Gifts for 80 Year Old Man – 35 Sweet Ideas That Will Make Them Numb

Elderly people guide us in every stage of life. They look after us and share their knowledge and life experiences with us so that we can overcome difficulties in our lives. But we often find ourselves not doing much for them apart from the bare minimum. But there are occasions when you get the opportunity to show your gratitude towards an old man in your life, like a birthday or an anniversary, and those opportunities should not be missed. So if you want to make the most of those opportunities and are looking for a gift to do the same, then this list of 35 special gifts for 80 year old man is all you will ever need to buy gifts for 80 year old man.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1) Double Rocker Sofa – $$$

When you get to the age of 80 you naturally start to love sitting more than standing up. Therefore, a comfortable sofa can make for a really useful and admirable gift. However, it can also be risky since the sofa you buy might not fit in with the other furniture.

But this grey double rocker sofa by Baby Relax can be a great choice due to its simple and elegant design that will fit well with any kind of furniture for gifts for 80 year old men.

2) Fruits, Cheese, and Nuts Basket – $

Elderly people love fruits and nuts and everything else that is nutritious and good for health. And for this reason, precisely, the old man who is going to receive this basket full of fruits, cheese, almonds, and crackers will start admiring you even more.

If you want to say thank you to your old man, then this gift can be a perfect choice since it comes with a ribbon with “Thank You” written over it.

3) Funny T-Shirt for 80th Birthday – $

If the gift is for the occasion of the 80th birthday of an old man, then this t-shirt with a quirky and relatable quote written over it might appeal to you.

The t-shirt has “It took 80 years to become this awesome” written over it which is not only funny but also a compliment, and therefore will surely make the day of the old guy receiving it as a gift. Best gifts for 80 year old man.

4) Fill-In Diary for Dad – $

This fill-in diary is one of the most unique gifts on the list for an old dad. Forget about gifting the same old gifts like a tie to your dad.

This unique fill-in diary has fill-in the blanks inside it which upon filling become a collection of sentences that describe why you love your dad as much as you do, something that will make his heart melt.

5) Coffee Mug for 80th Birthday – $

No one gets through 80 years of life without drinking coffee, which is why a coffee mug can be a great gift for someone who just turned 80.

This coffee mug with a witty one-liner written over it can be a great choice since giving a simple mug can be too straightforward and makes a great gifts for 80 year old man The old guy receiving it will surely want to drink coffee from it every day.

6) Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser – $

What is a better choice as a gift for someone who loves to drink coffee and tea, than a mug? A flask made of bamboo along with a tea infuser!

This flask from LeafLife is finished with high-quality real bamboo giving it a premium look, and it comes with a detachable tea infuser allowing you to easily make your tea, making it a suitable gift for an 80-year old man.

7) Alphabet Dice Game – $

There’s not much you can do in terms of physical activity when you get to the age of 80. Board games and other such forms of entertainment become your best way of passing time.

One really good board game that is very popular among grownups and the elderly is the Alphabet Dice Game. It is a great game that grandparents can play with their entire family and have fun. One of the best gifts for 80 year old man.

8) Portable Beer Dispenser – $$$

Nothing beats a fresh cold beer just poured into your glass directly from a brewer. But it is not easy to find such a beer when you’re traveling. Or is it?

If your 80-year old man loves to drink beer and also to travel, then this portable beer dispenser from Fizzics would be the perfect gift for them. The quality of beer you get out of it is exactly like you get in a bar.

9) Heated Mattress – $$

A heated mattress can be a really functional gift for an 80-year old man since your tolerance to temperature can reduce drastically with age. Not every elderly person can sit outside their blanket during winters. Therefore, having a small portable heated blanket can be useful.

This one from Sunbeam can be a good choice since it is easy to use and has advanced safety features like auto on and off, safe options for gifts for 80 year old man.

10) Bluetooth Vinyl Player – $$$

Vinyl players are a thing of the past. Today all our music is stored digitally and played on speakers that sound way better. But vinyl records were everything when your 80-year old dad was young, Therefore, a vinyl player can be a very nostalgic and excellent gift.

But what can be an even better gift is a vinyl player that can play records on a modern-day Bluetooth speaker. Like this one from 1 By One!

11) Book (80 Things To Do When You Turn 80) – $

Books are always a good gift. And when it comes to finding the perfect book for someone who just turned 80; this is it. This book contains essays written by 80 different people who are 80+ in age and are still doing meaningful work.

This book will change the perspective of your 80-year old man if he thinks that there is nothing more to live now that he’s 80 so best gifts for 80 year old men.

