34 turtle gifts for someone who REALLY loves turtles ❤

Turtles are one of the most magnificent animals in the entire world! They come in all shapes and sizes from land-dwelling to those that reside in the sea. Turtles make great pets. They aren’t just boring animals that spend their whole time eating and sleeping in their shell. They can actually be pretty hilarious too. These Turtle Gifts will you fall in love with them all over again.

Do any of your friends have a pet turtle? In this list of 34 turtle gifts, you’ll find the perfect gift for them! From jewellery to clothes to games, this list is full of unique and fun gifts that any turtle lover would adore!

Check out my top 5:

1. Turtle Mug – $

There are mugs for everything nowadays! For cat lovers, Harry Potter lovers, and even Netflix lovers!

So why shouldn’t there be one for turtle lovers? Luckily, there is one and you can buy it for a loved one! This ceramic mug is white with black drawings of turtles and on it. Your friend doesn’t like tea or coffee? Imagine how cute their turtle would look inside this mug!

2. Turtle Statue Set – $

You’ve got your dog statues. You’ve got your cat figurines. Make way for these turtle statues!

This set of 4 has the most adorable turtles in existence. Green in colour, each turtle is holding a placard with funny turtle-themed phrases. These statues work great as decorations for the house and can even be used as cake toppers!

3. Turtle Jewelry Box – $

Remember Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo? Well, they’re a jewelry box now.

Don’t worry – no turtles, animated or otherwise, were hurt in the making of this box. This handmade rhinestone-encrusted jewellery box can easily hold one’s rings, necklaces, and earrings. The jewellery box comes with a gift box, making it an easy and convenient turtle gifts.

4. Rock Pet – $

We’ve all seen it. A kid really wants a pet and their parents won’t let them have one. So they resort to making a random rock their pet.

Well, this is kind of like that. Except better. This rock is shaped like an actual turtle! This gift even comes with a set of paints and paintbrushes. So now, you not only have a rock the shape of a turtle. You can paint it to look like a real one too!

Does your loved one like hosting turtle-themed parties? This gift is for them.

This cookie cutter cuts biscuits into the shape of cute little sea turtles. Once baked, these cookies can be decorated with icing. Your artistic friend will love transforming plain turtle-shaped cookies into brightly coloured realistic turtle-shaped cookies!

6. Cell Phone Purse – $

You’re not a real pet owner until you go around showing people pictures of your pet. Turtle owners are no different.

Make that moment all the cooler with this turtle-themed cell phone bag. This turquoise-coloured leather bag is adorned with small stones that form a sea turtle. When someone pulls their phone out of this turtle-themed bag to show turtle pictures, the other person will know they mean business.

7. Awkward Turtle Party Game – $

They say that people who own turtles are awkward. While that is certainly not true, this word game will make anyone awkward!

This game is similar to Taboo. Each player is given a word and the other players have to guess the word. This ice-breaker is a great game for adults to play and with 352 awkward words to play, it will be a LONG game!

8. Turtle Family Necklace – $

This is a wonderful gift to give to someone who is like family.

This sterling silver necklace shows a family of 3 turtles connected to one another. The entire necklace comes in 3 colour options from simple silver to gorgeous rose-gold. The necklace is built to last and is a symbol of health and long life.

9. Turtle Bottle Holder

Anyone into decorations loves having statues and figurines in their house. This figurine is at a whole different level.

The statue itself is of a turtle on its back. It has its hands outstretched as through grabbing air and its face is curved up. It doesn’t make much sense until you place a wine bottle between its hands. This upside-down turtle transforms into a fun little animal guzzling an entire bottle of wine! This novelty item is one of the brilliant turtle gifts.

10. Porcelain Statue – $

These blue colored statues are a great gift for anyone into sea life.

These two statues are porcelain versions of a starfish and turtle. They are wonderfully carved to appear nearly lifelike and are painted soothing blue and white colours. A great addition for anyone who likes beach decor or wants to decorate a fish tank.

11. Turtle Flower Pot – $

Who knew turtles could be so versatile?

