40 Gift Ideas For Your Next Virtual Yankee Swap 🎄 Let’s Surprise The Folks!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite time of the year – Christmas! Time to put up the Christmas tree and start buying gifts. One of my favorite parts of this gift-giving season is the Yankee swap and you need many Yankee Swap Gift Ideas for this trust me. I always find it hilarious when someone gets a gift they’re excited about and then have to swap it. I was so glad to learn that Yankee swaps are going virtual this year.

I do understand that Yankee swaps can be difficult too. You don’t know who is going to get your gift, so it has to be generic, but still interesting. Well don’t worry – I have composed an entire list of Yankee swap gift ideas! Everyone will love these gifts. Who doesn’t love memes or blankets?

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.     Personal Coffeemaker – $

One may be the loneliest number, but that isn’t a bad thing

This single-serve coffeemaker is a stylish addition to anyone’s home! The black machine goes with the stainless steel travel mug. This coffeemaker is ideal for those with a busy and active lifestyle. Press one button and your morning coffee is ready!

2.     Food Storage Set – $

Some think that gifts are the best part of Christmas. Others know it’s the food.

With all the cooking and parties, Christmas is a gorge-fest! But once those feasts are over, you know what’s left? A lot of leftovers! In cases like that, there’s no better gift than a set of food containers. This set is made up of 3 glass rectangular containers. Together, these containers can hold 20 cups worth of food!

3.     Yankee Swap Sweatshirt – $

Is it really Christmas without an ugly sweater?

I agree – it isn’t. These sweatshirts have the ugliest and most hilarious designs you could possible imagine. I’m talking Santa riding a dinosaur type funny! Your loved one will be embarrassed for years with one of these ridiculous sweatshirts. The 3D digital printing ensures that the design will last for a LONG time.

4.     Prosecco Pong Game – $

You’ve heard of beer pong. Now time for the Christmas version – prosecco pong.

This game is essential for a hilarious time with friends! The rules are the same as beer pong. Two people try throwing ping pong balls in glasses full of prosecco. Whenever someone takes a shot, the other has to drink. This gift will be loved by everyone – who doesn’t love to crack open the bubbly and have some fun?

5.     Adult Coloring Book – $

I know I’ve been hyping up Christmas. But honestly, it can actually be a very stressful time too.

Help your stressed out loved ones with this amazing coloring book set. Adult coloring books have been known to help people calm down and de-stress. This set of 3 has a variety of images such as animals, sceneries, and more. Time to break out the pencils and gel pens!

6.     Fondue Pot – $$

Melted Cheese. Melted Chocolate. Yum!

I cannot think of even a single person who would not LOVE this gift! A fondue pot has to be on every single person’s wish list. Just owning one makes you sound so elegant and classy. When in reality, you’re just dipping your hands into the delicious cheese or chocolate. This gift is classy, fun, and delicious!

7.     Never Have I Ever – $

Who knew making poor life decisions could be so rewarding?

This is the ultimate party game to play with friends and family alike. Take the opportunity to show off some of the crazy things you have done in your life. It’s also a great way to learn about other people. Make this your next Yankee swap gift and expect a night of fun in the future.

8.     Waffle Bowl Maker – $

Yes, you read that right. Waffle bowl.

This is SO much better than your average waffle. Make this bowl and fill it up with ice-cream, chocolate, fruits, and so much more! Once you’ve had this waffle bowl, you’ll never be able to go back to normal waffles. This beautiful gift is compact and comes in different colors. People will be battling it out for this gift.

9.     Power Bank – $

Christmas holidays are usually spent travelling. From friends and family’s houses to even traveling to different cities. That’s a lot of time to spend without charging your phone.

Help rid of the hassle of searching for a charging port with this portable power bank! It will keep any smartphone charged for days at a time. And not just phones – this can even charge tablets and laptops!

10.  Party Game for Meme Lovers – $

If you’re friends with people who don’t love memes, I have a question. Why?

Memes are the BEST thing that social media has given us. To joke about pop culture and current affairs is just what we need in this stressful world. Now it’s time to create your own memes! This party game has just one goal – create the funniest meme you can. This game is bound to create some hilarious and unforgettable moments.

11.  Pickle Flavored Candy Canes – $$

You’ve heard of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. But have you heard of pickle flavored candy canes.

You probably haven’t. Chances are the people you’re playing Yankee swap with haven’t either. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they receive this gift! They’ll probably spend the entire time looking to exchange it. If you’re looking for a fun time, this is the gift to get!

12.  Velvet Throw – $

Sitting by the fireplace, reading a book, and wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. Can you picture a more Christmas-y scene?

This velvet throw promises unbelievable warmth and softness. It even flips over into a warm Sherpa throw. The mix of cashmere and wool will give anyone the upmost warmth and comfort. The perfect Christmas gift.

