45+ Gifts For Math Teachers – I’ll Make Your Gift Count!

Math teachers are interesting creatures who make you solve the problems that won’t exist without them. But they too deserve a token of appreciation for their hard work of erasing the board before we note down the solution. To make your exhausting hunt of tracking down a decent gift easier, I have meticulously searched and listed some of the most eccentric and impeccable gifts for math teachers.

Most of the gifts are suitable for both male and female professors and are budget-friendly. Take a quick look through my detailed list and find your way to your teacher’s heart.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 picks!

1) Fibonacci Spiral Clock With A Leaflet $

Fibonacci sequence, a cardinal list of numbers, gives rise to the Fibonacci spiral or the golden spiral, which is the inspirational basis of this Fibonacci Clock. An explanatory leaflet is included to provoke some thoughts regarding the idea behind the clock’s unique design. It is manufactured from scratch-proof polymers and is lightweight and durable. 

2) Mathematical Formulas Coffee Mug $

Famous for creating “presents” of mind, The Unemployed Philosophers’ coffee mug is one the most functional and quirky gifts for math teachers. It has Newton’s Second Law, Hubble’s Law, the Fourier Transform, Planck’s Equation, and obviously, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity doodled on it with creativity. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

3) Mathematics Infinity Circle Loop Tube Scarf $

This one is no usual scarf. The Infinity loop tube scarf has formulas, calculations, algebra, numbers, and mathematical equations printed on it to give it a unique and geeky look. The edges are sewn in double kays to prevent open seems. It is made of 100% pure chiffon.

4) Logic Tangram Set with Play Cards Wooden Puzzle $

This time, give your math teacher homework on solving these challenging and mind boosting puzzles, along with hours upon hours of quality entertainment. Tangram has a pair of wooden squares divided into 7 pieces which have to be rearranged as any of the 64 silhouette card booklets. It is a single or 2 players’ game.

5) Foot Traffic Men’s Education Themed Socks $

And whose craving for a little trigonometry and lots of equations today? Yes, your math teacher. A novelty gift for math nerds, this pair of funky socks are comfortable and versatile. The blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex, makes them stretchable, soft, and breathable. Sizes from 7 to 12 are available.

6) Math Journal with Lined and Blank Pages $

If you are looking for a meaningful budget gift for your math teacher, then this attractive Math Journal is an impeccable choice. The front cover states “Math The Only Subject That Counts” along with some related diagrams. Half the pages are lined and half is blank, perfect for making notes and doodles alike.

7) Pop Quiz Black and White Metal Mathematics Wall Clock $

Solve the riddle of time with this Pop Quiz Analog Wall Clock and keep track of it stylishly and creatively. Made of powder-coated black metal with letters and numbers etched in white, this product is one of the most practical gifts for math teachers.

8) Infusion Flip Top Fruit Infuser Water Bottle $

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles became a runaway hit as soon as they landed on the market. Keep your math teacher hydrated all day with this effective heath based innovation, wrapped around the idea of increasing individual water intake. The center core is to add fruits, herbs, or even vegetables for endless flavor.

9) Transparent Mathematician Definition Print $$

A classic and eye-catching wall piece etched with a hilarious but on-point definition of a mathematician would be perfect to bring a smile to your teacher’s face. The ink used is 100% Eco Friendly and comes ready to hang with a stylish black PVC frame. The material used and long-lasting and unbreakable.

10) Abalone Delicate Minimalist Geek Necklace $$

A triangle that carries infinite triangles within and can be styled with any outfit in infinite ways is one of the dream gifts for female math teachers. Inspired by the sublime triangle, it is silver plated or 18k gold-filled. All 11 variable-length pendants are delivered inside a signature box along with one year warranty.

11) Funny Math T-Shirt for Teachers $

This funny unisex t-shirt is fit for gifting both male or female math teachers because of it’s perfectly lengthed sleeves. It is printed with a humorous graphic with the text “I got skills, they’re multiplying” and a table with multiplying numbers. The material is soft and smooth, and the long-lasting ink survives multiple washings.

