Tennis gifts – 33 Gifts For Your Tennis-Fanatic To Choose From [2022]

So it’s happened again, huh? You’ve bought tennis gifts or tennis-themes present for a loved one and accidentally discovered that three other people bought the same gift! Now you’re scouring the internet trying to find something! Well, you’ve come to the right place. This list of 33 Tennis Gifts will make your gift the hit of the party.

Tennis-fanatics love the game. But they’re probably tired of getting a can of tennis balls each year. Why not gift them with the best tennis gifts in their lives. So get them a tennis ball machine instead so they can practice the game even better? Or a beautiful tennis bracelet? Whatever it is they want, you’ll definitely find it in this list of Tennis Gifts!

These 5 always seem to be a hit especially tennis gifts for him/ tennis gifts for her:

1. The Stylish Life – $$$

Tennis is more than a game; it’s an entire culture. The game has been played for centuries now and it’s social influence keeps evolving. It went from a rich person’s game to a global sport. 

With this book, your tennis loving friend can read all about their favourite sport! From reading about tennis legends to learning more about Wimbledon, this book is educational and highly entertaining and could be a great women’s tennis gifts

2. Tennis Gloves – $

Clutching a tennis racquet for hours every day causes some real wreckage to one’s hands. This glove is here to save the day!

This glove helps maximize grips as well as promote a lighter one. Not only does it reduce fatigue, but it also absorbs sweat. All ensuring win-worthy matches and no cramping in the hands later and makes good tennis themed gifts.

3. TopSpin Pro – $

This is the ideal gift for anyone who is into tennis for recreational reasons and tennis accessories gifts. From beginners to pros, this gift is for everyone!

The TopSpin Pro helps teach and practice a multitude of tennis techniques. Practicing these techniques helps one know at exactly which angle to hit the ball and how hard to make sure it stays in the court!

4. Tennis Ball Machine – $

One may be the loneliest number, but it’s a necessary number when it comes to playing sports. Who wants to be distracted in the middle of an intense game by nonsensical jibber jabber? 

But at the same time, how to practice a two-person sport without another person. The solution to these problems is found in this tennis ball machine. It powers out dozens of tennis balls sequentially so one can do some practice drills. From height to speed to angle, this machine is fully adjustable too makes good tennis-related gifts. Comes under the best tennis gifts ever.

5. Tennis Ball Dryer – $$$

This gift was voted the best tennis gadget for its versatility and its usefulness.

The gadget performs a very simple task – it keeps tennis balls dry. Now, this may seem pointless tennis gifts to you and I, but tennis players know how important that is. It even comes with a measure tape which can be used to measure the height of the net! It makes carrying tennis balls around easier and while playing it can even be used to keep drinks cool.

6. Adult Tennis Racquet – $$$

This should be fairly straightforward tennis gifts to give. But it’s also one of the most valuable. Tennis racquets aren’t known for their durability and playing with old worn ones does no favors to one’s game.

This racquet is made of high-quality materials, from its alloy frame to its stop shock sleeves. There are 15 options to choose from, many of which were inspired by tennis tournaments or players.

7. Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re ever watched a tennis match, you would know that tennis players spend a lot of time looking up at the sky. That’s where the tennis ball usually is. Hence this next tennis gifts.

The sun can be a big issue at times like this. It can impair one’s vision and cause serious mistakes. All that can be prevented with this pair of polarized sunglasses. These lightweight glasses significantly reduce the glare from the sun. Make sure no shots are missed because of a few sun rays.

8. Tennis Air Tee

Are you buying this tennis gift for a young child? This tennis air tee is the PERFECT gift for them!

The concept is so simple, yet so brilliant. The gadget is placed vertically and blows air at a certain pressure. Hold a tennis ball above that and the ball will float in the air. This is the perfect way for a young player to focus on hitting the ball at certain angles and force instead of worrying about timing or serving.

9. Mental Warfare in Tennis – $

Does tennis seem like a calm sport to you? Well, you are wrong about that. 

