Funny Coffee Mugs To Sip Your Morning Coffee In! [37 Ideas]

Hectic schedule and tiresome nights kicks up the urge for a nice quantity of caffeine every morning to kick start your day. If you are looking for a way to make your boring morning coffee or tea more interesting then give a look at these funny coffee mugs. These will level up your experience and rejuvenate your whole day.

All these funny coffee mugs can also be used as gag gifts for Christmas, holiday or birthday parties. Make your loved one’s morning a little brighter by gifting them one of these. Sit back with your cup of coffee and enjoy our article.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. BigMouth Toilet Mug for funny mornings

Monday mornings can be boring and tiresome. Make them hilarious by getting yourself and your housemate the BigMouth Toilet Mug. This is a 10z golden mug that you can use for morning coffee, tea or milk. You can even entertain your guests and kids by using it as a candy bowl. While drinking milk tea, it will actually make you feel as if drinking poop water. Gross alert! Gift it to your friends and colleagues and let them have the same experience.

2. MAUAG Funny Saying Coffee Mug to celebrate good humour

Want to show off how hilarious you are?  Get yourself a MAUAG Funny Saying Coffee Mug and let everyone know who is the funniest of all! It has got an easy-grip handle which makes it suitable for both hot and cold beverages. You can even use it as a present for someone who you know has a great sense of humour. Appreciate their hard work, because being funny is not that easy! 

3. Sensitive Coffee Mug for correct temperature

For all the moody people out there, here comes a mug that will match your personality. Do you always prefer your Americano sizzling hot? This colour changing coffee mug is perfect for you. It lets you know when your coffee turned from hot to cold by turning its colour from blue to back and emoticon from freshly awakened happy face to sad sleeping gloomy face. It saves you from the disappointing first cold sip. You can give a gift to someone who is as particular about his/her coffee as you are. 

4. Eeffoc Is Coffee Spelled Backwards for a funky start

What are your views about this novelty coffee mug? It is Coffee Spelled Backwards as an Eeffoc mug which lets people know how you actually feel in the morning. Kick start your mornings with some caffeine and gag to rejuvenate your whole day. Make people laugh while sipping your beverage and use it as a conversation starter. Both sides of the print make it appropriate for both left and right-hand users. You can even use it as a cute gift for birthdays or other events.

5. Best Funny Coffee Mug Sorry No Hablo Fucktardo Sarcastic Novelty Cup for a sarcastic say

The Sorry No Hablo Fucktardo Sarcastic Novelty Cup has been especially assorted for men and women searching a funny sarcastic gift for their co-workers and employees. It is a high-quality mug that is safe from both microwave and dishwasher use. This can be a fun yet the best sarcastic way to mock their I.Q. and personality. Alert! Only for those who can handle twisted humour. 

6. Dali Llama Mug something you will treasure

This is a cute yet soothing coffee mug for the ones who enjoy calmness and serenity in life. The funny play of words of Dali Llama Mug will surely bring a smile on your face. Just look at those overbearing moustaches. Isn’t it making the animal look cute! It is a yellow ceramic mug with 10 ounces of capacity. Get your hands on this mug and appreciate the eccentric artist Salvador Dali. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea in this 50% enlightened and 50% surreal Dali Llama Mug.

7. Photographer Mug to mock the one who sucks at it

If you know someone who loves photography but still sucks at it, get him this funny Photographer Mug for casually mocking his photography. Let him know that even though he needs lots of practice, you are still proud of his passion. This witty remark will definitely bring side-splitting laughter whenever they will use it for drinking. You can use it as a birthday, anniversary or even Christmas present. Be the star of the party and make everyone laugh with this white elephant mug.

8. Cactus Coffee Mug for a polite reminder

Gift this Cactus Coffee Mug to those people who constantly need to be reminded for being good and generous. You can give them to your colleagues, employees, friends or even your partner. Make everyone laugh with this funny yet sarcastic design. It is best for people who do not get easily offended. You can use it personally if you need a reminder. A cheeky design that will definitely stand out! 

9. David Meowie Coffee Mug for the one who likes cute mugs

Start your morning by sipping in this ridiculously cute David Meowie Coffee Mug. It is a nice soothing mug, perfect for your morning coffee, evening tea or any beverage in between. You can also use it as a gift for someone that inhabits the same cuteness in them. Bring a smile on their face with this coffee mug and let them know how much you adore them. It has sturdy and vivid professional print that gives it durability to withstand microwave and dishwasher. It is also perfect for the cat lovers.