13.  Roasted Nuts Basket – $

Remember when people used to roast nuts over the fireplace? What happened to that tradition?

Probably got replaced by this delicious nuts basket! This package is full of the best nits money can buy. From salty cashews to delectable pecans, this is the gift for everyone! So pop it in your Christmas shopping list and try not to steal a few.

14.  Adult Coloring Book – $

They say adult coloring books should be soothing and de-stressing. I say they should be fun!

And that’s exactly what one gets out of this coloring book – 37 drawings worth of fun! Prepare your friend to have the laugh of their life when they open up this hilarious gift. Full of intricate drawings, this book draws from real-life experiences and scenarios. Check it out – who knows what you might find.

15.  Multi-use Pen – $

The use of the pen has transformed. Previously, it was just a writing tool. Now, it can be used with tablets and smartphones too.

But who says you need 2 different pens to do that? Just buy this multi-use pen! This acts as both a ballpoint and a stylus for tabs and phones. So whether someone needs to write a letter or do some digital drawings, this is the pen for them.

16.  Care Package – $

Sometimes, all people need is for you to show them you care.

In that case, this care package is the perfect gift. This gift box is filled with 50 sweet and savory snacks. Perfect for post-feast snacking when you’re feeling peckish. Whether it’s for kids, parents, students, or office workers – this box is meant for anyone.

17.  Hand Cream Set – $

It’s winters and you know what that means – dry skin.

I personally HATE the feeling of dry hands. I can’t concentrate on anything else. I would love for someone to pamper me with this awesome hand care set. The set contains 2 hand creams, 1 cuticle cream, and a pair of gorgeous cotton gloves.

18.  WoodWick Candle – $

One thing I love about Christmas movies is the sound of the fire crackling in the background.

You don’t get to see a lot of grand fireplaces anymore. No worries, just get this candle instead. This candle’s fragrance can last for 100 hours! But the coolest part is that it mimics the sound of fire crackling. This is the perfect candle to get someone in the Christmas mood.

19.  Car Rear Lights – $

With all the snow and bad weather, the risk of car accidents is high this time of the year.

This device can help prevent that! It’s simple – you just mount it to the back of a car and the light does the rest. The flashing lights are visible from far away, so there’s no risk to being rear-ended with this device.

20.  Color Changing Coffee Mug – $

The most depressing part about the holidays is when they end.

The first day back at work is usually brutal. You can make it better with this ultra-cool coffee mug! The cute design is sure to perk even the grumpiest person up. The mug also changes color when it’s filled with hot coffee. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with a little magic?

21.  Chalkboard Sign – $

Some aesthetics never go out of fashion.

This chalkboard sign is an example of that. Long used by coffee shops to display their menus, the chalkboard sign has become more than that. Parents use it to give their children something to do. Homemakers use it to write down grocery lists and reminders. It’s even a cool addition to parties and weddings. A gift as versatile as this is perfect for Yankee swap.

22.  Desktop Tetherball – $

Does anyone remember that cartoon show, Recess? They would ALWAYS be playing tetherball on it!

I never got to play, so my curiosity was piqued when I saw this. I’ve got to say, I really do enjoy it a lot. Just attach it to your desk and hit the ball. This is a really cool way to de-stress when you’re frustrated. It’s even fun when you’re just bored while at your desk.

23.  Sunscreen Alcohol Flask – $

Help start summer preps in advance!

Honestly, I hate it when I’m at the beach and people are drinking alcohol. The risk of broken glass makes me all anxious. This alcohol flash is a pretty epic replacement. It is literally in the shape of a sunscreen bottle! Imagine the look on people’s face when they see someone drinking sunscreen.

24.  Bathroom Guest Book – $

You know how hotels and BnBs have guest books? Wouldn’t it be cool if we had those in our homes as well?

And it would be even cooler if we had one in the bathroom! This book can be kept in the bathroom where guests can offer opinions and thoughts. It’s full of funny prompts to help ensure some hilarious responses. Help your friends be a good host – get them a guest book.

25.  Bob Ross Figurine – $

What monster doesn’t love Bob Ross?

The man is an absolute genius! His beautiful paintings and his comforting words are never to be forgotten. Remind someone of those wonderful childhood memories with this collectible figurine. From his poofy hair to his art palette, people will be fighting for this gift!

26.  Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray – $

Okay, things are about to get nasty here.

Christmas feasts may be delicious, but they aren’t too great on the bowels. No one wants the embarrassment of leaving a smelly toilet. Relieve them of this worry with this pocket-sized spray! Just spray into the bowl before going, and smells won’t be a bother!

27.  Squatty Potty – $

Oh, did you think poop related stuff was over? Nah.

