Gag Gifts For Men – 45 Funky Ideas To Create Funny Memories!

No denying that women are hard to understand, but men are even harder. Finding a hilarious bizarre gift can be a bit of a challenge because making a man laugh is not that easy. Getting an insight into men’s minds and algorithms of things that interest him can be troublesome. Keeping your problem in mind, I came up with the list of best gag gifts for men that will appeal to him and make him laugh.

These gifts are perfect for a guy who knows how to handle jokes and laugh it out with friends and family. Make him remember how cool you are by choosing the best novelty gift for him.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. 52 Things to Do While You Poo for a good time pass 

If he is the person with an atrocious sense of humour then surprise him with this outrageously hilarious book of 52 Things to Do While You Poo. Hugh Jassburn has assembled this book with brimming puzzles, facts, and games that can make his next poo a little more interesting. Isn’t it the best way to keep his brain productive even when he is on his trip to loo?

2. Bob Ross Chia Pet to grow some fun

What about something easy to do and fun to grow? The Bob Ross Chia Pet is one of the perfect gag gifts for me as it is both hilarious and beneficial. The chia planter can be washed and used as many times as he wants. You can choose from presidents, actors, emoji and even his favourite movie characters. Make a collection and keep growing!

3. Pizza Socks Box to add colours in his wardrobe

FIf he likes the idea of colourful crazy and valiant socks, Pizza Socks Box is an ideal gift for him! With an increase of trend in colourful funky socks, it can be a mind-boggling gift for him. He can easily pair it with casual jeans or a formal pantsuit. It can go with any dress code! Boost your sense of humour to your loved ones and give this with a smile. It comes in various designs and features for a variety in choice.

4. Redneck Backscratcher for more relief and less worry

Does he constantly irritate you by asking to scratch his back? Or he finds it difficult to manage his itchy back when you are not around? Well, this one is definitely what you need. Let him know that you have his back by gifting him the most convenient Redneck Backscratcher. It is shaped like a garden rake which is self-explanatory for its use. It is a perfect gag gift for father’s day, Christmas or birthday. 

5. Prank Pack iArm to make a fool out of him

Thinking of the most bizarre prank gift to upset him at first but somehow make him happy later? Prank Pack iArm is just what you need. It has six sides of genuine graphics and detailed explanations to make him believe about the unconventional dumbfound product. Watch him gleam once he opens the box and finds a gift that he wanted. It is a perfect vacant prank box to hide your exhibit for some fun.

6. Gone Flushin’ Gift Set for a fresh-smelling bathroom

To be honest, this can be more of a gift for you than him. If you are sick of the bathroom odour after his every trip to the loo, then gift him this Gone Flushin’ Gift Set and keep your house smelling fresh. There are two bottles in Blood Orange and Smoky Wood scent.  It is a funny intimate gift set for that loved one in your life that sometimes leaves air stinky. He just needs to spray before he uses the pot.

7. How to Live With a Huge Penis Book for the men with unmanageable penis 

It can be a thoughtful yet teasing gift for your man who transcends the average measurement of the penis. How to Live with a Huge Penis Book by Richard Jacob is one of the first self-help books for men to deal with the absurd proportion of their pee-pee. Having a big penis is sometimes really problematic and uncomfortable. Providing solutions to all kinds of problems for this sensitive issue makes it a highly rated book. Gift him this book and let him know that he is not alone!

8. Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet for the beer lovers

The Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet is something you do not realise you need unless you have one. Nothing can be cooler than a hands-free experience of drinking beer. Let him louse on the couch and watch his games leisurely with this gift. It can accommodate two beer cans at a time. It can even be an idle gift for men in their 20s.

9. Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler to triumph like a star

After a long hectic day, all he needs is some refreshing time with his chilled beer. Get him this Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler which will keep his beer chilled along with adding a laugh whenever he will wear this fist. You can choose from beige, green, red and blue colours. Easy to clean and easy to use! 

10. Farting Fanny Bank for toot in exchange of dropping loot

If you are in a dilemma regarding a white elephant gift for your man or gifts exchange party, then get your hands on this Funny Farting Bank. Every time he will plop a coin, there will be a pretty loud farting noise. Be the king of the party by making everyone laugh with this outrageously hilarious gift. He can collect all the change by opening the lid. The more he saves, the more he laughs!

11. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game for interesting poop

Men are known to spend a lot of time lousing on the pot seat. Make their sitting time more productive and interesting by gifting a Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game. It will not only be a good time pass while they poop but also sharpen up their golfing skills. Train even if he is the crappiest player till date. It is a suitable novelty gift for golf fan men of all the age.

12. Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Opener for the hilarious one

If he is a beer person, then it can be the most useful yet funny gift. This Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Opener will make everyone laugh whenever he will open a bottle. It comes in a durable plastic with stainless steel opener. With its sturdy posture, you can place it anywhere on the table as a novelty decorative item. Let him know how innovative you can be regarding his love for beer.

13. Remote Control Fart Machine for the one who can handle pranks

This quirky Remote Control Fart Machine has been added to my gimmick gift’s list because it got 15 new different fart sounds. If you live with a one who is himself a fart machine, then it can be the best prank gift for him. Give him a chance to impress or gross-out his friends and family with this weird yet funny prank gift. For more fun, you can even prank him with all the sounds before you gift him. Nothing can be funnier than a variety of fart noise!

14. Portable Pizza Pouch for the pizza lovers

If he is a pizza maniac then it could be pretty sad as it will not always be available for hand-to-mouth consumption. With a crazy yet somehow useful idea, Portable Pizza Pouch can be the solution to this problem. He can keep and carry a back-up pizza slice for those instant cravings. It has a stable zip lock, keeping his pizza fresh and cheesy. If this is not cool enough! Then just let him hang around his neck to look instantly attractive and different.

15. Bottle Opener Ring for the sake of your teeth

Stop running to the kitchen and searching the drawers for an opener!  And for Pete’s sake, get the bottle away from his back teeth! It can really lead to serious dental problems. Get your man a bottle opener ring and give a rest to this everyday struggle. Now, open the bottle with just a flick of your finger whenever he craves one. It can be a nice funky way to save your money on a wedding band and slide this in his ring finger with a vow of drinking together happily ever after. Isn’t it cool!? 

16. Coca-Cola Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster for a quick breakfast

Find their new favourite mug by getting a Don’t Speak coffee mug. This matches all the qualities of being a best coffee mug with a witty and humorous statement on the glass. The mug is durable and made from high quality to qualify it as safe to microwave or dishwashing. If you are a coffee lover, you must hate when people talk in between your sips. Let them wittingly know when the right time to have a conversation is. It can also be an ice breaker by making everyone laugh at your workplace. 

17. The Original Toilet Night Light for the late-night trips to the loo

Does he frequently make a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night? The harsh light of the bathroom must be irritating while you are sleeping. Get him The Original Toilet Night Light that can fit anywhere on the pot without any difficulties in installation. The motion sensor LED illuminates the pot automatically in a soothing colour once he will arrive near it. It is a gift for old men or kids to avoid any bathroom accidents while they visit late during the night. Surprise your guest and impress your family with such a childish yet useful gift.

18. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle for some fun time in toilet

Throw another prank on him through this Talking Toilet Paper Spindle. Record a six seconds message, a hilarious joke or some wired sound and scare the shit out of him. The message will automatically play with every roll. Once you are done scaring him, together you can use it to bewilder your guest. It can also be used as a motivational cheering if your man finds it hard to do his business. I am offering everything that can make your bathroom time more enjoyable.

19. Colouring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups something to enjoy

This is something that can make you both enjoy and laugh together. Colouring has been a proven stress relief therapy for adults. Initially, the artistry illustrations might resemble kids but look closer! Get your hands on this hilarious colouring book and put your creative hats on. Challenge modern adulthood with this unconventional Colouring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups.

20. Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game for drunk nights

Missing all the fun of Vegas? Well, it is time for you to bring Vegas’s casino home. Gift him this vintage Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game to add the life in his parties. No need to worry about losing money all you left with will be an addiction to the fun. He can play this with 8-7 other friends. Call your friends on a weekend night, grab some drinks and get ready for some hangover the next morning. A great option for a reunion and ice-breaking parties.

21. Fake Beer Belly Fanny Waist Pack for eventful travelling

A Fake Beer Belly Fanny Waist Pack? Well if this is not a ridiculously gagged gift then I do not know what is! This beer belly is water resistant made from PU and canvas for a real-life thing experience. It has even got separate compartments to carry his phone, keys, passport and cards. Perfect for outdoor sports, travelling and even during rainy days. He can use it around to carry stuff while making everyone laugh. Boost your sense of humour by gifting this easy to put and take out Beer Belly Fanny Waist Pack.

22. Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes, say no more to fake laughs

If your dad is number1 #jokester, then he can use some inspiration from Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes that illustrates some nice jokes and some stupid puns. But don’t forget to laugh because they are cracked by your dad. This book can really revolutionise his cringe jokes into terribly mind-boggling jokes. Once he becomes the centre of attraction of the party, he will enjoy this book. It is a perfect father’s day gift or a birthday present.

23. Wine Condoms for added protection

If you and he are wine lovers then don’t forget to use protection while leaving the half-filled bottle. These wine condoms are very useful to preserve your wine and keep it fresh till the next drink. Simply roll over the lid and make everyone laugh around with such a bizarre yet useful idea. It keeps away the oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling your expensive wine. No more hesitation while opening another bottle. Once you start using, you will wonder how you were surviving before them. 

