40 meditation gifts for someone who needs some zen in their life

Considering that this has been an especially difficult year, we could all do with some zen in our lives. Know someone who is particularly stressed out? Or maybe you know someone who is really into meditation. Either way, this list of 40 meditation gifts is a good place to start with these great meditation gifts ideas.

There are different forms of meditation and each person has their own preference. Maybe they like to practice mindfulness. Others require a tranquil space that is calming and relaxing. Some prefer spiritual meditation over anything else. No matter what their preference, this list will help you find the best meditation gifts.

As someone who is fond of meditation herself, these have to be my favorites!

Check out the full list below!

1. Meditation Pillow – $

This gift is for those who find peace in sitting on the floor and crossing their legs. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t uncomfortable. Sitting on the floor for an hour can do some serious damage to one’s gluteus maximus. This floor cushion will fix that. This soft cushion ensures proper posture and keeps the spine aligned. At the same time, it takes away the comfort of sitting on a hard floor and makes good medication gifts for men who aren’t that flexible.

2. 200 Mini-Meditations – $

One of the purposes of meditation is to get the feeling of abundance, confidence, and inspiration. This is also known as manifestations. Getting these feelings is not an easy task, which is where this book comes in.

200 mini-meditations is full of small meditation exercises that can help achieve instant manifestations. The book guides the reader on a journey until they finally feel content with themselves.

3. Silk Eye Pillow – $

Meditation is all about health. Be it physical, mental, or emotional – all of these are important in a person’s life. None of these can be maintained without good sleep.

This silk eye pillow promises a deep and relaxing sleep. The mask is made entirely of silk and is filled with flaxseeds and lavender. The combination of the smell of the lavender and the weight of the seeds ensures a relaxing sleep.  

4. Heathered Socks – $

They say that people who meditate feel like they are walking on clouds. These socks take that experience to a whole new level.

Barefoot Dream’s heathered socks are so thick and warm, the wearer feels like they are literally walking on clouds. The comfort of the socks doesn’t take away the fashionable element. 

5. Pink Himalayan Salt – $

Himalayan salt has been touted for its health benefits. So much so that salt caves are holding meditation sessions so people can get the full benefit.

Even science supports some claims about the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt over standard table salt. This is a great gift for people that love to cook and are looking for healthy options!

6. Chakra Stones – $

Chakra refers to the 7 focal points in a person’s body. We all have energetic blocks and participate in activities that affect our energy.

Chakra stones help restore energy to particular focal points. These different stones have healing properties that help remove these energy blocks and encourage vitality and energetic.

7. Moon Night Light

Being around natural things and in nature is a form of meditation in itself. Natural light, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes are known to reduce stress.

Not everyone has a beautiful nature around them. Overpopulation and light pollution limits exposure to such beauty. This night lamp helps bring some of that into one’s home. This moon lamp looks exactly like the moon, from its texture to the light. 

8. Meditation Beads

Part of meditation is doing the same thing repeatedly. Performing the task ends up taking less mental space, leaving room for the mind to focus on other things. They say that Einstein himself had his best ideas when he was doing repetitive tasks like washing dishes.

Meditation beads serve the same purpose. The person keeps reciting the same phrase and moving beads. The task becomes so repetitive, their mind is allowed to wander and gain self-actualization.

9. Tibetan Singing Bowl – $$$

This bronze bowl is known as a singing bowl because when one hits it with the attached hammer, it produces a deep vibrating sound.

This tone is excellent for meditation purposes. The deep, rich sound paired with a tranquil environment promotes complete relaxation. Anyone who loves relaxing needs this mediation gift.

10. Woodstock Chimes – $

If the singing bowl is out of your price ranges, these Woodstock chimes do a good job too! 

Placed on an ashwood frame, these 3 chimes work wonders in calming the mind. Just one light tap from the wooden mallet and a deep and powerful tone will fill the entire room. Pair this with some scented candles and a comfortable mat for the perfect meditative trance.

11. Bamboo Wind Chimes – $

Looking for a more one-of-a-kind gift that’s environmentally friendly? Look no further than these bamboo wind chimes.

Each wind chime is hand-crafted, ensuring that no two are exactly the same. The bamboo is ethically sourced and made of renewable materials. This makes it one of the perfect meditation gifts for someone who is nuts about the environment. The bamboo exterior gives it an outdoorsy look. The relaxing tone of the chimes creates calmness and peace.

12. Zen as F*ck Journal – $

Tranquility isn’t always smiles and soft tones. Sometimes, it’s a good dose of profanity. 

This book is a brilliant gift for someone who enjoys their share of profanity. Each page is full of wicked and witty statements. It has space for people to fill in their own thoughts and experiences. The more f words, the better!

