Gifts For Screenwriters – 41 Ideas To Make Them Feel Special

It is the director who always gets credit for a successful movie whereas very few people think about the person who wrote a heart-touching film story. Though screenwriters seldom come to the limelight, these individuals are blessed with an incredibly imaginative brain. Creative people like screenwriters also deserve special treatment.

If any of your relatives or friends is a screenwriter, then you have got a gem. Due to their hectic working schedules, screenwriters don’t get enough time to indulge in holidays, parties, and celebrations with their loved ones. However, I have 41 gifts for screenwriters that can make them feel special for who they are.

Be it a vintage typewriter or a classic coffee mug; you can easily present your screenwriter friend or relative the ideal gifts according to your budget and personal choice.

If you take my opinion as a good friend of many screenwriters, then these five products are my personal favorite as gifts for screenwriters.

1. Screenwriter’s Notebook – $

Are you looking for the ideal gift for your screenwriter friend or relative? Then nothing can beat this screenwriter’s notebook.

My number 1 item in the gifts for screenwriters list. This notebook can help them to pen down their imaginative creation. Screenwriters can use it to write movies and keep track of ideas in a fun and interactive way.

2. Unisex Writer’s T-shirt – $

Whether it is a girl or a boy, a cool T-shirt can suit everyone well. This grey typographic T-shirt is the ideal go-to attire that you can pair with trousers, jeans or joggers.

Also, the T-shirt is made of pure cotton, which makes it great for the scorching heat of summer. You can present it to both a male or female screenwriter.

3. Kindle – $$$

From studios to remote shooting locations, screenwriters are always in a hurry to transform their ideas into stories. In between this busy schedule, it is not easy to carry all the right books for reading.

So, what can be the more perfect gift than a Kindle? The latest Kindle Oasis with 7-inch 300 PPI display is equipped with page turn buttons and adjustable warm light. This Kindle Oasis should be on the top of your list, for a screenwriter friend who loves reading books.

4. MacBook Pro Laptop with Touch Bar – $$$$

If you are a little high on budget and looking for some extraordinary gifts for technical writers, then you must go for this Apple 13” MacBook Pro Laptop.

A laptop is one of the most useful things that a screenwriter may need to work on his scripts, attend virtual meetings, manage emails, etc. This 10th Generation Intel Core i7 laptop comes with all the advanced features that you can expect. So, don’t hesitate to hit the “Buy” option.

5. Writer’s Coffee Mug – $

Only coffee can boost up a writer’s brain with freshly brewed ideas. Isn’t it? So, what about gifting a coffee mug to your screenwriter buddy?

This ceramic coffee mug with funky quotes can be one of the best Christmas gifts for screenwriters, to bring some warmth to their chilly winters.Get your hands on this affordable writer’s coffee mug for a budget-friendly yet a fantastic gift.

6. Fountain Pen – $

A screenwriter can only weave his or her stories when he/she has the right pen in hands.This stainless steel made fountain pen comes in an elegant metal case that adds to the vintage touch.

The writing experience is extraordinary due to the fine nib. You can choose from bent point, extra fine point and fine point. It comes in 8 beautiful colors. This classic Fountain pen will not fail to impress a screenwriter.

7. Set of Movie DVDs – $$

Screenwriters are obviously movie buffs who love to watch good films in their pass time. What about giving your known screenwriter a set of movie DVDs?

They will remember you while watching their favorite films. The DVD set contains more than 20 film DVDs from Warner Bros. So, go and purchase soon!

8. Classical Manual Typewriter – $$$

In the age of typing on keyboards or mobile phones, a typewriter offers the nostalgia that a screenwriter needs to boost up his creative juice.

This classic manual typewriter from Royal comes with useful features like tabulator key, space repeater, margin stops, impression control, etc. Make sure to get your hands on this vintage typewriter to impress your old school screenwriter relative or friend.

9. Writer Emergency Pack – $

Writer’s block is a prevalent thing and can happen to a screenwriter anytime. Stuck at some point where the story is not progressing, this writer emergency pack can is always helpful for a screenwriter.

A screenwriter can fix the loopholes in the plot, add characteristics to the characters with the 26 illustrated cards in this pack. One of the most inspiring gifts for screenwriters

10. Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder for Desk – $

This pen, pencil and other desk accessories holder makes an ideal gift for screenwriters on any occasion.

It can also add the glamour to the secretariat table as it has a vintage look. This typewriter shaped desk organizer is a great novelty gift for retro lovers, and it will also fit in your budget easily and great gifts for screenwriters.

11. A Five-Year Memory Book – $

Most of the screenwriters love to cherish old memories. This memory keeper is a perfect way to note down all ups and downs of life.

This memory book will help the screenwriter to revisit the old memories with ease. With this journal, you have to write only one line a day. It can become a treasure to preserve for the years to come a gifts for friends who are screenwriters

12. Personalized Double Nameplate Necklace – $

This personalized name pendant necklace is a perfect gift for a female screenwriter. The length and design of the sterling silver chain can also be customized. You can choose from 16 inches to 24 inches, from ball, box and cable design.

