60th Birthday Gift Ideas – They would definitely Fall for

Turning 60-years-old is considered as a breakthrough in a person’s life and they prefer celebrating this milestone with family and friends. If your partner, grandparents, mom or dad, siblings or any of your loved one is turning sixty this year, then you might be in a fix for his/her 60th birthday gift ideas.

Getting an appropriate gift for their birthday might be a tricky job. You need to look beyond the classic collection of gifts and try something personalised and practical. To be honest, we all know an old person doesn’t appreciate fancy irrelevant expensive stuff. To help in your gift hunting task, we have rounded up 40 of the best 60th birthday gift ideas that are sure to strike the right chord.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

#1 60th Birthday Photo Album to treasure the memories

A personalised 60th Photo Album from the Signography Range with “Happy 60th Birthday” imprinted in the centre. It offers you an exquisite first page for you to add a personalised message. This photo album comes with 80 good quality plastic sleeves to hold 4×6″ photographs. They will get a chance to timely cherish the life journey of 60 years along with dates and comments recorded beside each photograph.

#2 Premium Coffee Mug for a revitalizing day

For a die-hard coffee lover, this ceramic mug can be a perfect 60th birthday gift. Gift them this glossy white mug with prominent prints that hang on to its original form even after dish-washed and microwaved. It has a sturdy handle and comes in a stylish gift box. Now, they can enjoy their morning and afternoon beverages in this customized mug.

#3 1959 Decade Nostalgic Candy Gift Box for a hidden child in them

Help them to relive their childhood with this Vintage Candy Co. 60th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box. Let them know how special their birthday is with these sugary and delicious 3 lbs. of lip-smacking candies. This retro nostalgia box is particularly assorted for people born in 1959.

#4 Flickback 1958 Trivia Playing Cards for their leisure time

The Flickback 1958 Trivia playing cards feature meticulous details about what life was like the year they were born. It is a great (inexpensive) birthday gift for men and women turning 60 this year. Together you can riddle up your mind with trivia challenges and questions regarding entertainment, culture, world events, celebrities and sports based on that year.

#5 The 60th Birthday Game for that Crotchety man in your life

An Amazon’s hottest selling; How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man is a perfect gift for your father, grandfather, husband or a brother whom you constantly find yelling around the whole day.  Tell them how you feel by giving them these books and ensure he doesn’t slip into the crotchety zone.

#6 Memory Rescue for a healthy brain

Guaranteed therapy from Dr Daniel Amen who is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and brain researcher. The Memory Rescue delves on helping to enhance the brain and even revive the lost memory. It is a #1 Best Seller in Aging Medical Conditions & Diseases that includes dietary changes, physical and mental exercises, and spiritual practices to improve your brain health and reduce the chances to develop Alzheimer’s during old age.

#7 60th Birthday Necklace to remind her how beautiful she is

Let her celebrate her elegance and sophistication with this 60th Birthday Necklace. Show your infinite admiration with these sturdy silver circles, one for each decade. The sterling silver makes it perfect even if she has sensitive skin. Gift this sentimental surprise to that adorable lady in your life.

#8 Pair of Glasses Holders for those who always forget

Do they always forget where they have placed their glasses or sunglasses? Say no more, gift them these soft plush lining and luxurious synthetic leather glasses holders and make their life a bit relaxing. The plush lining keeps the glasses scratch and smudge-free. Perhaps, this handy gift will make them know how meticulous you are towards their needs.

#9 60th Birthday Toilet Paper for those who take their shit seriously

It is a monogrammed toilet paper to let them clean all the crap that life throws at them. Give them a good hearty laugh with this funny gag gift with prints on both sides. Since it is recycled paper and septic tank approved – use them once everyone has done laughing.

#10 Smartwatches for the daily tracks

Show them this gift from technology and how much it has evolved from the last 60 years. Update their wrist from old vintage watch to this super smart and functional Smartwatch. It is a hassle-free gift which can connect to both Apple and Android phones. At the brink of old age; it will be the right time for them to monitor their heart rate, calories, sleep stages, daily fitness and steps through this waterproof Smartwatch.

#11 Kindle E-Reader for a thinner and lighter reading experience

After retirement, they usually have lots of leisure time throughout the day. Gift them this power to read and make them overwhelmed with how many books it can store. The Kindle eBook reader display text just like the page of a book which will let them connect just like a real book. Choose from black, plum, sage or twilight blue, and give them accessibility to various books and audiobooks.

#12 Unisex Arch Support Insoles to add some comfort

Once a man/woman reaches the age of 60, they often feel aches and pains in the feet. Help them to overcome this discomfort with these unisex orthotic insoles that make it easy to perform everyday activities. It features a superb level of arch supports and provides a shock-absorbing effect. There can be a no better way to show your love and care for them.