13. Buddha Board – $

This Buddha board is a FANTASTIC gift for those that feel at peace while drawing or painting.

The Buddha board lies atop a hollow stand full of smooth pebbles. Just pour water into that stand and dip the attached pen into it. That’s all that one needs to create some beautiful Japanese-like art. Or even just some ugly scribbles. The whole thing disappears in 3 minutes either way.

14. Empowering Questions Cards – $

This deck of cards is a great way to introduce yourself to yourself.

Each of these 52 cards is made up of powerful and poignant questions and gorgeous illustrations. These cards help with introspection and remind the reader to love themselves, flaws, and all. These types of meditation gifts are great for anyone in need of confident boosts.

15. Engraved Rocks

Have you ever visited someone’s house and gone to their bathroom to find a vase of small colored stones? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if those stones had motivational stuff written on them?

Well, these stones do. From reminders to believe to suggestions on how to be happy, each stone has only one powerful word on them. Whether kept at home or carried around, these stones serve to remind the holder to be positive. 

16. Smudging Kit

Smudging is an easy ritual used to cleanse a place of negative energy. It is used to purify and re-energize a place or person. 

This kit contains 4 beautiful smudge sticks, each with their own purpose and benefit. You just need to burn the end of the stick and the incense will clear the room and yourself of negative energy. 

17. Meditative Buddha Statue – $$$

Buddha is one of the biggest symbols of peace and tranquility all across the world. Many Buddhist rituals are used everywhere as forms of meditation.

This Buddha statue is a lovely addition to any meditation-loving household. Just looking at this statue of the Buddha in such a peaceful position is sure to relax the viewer. 

18. Miniature Zen Garden – $

Gardening is an excellent form of meditation. Having one’s own Zen garden helps create a place where one can find peace and be one with nature.

For those with no yard or no space, it’s next to impossible to have their own Zen garden. Thank God, you can gift them a miniature one. This square box is filled with soft white sand and miniature items. It might not be the same as an actual garden, but it’s pretty damn close!

19. Desktop Gong – $

One of the most effective ways to maintain a meditative state is to identify moments that stress one out. And is there anything more stressful than working?

This desktop gong is a great addition to every workplace cubicle! The small gong fits on any table and comes with an attached rammer. One tap will create an amazing soothing sound that will calm frayed nerves.

20. Buddha Sitting in Hand Statue – $

For those that are more on the spiritual side of meditation, this is an excellent gift!

These two statues, when joined together, look like hands joined together in prayer. When separated, the two hands show a Buddha hidden inside. The Buddha is an international symbol of meditation and spirituality. This makes it one of the best meditation gifts.

21. Incense Holder

When you think of meditation and yoga, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I’m certain a lot of us think of candles.

And it’s true – candles and incense play a big role in meditation. The smell and herbs used help calm nerves and facilitate relaxation. This copper incense holder is a gorgeous addition to any meditation room. 

22. Zen Coloring Book – $

As humans, our senses are constantly engaged. From bright lights to loud noises to intense smells – it’s enough to make anyone overwhelmed.

For the overwhelmed mind, I recommend this coloring book. Each of the 100 pages is covered with detailed illustrations. Coloring them in helps facilitate relaxation and channel anxiety into something more positive.

23. Lotus Flower Tapestry

There are just some symbols in this world that are naturally associated with meditation. The lotus flower is one such symbol. Looking at one makes you think of Zen gardens and peace and quiet.

This tapestry also creates the same feelings. Choose between a deep blue or soft pink color. It can be hung on the wall, used as a tablecloth, or even used as a window curtain!

24. Vintage Canvas Prints – $

These 14 x 14 canvas prints are beautifully painted. Each pattern uses bright colors and beautifully painted flowers. The final touches create a vintage look. Each design wraps around the entire frame and can be easily hung anywhere in the house. 

25. Moments of Mindfulness – $

For some, mindfulness is a daily requirement. They needed to be reminded on a daily basis of the importance of mindfulness and how to practice it.

This book is the PERFECT meditation gift for someone like that. The book gives daily reminders on how to be mindful through basic meditation techniques and profound messages. 

26. Incense Gift Pack – $

Incense is a fantastic way to relax one’s mind and enjoy their surroundings. 

This gift pack is a wonderful gift for anyone that loves using incense. The gift box holds 12 boxes of individual flavours. The flavours vary from floral jasmine to woody sandalwood. Why not pair this with an incense holder to create the full package? and makes great guided meditation gifts.

27. Mandala Coloring Book – $

This coloring book promises to ease stress with “each stroke of your pen or pencil”. 

The book itself has some incredible design features. The hardback cover makes it more durable. The spiral binding makes it easier to turn pages and hold the book down. The designs themselves are beautifully drawn and promise some exciting creations as meditation gifts.