From fighting with the competition to breaking racquets, tennis has its own share of primadonnas. And every tennis player yearns to learn from them. This book covers the best tactics used by the best players in the game! From Serena Williams to Andy Murray, this book shares extraordinary tips and tricks on how to be the best.

10. Velocity Speed Gun – $$

A big part of tennis is the serve speed, i.e. how fast the ball is going when first served. The fastest recorded serve speed is 253 km/h! 

Wouldn’t it be cool if your friend could beat that record? But how will they do that without a speed gun? Good thing you’re going to their next part with a wrapped speed gun in your hands.

11. Glow in the Dark balls- $

Everyone loves getting the same old tennis balls for their tennis playing friends. They end up with mounds of the same old bright yellow ball. How boring!

Be different. Get them a tennis ball they will actually enjoy. And that’s where these glow-in-the-dark balls come in! These balls are designed to be played in low-light areas and during the cold weather. 

12. Tennis Balls – $$

Okay, yes. I know I just talked down about tennis balls.

But these aren’t just any old tennis balls. These are America’s Number 1 tennis balls! It’s even the official ball for USTA leagues! While these balls are best suited for hard courts, they can also be used on sofit courts and indoors. These balls promise unmatched consistency and durability compared to all other tennis balls.

13. Tennis Racquet – $$

This racquet is simply unmatched. 

You can’t play tennis without an excellent racquet. This racquet is designed to withstand the impact of being hit by a ball. It ensures no vibration and gives a rock-solid feel throughout. Comes in various sizes for all kinds of players!

14. Tennis string straightener – $

The strings in a tennis racquet are the most vulnerable.

They endure the impact of ball after ball, as well as the anger of the player throwing their racquet to the ground. Those strings tend to bend out of shape, which is never a good thing. This string straightener will quickly straighten strings and keep them in top shape. All ensuring one’s equipment is at its very best.

15. US Open Tennis Book – $

Released on the US Open’s 50th Anniversary, this book talks all about one of the world’s most famous tennis tournaments.

From key moments to electrifying personalities, this book covers it all in exquisite detail. From top players to journalists to photographers – dozens of people have contributed to make this book what it is.

16. Tennis Ball Holder – $

Most people like to hold their tennis balls in their pockets. But if there’s one thing every girl has ensured, it’s the lack of pockets in their clothes.

This garment solves that problem. This band fits over the top of one’s shorts or skirts and is used to hold up to 2 tennis balls. The band is designed to keep the balls perfectly still so they don’t bounce around or fall.

17. Giant Tennis Ball – $

Every tennis player + pet owner understands the need for this gift.

Pets like dogs and cats just love to play with tennis balls. From fetch to just chewing them, it’s their favorite game! Of course, that doesn’t do any favors to the poor tennis balls. This massive tennis ball is the best solution out there. Not only will it keep pets out of your tennis ball stash, it’s a lot of fun too!

18. Portable Ping Pong Set – $

The fun thing about tennis is how it has transferable skills. A tennis player is likely to be as good in badminton and ping pong too.

Ping pong is a time treasured sport. To be played with family and friends alike, either in the comfort of one’s home or at a frat party. It’s also a great tennis gift that doesn’t have anything to do with actual tennis!

19. Tennis Ball Cart – $

This is a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time at the tennis court.

Enough wasting time searching for balls and trying to keep them in one place. This cart can hold up to 150 tennis balls! Just fill it up and reach in when you need a ball fast. Convenient and useful too!

20. Tennis Training System

This gadget is a great way to practice tennis.

This gadget is meant for players of all levels and ages. Whether used at the court or indoors, this will help improve skills magnifold! It claims to improve shots by 40% and can teach over 30 different skills! All they need is 5 minutes a day to improve skills, power, and accuracy.

21. Compression Socks        

CRAMPS. CRAMPS. CRAMPS! Oh, the unholy pain!

Getting cramps anytime is painful. But getting them while playing a game of tennis is a whole new level of pain and anguish. These compression socks are not only recommended by doctors; trainers also use them to help their players. It offers quick pain relief and is comfortable too!