This little statue is of a cute cartoonish green turtle with a brown shell. The shell has a hole in the middle to place potted plants of different varieties. This gift is perfect for anyone that likes animals and gardening. From home decoration to office decor, this gift can be placed anywhere.

12. Turtle Stoneware Mug – $

Drinking from this mug makes one feel like a princess from medieval times.

This stoneware mug is shaped somewhat like a mug. Its bright turquoise exterior is further enhanced by a small green turtle in the middle. This mug can hold over half a litre of liquid and looks pretty cool in your hands. 

13. Turtle Throw Blanket – $

This gift is perfect for children that have a pet turtle.

Children love to have things that follow a similar theme. If they love Frozen, they want to Elsa-themed everything. This throw blanket is a great gift for a kid that loves turtle-themed stuff. Not only is it soft and comfortable, but the design is also ethereal and beautiful. 

14. Turtle shaped chip and dip

Know someone having a turtle-themed party soon? Do your part and get them this awesome chip and dip dish.

This solid metal chip and dip dish is shaped like a turtle. It has several curves and sections to put all kinds of snacks and dips! The material helps keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Best of all, it’s 100% recyclable! You can’t love turtles and not care about the environment.

15. Turtle Charms Bracelet – $

This bracelet is no doubt one of my favorite! I just love wearing it whenever I go on beaches, it looks so classy and elegant with my lovely colorful dress on a sunny day. Just go for it blindly, you won’t going to get this premium quality for that much price!

16. Alex and Ani Charity By Design Turtle – $

This delicate turtle gift is full of love.

This silver bracelet is made up of several turtle-themed charms. Each one is separated by a beautiful blue and green charm which kind of reminds me of the sea. This is a wonderful and fashionable gift to give someone you love.

17. Turtle Wine Glasses

This is a great gift for someone who enjoys a small joke once every while.

These cool wine glasses come in a set of 4. They are clear glasses with various turtles imprinted on them. These stemless wine glasses are a great thing every wine and turtle lover needs to have in their kitchen.

18. Sterling Silver Turtle Necklace – $

This sterling silver necklace is bound to become a daily fashion statement.

The silver chain is weighed down by a silver turtle. The small reptile is perfectly made and delicately engraved with markings. It’s attached to the necklace in such a way that it appears to be ‘hanging on’ to it.

19. Turtle Tie – $

Who wants to wear boring ties anymore?

This tie is the perfect fashion statement for someone who wants to be seen as serious, but not too serious. It goes great with all business attire while still making them stand out from the crowd! The little green turtles really pop against the blue of the tie. 

20. Turtle Lunch Bag

This cute turtle bag will be one of the perfect turtle gifts for your friend to use in multiple situations. They can use it while going on a lovely picnic or on a casual office day! I bought this for my niece and she just loved it! Go on and make your turtle lover happy with this cute little turtle lunch box.

21. Marine Sea Turtle Lunchbag – $

Make lunchtime exciting again with this awesome lunch bag!

This lunch bag is insulated, so it keeps lunch warm or cool for long periods of time. The outside of the bag is completely decorated with a beautiful sea turtle in its natural habitat. Not only are they large enough to hold a grown man’s lunch, but they are also recyclable and eco-friendly!

22. Build Your Own Turtle – $

This is great for anyone into arts and crafts.

This wooden gift is a great indoor activity that can be played alone or with friends and family. Taking the small laser cut pieces of wood, the owner can create their own wooden model of a turtle! Once done, they can keep it as a souvenir or tear it down and make it all over again!

23. I Love Turtles Hoodie – $

This hoodie absolutely screams creativity.

There is no extra design on this hoodie. Just plain colours and “LOVE” written in large block letters. What makes it special? The letter “O” is replaced with a top-view image of a turtle. Subtle, but any turtle lover would greatly appreciate this gift.

24. Cast Iron Trivet 

For those that don’t know, a trivet is something that is placed between a hot dish and the dining table. This stops the dish from burning and damaging the table.

