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There are very few cartoons that show that rock solidly passes the test of time from one generation to another. Pokemon is one of them. About twenty-five years ago, Professor Oak introduced them with their first Pokemon and rest is history. From swapping pokemon cards during our lunch breaks to singing the Pokemon theme song, we became grown-ups. But our love is still the same. Let’s find the best Pokemon Gifts!

Take back your friends to those nostalgic streets of Kanto Region by getting them the best Pokemon gifts. The entire list of Pokemon gifts is idle for fans of all the age groups, beginners or a veteran. Go ahead and choose a few of your favourite pokemon merchandises.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.   Pokeball Waffle Iron for soothing Sunday brunch 

Your breakfast just got upgraded. Wake your kids with the sweet fragrance and surprise them with Pokeball shaped waffles. The Pokeball waffle iron maker will help you to create crisp and golden brown waffle treats that will look mouth-watering once slathered in butter and drenched in syrup. You do not have to worry about their visual treat as they will always be eye candy due to detailed design on both sides. You can also use it as a gift to other parents and families. Already making you hungry?

2.   Pikachu Pokémon Kigurumi Onesie for Pokémon snuggles

Once you will experience the magical comfort and warmness of a Kigurumi, it will become your guilty pleasure during your days of work from home. It is that comfortable! The Pikachu Pokémon Kigurumi Onesie is a Japanese version of an onesie. They are specially designed as loungewear for adults. Wear this shapeless and oversized Pikachu Kigurumi and snuggle all day with the feel of full-body blankets. It can be a great birthday or Christmas gift for your friends or family who loves to snuggle and binge watch Netflix.

3.   Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook to elaborate on the knowledge

Pokémon geek alert! Do you know any child or adult who is still a child and loves to watch Pokémon? Gift him this latest edition of Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook that includes all-new Pokémon along with 496 colour pages and information on over 800 Pokémon. Want to catch them all? First, read them all. It is a jam-packed informant book which is a must for a Pokemon trainer of all ages.  The vibes of colourful and fully-illustrated pages will attract both the young and old pokemon lovers.

4.   Pikachu Electronic Coin Bank to make them learn to save

It’s pika-pika time! Are you making your kid learn the importance of savings? Make this depressing yet necessary step more interesting by getting his piggy bank to trigger the sense of responsibility. What’s cooler than a Pikachu Electronic Coin Bank. When he will place the coin on top, a tiny Pikachu will take it away from the coin while saying pika pika~ pikachu pika pika~ Pikachu. Just watch him clapping and gleaming from the enjoyment of watching adorable Pikachu while learning to save. The Pikachu coin bank works perfectly with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Put on some batteries and you are ready to go!

5.   Pez Pokemon Candy and Dispensers Gift Set With Kazoo for sweetie twist

I choose you! Already getting nostalgic? Well, it is time to pass on this legendary love for pokemon to your kids by satiating their sweet tooth with a twist. Gift them a Pez Pokemon Candy and Dispensers Gift Set With Kazoo. You will get the full set of classic pokemon from Pikachu, Bulbasaur to Charmander and Squirtle. The complementary plastic kazoo is the main appeal of the whole set. It comes in a fully packed box which makes it easy for gifting purposes. Add to their collection while giving them a sweet delight.

6.   Avengers-Style Pokemon Wand Makeup Brushes Set to jazz up the boring brushes

Has your tween daughter or niece started doing her rounds of experiments with make-up? This might be the right time to encourage the beauty blogger in her by getting Avengers-Style Pokemon Wand Makeup Brushes Set. This not only matches the millennia’s style but is made of high quality soft synthetic fibre with cruelty-free. Each brush is topped with a Pikachu in an Avengers costume for the one who equally loves both. Give her a chance to amalgamate her nerdy insight with killer makeup skills.

7.   Pikachu Winter Cap for the warm winters

Since winters are round the corner, it is time for you to check your winter stock and start filling it with trendy stuff. Get an instant reminiscent after getting yourself a Pikachu Winter Cap. You can also use it as a holiday or birthday gift to electrify their winters with this all-time favourite buddy. It features a fleecy interior inside the ear to keep you warm along with a Pokeball at the end of the knotted strings. Make people jealous by adding this limited merchandise in your pokemon collection.