10. Jesus Shaves Mug for the one with vivid imagination

There are no single records in any of the chapters, and verses of the New Testament of the fact that Jesus ever got shaved. Giving wings to your imagination, this Jesus Shaves Mug lets you know how he looked if he shaved. It is a ridiculously funny coffee mug which comes with the print of original Jesus but as soon as you pour any hot liquid, it will automatically change into shaved Jesus. Witness the magic in front of your own eyes. Hallelujah! Surprise your friends and family by gifting them this different yet interesting coffee mug.

11. Donut Mug for the donuts lovers

Mmmm…donuts! Are you one of these? Is a donut your ultimate savior for your sweet tooth craving? Well, this Donut Mug is a perfect option match for you. These cute looking donut funny coffee mugs will definitely bring a smile to your face every morning. It is a nice way to celebrate your love for both coffee and donuts. The embossed chocolate sprinkle donut design mug comes with a sturdy handle to keep you cool while your coffee is hot.  It is a 14oz cup that has a design on both sides. It is a versatile coffee mug that can even be used as a gift on various occasions. Nothing goes better together than coffee and donuts.

12. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug for a soothing vibe

There are times when you are mentally exhausted from your 9-5 jobs that you need a reminder to calm yourself down. Get yourself a Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug. When the mug is empty or filled with cold beverage it reflects the print of a happy soothing Bob Ross which indicates you to take a break and rest for a while. As soon as you will pour a hot drink a beautiful mind awakening painting appears behind his portrait. It triggers your mind by giving calming vibes to work again. Show how much you care by gifting this unique changing mug to your friends and family who often find themselves in the same situation.

13. Funny Mug – Yet, despite the look on my face, you’re still talking to the one who do not like gossips

This is one of the funny coffee mugs to politely notify people about what you are feeling. Give your bitch face a rest and let the mug do the talking. Use it in your office space and let those gossip lover co-workers know that you are least interested in their talks. It got High quality sublimation printing which makes it safe for microwave and dishwashers.  Start sipping from this mug whenever you see an intolerable college approaching you. Make everyone laugh while he stands dumbfound. 

14. Coffee Mug Don’t be A Cuntasaurous for the good humour

Kick in your morning with some humour and laugh with Coffee Mug Don’t be A Cuntasaurous Coffee Tea Cup. The twisted words will make everyone around you laugh. This coffee mug is designed with cute dinosaurs printed on both the sides of it. This funny mug will constantly make you laugh and keep your mind while you are at work. You can gift this to the one with the same hectic schedule. Make them smile whenever they are stressed. It is something they will treasure for life.

15. Alien Cup for the sci-fi lovers

If you know someone who is a great fan of sci-fi movies and games, then this mug is a perfect gift for them. With an exquisite workmanship, this alien mug has great durability and consistency to withstand time. It is a great gift for a guy in his tweens or teens or even a man who is still a boy from heart. Surprise them with this mind boggling gift and encourage their love for such quirky stuff. This gift will definitely make you their favourite person.  

16. Don’t Speak to speak your mind

Find their new favourite mug by getting a Don’t Speak coffee mug. This matches all the qualities of being a best coffee mug with a witty and humorous statement on the glass. The mug is durable and made from high quality to qualify it as safe to microwave or dishwashing. If you are a coffee lover, you must hate when people talk in between your sips. Let them wittingly know when the right time to have a conversation is. It can also be an ice breaker by making everyone laugh at your workplace. 

17. Double Wall Cup for the one with classy taste

If you are looking for a classy and designer coffee mug, your search is over! The FLY SPRAY Double Wall Insulated Glasses Coffee Mug comes in a stylish square handle design. It has a nice capacity to hold your favourite coffee blends and delicious beverages. Add this mug in your collection and amaze your guest with your simple yet elegant taste. It is also a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or on holidays. The double glass coasting will keep your espresso or latté hot for a long time.

18. Game Of Thrones Mug for a fellow GOT enthusiast

“Some wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word” only if you can recall this line then you are a true Games Of Thrones fan. Missing your favourite episodes from this show? Let everyone know that Winter is coming by getting a Game Of Thrones Mug (you know what I mean). It is especially assorted for all the GOT lovers who were left disappointed with the ending of last season. Carry on the trivia through this designer quality composite resin and hand painted mug.