#13 Beeping Item Tracker for all the lost and found things

Losing items becomes a common problem when a person turns 60. Retaining memory power becomes less and constant cribbing about losing stuff becomes louder. It is an idle six trackers gift as it attaches to any small objects and gets activated individually via the included remote. No more worries about the lost items, they need to press the color on the remote for it to alert them with either LED flashlight or a powerful sound.

#14 Beer Brewing Kit for a DIY they would love

Blowout his mind with smooth frothy beer freshly brewed from Northern Brewer’s kit. This bad boy is the highest selling kit that is used as a starter pack by thousands of home and professional brewers. It has everything that they need to brew 5 gallons of ale. Call over his friends and let them relish this new hobby while watching their favourite football game.

#15 What I Love About You by Me Journal for all those unsaid words

Be mushy, racy, or witty as you choose. This tiny journal let you describe some aspect of your affection towards your beloved. Pour your heart out on those blank lines and voilà: gift this personalised What I Love About You by Me Journaltoyour loved one who can read them again and again.

#16 Bath Bombs Gift set for a relaxing spa-like experience at home

Give them a chance to unwind their tiredness and soothe themselves up with these handmade bath bombs gift set. It comes in an elegant box with ribbon ready to gift and created with infused essential oils for a calming experience. These mini scented bombs are loved by many and are a popular gift choice.

#17 Portable Reading Glasses Twin Pair to read those pesky small fonts

Nothing can be better than a gift of sight for your loved one who is turning 60. Appreciate their hobby for reading with these handy magnification reading glasses that are available with strengths from 0.75 to 3.5 magnifications. They can easily slide it down in their pockets and put them on whenever required

#18 Sleep Therapy Machine for a sound sleep

A distorted sleep with irregular pattern is a common problem found in older people. It can lead your dear ones to face continuous fatigue and crankiness. Take their 60th birthday as an opportunity to gift them a Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine. Through its six premium sounds, it comes out to be the best drug-free solution for them to facilitate a more restful night’s sleep. Help them to revitalize their day by having a proper sleep during the night.

#19 Echo Dot that they would love

You might not always be around them for their help. Gift them the handy Amazon Echo Dot so that they can sit back and relax while doing plenty of things through voice command. You can choose from charcoal, heather grey, plum and sandstone and let them  Stream music, ask questions, check the weather, set alarms, control smart home devices and much more, without moving an inch.

#20 Good Housekeeping subscriptions for things they need to know

If you and your partner, parents or sibling want to change life from chores to full of pleasure, then blow them away with Good Housekeeping Print Magazine from d by the expertise of the century-old Good Housekeeping Institute. It is the top bestseller on Amazon; this book will connect them with real-life experts and who-knew life tricks to get things done while having fun. Let them ease their 60s through this manual guide to make their to-do-list manageable.

#21 Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow for a pain- free day

For most of the people being 60 years old means to have a continually aching neck and back. Here is your chance to relieve muscle soreness and tension in their neck, back and foot with this deep kneading shoulder back and foot massager with heat-relaxation. You can gift it to your parents, grandparents or your partner who is turning 60 as it is great for working away the stress and tension without a professional masseuse.

#22 ‘What I Love About Grandpa’ Fill-in Journal to say “love you forever”

In this busy lifestyle, you might not get the chance to appreciate the presence of your grandfather in your life. Revive that lost time and let him know how special he is to you with this ‘What I Love About Grandpa’ Fill-in Journal. It is a “Happy Birthday, grandpa” gift he will love. Knock Knock is allowing you to write all those things you wanted to tell him. He can read and re-read it whenever he wants.

#23 Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation for a peaceful morning

Let us admit it! No one likes to wake up through the throbbing sound of alarm clocks, not even a 60-year-old grown-up. You can save them from this daily morning torture by gifting them a Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock. It uses a unique combination of light and sound to wake you more naturally. Unlike this light alarm clock, no shot of caffeine can make them refreshed.

#24 Heating Pad for quick relief

If they often crib about back pain especially during winters, this PureRelief XXL Electric Heating Pad will do wonders in their lives. It is 20 inches wide and 20 inches long heating pad which can be wrapped around easily on their legs or lower back. The USP is the Soft micro-plush that enables it to heat up in seconds to give them instant relief for sore or aching muscles.

#25 Personalized PARscription Golf Ball Set for a golf enthusiast

Turning 60 can be a bummer for some people. No worries! Cheer them up with this interesting golf prescription. You can personalise this unique custom golf ball container with any name (up to 30 characters) and stores six name-brand golf balls. The cutest part is the “PARscription” written on the bottle – you have to give it a try. It is a great gift idea for your grandfather, father, husband or your brother to celebrate their milestone of turning 60.

