34 Self-Care Gifts For Anyone Stressed Over 2022 – It’s Time To Pamper!

2020 has been a stressful year. It had more action and craziness than most people have seen in their lifetime. Anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Your loved ones are long overdue for some much-needed self-care. Why not show them you care by getting them one of these self-care gifts?

Self-care varies from person to person. Some people do self-care through exercise. Others prefer to relax with aromatherapy. No matter how they define it, you are sure to find perfect self-care gifts from the 34 options on this list. And don’t worry if you feel like buying one of these for yourself. Chances are you’re overdue for a relaxing session yourself.

I’m not telling you what to buy. But if I had to choose items from this list, these would definitely be my top 5:

1. Mindfulness Cards

This is the perfect gift for anyone who tends to get overwhelmed.

This deck will help your loved one press the reset button in their mind. When things get too overwhelming, all they have to do is take a card from the deck. These cards are full of inspirational phrases and small exercises. Together, these will help in practicing mindfulness and decreasing stress levels.

2. Tea Drops

Here’s the T about tea – it is freaking delicious!

And that’s not all. Tea is associated with stress relief which makes this one of the great self-care gifts. These flavorful tea drops are so easy to make. You don’t need a tea bag or extra sweeteners. All you need is one tea drop and a mug of boiling water!


3. Therapy Lamp

Know someone who has trouble sleeping? Chances are they need this lamp.

Sunlight has a lot to do with or sleep-wake cycle. But what about those who spend most of their time indoors? This lamp will save their life! It’s simple to operate. The user turns it on during the day and the light will act as a makeshift sun. This gift is bound to improve a bad sleep schedule. 

4. Pillow Mist

Has the smell of fresh linens ever made you feel better? Get that feeling without washing your sheets.

This pillow mist is perfect to gift someone who is into aromatherapy. A light spray over linens and pillows is all that one needs to create a relaxing environment. The mix of eucalyptus and spearmint helps clear and refresh the mind. Stress, who?

5. Water Bottle

Does a water bottle count as a self-care gift? This one definitely does!

This isn’t your average plain water bottle. This 1-liter bottle not only reminds one to stay hydrated but encourages it too! The bottle is marked by milestones. For every milestone that you complete, the bottle congratulates and motivates you. This is the perfect gift for those who can’t get their 2-liters a day.

6. Wellness Planner

One of the best ways to feel less overwhelmed is to start organizing your life.

This wellness planner gets you there. With 6 months’ worth of pages, this log will help with setting reachable goals. Whether it’s losing weight or setting a sleep schedule, this planner will help. The inspirational quote and sticker sheet will make organizing one’s life all the more fun!

7. Self-Care Stickers 

Remember how exciting it was when your teacher gave you a sticker? That feeling of appreciation felt good.

Help bring back those feelings with this beautiful set of self-care stickers. With over 100 stickers per set, remind your loved one that they are worthy of love and appreciation. The unique designs vary from inspirational phrases to self-care reminders. Pair this with the wellness planner above for a wonderful gift.

8. Fitbit Tracker

The Kurt Adler is a 12.5 inch wooden Boy Scout nutcracker, wearing a scout uniform with pockets, tie, medal, and American flag detailing print painting on the shirt. The scout is also holding a large American flag depicting the glory of the nation and is standing on a wooden base adorned with the fleur-de-lis. This is a great gift for the scouts and brave children. It can also be given as a gift on completion of scouting years as a beacon of his Pride. 

9. Floor Chair

Meditation is touted as the best way to achieve relaxation in one’s life. But sitting on the floor for an hour will lead to some sore muscles.

Don’t let your loved ones get discouraged! With this floor chair, meditation got a lot better. No more back pain or slouching with this chair’s state-of-the-art back support. The back can be adjusted in 5 positions, so this chair is for EVERYONE!

10. Finger Labyrinth

Some people struggle with focusing and that makes them upset. 