19. Have A Nice Day for a mug with a surprise

Searching a gift that touches your loved one’s heart initially but then leaves them shocking? Your search for such twisted unique gifts will end here with Decodyne Have a Nice Day Funny Coffee Mugs. It is printed with a soothing line Have a Nice Day but has a hilarious surprise with the middle finger designed at the bottom. You can also use it and make people astonish and laugh while showing them the middle finger. Isn’t it the best way to express what you feel about them!

20. Funny Coffee Mug Don’t Be a Salty Girl for the one who with filtered communication

Who does not like to add some sass in their life? Make a statement of your uniqueness by getting yourself a Funny Coffee Mug Don’t Be a Salty Girl. It will let people already know about you before they approach to contact you. No nonsense! What bliss! You can even get one for your friend or family member with the same personality. Have your caffeine with some coffee, milk, sugar and a splash of humour.

21. Mom Hair Don’t Care to bring a smile on her face

Make your mom’s morning a bit less tiring and bring a smile on her face by getting her this mug. Let the Mom Hair Don’t Care mug speak your mind out. This a cute ceramic white glossy mug which has the capacity to accommodate as much morning coffee or evening tea she wants. It is a versatile simple mug that you can get for yourself. Sit by the porch with your mom and have some laughs and jokes while you both sip coffee from the mug.

22. The Starfish Mug for the overloaded cuteness

This adorable starfish mug is the best gift to give your daughter, niece, girlfriend or sister. It is a large pottery drinking mug that includes a matching lid and spoon. The lid will keep your drink warm even if you leave it unattended for some time. This can be a perfect birthday gift with some candies and chocolates. Choose from blue, yellow, pink or purple and Give her a chance to enjoy her morning coffee and relaxing tea. She will definitely treasure this adorable designed mug. 

23. Unicorn Of The Sea for the Narwhal fan

Does she love a unicorn? Take her morning coffee to a whole new magical experience by gifting her Glitter Galaxy unicorn figural mug. Let her mornings be engulfed in the fairy-tale where the unicorn comes from a magical place beyond the rainbow where Dollop and her friends share amazing adventures. It is a perfect gift for your daughter or sister if she is a Narwhal fan! Let her know how much you pay attention to the smallest details of her likes and dislikes. No more tantrums of drinking milk in the morning with this whimsical mug.

24. May Contain Alcohol for a nice laugh

Confuse people by getting a quirky campfire-style mug. These white ceramic funny coffee mugs are printed with Probably Whiskey quote. It will make people laugh around you whenever you will sip your morning coffee, well maybe even alcohol. It has a large handle for a nice grip and can hold up to 16 oz. of your favourite beverage. It is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your dad, brother or even a grown-up son. You can each have your own mug and joke it around family while having a gala time.  Great for having coffee among other things!

25. For Fox Sake Mug the one with attitude

What about expressing your attitude with a great intended pun? Savage right! This cute For Fox Sake Mug is exactly what you need. It lets you convey what you are in the classiest and elegant manner. Pamper yourself by getting this mug and make people aware beforehand about your sass personality. No more bullshits! It has the adorable design of fox (originally meant as f*ck) on both sides with a sturdy handle and 11 ounces capacity. Choose from red, black and blue and sip your morning coffee or evening tea like a queen.

26. Keep That Shit Up for the awesomeness in you

In case you need to remind yourself how fabulous you are, get the Keep That Shit Up mug. Avoid talking to anyone in the morning until you recharge yourself with a coffee in this sarcastically awesome mug. It is a positive mug to give a joyful kick for your day ahead. It is a perfect birthday, Hanukkah or Christmas gift for the people who need regular reminders of how great they are. Make your bestie smile by telling her what you think about her.

27. Eat A Bag Of… for the one who loves coffee

Anyone who requires caffeine, get your hands on this personalized prescription coffee mug that has a clever coffee-themed design to suit your choices. You can personalize it with a name of up to 25 characters in all caps. Take this as an opportunity to make someone feel special who cannot live without a dose of his or her morning caffeine. The Dye Sublimation’ printing technique makes the print safe from withering away over time. Treat yourself, friends, family or co-workers by gifting them this unique gift. It will make them smile, guaranteed!

28. Periodic Mug for the nerds

Do you know a science geek or are you the one?  This periodic mug is a great chemistry mug to celebrate science. This can be a funny gift for a science teacher or to any person inclined towards science. It can be one of the best funny coffee mugs for a teacher’s day gift. Go get your brownie points from her! You can also get it for your kid if he dreams of being a scientist. Go encourage him and make his learning more interesting. 

