49 Power-Packed Gifts For The Weightlifter To Bring Out His Soft Side!

When we hear the word weightlifting, we think about someone who is tough, strong or masculine! Weightlifters practice really hard to lift those super heavy weights, sometimes even heavier from their own body weight (heaviest on earth, Gosh!) But behind every tough person there lies a soft corner that needs love, care and affection (well everyone needs)!

How about some goodies or presents? – to adore and appreciate these beautiful people with a super strong mind, heart, body and soul… From Dumbbell-Barbell Weight Set to Kettlebell Bottle Opener these 49 amazing gifts for weightlifter are something that your weightlifter buddy will cherish forever.

Be it any kind of championship, weightlifting has always fascinated me. I would like to dedicate my top 5 favorite items to these strong men and women, as a tribute to their great and hard work.

Now, if you are eager to know about the whole goodie bag specially curated for weightlifters, then here my list goes

1. Double Barbell Vertical Storage Mount Wall Rack – $

If your weightlifter buddies are constantly hurting themselves by hitting their foot with the barbell rod again and again then put a stop to it!

Give them this vertical storage mount wall rack and induce a good habit of keeping their barbell and their foot secured and safe.

2. 6 Pieces Sweatbands Set – $

If you want to please your weightlifter buddy while being kind to your pocket, simultaneously, then these sweatbands make a great pocket-friendly gift!

This sweatband set consists of 2-piece sports headbands and 4-piece wristbands. These can be used as a badge or fashion statement, while serving the sweat wiping purpose of course!

3. Olympic Barbell Collars – $

Weightlifting can be risky sometimes and to avoid accidents and ensure safety of people standing by it’s great to use a barbell collar during weightlifting!

These 2” Olympic size weight bar clamps come in various pop color options. These collars will secure or lock the barbell plates or weights. Well, safety is the foremost priority.

4. Adjustable 2-in-1 Dumbbell-Barbell Weight Set – $$$

How about giving this amazing 2-in-1 weight set? Can be used as dumbbells as well as barbells depending on the mood and requirement of your weightlifter buddy!

These are made of metal and are coated with anti-rust metal color and have multi-weight setting options. A multi-tasker for multiple happiness!

5. Barbell Olympic 2” Plate Rack – $$

If you are someone or know someone who doesn’t like mess and loves organised things then this plate storage rack is perfect for you.

I am sure this plate rack will make your weightlifter buddy habitual of keeping the weight plates organised!

6. Olympic 2” Rubber Bumper Plate – $$$

How about weightlifting with a dash of color? These color splash plates come in 6 color variants and you can choose from 10-55 LBS.

With these high-density rubber bumper plates with stainless steel inserts your weightlifter buddy need not to worry about shattering or too much bouncing, anymore (even with repeated drops)!

7. Weightlifting Man 3D Illusion LED Lamp – $

How about lighting up a weightlifter’s room or even your own room (if you adore weightlifting) with these gorgeous 3d led night lights!

This lamp that highlights a man lifting weight is going to light up your weightlifter’s dark nights and brighten up their smile! – “For the love of weightlifting”

8. Fairly Odd Novelties Toilet Paper Holder – $

This funny weightlifting man toilet paper holder will make sure that your weightlifter’s dream or passion remains close to their heart even while they use restroom

It’s time to say goodbye to the boring morning rituals and add some fun and humor. A handful of happiness with some handful of toilet paper rolls! One of the best funny gifts for weightlifters!

9. Weight Plate Fitness Keychain – $

I wish I could squeeze the weight plate and keep it close to my weightlifter buddy’s heart all the time to motivate him. Oh look, I can – with this miniature plate keyring!

It even has a message – ‘Shut up and Squat’. So, if you love scolding your weightlifter buddy then this keychain is an exceptionally great addition to the gag gifts for weightlifters list.