Instead of getting annoyed with them, gift them this beautiful finger labyrinth. This meditation tool is superb at relaxing the mind and improving concentration. All you have to do is trace the path with your finger. It’s so simple, even for a child! And that’s why this one is one of many self-care gifts for people of all ages.

11. Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Himalayan salt crystals have been used to ease feelings of unease.

These crystals are hollowed out to make room for light bulbs. This creates a soft and warm light. Many people believe that these lamps help with their anxiety and insomnia. I can’t say much about that. But what I do know for sure is that the beautiful shape and the comforting light do make me feel more relaxed.

12. Bath Tray

Taking a bath has to be the easiest self-care ritual.

I’ll be honest. The first time I took a bath for self-care, I was bored out of my mind. That’s because I didn’t have this gorgeous bamboo bath tray. Set this up over the sides of a bath and they will have entertainment for hours! The tray can hold a mobile, a book, skincare products, and even food!

13. Massage Rings

Have you ever been so tense you started massaging your fingers?

The truth is that massaging your fingers can actually help relieve tension. So why not get these massage rings for your stressed friend? These acupressure rings stimulate your fingers. By doing so, they help to increase energy levels and improve concentration. They need to slide it up and down their finger.

14. Yoga Mat

Remember how I said people have different ideas of self-care? A yoga mat is for almost everyone.

Know someone who likes hardcore Pilates? This mat can withstand that. Or you know someone who enjoys long yoga sessions. This mat is thick enough that it won’t hurt elbows or knees. With six gorgeous color options, don’t miss out on this awesome gift.

15. Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are ALL the rage now!

And they should be too. Researchers have touted the calming benefits of these books. This journal is full of pictures, activities, and inspirational phrases. These self-care gifts are perfect for those with difficult feelings and thoughts.

16. Portable Light Therapy Lamp

Does anyone remember trying to capture sunlight in a jar as kids? Well, this may not be exactly like that, but it’s pretty close.

Sunlight is important and people don’t get enough. Light therapy lamps are the next best way to get that much-needed light. This lamp can be carried around while traveling. So be a good friend and bring some light to a loved ones life.

17. Electric Toothbrush

For some, self-care is too hard. They can’t get into the routine and feel overwhelmed.

I have the thing for people like that – an electric toothbrush. Chances are that the person you are gifting already brushes their teeth. Why not make that a luxurious moment? This toothbrush has 5 different modes such as cleaning, whitening, and gum care. Using this toothbrush will make them feel better!

18. Scented Candle

What comes to your mind when you think of self-care? A spa? Sitting on a yoga mat? Taking a bath?

All these have one thing in common – a scented candle. Scented candles can transform the energy in a room. It can make someone feel relaxed and stress-free. Don’t forget the eucalyptus and spearmint oils in this candle. They promise to clear your mind and refresh it.

19. White Noise Machine

Some people have trouble sleeping. For some, it’s the inability to drift off. For others, they are distracted by noises in their house.

This white noise machine is their solution. With 6 different sounds, this machine will mask out other irritating noises. The soothing sounds will help them drift off. This will ensure they wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

20. Introvert Self-Care

People feel like the current situation is ideal for introverts. No leaving the house, limited interactions, and social distancing.

The truth is that introverts are hard hit too and they are struggling to let people know. Help out the introverts in your life with this incredible self-care book. From exercises to skincare, this book offers a plethora of self-care gifts options!

21. Passion Journal

So many people want to start living healthy lives and need the right push.

This book is what they need to do that. This wellness journal allows people to set goals and track their progress over time. From exercise to personal goals, this journal will keep them on track. So why not gift this to a loved one – it’s even rated 4.8/5 for giftability!

22. Fragrance Diffuser

This gift is for those who love the smell of nature in their house

With 20 fragrance options, this gift is fantastic for those who want to feel a little fancy. The diffuser itself is gorgeous – modern, yet elegant. And the smells are sure to make anyone feel relaxed and happy. Best of all, the whole thing lasts for 90 days! Goodbye air fresheners, hello fragrance diffusers.

23. Heart Pillow

For some people, self-care could be lying in bed and crying into a pillow.