28. Mandala Tapestry – $

This stunning gypsy tapestry is a brilliant addition to one’s bedroom.

Each tapestry is beautifully handcrafted by local artists, making each tapestry one of a kind. This tapestry can be hung on the wall, used as a rug, and even be used as a bed cover! There are also so many color and design options. So be ready to buy one for your friend and one for yourself.

29. Yoga Wall Sticker – $

Some people like to have their own meditation room if they have space. These rooms are beautifully decorated with soft lighting, candles, yoga mats, and more.

Help improve their room with this yoga wall sticker. The sticker shows a woman in a standing yoga pose. Above her, there are leaves, and roots are growing below her. All this depicts the powerful nature of meditation and how it connects on with nature. A great addition to any meditation room.

30. Black Shiva Lingam – $

The Shiva Lingam has strong connections to Hinduism. The lingam represents Shiva, a Hindu god. It is believed to be full of “generative powers” that help revitalize the holder. The stone is made of Crypto Crystaline Quartz and is supposed to restore harmony and balance in one’s life. Know anyone who is feeling lost and unsure of themselves? This is the meditation gift for them.

31. Meditation Cushion with Acupressure

I’ve already talked about the importance of a meditation cushion. For hardcore meditators, sitting on the hard floor for too long can hurt their bones and posture.

This meditation cushion isn’t just comfortable. It is fitted with acupressure points that identify one’s tense spots. The massaging power of these points helps ease the tension and relax muscles. one of the best and useful meditation gifts.

32. Tibetan Juniper Incense – $

Out of all the incense smell options, juniper has to be my favorite. People think that since it’s a flower, it must have a very floral and sweet smell. That isn’t the case at all.

Juniper has a very foliage-like smell. It is woody with hints of cedar. Some people even say it smells a little like gin. Who wouldn’t be relaxed in a room that smells like gin?

33. Affirmation Cards

A lot of stress comes from a lack of confidence. The need to overthink one’s actions and words creates a lot of stress and anxiety.

That person needs these affirmation cards. Each of the 60 cards has beautiful and vibrant artworks on them. Each card also has positive affirmations and thought-provoking questions that encourage mindfulness. 

34. Yoga Pose Statue

This is a fun gift for anyone who is into yoga. 

This elegant statue is entirely white and depicts a woman in the lotus yoga pose. There’s even a set of 3 which shows 3 women in different versions of the lotus pose. Know anyone whose favorite pose is the lotus pose? Can you imagine a better meditation gift?

35. Meditation Shawl – $

From spiritual rituals to religious rituals, the shawl has always had a prominent position.

This meditation shawl is made from premium wool to ensure lastability and softness. The shaw comes in several colors; all of them are soft and pleasing to the eye. This shawl is also quite versatile. It can be used to wrap the entire body, to cover the head, or even act as a blanket to sit on.

36. Relaxing Tea Set – $

Tea, by its very nature, is an incredibly calming drink. The warmth of the drink paired with soothing flavors has always been a source of relaxation and stress-relief.

This tea set comes in various flavours ranging from soothing chamomile to stress-relieving lavender. These teas are also caffeine-free to prevent any unnecessary hyper feelings of alertness and make awesome gifts for meditation lovers.  

37. Aromatherapy Scented Candles – $

This pack of 3 is bound to relax the most stressed-out person.

Each candle has its own individual scent. These scents vary from sandalwood to lavender to peppermint. You can choose any 3 from the variety of options and bring peace and tranquility to any home. Each candle comes in a pretty little tin container which is clearly marked with the scent.

38. Stress Less Cards – $

Have you ever found yourself panicking and unsure what to do? Most of you would refer to the internet or a loved one to help.

There is a third option though – these 50 stress relief cards. Each card has a meditation and mindfulness exercise. Once completed, the person feels much calmer and stress-free than before. 

39. Chakra Candles – $

This set of candles is made up of 7 different candles – each to handle a different chakra or focal point in your body.

These candles help improve energy in a certain focal point and help return balance to one’s body and life. Each candle is long-lasting and brightly colored which aids in the relaxation process.

40. Zen Artist Board

This artist board is inspired by a very Zen idea, i.e. the importance of living in the moment. 

With this board, one just has to dip the pen in water and start painting. The result is thick black strokes, similar to Japanese and Chinese letters. The trick is that this painting only lasts for a few minutes with this mindfulness meditation gifts.

And that’s it! 40 unique and wonderful gifts for meditation. My favourite from this list is definitely the Mini Zen Artist Board. I love how this board is a great way for me to write down my problems and then watch them disappear. If only I could do that in real life too.

Is there anything on this list that you HAVE to buy? Or do you know something that should be in this list? Let me know by getting in touch with me through my contact me page!

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