10. Kettlebell Bottle Opener – $

Believe it or not this kettlebell bottle opener is made from the same material and coated with the same enamel as that of a genuine kettlebell (even the processes are the same, wow).

It is perfect for opening beer bottles. Now, that’s like a miniature kettlebell with some bottle opening superpowers!

11. Weightlifting Stainless-Steel Necklace – $

This barbell charm necklace will not go unnoticed even for a second. If you want to woo your weightlifter better-half then this is one of the most perfect gifts, exclusively made for a weightlifter!

Even if you have not decided to give it as a gift to someone, you can yourself wear it for your love for weightlifting!

12. Unisex Weightlifting Gloves – $

Do you want to protect those lovely hands of your weightlifter partner that you love to hold? If yes, then you must go for these weightlifting gloves.

These are made of microfiber and spandex fibre and are foam padded on the palm. Even those tough hands need some care and attention, right?

13. Workout Weightlifting Men’s T-shirt – $

If weightlifting is your therapy, if you find solace during your weightlifting sessions, or you know someone alike, then this t-shirt is something that best describes you!

This t-shirt reads “My therapist” and it showcases a barbell, perfect to surprise or cheer up a weightlifter.

14. Tin Sign Board for Training Coach – $

If you are looking for a “Thank-you” or an appreciation gift for your coach or trainer then this tin sign is a perfect present!

It will definitely cheer up your trainer and bring a smile on their face. I never miss on such amazing things for amazing people to create amazing memories- amazing isn’t it?

15. Kettlebell Charm Sterling Silver Pendant – $

How can I miss on this amazing kettlebell shaped 3d pendant? This is such a beautiful piece of jewellery!

One of the best ways to keep your passion close to your heart. One of the most thoughtful gifts for weightlifter buddies that they will cherish forever!

16. Barbell Canvas Wall Art – $$

Never let your weightlifter buddy lose motivation. Bring some good vibes and life to their walls or practice room by adding these wall arts, to inspire them.

This wall art will lift up their mood if they are feeling low and will add a touch of motivation during their practice rituals.

17. Deep Tissue Massage Gun – $$

If you admire a weightlifter’s profession, then you also know the hard work and dedication behind that marvellous performance!

Give them something that can release their physical stress, strain and tension, and can soothe and relax their muscle soreness or back pain. This massage gun with quiet glide technology, with 20 adjustable speeds and 8 attachments is just heavenly!

18. Weightlifting Shoes – $$

When we talk about any performance, comfort is the foremost priority that should be taken care of (before anything).

“Be in someone’s shoes” or I must say give someone some great shoes to make them feel better or great! How about the next power-packed round of weightlifting in the shoes that you gifted?

19. Multi-function Barbell Rack – $$$

I believe in multi-functionality sometimes, do you? If yes, then you will fall in love with this multi-functional barbell rack that serves as a family fitness station!

Perfect for bench presses (flat, incline or shoulder), squats, curls, rows and much more! One of the most amazing gifts with multi-functionality qualities.

20. Versatile Olympic Barbell – $$$

If you are looking for gifts for Olympic weightlifters, then you must go for this ultra-light barbell (not a feather though)! A perfect gift for their training rituals.

With this barbell they will not need any other barbell. It will allow them to master hundreds of exercises in various vertical and horizontal planes. Feels amazing, I know!

21. Digital Smart Body Weight & Body Fat Scale – $

Help your champion to keep a regular track of their body weight and body fat in the smartest and the best possible manner, with this amazing digital smart bathroom scale!

It can be synced with multi fitness apps. Unlike other digital scales, it allows you for 14 essential measurements (including body fat, BMI, body water, body weight, etc).

22. Weightlifter Caricature Wall Clock – $

It’s training time!!! Remind your weightlifter buddy of their training time or other timely routine in a fun way with this caricature wall clock!

This cute, lovely wall clock is one of the most fun gifts for weightlifter buddies.

23. Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight – $$

If it’s time to say goodbye to the old kettlebell, then say hi to this new buddy, your weightlifting mate- a durable cast iron kettlebell weight!