12) Wheelchair Blanket – $$

A really useful gift for 80-year old man who uses a wheelchair can be a wheelchair blanket. This extremely comfortable and warm wheelchair blanket from Granny Jo is one the best of its kind and we are not saying that without proof.

Its high ratings and exceptional reviews speak for themselves. You can expect to get warmed up really quickly by this blanket.

13) Day Clock and Alarm – $$

Impaired vision due to old age can pose serious problems when trying to view time on a wall clock or even your phone. Which is why this Day clock with a big 8-inch matte display that shows date, time, and day in big and clear fonts is one of the most useful gift for an 80-year old man.

It also comes with other useful features like a medication reminder and alarm clock. Amazing gifts for 80 year old men.

14) Book (“You’re Never Too Old To Laugh”) – $

You’re definitely never too old to laugh. In fact, the more you laugh with increasing age, the better since laughing can have some serious health benefits. Hence, this book that has the best collection of jokes, cartoons, and fun trivia for elderly people can make for a good gift choice.

15) Digital Airfryer – $$$

Want your 80-year old dad to enjoy fried food without putting their health at risk? Well, now you can since you can literally fry your food without oil and just using air with this Philips Airfryer. Yes, you read that right.

It’s no magic, just science. And the science is so good you won’t even feel a difference between the air fried and oil fried food!

16) Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket – $$

Forget those chilly nights and get warm and cozy with this double-sided Heated Throw Blanket. It has an EliteStyle II Heat Controller with 3 different settings and a 3-hours auto shut-off system. One side of the blanket is cuddly Sherpa and the other is plush royal mink. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, it is machine washable and dryer safe.

17) How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man by Mary McHugh – $

Well, we all know a grumpy old dude who thinks that women are just meant to be pretty and bear children. These are known as the “Crotchety Old Men”, and how not to be one is what this book is all about. 

It concludes 250 brutally honest but hilarious true statements regarding how one slips into the crotchety zone. In short, it’s a subtle way to say ” Happy Birthday but stop being crabby old geezer”.

18) Funny Vintage 80 Year Old Pint Glasses – $

A plain yet classy Pint Glass saying Vintage 1940 is a timeless gift for a beverage lover turning 80 in the year 2020. This glass can hold a significant 16 oz of beer and fits right into your palm like it is made for you. Be it ale, stout, lager, or porter, it can easily rock any beverage. And since the glass doesn’t mention the age, it won’t get outdated, ever. Best gifts for 80 year old male.

19) Teabloom Stovetop Safe Lead-Free Glass Teapot Kettle – $

Tea is a mood and to keep this mood luscious and refreshing, I have added to my list this Elegant Borosilicate Teapot which has a super large capacity and is made from heat resistant water boiling glass material. The infuser is superfine and removable, the handle is sturdy and ergonomic and the rim has a non-drip spout and a multifunctional stainless steel cover. With all these pleasant attributes of this kettle, now before drinking tea, you can enjoy making it. 

20) Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Soothing Heat – $$

Back and leg pain is one of the things that come in handy with old age. And relieving it is one of the best gifts you can give on someone’s 80th birthday. This Foot Massager machine not only relieves pain but also improves blood circulation and relaxes the mind. It has three modes namely Heat Function, Air Compression, and Rolling. 

 The product comes in a removable cover and is easy to maintain. Great  gift for an 80 year old man

 21) Grandpa Nutritional Facts Label Coffee Mug – $

A quirky but adorable coffee mug, this is made of durable ceramic and printed with vibrant color sublimation ink. There is a label of Nutritional Facts on both sides stating “Serving Size: 1 Awesome Grandfather”. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

A perfect gift for 80-year old man, it is sure to bring a smile to their face. 

22) Pinstripe Trimmed Box Sign – $

Best gift for “Hard to shop for” people who already own everything, this Handmade box sign is a creative and pocket-friendly choice. Labeled “Grandpas Are There To Help Children Get Into The Mischief That They Haven’t Thought Of Yet”, it can be a classy desk centerpiece or an adorable wall hanging.

23) Genealogy Family Tree Chart Poster – $ 

Family is the most important thing in life and with growing age, you realize it more. This beautiful poster embraces the above-mentioned fact and thus makes for the most meaningful gift one can receive on his or her 80th birthday. It has to-fill spaces for credentials of the cherished member of the family on both maternal and fraternal sides. The paper includes up to 6 generations with extra matching paper and glue to add the 7th generation as well. 

24) 80 Never Looked So Good Hat – $

Take the celebration spirit to the next level with this sassy “80 Never Looked So Good” tucker hat. Suitable for both, as a gift or as a party supply, it is made from supreme quality material with adjustable straps. Replace the old hat with this cool one and watch the aura beam. If not satisfied, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. A gag gifts for 80 year old man.