24. The Poo Book for a healthy poop

Every poo you plop has something to tell about your body. From a toddler laughing on their own farts to old grandpa complaining of their bowel movements, everyone has a story regarding his poop. Written and explained by a doctor, this book includes a descriptive explanation of over two dozens of dungs- from floaters to burritos. It precisely tells about your health and stomach conditions according to your last poop. Give him this interesting read while he can analyse his next poop. Let us keep his health and boredom in check!

25. Slang Flashcards for the lingos they are missing in life

All the hip dad in the house! This is your chance to keep in pace with today’s gen and give them tough competition in the slang game. If he finds it difficult to understand lingos, gift him the Slang Flashcards to keep him up to date in this trend. It is the easiest way to get in hang with a tricky tongue of today’s teens. It is even suitable for a nerd boy who finds it difficult to socialise. It is all about bringing smartness and humour in their life.

26. Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Socks for that extra punch

Add some gig in his wardrobe through Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Socks. These are the jolliest pair of socks that can rock his feet. It has his favourite artists, Bob Ross and his little trees print designs in various colours to add a unique kick to all kinds of outfits. These novelty socks are available in Men’s sock size 10-13. It is a washing machine safe and very cosy to louse in. Do not bleach.  It is both fun and comfortable.

27. Pet Sweep as a prank pack

At a first glance, it will seem to be a ridiculously meaningless product from a useless company. While putting a poker face, watch him slowly unbox your actual thoughtful present. The Pet Sweep prank box comes with detailed illustrations and graphics to add more authenticity in the prank. Add the laughter in his party with this quirky prank box and let everyone know who the king of pranks/gag gifts is. You can even add a layer of surprise by again wrapping the actual gift with a paper.

28. PICK YOUR NOSE Paper Cups for silly pranks

Another fun element by Fred & Friends. Every time anyone will pick a glass and have his drink, there will be a roar of laughter around your party. There are 24 paper cups with evenly divided realistic nose prints of male and female to add some fun in your party. While sipping his drink it will seem as if he has grown another nose. Invite your friends for drinks and let the laughter begin!

29. How to Traumatize Your Children something every parent will enjoy 

As the name suggests, this book has been modified with all-new totally dysfunctional illustrations to talk about how you can permanently gift a child lifelong mental and emotional damage. As insane as it sounds, but it actually let the parents rejoice by giving funny techniques to irritate and torture your child. To be honest, they can sometimes be a real pain. Well here you go, you and your man got a perfect opportunity to laugh and have some experimental fun with your child.

30. Best Farter Ever Mug for some laugh

Spelling mistakes? Might be, might be not! If your dad is one of that loudest farters, give him a good laugh with this Best Farter Ever Mug. Every time he will sip something, his friends and family will go crazy laughing. Well, you got a right to embarrass him a bit! It is a perfect gag gift for father’s days or birthday for your best dad. Choose from blue or white and make his morning tea time a bit of fun. 

31. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants for emergencies

It is better safe than sorry. Save him from embarrassing moments by gifting these handy Emergency Underpants for difficult situations. From soil to soaking underpants, one can happen to land in any situation during his worst time. This gag gift is most useful, especially for old people. The packet contains one pair of disposable unisex underpants that can fit all adults. It is small and compact, which will make him convenient to carry it around.

32. The Good Hurt Fuego for hot sauce lover

The Good Hurt Fuego comes with seven flavours, something that every hot sauce hoarder will love. If your man is brave enough, gift him this set of dynamite bundles. It is the best way to show him how much you give a thought for his taste and choices. Add some fire to your relationship with gifting something this hot and tasty. It will level up your meals and tantalise his taste buds. It tried to cover flavours from mild to intense, keeping in mind the preferences of people.

33. Naughty People Outlet Decal for a bold choice

Let him know how funny and bold you are by gifting him this smartest and one of the latest gag gifts. He will find this Naughty People Outlet Decal can be surprisingly hilarious yet creative that will guarantee a chuckle. It is the best gifts for bachelors to apply on any hard surface they want. Hush! Hush! Get him one soon.

34. Fish Slippers for his crazy side

Weirdest Item alert! Be the fish of the pond with these comfortable Fish Slippers. Since they are versatile and durable; therefore he can carelessly slip them anywhere- from pool to park, beach and random walk. It is definitely one of the most hilarious flip flops to make everyone around you laugh.