8.   Pokemon Monopoly for all the ash lovers

Monopoly has always been one of the most favourite board games for all the age groups. It is a perfect solution for all the parents who are confused about how to deal with their children’s obsession with pokemon. Gift them this evergreen favourite game of monopoly with a twist of various pokemon characters. This will surely thunder up their day. The Pokemon Monopoly is the amalgamation of classic monopoly and pokemon characters and map. Let him jump in excitement while playing with pokemon dollars and winning the Pokeball.

9.   Clip n’ Carry Pokè-Belt to be always ready

It is always advised to be fully equipped whenever going for your training or a one on one match. Carrying separate pokeballs can be tiresome and difficult. Make it easy by getting yourself a Clip n’ Carry Pokè-Belt. It is a perfect accessory to prepare you for your next battle even if you are either an amateur or a professional trainer.  It will amaze you with its 2” Pikachu figure, a standard Poké Ball and a Grass-Type Nest Ball. It can be a perfect birthday or Christmas for your pokemon enthusiast kid or a gag gift for your husband who is still a kid by heart.

10.   Pokè-Plush Master Ball for cuddlier sleep

Gotta Catch Them All! After a long day of work, your child needs to snuggle up with his favourite master ball. Get him the Pokè-Plush Master Ball and make his power nap much cuddlier. He can even toss it around while playing and it will land up just like in the show. It can be a perfect plush ball for him to play catch with his friends. Give him a chance to show off his pokemon merchandise in front of his friend. You can even get a set of these master balls and let them have their own theme match.

11.   Pokèball Quilt and Sham Set (Twin/Full) for a good night

Are you planning to retouch your kid’s room? While you are doing so do not ignore minute details. People tend to overlook matching curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets while putting their all focus on furniture and paint. If your child is a pokemon lover and you are getting him the same themed bedroom, do not forget Pokèball Quilt and Sham Set (Twin/Full). Bring the adventure of pokemon training right to his bedroom. See him sleeping happily while cuddling in his Pokèball Quilt and Sham Set.

12.   Pokèball Bluetooth Speaker for high-quality streaming

Jazz up your music by getting a Pokèball Bluetooth Speaker for all the collectors out there. Stream high-quality music anywhere and anytime and make your experiences more musical. Carry it along with you wherever your next adventure takes you. If you know a friend who is equally mad for both music and pokemon, nothing can be better! Surprise him with these mind-boggling speakers and give him the feeling of owning the world. This is one of the idle pokemon gifts that are suitable for every age group.

13.   Pokemon Go Pokeball Power Bank for non-stop fun!

If you are an avid player of Pokemon Go then you definitely know how difficult it becomes when the battery becomes demanding. Catch them all with Pokemon Go Pokeball Power Bank that will start fuelling your phone instantly. You and your friend can play a live match while charging at the same time through two USB ports equipped in the power bank. No worries, as it supports both Android and iOS devices. Isn’t it cool! It can also be used as nice displaying stuff to let your guest know your craze for pokemon.

14.   Pikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XL something useful yet stylish

Just got a new Nintendo? It is very important to protect it from scratches and dust. Ditch those boring laminations and switch to Pikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XL. These are the hard plastic protectors that will fit perfectly to your new Nintendo 3DS XL. Glam it up and show off to your friends while they envy your taste. Make your Pokemon GO game more dazzled up with this protector. You can even gift your friend who is as crazy for pokemon gifts as you are and become his best friend forever.

15.   Pokemon Origami Kit for quick art and crafts

Origami has always been fun to learn activity where children get the opportunity to express their creativity. Here is the chance to make it more interesting. Give your child a Pokemon Origami Kit and together turn his favourite Pokémon into folded art. This will not only be bonding time of you two but also lessen his screen time. It delves on an about dozen of ways to play and watch their pokemon heroes through various bits and bytes of material (all included). Make them love sincerity and patience in the best way possible. 

16.   Nanoblock Pokemon Figures for building blocks time

uilding Lego has always been the talk of the town in the kid’s world. Bring a twist in their playing routine by helping them create a miniature Pokemon Charizard through micro-sized building blocks, from Nanoblock mini collection. It is a different type of 3D puzzle that can be played with friends and family. The interactive time and building the pokemon will result in developing planning and creative skills of your child. Playing while learning! Isn’t it great?