25) Drive Medical Four Folding Wheel Rollator – $$

One of my favorite and most practical gift on my list is this Folding Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support. This mobility aid is very comfortable, durable, and supportive. Adjustable handles, a convenient basket, and a removable backrest are some of its many stirring features. And when after a long walk you found a place to rest, just turn your rollator into a cozy chair!

26) Our Most Famous Eighty Year Olds – $

Instill some light of happiness inside the heart of your grandpa by passing along this inspirational book by Gerald Gardner. It holds the amazing stories of some of the most famous 80-year-olds who believe in the saying “Age is just a number”. Listen to the words of Carl Reiner, Lena Horne, Ben Bradley, and more, and get ready to feel like a teen again. 

27) If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks – $

You’ll find bacon lovers in every corner of the world. This gift is well suited for giving them a good laugh every time they lift their pants. Made from a blend of elastic, spandex, and cotton; it is free from sloppy edges and fraying found commonly in other socks. You don’t even have to worry about which size to buy as one size fits most. funny birthday gifts for 80 year old man

28) Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner – $$$$

If you are looking for a luxurious and extravagant but still “worth the price” item, then this Zero Gravity Massage Recliner may be the end of your search. It has a full body massage system with in-built body size detection ability and air massage technology. LM-6800 gives an extended warranty of two years and a structural warranty of 5 years. The foot rollers are detachable and washable for sanitary purposes.

29) Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers – $$

A pair of breathable and cozy slippers are all your feet need this winter. Manufactured with boiled wool and latex, it absorbs moisture to keep your foot warm. The design reflects a human’s feet, with a smooth footbed and spacious foot box. A classic example of style and versatility, these are a unique and thoughtful gift for an 80-year old man.

30) Cutman After Shave Balm – $$

If you care for your grandpa just like Cutman After Shave Moisturizer cares for your skin, then this balm is a good choice for his birthday gift. Using a razor day in day out makes the skin rough while also giving multiple cuts. Using a moisturizer soothes the skin and the protective layer also decreases the chances of infection. After all, feeling fresh is the formula to get the work done!

31) Old fashioned Rotary Dial Home and office Telephone – $$

This Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone is a marvellous example of exquisite workmanship. Making the cut for a truly iconic centrepiece, it gives an aesthetic look to your home decor. When someone calls, you can hear the tone of sweet tingling bells but this ringtone is unchangeable. This gift will take any 90s man to his sweet past times. Great gifts for an 80 year old man.

32) Decorative Cup Warmer – $

This is a holy grail for all those slow drinkers who end up with a cold cup. The Norpro Innovative Cup Warmer keeps your drink warm so you can enjoy it at your own pace. The design and caliber of this machine are appreciable and it’s easy to wipe feature is a feather on the cap. It is also lightweight so you can carry it outside with you and your coffee. 

33) Sport Handheld Massager with Carrying Case – $$$

Massage any part of the body with this easy to reach Percussive Massager, which may prove to be the smartest one-time investment. It has multiple interchangeable massage heads with versatile 20-40 pulses per second. The effect of this device goes muscle deep and also improves blood and lymphatic circulation. It is a considerable choice of gift for 80-year old man. 

34) “I Could Pee on This” Humorous Cat Poem Collection – $

A masterpiece of first-rate humor, this book combines a plethora of curious poems about the feline friends that you may have. Old people are much fond of pets and this book about cats will make them laugh their guts out. It is quirky, funny, and insightful which is related to your struggle of keeping a cat as your roommate.

35) Malden Personalized Family Memory Album – $

We make memories so we can reminisce later. Remind your grandparents of the happy times you spent with them and how much they mean to you by sticking pictures to this album and gifting it to them. It can hold a total of 50 pictures, a memo included, with embroidered lettering all over. A sleek black cover with a tag of “Memories” written in cursive gives the album a nice head start. best gift ideas for 80 year old man.


I have given gifts to a lot of people in my life, and I can assure you that being on the giving side of a gift is always as exciting as being on the receiving end of it. Especially when the gift receiver is someone close to you, like your dad or granddad. And you can always make this experience more fun by doing a prank shown in this video.

I hope this comprehensive list of gifts for 80-year old man was useful for you. If you are still confused as to what to gift him, then just go for one of our favorites, like the double rocker sofa since it is one of the most practical gifts, or you can go for the fruit basket if you’re on a budget.

If you found this helpful, then feel free to share it with your friends and family and check out other similar articles on our website. You can also get in touch with me personally through my contact me page, feel free to go through our website if you want to add any items that you think should be on the list.

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