I am glad to announce… it comes with a 1-year warranty.

24. SelectTech Adjustable Weight – $$$

If you or your weightlifter buddy is tired of taking care of a number of dumbbells, then it’s to bid them farewell. Say goodbye to 17 old dumbbells and bring home this adjustable weight!

It allows you to select the weight just with a turn of a dial. A simple way to make things or life easier, better and hassle-free!

25. Refillable Chalk Ball Sock with Storage Bag – $

Looking for some smart alternative to chalk? Here I bring to you this refillable 3 Oz chalk ball sock, made from magnesium carbonate, perfect for your weightlifter buddy!

It comes with a no-mess storage bag! No more sweaty hands! No more mess with excess chalk powder!

26. Baby Kettlebell Plush Kettle with Rattle – $

If you are a weightlifter and a parent (or if you know someone) then I have something amazing for you and the little one, in my goodie bag!

This kettlebell plush toy is going to inspire every bit of your weightlifter buddy in the most adorable way. One of the cutest gifts for a weightlifter and their baby!

27. Christmas Tree Kettlebell Weight Ornament – $

This glass blown handcrafted ornament in kettlebell shape is a perfect addition to someone’s sports collection! One of the best Christmas gifts for weightlifters.

This cute little collectible is a great present and a great way of admiring a weightlifter’s profession or passion.

28. Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting – $

Improve and increase strength and stability with this strong, comfortable and stylish dip lifting belt!

This dip workout belt ensures better safety and support. Show your love and care by giving this to your loved ones for their next weightlifting championship.

29. Weightlifter Dumbbell Invention Coffee Mug – $

This cool dumbbell coffee mug is for the calculative and logical minds who love formulas and the Maths and Science behind everything!

What could be better to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in this greatly designed dumbbell invention patent coffee mug?

30. Weightlifting Pen Holder & Paper Weight – $

If you are looking for some unique and fun gifts for weightlifter friends or relatives, then you must go for this pen-holder cum paperweight.

This quirky colorful little piece will brighten up your desk as well remind you of your goals, while motivating you constantly.

31. Portable Gym Equipment – $$

Fitness is something that must be taken care of, and it becomes a priority especially for a sportsperson.

With this portable push down bar equipment (the personal workout trainer) your weightlifter buddy can travel anytime anywhere without worrying about their fitness goals or workout regime.

32. Cap Barbell Olympic Super Trap Bar – $$$

Enjoy effortless loading or unloading of weight plates with this trap bar that is constructed of tubular steel!

It allows you for multiple grip options – 30mm, 38 mm or 45 mm grip. Indeed, one of the most thoughtful gifts for weightlifter buddies.

33. Ergonomically Designed Barbell Pad – $

If your buddy suffers from neck pain due to constant barbell lifts training sessions, then this is something exclusively made for them.

They can enjoy repetitive barbell lifts, enhanced barbell grip and reduced slippage risk with this thick squat pad. No more numb hands or painful shoulders! Go for the pink color if you are looking for gifts for female weightlifters.

34. Weightlifting Accessory – $

These weight bar spring clips will ensure a tight and sturdy hold for the weight bars. It can fit on your 2” Olympic weight barbells.

Why is it important? For an efficient workout routine! For a firm and stable weight handling! To avoid accidents during weightlifting! (Cool isn’t it?)

35. Portable Bluetooth Speakers – $$

Everyone loves music, so does your weightlifter buddy! Let them enjoy their favourite track or some inspirational music during those heavy workouts or sometimes mundane training sessions.

Whether they are a rock metal freak or a relaxing soft instrumental lover, these Bluetooth speakers with enhanced bass will take care of their taste and senses!

36. Protein Shaker Bottles – $

This pack of 5 (24 Oz each) protein shaker bottles highlights some motivational designs that will uplift the mood of your champion even if they are feeling low.