Give it as a token of love with your name and your screenwriter partner’s name, or choose their favorite movie names (great enough to motivate a screenwriter). gifts for budding screenwriters

13. Writer’s Keychain – $

Everyone loves gifts that are relatable to their career or personality. It is something that will look like a personalized gift for a screenwriter.

The keychain reads, “I CAME. I SAW. I WROTE”, and an alloy typewriter charm is attached with it. This adorable keychain is made up of stainless steel and comes in a velvet pouch.

14. Literary Book Themed Unisex Cotton Socks – $

It is hard to find a screenwriter who doesn’t love to read books and this pair of socks are entirely based on classic stories.

If you are looking for some out of the box gifts for writers, then you must go for these unique printed unisex socks. These socks give every bookworm a chance to wear their beloved stories. The socks printing comes in a wide range of story materials from harry potter to Star Wars. amazon gifts for screenwriters.

15. Eau De Perfume Spray – $

Sometimes screenwriters get so busy in their works that they forget to take care of themselves. This Perfume is a personal care product which stays for a long time and helps the screenwriter to smell good.

The smell is highly intimidating yet subtle. The perfume can cheer up a screenwriter to create something new gifts for aspiring screenwriters.

16. Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone – $$

Music can refresh the mind of a screenwriter and can bring the best out of him or her. The noise-cancelling headphone is comfortable to wear as it is wireless and has Bluetooth connectivity.

The headphone comes in 7 different pop colors. These bright shades are instant mood uplifters. With 30 hours of battery life, the person can write as long as he or she wants while listening to any kind of music.

17. Digital Camera for Vlogging – $$

The stories written by screenwriters are mostly inspired by nature. This digital camera is a perfect gift for them to capture the precious moments of their life and who knows these moments can influence the stories in future.

The digital camera has 48 MP resolution and 2.7-inch LCD along with a retractable flashlight. A perfect item if you are looking for gifts for aspiring screenwriters. best gifts for screenwriters.

18. Unisex Book Themed Fleece Sweatshirt – $

Screenwriters are often fond of classic novels. Literary classics are transformed into bookish apparel that can give the person the joy of wearing their favorite storybooks.

Screenwriters can often get influenced by this book-themed sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has a distressed, softened graphic print with long sleeves. With this sweatshirt, one can wear his or her favorite stories.

19. Travel Laptop Backpack – $

Travelling can bring the best out of a screenwriter. This backpack can be a practical gift for travelling purposes.

A screenwriter can carry a 15.6-inch notebook with him or her to write about the thoughts and feelings. The bag is water-resistant and has a laptop compartment along with a USB charging port.

20. Samsung Galaxy A21 – $$$

If you are looking for something exclusive, then you should surely go for the Samsung Galaxy A21 as a gift to give a screenwriter.

A screenwriter can work on the script without the laptop or tablet. This mobile phone has no problem with multi-tasking and has a 4000 mAh battery that gives a long battery life.

21. Natural Engraved Inspirational Stones – $

Inspiration and motivation are two things that a screenwriter needs while writing scripts. These 21 inspirational stones are entirely natural, and 21 different words are engraved on these stones.

The hectic work of a screenwriter can lead to anxiety and stress. These stones can relax the person and give anxiety relief to him or her on holding any one of the stones. – $ christmas gifts for screenwriters.

22. Writer Bracelet – $

A screenwriter is meant to be a little bit quirky and funny. This bracelet is made just for them as it is engraved with the line that says, “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel”.

The bracelet comes in a velvet bag and is a beautiful gift to give to a screenwriter on any present giving occasion. A beautiful addition to the jewelry gifts for screenwriters cool gifts for screenwriters.

23. Vintage Horror Movie Posters Set – $

The set of posters can inspire a screenwriter to write scripts that can replicate the same success as these movies. The collection contains three posters that are a conglomeration of vintage craftsmanship and innovative contemporary design.

These posters make great gifts. The posters can create a spark in the mind of a screenwriter to create something new.

24. Galaxy Print Fashion Infinity Scarf – $

Lightweight and extremely durable scarfs have a galaxy print with blue, purple, pink and orange tones.

Fashionable clothing can ignite the fire of creativity inside a screenwriter, and these types of scarfs exactly do that. Made up of 100 percent polyester so it can be worn throughout the year with ease and comfort.

25. Timex Unisex Weekender Watch – $

In life, one of the most important things is time. In most of the cases, a screenwriter has to submit a script before the deadline.

Being yourself is one thing that a screenwriter needs in life to be creative, and this watch can bring precisely that in someone. The strap is replaceable and can be changed depending on the mood of the screenwriter. A lot of color options to choose from!

26. Harry Potter Wallet – $

This accessory can make an excellent gift for a woman screenwriter who is a harry potter fan and loves the world of wizards.

The wallet has a crushed black velvet cover and has gold embellishments as decoration. The wallet is capable of carrying a mobile phone, Photo IDs, Money and Credit cards.

27. Vintage Postcards Bulk Pack – $

Sometimes it’s better to seek for ideas in the past rather than looking for them in the present. A screenwriter can get motivated by these vintage postcards.