However, this device is actually really good for you. Doctors recommend squatting while using the toilet for health reasons. Now, no one can really squat over a toilet. That’s where the squatty potty comes in. Sit on the toilet and put your feet on the stool. And enjoy the poop (sorry, not sorry).

28.  Funny Fanny Pack – $

I know what you’re thinking – aren’t all fanny packs funny.

Well, yes they are. But this one is meant to be funny. Give your friend the dad bod they always wanted with this hilarious fanny pack. It imitates a belly, so it’s bound to turn some curious heads on the street.

29.  Wine Condoms – $

Christmas is a romantic time for some people. For others, it’s an excuse to drink wine.

Don’t worry – you can bring some romance into their Christmas too. What’s more romantic than a set of condoms? But these aren’t your everyday condoms. These are rubber seals used to cover any open bottle of wine to stop it from going back. Be careful thought – the person who gets these might fall in love with you.

30.  Ceramic Christmas Tree

Not every Yankee swap gift has to be funny or cheeky.

You can also get something classy and elegant. This ceramic Christmas tree is the perfect gift for those who live in cramped quarters. Just place it on a table and watch it light up. It even has a star at the top!

31.  Cards Against Humanity – $

You have not LIVED until you have played a game of Cards against Humanity!

This cheeky game is a party game for adults and adults only. Everyone is asked a question. Using the cards given to them, they have to give the funniest answer possible. From politics to sexual innuendos, this set has it all!

32.  Sriracha Keychain – $

As an Indian, I have to say that American food sadly lacks the spicy punch I want.

Which is why I would LOVE to have this gift! It’s a known fact that sriracha makes every food taste better. But not every restaurant serves it, which is why we need our own. This keychain is easy to carry around. But more importantly, it has a tiny bottle of sriracha attached to it. Yummy!

33.  Bag of Doggy Farts – $

Is this gift gross? Yes. Is it funny? Yes.

Cotton candy is a great gift. Cotton candy in the shape of dog farts is even better. Gift this as a gag gift for your next Yankee swap. Be sure to buy a pack for yourself too. You’re not going to want to give this gift up.

34.  Slang Flashcards – $

Is teenage slang completely confusing to you? Your friends feel the same way. Hell, I feel the same way!

Save your friends the embarrassment of being showed up by teens with this spectacular gift. These flashcards will teach them all about today’s street language. This classic educational technique is the perfect way to stay young and fresh. If you don’t understand what that phrase means, you need these flashcards too.

35.  Hot Dog Toaster – $

I’m sure all of us have looked at a toaster and thought the same thing. I wish I could make hot dogs in this.

Well now that’s possible! This hot dog toaster toasts both the bun and the hot dog at the same time! No hassle, less clean-up and a delicious hot dog – who wouldn’t want that as a gift?

36.  Gold Thinking Putty

Ah, the holiday season. It’s very likely that someone is going to pop the question. That’s got to make them nervous.

Help them take their minds off of it with thinking putty! This gold box of slime is one of the most entertaining gifts ever. Tear it, shape it, or just mash it up – this putty can handle everything. This will entertain them for hours! One downside though – they might forget to propose.

37.  Quick Egg Cooker – $

Ah, the holiday season. It’s very likely that someone is going to pop the question. That’s got to make them nervous.

Help them take their minds off of it with thinking putty! This gold box of slime is one of the most entertaining gifts ever. Tear it, shape it, or just mash it up – this putty can handle everything. This will entertain them for hours! One downside though – they might forget to propose.

38.  Burrito Blanket – $

Have you ever wanted to be wrapped up tight like a burrito? This blanket is the next best thing.

This round blanket looks exactly like a burrito! When someone opens your gift, they’re probably going to be confused as to why they have a massive burrito. Don’t be fooled though – this blanked it still soft and comfortable. Be it for bedtime or for camping, this blanket is multi-purpose too.

39.  Mug with a hoop – $

This mug is going to redefine ‘playing with your food’.

Add something special to your loved one’s hot chocolate with this mug. A small hoop is attached to the side through which one can throw in marshmallows. The fun part plus the delicious hot chocolate makes for a cute Yankee swap gift.


40.  Sandwich Bags – $

You know what’s a huge pet peeve? When someone steals my lunch. Seriously, who does that?!

This gift is literally the BEST way to stop that from happening. The sandwich bags have a fly printed on them. So the first thing the thief sees is a big-ass fly on the sandwich! They’re not going to want that. And since they’re clearly bad Samaritans, they aren’t going to throw the food away either.

And that’s that! 40 Yankee swap gift ideas! From fun to emotional, I hope this list gave you what you wanted. Personally, I would love the Party Game for Meme Lovers. It just seems like a lot of fun. Of course, I would also be worried someone would try to take it from me. See something you like? Let me know!

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