17.   3-Piece Pokèmon Plush Set something for the new-borns

Has there been an addition of a new toddler in your house? Finding it difficult to decide what to give them? Get them the 3-Piece Pokèmon Plush Set that features Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle Plush Stuffed Animal. Pass on your legendary love for pokemon to your next heir by gifting them the perfect starter pokemon pack. You can also use it as a birthday or Christmas gift for any kid who switches on TV every Sunday morning to watch Ash winning all the gym badges.

18.   AirPods Carrying Case for a fearless purchase

Is the fear of losing your AirPods constantly pestering you? Is this the reason you have not bought them yet? No worries, we got it covered with this sweet little AirPods Carrying Case. With a cute pokemon appearance this is the best protected AirPods carrying case in the market at present. Without any hesitation, you can charge and store them. Do not get fooled due to its cute outer look. She is tough from inside!

19.   1000-Piece Pokedex Jigsaw Puzzle to keep them hunch over productivity

Trigger their intellect by getting your child 1000-Piece Pokedex Jigsaw Puzzle. This is a Pokemon themed puzzle that can range from instant, kid-friendly activities to huge murals that can take them days to finish. To motivate them in completing this puzzle you can even set an interesting winning prize. This will encourage and challenge their mind, keeping them busy and distracted from unproductive work.

20.   Power Action Pikachu for the one who loves to hear pika -pika

The more you interact, the more dynamic will be the reaction. The Power Action Pikachu will give you different reactions based on how you play with it. Unlike a regular soft toy, it speaks, lights up the tail and cheeks and produces sounds. It can be an idle birthday or Christmas gift for the children of 3 years and more as they start interacting with their environment. They can play with it the whole day and cuddle it to sleep during the night. Add another memoir of ash in their pokemon plush collection.

21.   Pokèball Lunch Case for an interesting lunchtime

Eating lunch in school can never be stylish and cool. Make everyone around you jealous by being the first one to have this unique Pokèball Lunch Case. It has a ball body of 170 ml and container body of 140 ml along with a partition of 100% cotton. You can even get a customised pokemon mug and spoon to add grace to your tiffin time. This will be the best conversation starter with your classmates and soon you will be the talk of the whole batch. Isn’t it too cool to be true!

22.   Christmas Eevee Plush for something different

Snuggle time! The Christmas Eevee Plush has Eeveelution dress up forms that will make you have a gala time like you never had by dressing up the cute Eevee. Dressings up and playing with Barbie dolls are too overrated. Get your girl a Christmas Eevee Plush this Christmas and introduce her to an adventurous world of pokemon. Dress, play and cuddle!

23.   Exeggutor Planter Flower Pot for preaching gardening

Growing a tree is the most virtue-work which reflects the morals and personality development of a child. As a parent, you need to teach the essential roles played by nature in our life. To make this job more interesting and engaging, Exeggutor Planter Flower Pot comes with a tiny drainage hole to incorporate a real plant. Together you can grow a plant which will benefit both your relationship and nature. Later, you can also use it as a storage stand for pens, brushes or any other object.

24.   Mega Construx Pokemon Every Eevee Evolution! Pack for the whole wide Eevee collection

There are many pokemon block building boxes set with many pokemon characters but very few from Mega Construx. The all-new Mega Construx Pokemon Every Eevee Evolution Pack is a unique rare set that comes with multiple creatures of Eevee form. With the help of this box, you can build whatever you feel like. From piky yellow Jolteon to calm blue Vaporeon and bright orange Flareon! Once you are done with assembling and building you can show off your creation by placing them on a showcase for your friends and guests to see. You can even play with these action figures among your friends.

25.   Pokemon Season 1 The Complete Collection DVD something they will treasure

Is nostalgia hitting hard? Re-watch the part from where it all started. The Pokemon Season 1 the Complete Collection DVD has all the beginning episodes of your favourite anime series. This can be the best souvenir for an old soul person who likes to collect DVDs and watch them whenever he wants unlike streaming on Netflix. The episodes will start with the full introduction of the main leads- Ash, Brock and Misty and how their adventure started. With Brock, Misty and Pikachu at his side, the audience will get to witness Ash’s dream of becoming the best Pokemon trainer. Sit back and relax to live their journey of winning Gym Badges and more. Friends, foe, breakups, fight and whatnot, you will get to experience them all.