This BPA-free colorful shaker bottle set will refuel you, replenish your spirit and will put you back to work!

37. Dumbbell Shaped Water bottle – $

These uniquely designed BPA-free water bottles will not just quench your thirst but will motivate you again and again with every sip that you take!

The eye-catchy design of the water bottle is going to make you or your champion the centre of attention for sure.  

38. Books & Bibles for Weightlifters – $

Whether they are in a learning process or an expert, books make a perfect present for anyone or everyone!

From strength training to nutrition cookbooks, from basics to some advanced techniques, I have got you covered.

39. 12-Week Workout & Exercise Journal – $

“Good habits are hard to form but once formed they act as a stepping stone towards success”.

This ultimate fitness planner journal has so much to offer and is designed to track your weight – a 12-week training program. This fitness journal can be given to both men and women and it is perfect for lifters of all levels.

40. Balance Toy Weightlifter Kinetic Art Ornament – $

Let’s learn some Physics with this balance toy that works on Newton’s law of conservation of energy!

A perfect addition to the gifts for weightlifter enthusiasts, a good way to relax their mind while they are not busy lifting those super heavy weights.

41. Adjustable Dumbbell Toy Pretend Workout Set for Kids – $

If your kids love to accompany you to the gym or during your training sessions, then hand over this cute dumbbell toy workout set so that he/she can give you a tough competition!

They will love to learn some weightlifting rules with you. It’s time for some fun with some learning and skill development for your little one.

42. Science Activities Magna Gyroscope Blue – $

Your weightlifter buddy is already doing enough physical activities to stay fit and strong, how about some brain activities?

Learn while you perform magnetic experiments with this fun science activity kit.

43. Self- Locking Weight Lifting Belt – $

I do care for you! Say it and show it to your hardworking champion with this self-locking security belt.

Ensure their safety and avoid risk of injury with this easy-to-use belt with self-locking mechanism, no matter how big the lift is.

44. Cable Machine Handle Attachments – $

This weight lifting workout accessory is perfect to take your fitness to the next level!

This gym equipment accessory is made of stainless steel and has rubber grips to ensure good support and stability. It is perfect for your pulling exercises.

45. Funny Workout Tank Top – $

This cool tank top reads ‘I flexed and the sleeves fell off’. Give this top to the person who loves sarcasm or has a good sense of humor!

This super soft workout shirt made of ring spun cotton is sure to tickle someone’s funny bones.

46. Funky Socks for Men – $

Show your wacky and fun side with these adorable pairs of socks that showcase a bear lifting a barbell!

I have got you covered in your all-time favorite weightlifting hobby, passion or profession, from head to toes.

47. Barbell Weightlifter Expandable Wire Bracelet – $

This silver tone expandable bracelet is one of the most perfect gifts for weightlifter women to make their day or to bring a smile on their face!

It comes in a beautiful pleasing gift box. A great way to adore your buddy’s love for weightlifting.

48. Funny Cute Infant One- Piece Bodysuit – $

This baby creeper which reads ‘daddy’s future lifting partner’, makes a great baby shower present or is perfect for the little one’s birthday!

This creeper will bring a smile on your weightlifter buddy’s face, if they are or going to become a parent. The size ranges from 0-24 months and it comes in different color and design options.

49. Athletic Fit Jeans for Men – $

Last but not the least, how about adding some style to the already stylish weightlifter guy’s wardrobe?

I am sure these athletic fit jeans for men are going to add a style statement with its mid-rise relaxed fit with tapered leg style.

Now, that’s a wrap and I hope you have fallen in love with these gifts for weightlifter, like me. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite goodies or the most astounding gifts that you loved. I am sure these fascinating gifts for weightlifter will bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

Good gifts bring good memories, and are something that can be cherished forever! Along with these amazing gifts, there’s one more thing in my goodie bag, to make you happy! Do watch this funny prank video of a professional weightlifter dressed up as an old man –

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