12) Stoneware Funny Pie Plate $

The gift of choice for anyone who enjoys math, food, and a good laugh, this plate will fill the room with chortles as soon as the pie in it finishes. The outer lip spells the first 100 digits of pie in detail. Produced from durable glazed stoneware, it is microwave and oven safe.

13) Math Formula Double Walled Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle $

Bottles may look like one of the boring gifts for math teachers. But this Double Walled Stainless Steel Flask Jug is personalized with a touch of creativity and humor. It is insulated, leak-proof, and has a 500 ml capacity to hold your coffee, tea, or water at the desired temperature.

14) Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History Book $

An introduction to art and mathematics, it is the most important book describing the profound relationship between these two subjects. Lynn Gamwell offers an insightful overview of this topic to researchers, mathematicians, artists, and academics with sumptuous illustrations and cogent math diagrams. But it makes for an interesting read even for nonprofessionals.

15) Math Art Prints Set $

Next on my list is the set of four unframed prints, the Archimedean Spiral, Fibonacci Golden Spiral, Euler’s Formula, and the Pythagoras Theorem on a semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This is a truly iconic wall piece for math and science enthusiasts. It is available in Beige, Black, and White color.


16) Math Formulas Drink Coasters Set of 4 $

Coasters are traditional housewarming gifts and also very practical ones. This set of 4 or 6 neoprene flexible coasters has the formulas for gravity, pi, relativity, etc on its rigid glossy surface. It is specifically made as a gift for math lovers or science buffs.


17) Black STEM Math Science Premium Lanyard $

Does your math teacher often forget his car keys in the class? Save his trip back by giving him this Ultra-Soft J-Hook Lanyard with snap buckle release function. Best way to hold ID, Name Badge, Keys, etc., the lanyard also has a breakaway clasp behind the neck which ensures safety, if by chance it gets stuck. 

18) When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World Book $

I’ve often heard people questioning the application of math in real life. Dive into the realm of mathematical errors and learn about the greatest miscalculations of all time in a relentlessly entertaining manner. This romp by Matt Parker is one of the most fun and informative gifts for math teachers.

19) Funny Math Teacher Gift T-Shirt $

Available in different sizes for Men, Women, and even youngsters, with a detailed size chart, this hilarious math t-shirt is a fun gift to receive. The bottom hem and double-needle sleeve design make it look cool and classy. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and breathable.

20) Math Teacher Problems Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler $

Inscribed with the words “I’M A Math Teacher, of course, I Have Problems”, this double-walled stainless steel tumbler is a very useful and humorous gift for a teacher. It keeps the beverage hot for 8 and cold for 24 hours. The lid is clear for easy sipping.

21) Cheese Board and Bamboo Charcuterie Cutlery Knife Set $$

This Cheese Board with sliding out cutlery set is made from 100% natural sustainable bamboo. Three stainless steel knives for hard, semi-hard, and firm cheese are also included with a cheese holder. The size is extra large and is beveled for a mess-free experience. It is one of the well-thought Gifts for fellow teachers

22) Quarter Pound Milk Chodo Dice $

For the mathematician in your life who loves numbers, shapes, and milk chocolates; this item is the right mixture of all of these. The edible RPG dice, made of 30% cacao and pure artisan milk, is silky smooth, and rich in taste. The pack consists of 20-25 dice of different shapes and sizes.

23) Go Set with Reversible Bamboo Go Board $$

A complete set of goban (the board), go-ke (the bowls), and go-Ishi (the stones), Go is considered one of the simplest yet most challenging games in the world. The board is reversible with a standard 19×19 playing field on one and a beginner’s 13×13 playing field on the opposite side.

24) Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope $$

Not one of the usual gifts for math teachers, this 70mm high power lightweight telescope is peculiar, fun, and engaging in its way. A dream come true for stargazers, it has powerful high-quality eyepieces and an enhanced objective lens for brighter views. Bonus tripod, carry bag, and astronomy software are also included.

25) Radians Angle Math Calculus Unisex Analog Watch $

Track time at different angles with this fun Radian Calculus Wristwatch! Perfect gift for a mathematician, architect, engineer, or anyone who understands pi and radians. Featuring Japanese Quartz Movement, it is made from genuine leather and is water-resistant. Wrapped in a handsome gift box, the watch comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

26) Biography of the World’s Most Mysterious Number $

If you have ever encountered mathematics in your life, you know that pi comes everywhere. Alfred Posamentier gave a host of ideas in this book that can enrich the instructions of a math teacher. This transcendental number has been a mystery since the prebiblical times and has useful applications in everyday life.

27) Wooden Sudoku Puzzle Board Game $

If you are looking for Fun teacher gifts for your math teacher, then you have landed at the right place. This wooden board has 90 large and 90 thinking pieces inside the sliding drawers, so you can play any sudoku puzzle anytime anywhere. Starter puzzles and game directions are also included.

28) F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers $

Tell your math teacher your side of the story in a fun and humorous way by gifting him this book by Richard Benson. It exhibits the creative side of failure via 250 wrong but ingenious test answers. Make your teacher laugh his gut out while subtly explaining your struggle through his surprise tests.

29) A Sterling Silver Pi Necklace $

Pi has infinite numerals in it, representing the forever lasting bond of a teacher and her students. This pi necklace is made of lustrous silver starling metal and makes for a charming gift. It undergoes a 3 step process to ensure the best quality and polished finish.

30) What Good Mathematicians Do Colossal Poster $

Colorful inspiring posters in the class help in creating a healthy learning environment for young mathematicians. This one is a list of behaviors you should use to solve a math problem. It is a large math poster made by connecting small ones. These posters can be meaningful gifts for math teachers.

31) Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Room Aroma Therapy $$

The ultrasonic vibrations of the Essential Oil Diffuser generate anions that purify the air and awaken senses with each breath you take. Three mist levels and large water capacity gives you manual control over your aromatherapy experience. A great gift for anyone, it’s sleek design enhances the home decor with a classy touch.

32) Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen $$$

With everything becoming smart, why shouldn’t your pen be too? This Echo smartpen records what you write and hear and even transfers this data to your computer for reviewing it. Give your math teacher the gift of remembrance, so that he always has his notes with him wherever he goes.

33) Pi-11×14 Unframed Patent Print $

The indefinite number of digits in Pi denotes “Infinity”, like your infinite love and respect for your teacher. This unframed print of Pi is printed in the USA on high-quality semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper that lasts a lifetime. Just find an 11×14 frame from Amazon or any crafts store and the print is ready to frame.

34) Unisex Kitchen Apron with Adjustable Bib $

If your math teacher loves to experiment with food as much as numbers then this pi apron is the perfect novelty gift for him. It is durable, comfortable, and wear-resistant as it is made of high-quality polyester material. This cute and flirty apron lets you immerse in the joy of cooking.

35) Maped Study Geometry 10 Piece Set $

The geometry set includes a lead pencil for a compass, two metal compasses, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, protractor, two triangles, and 6 inches ruler. All of them are designed efficiently and ergonomically to offer maximum functional benefit and a smooth grasp. 

36) Pie Sign Tie Clip $

A geeky and classy gifts for male math teachers, this pi tie clip is made of brass nickel and has an alligator type clamping. A perfect way to show off the mathematician in you, it is a great gift for weddings, graduations, birthdays, or any other occasion. A bonus tie bag is included in the package.

37) The Proof Is In The Pudding Bowls $$

If you think that all math is rational, think again! These pudding bowls are inscribed with the proof of four classic theorems- Euclid, Hippasus, Pythagoras, and Gauss. Being one of the eccentric and interesting gifts for math teachers, it instantly becomes a big hit at any party.