26.   18-Inch Slowpoke Plush to profoundly show your love

In the world of ominous red eye Dusclops be someone’s soft squishy Slowpoke. Gift your loved one this gigantic 18-Inch Slowpoke Plush as a metaphor for love and warmness this pokemon depicts.  It is so huge that he or she can cuddle all night long when you are not around. This might make them feel your warmness and presence beside them. It is made from soft microfiber fabric and a super squishy stuffing that makes it hands down the best plush.

27.   Pokeball Herb Grinder for the home ground chefs

The Pokeball Herb Grinder is a hard core kitchen tool that will enable you to grind from clove to nutmeg. The appearance of a Pokeball might fool you, but inside it has three large pieces of herb grinder that are crafted with zinc alloy and quality aluminium. Apart from being a kitchen tool, you can use it as a decorative item for the one who loves pokemon. It is also beneficial for the ones who feel to avoid pre-grinded spices. It will feel as if you are holding a real Pokeball. First, fool your guest and shock them later.

28.   Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball LED Lamp for the adults’ collection

When someone says a pokemon themed night lamp, they generally mean that childish and cartoony stuff. Unlike those, the Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball LED Lamp is a classy night lamp that can be perfect to add in an adult’s collection. Its ball is crafted from a high grade k9 crystal and 3d laser engraving technology. The gleaming crystal sphere glows with gentle, laser-focused LED lights from a metal base plate which makes the colour subtle and sophisticated. It is time to impress your guests with this cool 3D Crystal Ball LED Lamp which might not even look like pokemon merchandise unless looked closely.

29.   Pokemon Felties Kit for infusing creativity in their mind

What can be an idle way to avoid them from marathon watching of their favourite cartoons and shows? What about infusing some of their favourite cartoon characters in their craftwork? The Pokemon Felties Kit can be the answer to all your prayers. When it is raining cats and dogs but you do not want your kids glued to TV screens, get them energetic with this pokemon based Felties Kit. It is not only creative but will make them learn how to work with needles and threads. Get started on soft and easy-to-make felties by creating with them their sixteen favourite Pokemon characters.

30.   The Pokemon Cookbook for all the little chefs

Does your kid enjoy cooking?  Let him know how much his talent is important by encouraging him to think and cook beyond regulars. Get him The Pokemon Cookbook and let him show off his culinary skills on his Instagram feed. The book has 35 easy and fun recipes that will help him cook picture worthy yet tasty pokemon characters.  Even you can use it as a recipe book for making fancy for your kid’s birthday party. Let everyone know who the coolest mom in the town is.

31.   Kids’ Headphones With Pikachu Ears for the music lovers

This Kids’ Headphones with Pikachu Ears is a must-have gift for your special little one. It features an adorable VoliBolt design that is inspired from the pikachu character’s ears. It is an idle gift recommended for children ages 3-8. Surprise your music enthusiast kids and jazz up their life with this cool headphone. The bright yellow colour will seek all the attention that he craves for. This gift will definitely send them into paroxysms of joy on Christmas or their birthday morning.

32.   Moleskine Limited Edition Pokemon Notebook for the pokemon nerds

Geeks alert! What if we say that you can have your favourite pokemon-themed stationary in a much more durable product unlike those untidy breakable erasers or those not-so-useful posters? Now jot down your notes in style inside your Moleskine Limited Edition Pokemon Notebook. It comes with the heavy, hard-bound cover and thick ivory pages to keep your study material safe and sound. Doodle, paint or study, do whatever you feel like in this dreamy notebook.

33.   Women’s Snorlax Crew Cut Socks for all the dreamers and dozers

Express without saying through the Women’s Snorlax Crew Cut Socks. These are a perfect pair of socks for the days when you want to snuggle the whole day in your bed. Let your husband know your mood and sleep guiltlessly all day long while he performs house chores. It is made from yarn material and with the targeted arch compression your entire length of the foot will get support. Do not be only lazy, but be stylish lazy!