35. Dude Wipes for on the go use

Does he often complaints about the poor toilet paper in his office and how it makes him feels as if he is using dry leaves from the woods? Comfort his butt by gifting him these Dude Wipes. They are not only soft and unscented but also have vitamin-E and plant-based fibres for soothing after-effects. He will find them easy to carry and use in his office or during camping in the woods. They are safe to dispose of in nature. Because those butts deserve to be treated well!

36. Loftus Heads Down Golf Tees for a heads up

Does he spend every weekend playing golf with friends? His lack of presence on weekends might make you angry, but he is still your man. Surprise him with this golf gag gift and let he and his friends have the roar of a laugh while playing. This Loftus Heads Down Golf Tees are perfect for men who neck pain due to constantly keeping their head down. Well, the only place they should bow down is in front of you! Solve this problem by gifting this. Let everyone know how cool wife or girlfriend you are!

37. Dust Mop Slipper Shoes for your own comfort

Does he constantly steal ways to escape from cleaning duty? Cleaning can be monotonous for some men. Make it simple and playful by getting him these Dust Mop Slipper Shoes. Just slip it and casually walk around the house to pick up dust and dirt without kneeling and bending. These mopes are washable with either hands or machine. Louse on your couch while he and your kids do cleaning along with some fun. Multipurpose, isn’t it!

38. Daddy’s First Milestones Beer Labels for the new dads

The Daddy’s First Milestones Beer Labels are one of the most personalised gifts in my list. It is one of the perfect gag gifts for men who just turned dad. Being a dad is as tough as being a mom for the first time. Therefore, he must need to sit back and relax with some beer. Put these stickers to freshly brewed beer bottles and appreciate his milestone of being a dad. He needs a constant motivation to deal from diaper change to late-night winning of the baby.

39. Socks Sandals to style without compromise

Want to prove everyone how funny you are? For the next gag gifts, the exchange party gets a man these Silly Socks Socks Sandals. These are the socks that look as if you are wearing sandals. It is a hilarious novelty gift which can be used beneficially later like simple socks. It is perfect to mock men who really wear socks with their sandals. These stretchy socks come in free size midway to your calves.

40. Mini Tabletop Cornhole Game set for a quick break while working

Get a chance to bring his favourite weekend activity at your own home. If he loves to play cornhole then this might be an appropriate gift for him. With the Mini Tabletop Cornhole Game Set, he can play his favourite game in between his 9 to 5 job, whenever he needs a break. Soon, all his colleagues will be visiting his desk for a quick match. It is a 2-4 player fun which will help him to socialise well with others. Make him a star of the office by giving him this innovative miniature.

41. Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome for the one who loves gardening

Does he love gardening but somehow you can’t accompany him all the time? Guilty, not guilty, if you want to compensate for your absence, then our search is over. This Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue is a perfect garden gag gift for him which will always make him feel accompanied. Along with being a decorative piece, the cat statue will give him company while he is working silently. If this is not it, it will act as a scarecrow of his garden. No insects or rodents will dare to cross the garden.

42. Leather Beer Holster for anytime and anywhere sip

The Leather Beer Holster is a perfect gift for men who love to indulge in DIY or organise outdoor activities like games night, BBQ, fishing and hiking. It keeps your hands free for performing activities while keeping your chilled beverage within your arm’s length reach. He no more has to stop and take a break to sip his drink. Adds cowboy-style statement to his outfit!

43. Emergency Clown Nose for the performing actor in him

It is a handy clown nose which can be worn anytime and anywhere he wants to. There are parties and occasions which will be much easier to attend once he breaks the ice with wearing this. It is a great mind blowing gift if your man is great in creating melodramatic entries and scenes. To be honest, making everyone laugh is not a joke, it requires talent! Appreciate your guy and let him know that you are an accomplice to his gigs and gags.

44. Don’t F**k Up The Drink Coasters for your OCD

Do you hate the wet glass and beer glass mark trails left behind even after constant reminder? Let him know how you feel by getting him these Don’t F**k Up The Drink Coasters. Satisfy your OCD by reminding again and again through these coasters. These reflect as a dreaded warning which he needs to take seriously. This will also let your guest know how serious you are for your furniture.

45. Great Moustaches Coffee Mug for inspiring his next look

Is he a moustache lover? Can he effortlessly rock the handlebar or imperial look? Inspire his next look by giving him ideas through 14 great moustaches embezzled on this Great Moustaches Coffee Mug. While sipping your morning caffeine, you both can even play games on deciding which design belongs to whom. Give him a chance to level his moustache game. Let him be the man of his style!

Being a beer lover, my favourite white elephant gift will be Leather Beer Holster. It is durable, stylish and innovative. Choose your favourite from the above list of gag gifts for men and let your friends know about it. Laugh as much as you want and let me know on my contact page if you know more gag gifts. More the merrier! Like and share my article if you found it useful. You should check out “37 Ridiculously funny coffee mugs” too.

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