There are 128 postcards in this set and has various designs that include old movie posters, old band album posters and many more.

28. Drawing Tablet Board Kit – $

A screenwriter can use leisure time by drawing something creative. If you can afford it, then you must give it a screenwriter that you know.

The tablet comes with a drawing pen and drawing board is compatible with most of the graphic applications like Fireworks, CorelDraw, Corel Painter, Photoshop etcetera.

29. Do Not Disturb Door Hanger – $

While writing a script, the first thing that a screenwriter needs is a peaceful environment and some privacy of course! This 2-side, set of 3, door hanger with succulent print will instantly catch the eye.

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger will help you to get the right environment for writing. The ‘Please Knock’ door hanger will make sure your secrets and your scripts aren’t revealed before the disclosure. (Peekaboo)!

30. The Writer’s Toolbox – $

Want to bring out the creative side of a screenwriter? The writer’s toolbox consists of games and exercises for the right side of your brain.

It can help a screenwriter to be in the right headspace for creative writing. There are 60 cards with creative description and four spinner pallets to bring plot twists. One of the most fun and creative screenwriter gifts.

31. Character Development Workbook – $

This character development workbook can help both an amateur or an experienced screenwriter.

The workbook is of great help for screenwriters to create characters that the readers can connect to. A novel can be written with ease with the help of it. Detailed prompts are there to build character backgrounds.

32. Open Wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf – $$

Books are an integral part of a screenwriter’s life. To organize the books properly, a screenwriter needs a bookshelf, and you can give it to someone who works as a screenwriter.

This bookshelf has five tiers. It is durable because of the metal frame, and the engineered wood gives a modern look to it.

33. Small Desk for Office – $$

The environment where screenwriters work is vital. No matter whether he or she is working in an office or home, this small desk can be an ideal gift for the screenwriter.

The desk is made by using rigid metal and dark brown wooden boards. Highly durable and provide stability due to the presence of a steel frame and triangular junction.

34. Modern Desk Lamp – $

Proper lighting can set the mood of a screenwriter to write something according to the mental state.

This desk lamp can be gifted to a screenwriter as it is a necessary item to have in daily life. The lampshade is rectangular and has two USB charging ports attached with it. A chain is there to put the light out.

35. Famous Paintings Bookmark Set – $

A screenwriter often takes inspiration from a story to write a new script. How much he or she reads is hard to remember, and that is where these bookmarks come in the picture.

The pack of 60 bookmarks can be given as a gift to a screenwriter. The bookmarks include paintings of Van Gogh, Salvatore Mundi and other eminent artists.

36. Computer Desk Chair – $$

The place where a screenwriter sits for writing can determine the quality of the content that he or she is going to write.

The ergonomic design provides back support to reduce back pain that can be caused by sitting for a long time. It can be an excellent gift for a screenwriter to work while having a comfortable sitting. The height of the chair can easily be adjusted.

37. Coasters – $

It is one of the unique items made exclusively for screenwriters that can be used in the office, home anywhere.

The set contains four coasters that you can gift to any known screenwriter. The coasters read, “Skilled Enough To Become A Screenwriter, Crazy Enough To Love It.” The matte surface is made up of wood.

38. Scented Candles Gift Set – $

The strong fragrance of the candles in this gift set can cheer up the mood of a screenwriter. A screenwriter can spend the leisure time in the candlelight.

The gift pack contains four candles, each having different fragrances that include spring, lavender, lemon and Mediterranean. Candles are made up of soy wax and come in an alluring, irresistible packing. It can be gifted on any occasion to a screenwriter.

39. Glass Vase for Flower – $

The aesthetic boost that this gradient-colored glass vase can give to a screenwriter can prove to be beneficial for his or her work.

The flower vase comes in 4 different obscure colors, and the elegant and magnificent design of this vase can give an excellent feeling to the screenwriter. It can be used as a decorating material in both office and home.

40. Portable Laptop Bed Tray Table – $$

Almost everyone loves to work from the comfort of their home, and if your known screenwriter loves the comfy bed, then this folding table is the exact thing that he or she needs.

Laptop, tablet, mobile can easily be placed on this table. Not only this, breakfast can also be eaten on it without leaving the bed. A thoughtful addition to my gifts for screenwriters list.

41. Bean Bag – $$$

Don’t you think the gifts for screenwriters list would be incomplete without our all-time favorite Mr. Bean? (don’t get confused, I am talking about this comfy huge bean bag).

Relaxation is the thing that a screenwriter needs to manage the workload. Bean bag is one of the coziest furniture where one can sit, relax and take a break from work. This shareable bean bag is perfect for those long chit-chats with your partner or loved one!

So, this was my thoughtfully curated list of 41 inspirational, purposeful and some techie gifts for screenwriters. All these are useful things screenwriters need. Now it is up to you which one you want to give to your favorite screenwriter, based on your budget and preference. Feel free to send me feedback through my contact me page.

Be it a special occasion or just your love and gratitude for your screenwriter friend or relative; gifts are ideal for making their day.

Don’t forget to watch this short animated video on ‘how to make your writing funnier’, dedicated to all the creative and genius screenwriters and to their imaginative mind

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