34.   Pocket Monster Starter Shot Glass Set for bottoms up

Cheers to their successful training by drinking through a customised Pocket Monster Starter Shot Glass Set. With each one having 1.5 ounces of capacity, there are four glasses with printed characters of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and our cute little Pikachu. Bring out the zinger in the party by serving shots to your guest in these glasses. For the best enhanced look try to pour the colourful liquid. Cheers to life!

35.   Pokemon Bath Bombs Gift Set for a relaxing yet exciting bath

A true Pokemon trainer has to undergo rigorous training on the battlefield. At the end of the day, they are all covered with dust and dirt with smelly sweat. Take your love for pokemon in your bathtub and let the bath bombs do their job. They will not only remove dirt and dust, but the shea butter and coconut oil will also comfort your skin while Epsom salt will exfoliate your pores to detoxify you from head to toe. Light some scented candles and play some music to enjoy the suspense of a slowly-dissolving pokemon bath bomb with a surprise toy inside.

36.   45-Piece Pokemon Vinyl Sticker Pack for sticker hoarders

Be a charm to the pokemon lover by giving him these delightful 45-Piece Pokemon Vinyl Sticker Pack. These are especially assorted to be pasted on cars, windows, lockers and laptops. Let the world know how much you love pokemon and use it as an excellent conversation starter. Each of these 45 stickers is different and unique. From mighty Hitmonlee to cute little Pikachu, there is one for every type of personality person. Get the one who’s water bottles, cupboard, study tables and bedroom wall is full of stickers from their favourite anime.

37.   Gyarados Versus Charizard Art Print Poster in the remembrance of an epic battle

Charizard is the black horse among all the ash’s pokemon. It never fails to impress with its voracious fighting skills and sense of sacrifice for his co-partners. Frame the epic battle between Gyarados Versus Charizard through this beautifully aesthetic illustration. This is a perfect poster for grown-ups due to its behemoth graphic designs. You can even gift and inspire your loved one who loves to paint. The strokes of brushes and choices of colour palette make it a pokemon masterpiece.

38.   Pokemon Go Umbreon Floor Rug as a low-maintenance solution

Kick in the dark mysterious Pokemon glamour home by getting a Pokemon Go Umbreon Floor Rug. Apart from a print of oriental-inspired circle of Pokeballs and evolved Umbreon forms, the rug comes with three separate layers which feature softness, stability and noise absorption respectively. The best part is the easy cleaning and maintenance. You can even gift it to your friend as it is also a nice option for adding a classy interior touch to their house.

39.   Ash Ketchum Unisex Adult Baseball Cap for the hidden lovers

Are you a grown-up adult that still is a diehard pokemon lover but too old to wear bright yellow beanies or onesie? Well, Ash Ketchum Unisex Adult Baseball Cap is all you are looking for. It is a decent red and white cap with the same ash cap’s logo embezzled on it. But unlike other merchandise, it is not loud or a gag, which makes it a safer option to show your support for pokemon in a hidden way. You can collect all your Ash lover friends and form a trademark baseball team with this as your uniform cap.

40.   Pikachu Cosplay Deadpool Model for two in one experience

Do you want your gift to stand out and be different from the rest? Be the hero of the party by getting a mix of two iconic pop culture i.e. Pikachu Cosplay Deadpool Model. It is a Pikachu disguised in the signature red suit of Deadpool. Isn’t it cool? It is like playing with two different figures at a single time. You can even call it your “Pikapool”. See the sparkle in his eyes while he proudly places this guardian on his shelf, cabinet or table. You cannot take this one lightly as it comes with a deadly tool belt. If you like it this much, get one for yourself and give a touch of class to your collection.

If I were the one to choose, my one of the most favourite pokemon gifts is the Pokemon Season 1 The Complete Collection DVD. For me nothing is more relaxing than putting a DVD, sit back and relax with a chilled beer and watch my favourite show. Choose your favourite gifts and surprise your loved one with a cute smile. Our list delves on useful gifts items for both kids and adults. If you have more points to be added in the list, then contact us on our contact page. Do not forget to like and share our article.

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