29. I Will Always Love You Mug for the one you love

Are you a hopeless romantic person? A big fan of cheesy mushy things?  This one’s for you. I Will Always Love You Mug is a perfect valentine or Christmas gift for your special one to express your true feeling towards him or her. It is a great way of reminding them every morning how much you love them. Whenever they will have a coffee in this mug, it will surely bring a smile on their face and butterflies in their tummy. Isn’t it romantic?  You can add red paper or some candies for sheer visibility of the text when they will unbox it.

30. Hulk’s Fist for the marvel’s fan

All the avenger’s fans! Here is your chance to show your true love Marvel love by getting a Hulk’s Fist mug. It is a simple and stylish hulk themed based mug which is suitable for coffee, milk, hot chocolate or tea. Be a favourite aunt/ uncle by getting your fanboy this mug. It comes in a Marvel Avengers Assemble box that makes it truly unique. It would be a great gift for that special Marvel lover in your life or personal use if you like the Hulk. It is made with glossy green ceramic with 17 ounces of capacity. A dream comes true for all the fans out there!

31. Gamer Mug for the insane gamer in you

If you are a true gamer then caffeine is the handiest thing you need for the sake of your missions. Make those sleepless nights more interesting by drinking your coffee in a gamer mug to match your taste. Its design is inspired by PS3 and PS4 controller set to give you a true feeling of being a gamer. Refill your coffee instantly once it reaches bottom and flash GAME OVER. You can also gift it to your fellow friends with the same level of insanity for video games. Have rounds of competitions while laughing and sipping from this unique mug.

32. Freudian Slip Mug for the unfiltered talks

This Freudian Slip Mug is perfect for people who come without a filter in their speech. It celebrates all the outspoken personalities who believe in speaking their mind out. This can be a funny yet suitable gift for your professors on teacher’s day. Definitely provokes smiles and giggles all through the day. It can also be a great gift if your loved one is contributing to the mental health field. Adds a nice punny addition to their morning!

33. Kraken Octopus Mug to level up your choice

This is a uniquely disturbing Kraken Octopus Mug, suitable for those who adore sea creatures. This can be used as a gift for instant reaction. With the unique design and features, it will instantly become their favourite from the rest of the lot. It is also a popular choice for exchanging gag gifts in office. It is a 3D mug which can also be used as a decorative piece of an item once done with your morning coffee. Take the experience of your coffee and tea on a next level by levelling up from a simple to gaudy yet unique mug.

34. Lego Cup for playful morning

Does your child throw tantrums every morning for drinking milk? Get him this interesting Lego cup that is built from Food Grade Plastic, making it safe for drinking. Make their milk more interesting by adding a twist with these Legos. Surprise them with this unique mug and see them laughing every morning while they obediently finish their mil. It is the perfect gift for small children or if you know those adorable adults who still love to play with bricks. Well, nostalgic hit alert! When your kid is not around, even you can have your tea while playing with the Lego.

35. Tardis Funny Coffee Mugs for a magical experience

Chin up if you are a true sci-fi fanatic. We have come up with Doctor Who’s Disappearing TARDIS Mug. It has a print design of the classic time machine/spacecraft that sits in incognito on an English street. This a heat changing mug as once you will add a hot beverage, the same time machine/spacecraft will float away in a far- far away galaxy. Isn’t it magical! The soothing graphics will energise your morning, keeping you up to your game the whole day.

36. Nama-Stay for the yogi

Start and end your day with a nice smile through this cute Nama-Stay mug. Let everyone know your love and dedication for yoga by getting and gifting this mug. It can also be a perfect gift for the people who can snooze around any time of the day. The mug is crafted with a thick glossy stoneware body and has high-quality decal graphics to withstand the courses of time. Make the one you love smile with this cute yet funny printed mug.

37. Owl funny Coffee Mugs for late nights drink

It is a 2 Owl Ceramic funny Coffee Mugs which can be a great couple mug for the one who is late-night owls. It crafted in a very funny yet cute owl face to add that extra zinc while you binge-watch Netflix during late hours. You can swirl some extra sweetness in your coffee through customised owl spoons. Owl also implies wisdom; therefore, it can be a great gift for your grandparents or parents. The shape of this 12 oz. the coffee cup makes it suitable for the use of coffee, tea or beer.

One of my favourites is the donut mug as I am a big hoarder of donuts and cookies. Pick your favourite mugs and show off your collection to your friends and family. If you like to add in our list of funny coffee mugs then feel free to contact us on our contact page. Do not forget to like and share our article among your friends and families who love to collect funny coffee mugs. You may want to check out “Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys” too

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