And that is okay. Sometimes, people need a good cry to let out all their emotions and move on. Show them you love them with a plush heart-shaped pillow! It’s soft and comfortable – perfect for a cry sesh.

24. Skincare Fridge

A spa day is considered the epitome of self-care. But not everyone can afford that.

What they can do instead is use their own skincare products and give themselves an at-home spa day. This mini-fridge is such a cute gift for those that love skincare! This fridge is small and convenient. From serums to moisturizers to face masks, this fridge can hold it all!

25. Tea Kettle

After a long and stressful day, it’s best to kick back with a soothing cup of tea.

This electric tea kettle can boil water faster than any microwave or stovetop. This kettle even comes with ceramic options that give a classy touch to any kitchen. If your friend isn’t into the ceramic look, the copper chrome option is the way to go. I would love to own the white marble one.

26. Bath Bombs

Your friend bombed a presentation at work. Why not surprise them with a bath bomb?

And not any bath bombs. These lush ones go up to 10 ounces and filled with relaxing essential oils. But that’s not the surprise. The surprise is the beautiful ring inside the bath bomb. A luxurious bath and jewelry? Your friend will love you for this.

27. Gold Eye Masks

Stress can cause exhaustion. This fatigue appears on the face in the form of dull skin, wrinkles, and dark circles.

No one wants the puffy eyes and dark circles that make it look like they haven’t slept in days. There’s a simple solution – these gold eye masks. In 15 minutes, the area under their eyes will become hydrated and moisturized. Continuous use will reduce dark circles and fine lines.

28. Bath Salts

Do you remember that Friends episode where Monica and Chandler are fighting over a bath? What made that bath so relaxing were the bath salts.

These bath salts have up of Himalayan pink salt, ylang-ylang, and vanilla. These calming elements provide relaxation to the body and mind. The aromatherapeutic experience rivals what one can get at a spa.

29. Bedtime Tea

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to be completely relaxed.

This is what these bedtime tea promises. The relaxing smell and herbal taste are designed to relieve people of stress and anxiety. One cup of this soothing tea an hour before bed and a good night’s sleep is sure to come.

30. Glass Tea Set

Want to know the secret to be happy? It’s this gorgeous glass tea set.

This award-winning tea set will make anyone feel like they’re having tea with the Queen of Britain. Be it flowering tea or steeping fruit waters, this tea set is perfect for tea lovers. The added candle warmer at the bottom is a beautiful addition.

31. Clay Soap Bar

Sometimes all one needs to feel better is a good long shower.

The feeling of scrubbing all the dirt and impurities away makes one feel like a brand new person! This pink clay soap bar helps clean and soften skin without drying it out. Gift this to your friend. They’ll love the fragrant smell they’re left with.

32. Laser Removal System

Waxing and shaving is a pain in the ass for those who don’t have the time or funds.

For those, you can’t give them better self-care gifts than this laser removal system. This device helps permanently remove unwanted hair all over the body! It’s an easy and painless hair removal system. And it doesn’t cause problems like redness and ingrown hairs.

33. Nail Polish Kit

Girls (and guys) just want to have fun.

And what better way to have fun than with a manicure and pedicure. This beautiful set contains everything one could want. 4 beautiful gel polishes, manicure tools, and a mini nail dryer lamp! So what are you waiting for? Gift this to your friend before it’s all sold out!

34. The Spirit Almanac

Self-care isn’t some modern-day fad created by ‘lazy’ millennials. It has been around for centuries.

A lot of our modern self-care rituals actually originate from ancient times. Help a self-care newbie learn about all these rituals with the Spirit Almanac. This illustrated book teaches all about meditation, aromatherapy, and more! These soul-enriching rituals are easy to follow and needed in these stressful times.

And that’s it! Those were 34 amazing self-care gifts. If I had to choose, I would go for the Laser Removal System. Skipping waxing and shaving for this painless method is too good to be true. What was your favorite item on the list? Are you planning on buying something for a loved one or for yourself? Let me know down in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article.

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