings collection. It is an ultra-expressive character that will deck up your den and make every fan swoon with this unique collection. Why restrict your love for Middle-earth only to screens! Bring it back to your cabinets through these sculpted figurines.

34. Lord of the Rings Illustrations Book for the abundance number of background information-$

With more than 150 of Lee’s celebrated illustrations, the Lord of the Rings Illustrations Book represents progression of the show from concept to a blissful art. If you call yourself a true fan, you will get awestruck with 20 full-color plates and numerous examples of the conceptual art made for this huge project.

35. Lord of The Rings Movie Posters for the die-hard lovers-$$$

Make their mind blow with framed Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins) signed The Lord of the Rings Poster. It is something every LotR fan dreamt of! It is an authentic product which he can proudly hang up on his wall and make everyone jealous around him. Go grab it quick!

36. Frodo Baggins Rubber Duck as a vinyl gift-$

Frodo Baggins Rubber Duck can be the perfect lord of the rings gifts for all the mini LotR cosplayer you know. It is a fun collectable that has been transformed from your favourite character- Frodo to a duck-style figurine. It comes in a bathtub style packing which will give them a real feel of a duck toy. It is an amazing novelty gift for all those who love this show.

37. Lord of The Rings Card Game to get a glimpse of lore, spirit and leadership-

Watched all the three parts of the Lord of the rings again and again? What now? Bring back some memories and revisit your love by gathering up your friends and playing with Lord of the Ring card game. It is your chance to be the hobbit you always wanted to be.

38. Hobbit Mug for make them love you a little more-$

Do you know someone who loves to collect different mugs more than actually using them? This can be the perfect gift for all the mug hoarders. It is a high-quality ceramic mug with printed lines that only a true LotR fan can relate to. Let them know how much you love them by expressing your feeling through this mug.

39. Samwise Gamgee Potato Definition Print as amazing attention seeker-$

Get your hands on the print of one of the funniest definitions of potatoes drafted by Samwise Gamgee. Make your wall watch worthy by putting on the 11×14 unframed print of Sam Gamgee Potato Definition Poster along with your other collections. You can even frame it up for your office to deck up your work desk and make everyone halt and have a look at your cubicle.

40. Tolkien Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board for all the chefs that love LotR-$

If you love to cook as much as binge-watching your favourite shows then this one can be one of the idle lord of the rings gifts for you. It is a bamboo cutting board with a laser engraved ring that speaks for power to control and influence things and other people. Cut all those juicy vegetables on the sturdy board while comfortably watching your show on the couch.

Being an avid Lord of the Rings fan nothing can be more soul treating than binge-watching the blue-ray print of my favorite trilogy again and again. Therefore, if I were you, The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy will always be one of the idle options for Lord of the Rings gifts. Keeping it aside, each of the items in the above-mentioned list suffices to blow the mind of any LotR hardcore lover. If you got something new, do share it with me on my contact me page. If you found my article useful, do not forget to like and share.

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