22. #baller Tennis Hat

This is a hilarious gift for anyone that plays tennis.

This stylish black cap has the word “#baller” written on it. The round part of the letter “b” is in the shape of a tennis ball. This is a fun tennis gift that is quite useful too. They’ll definitely be the popular one at the next game when they walk in with this hat.

23. Athletic Socks – $

Running around so much equals some pretty sweaty feet. And sweaty feet means stinky shoes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to reduce that? These athletic socks are the way to go. These socks are not just stylish and comfortable. They’re also highly breathable and prevent irritation. Get them in a multitude of color options.

24. Tennis Cheese Spreaders – $

Perfect for tennis players, tennis fans, and tennis parties!

Why should kids get all the fun with their themed birthday parties? Elsa on plates, Elsa on balloons, Elsa everywhere! These tennis cheese spreaders bring the fun back into themed parties. In this set of 4, 2 spreaders have tennis balls and 2 have tennis racquets.

25. Pressurized Tennis Ball Storage – $

This is a necessity in every tennis player’s gym bag.

Tennis balls tend to lose their viability over time. This is mostly due to being hit constantly with a tennis racquet. But it’s also due to them rubbing against each other in storage bags. This pressurized can kepps tennis balls kept tightly in place and prevent air from seeping out or in.

26. Microfiber towel – $

With all the running around, tennis players tend to build up quite a sweat. 

Tissues are too flimsy, towels are too much of a hassle to carry, and wet wipes leave the face feeling dry. These microfiber towels are worth the investment. They easily absorb sweat and instantly dry. They also don’t take a lot of space and are easy to carry around.

27. Hair Elastic Set – $

Most girls love long hair. What no girl likes is hair getting in the way during an intense tennis match.

Most elastic bands are rough and contribute to hair damage and hairfall. These elastic bands are much better for the hair. They avoid tearing at the scalp and damaging hair. They even have cute tennis motifs on them, which is pretty cool.

28. Foot Rocker

Playing sports has a big toll on feet. With all the running and tripping and standing, it’s very easy to get strained leg muscles.

This foot rocker is the ideal tennis gift. The rocker gently rocks the foot, helping to stretch it and relieve pain. From improving circulation to reducing fatigue, this rocker is incredibly useful.

29. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs – $

After a long tiring day, most tennis players just want a nice hot bath to soothe their sore muscles.

Make their baths even more epis with these incredible bath bombs! They are literally in the shape of tennis balls and even come in a canister. Tennis gifts don’t really get much better than this.

30. Tennis Mug – $

This cheeky stainless steel mug is the ideal gift for someone who loves their little drinks.

The mug is black with a cheeky line written on the outside. It even has a wine glass with a tennis ball inside it. It keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and tennis players happy!

31. Tennis Bracelet – $

This is a luxurious gift for any tennis player that likes their jewelry.

This silver-plated bracelet has 4 tennis-themed charms on it. It’s a beautiful and elegant gift that would look spectacular on anyone’s wrist. It even comes with a pretty pouch to make the whole gift complete.

32. Tennis Ball Ornament – $

This is the perfect Christmas present for a person that loves tennis!

Christmas trees hold a dear place in every household. Nearly every family has at least one ornament which they are emotionally attached to. This tennis ball ornament can be one of them too. A gift from a loved one in the shape of something they love is the best gift one can get.

33. Tennis Lovers Wine Glass – $

Tennis players need to be in top shape all the time. That means no drugs, no alcohol, and no junk food.

But even the best players like to relax at times and kick back with a drink. This small wine glass is the perfect tennis gifts for such people. It is completely clear with no stem. It has an image of 2 wine glasses on the front.

And that is that! 33 gorgeous tennis gifts for someone who adores tennis! My personal favourite would have to be the Tennis Ball BATH BOMBS! Who wouldn’t want to soak in a hot bath with little tennis balls everywhere?

Did you like this list? Do you have any suggestions yourself? Let me know on my Contact Me page! And if you REALLY liked this list, then be sure to share it with your friends and family!

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