Trivets come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. This cast-iron one comes in the shape of a turtle! The top and bottom form the head and tail of the turtle. The middle holds the main trivet part and is surrounded by 4 feet. 

25. Turtle Blanket for Kids – $

I don’t know about you, but as a kid I would FIGHT for my Pokemon themed blanket. I don’t think you had a childhood if you didn’t have a themed blanket.

For the turtle loving kids out there, this is the themed blanket for them. The entire blanket is in the colour and pattern of a turtle’s shell. The sides of the blanket have four folds of cloth depicting the turtle’s feet. Adorable!

26. Turtle Wall Art – $

Digital art is the new thing nowadays. As it should be – have you seen this wall art?

This digital painting is of a sea turtle looking into the distance. But it isn’t painted on plain paper – it’s printed on the page of a dictionary! The gorgeous ethereal painting is complemented by the familiar view of an everyday dictionary. This is definitely a conversation starter.

27. Turtle Ceramic Cup – $

Imagine giving tea to a Turtle lover in this cup.

They drink a whole mug of delicious tea or coffee, only for it to end with an even bigger and better surprise! The bottom of this ceramic cup has a small ceramic turtle attached to it. They might like that more than the drink that was served!

28. Turtle Plush Toy 

Every child has grown up with a stuffed toy. One they remember fondly as they grow up.

This turtle plush toy right here is the toy they’re going to remember when they grow up. Cute and soft, this toy is perfect for all kinds of hugging and snuggling. Children won’t be able to go to bed without its little paws resting on their faces and amazing turtle themed gifts.

29. Turtle Paper Clips – $

Some of the gifts on this list are so silly, you just have to buy them!

Who would ever sit around and think “oh, I want some turtle-shaped paper clips”. But that’s the point. This gift is so unique and has so much novelty, the gift receiver won’t realise how badly they wanted one until they go it! These green-coloured turtle-shaped paper clips are unique turtle gifts!

30. Turtle Wooden Jewelry Box – $

Jewellery is a big part of one’s personality. So shouldn’t they keep it in a box that matches their personality too?

This box is just the thing for turtle and jewellery lovers. The wooden box has a beautifully painted sea turtle right at the top. It’s almost as though it’s there to protect the precious items inside. Find it on turtle gifts amazon.

31. Turtle Snow Globe – $

Throughout the ages, things have gained and lost popularity. Remember MySpace and Orkut? Barely – it’s been over a decade since I last used them.

One thing that hasn’t lost its novelty is snow globes in turtle merchandise. No matter what, everyone seems to enjoy them and love getting them as gifts. Get this turtle-themed snow globe for a loved one. Instead of snow, the globe fills with liquid and shimmery paper, making it seem like the turtle is in the sea.

32. Turtle Bathroom Wall Art – $

We spend so much time decorating our bedrooms and lounges, we forget one major room – the bathroom.

This turtle gift wall art will brighten up any loo in the house! Painted against thick wooden slabs, the turquoise turtles seem to be floating on water. The painting and the use of colours has a very calming effect.

33. Tipsy Turtle Figurine – $

This is an adorable addition to any figurine collection.

This statue shows a tiny baby turtle coming right out of its little shell. This is the ideal gift to get for someone who just got a turtle as a pet! The whole design is incredibly intricate and it is meticulously sculpted.

34. Crystal Turtle Ornaments – $

This is also a fabulous gift for anyone who is into collecting turtle themed ornaments.

Each of these tiny glass turtles is of a different colour, from green to blue to brown. Their tiny eyes and minuscule bodies make them a cute decoration for any room and sea turtle gifts

And that’s all! 34 incredible turtle gifts for someone that just can’t get enough of turtles! My favorite from this list just has to be the I Love Turtles Sweatshirt. It’s so creative and looks so comfortable. I love how it comes in different colors too. In fact, I may just get them for the next Save the Ocean event!

I really hope you enjoyed this list! If you did, please do share it with your friends and family. And let me know what you plan to buy and share feedback on my contact me page.

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