38) A Life of the Genius Ramanujan $

This is an engrossing anecdote of a legend who started as a clerk in a small city in India and ended up summarizing something that cannot be summed up i.e, Infinity! This book is an enlightening narrative and a perfect gift for a math major or anyone who’s looking for a little inspiration.

39) Magnetic Poetry Math Poet Kit $

Magnetic poetry has invented a fun way to pass time for all misunderstood brainiacs with a tint of poetry. 200 etched magnetic tiles can be rearranged with ingenuity to make poems on your refrigerator. It is a creative writing aid and a source of timeless joy.

40) Funny Math Teacher Coffee Mug $

Not just another coffee mug but an ingeniously designed and personalized ceramic cup for math teachers. Suitable both for men and women alike, this inexpensive but impactful product is Dishwasher and Microwave safe. The item is delivered securely packed inside a box.

41) Apple iPad Air 32 GB Touchscreen Tablet $$$

An eco-friendly and easier way to keep notes and store data is by using technology, and no one offers better tech devices than Apple. This touchscreen iPad Air is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Return and replacement on dissatisfaction are available 90 days from the purchase date.

42) Tile Artwork Ideal for Math Lovers $

Add some colors to the chalk-filled life of your math teacher by giving him this flamboyant tile artwork as an appreciation gift. This radiant piece of positivity is delivered at your doorstep wrapped within an appealing gift box, so you can directly gift it to your favorite teacher.

43) Traditional Abacus Math Calculating Tool $$

Calculating tools are considered the best gifts for math teachers but this one can also be a part of your vintage collection. A timeless centerpiece for your classic home decor, this Traditional Abacus is also an ideal educational tool and used even today by merchants and traders. 

44) Mathematics Throw Blanket for Couch or Sofa $$

Snuggle, cuddle and get cozy with this double-sided soft fleece blanket which is personalized with a touch of algebra and trigonometry. With plush sherpa on one side and warm flannel on the other, it gives you the best of both worlds. It is shrink resistant and machine washable for hassle-free daily use.

45) Tree of Life Leather Writing Journal $

After a long day of teaching and scolding, your math teacher deserves a cathartic release of his emotions. This Tree of Life journal serves the exact purpose of harnessing your feelings and creativity. The cover is made of long-lasting leather and the pages are thick and glossy.

46) Ceramic Mug Set with Insulated Cork Bottom $

Bottles are not easy to carry when you have a bundle of notes and a bag of the laptop in your hands. This small insulated mug has a push-on splash-resistant lid and a built-in cork bottom for easily carrying and resting the mug on a surface. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

47) Math Chalkboard Gold Tone Tie Clip $$

Golden or sliver personalized tie clips are one of the most unique and functional gifts for math teachers which they can proudly wear on school events or PTMs. This alloy clip features a chalkboard and comes pre-packed inside an engraved message box.

48) Math is an Integral Part of Life Keychain $

An in-budget personalized Teachers Day gift, this keychain spells “Math is an integral part of life” but with a humorous mathematical twist. It is crafted by pristine hands with high-quality metal and an oval crystal clear glass. You can also give these as party favors in the event of Teacher’s Day.

49) Math Formula Flat Low Heel Winter Boots $$

One of my favorites on the list is these unisex winter boots printed with the latest thermal transfer technology on a thick rubber anti-slip material. They have a soft absorbing cotton insole and cushioning so that your teacher gets long-lasting comfort and 


Now your math teacher has the answer to why mathematics is necessary in real life after reading the book “When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World” and he’s also warm and cozy with his new “Mathematics Throw Blanket” wrapped around him.

These gifts for math teachers are not only practical and easy to use but also quirky and humorous to give them a gleeful laugh. Tell me which item you found the most suitable for your math teacher and why on the My Comment Page

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