#26 Chocolatier Gift basket to satiate their sweet tooth

Why not treat the 60 – year- olds with the most delicious chocolates? The Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Gift Basket contains several delectable flavours including milk chocolate caramels, milk chocolate truffles, big 31% milk and dark chocolate bars and small milk chocolate bars. This tasty treat comes nestled in a faux leather base with beautifully elegant two-toned ribbon, which emphasizes your appreciation for your loved one.

#27 ‘Mom, I’ve Always Wanted to Tell You’ Book- something she will treasure

If you wanted to be the best daughter or son ever, get this book now and work on it for your mother’s 60th birthday. This book is 50 little prompts to write in your thoughts, memories, perspectives, and humour. Most of them have two small pages to fill in, but some have only one page. You can make it more interesting by passing it around with your siblings and giving her a lifetime of her memories compressed in a single book.

#28 Smart Air Purifier for healthy breathing

Nothing is more important to get more from life after 60 than good health. But, what is the idlest gift that is considered healthy? If you start from basic, it will be clean air. Make them know how much you care about their health with Coway Airmega 300 room air purifier. It can accommodate room sizes up to 1,256 square feet and cleans the air at least two times per hour.

#29 Yoga Mat as a tonic for a healthy life

Gentle yoga is a key to a healthier and more balanced life. When your near and dear ones reach 60, no doubt it is a milestone but can be pretty physically exhausting and mentally messy for them.  With very little energy and aching joints, life can be pretty tough. A good quality Jade Yoga – Harmony Yoga Mat can be the best way for you to engage them in more exploring and less time sitting. It is the best way for you to give them a little push towards a healthy way of ageing.

#30 Compact Air Fryer for oil-free food

Say no to all the greasy food by introducing this Dash DCAF150GBBK02 Compact Air Fryer in their life. Deep-fried food might taste delicious but keeping their age in mind oily food can harm their body in a much worse way. Without frying in oil and with no compromise in taste, this air fryer will make late-night fries that they can feel perfectly good about. Isn’t it a great way to have tasty yet healthy food with a single touch of technology?

#31 1980’s Retro Candy Gift Box for a nostalgic birthday

If your partner, parents or grandparents are as sweet as candy, then look no further. The 1980’s Retro Candy Gift Box is the perfect gift to celebrate their 60th birthday and to make them relish their childhood again with all the whooping candy flavours available. Most of these candies were available during their younger years. Watch them eat and smile that comes with excitement and nostalgia.

#32 Tree kit  for a peaceful retirement

People turning 60 consider it as the time to consider retirement. They would like to do something beneficial and good for mental peace. Growing a bonsai at their home can be peaceful as well as good for health. Gift them a chance to connect to nature through this Bonsai gift package that includes seeds, soil, planting pots and growing guide.

#33 Cravings Cookbook for a culinary style food

If your loved one is always on the lookout for a good new recipe, then give them a chance to get their hands on a whole selection of new recipes from a modern-day chef. The Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat is listed among the top bestseller on Amazon. It delves on recipes for all the food they will want to cook and eat during their leisure time. All the classic recipes are there with a twist of modern culinary food. This book will mark the beginning of some new favourites.

#34 Precision Cooker for perfect cooking

Help them evolve their basic cooking skills to a fine dining style through this Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano. This device will help them reach the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, no matter what they are planning to cook. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork and more are all ideal candidates for sous vide temperature circulation. It will make their cooking so easy and delicious that they will wonder how they used to prepare meals without it.

#35 Family Tree Picture Hanger for the inseparable warm feeling

The best way to personalise a gift is by attaching memories through photographs. Gift them this sweet metal family picture tree that will constantly make them feel close to their loved ones and family. The picture tree can accommodate six to ten photo frames. They just need to insert the photos into the picture frame and hang them on the tree. Apart from giving a constant warm feeling, it can be used as a decorative piece of the item wherever they feel like.

#36 GPS Golf Tracker for extra comfort

Help make their life simpler on the range with this golf GPS tracking device. It is easy to use and comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses plus Garmin AutoShot round analyser, activity tracking and smart notifications feature. This device will let them spend more time playing golf and less time calculating the distance. With an elegant sleek design, this gift will surely brighten up their face.

#37 Robot Vacuum cleaner something that will ease up their cleaning

Do they constantly complain of sore back due to cleaning? Then this might be the right time for them to get handy with this updated version of cleaning house.  Give them the GOOVI slim robot that perfectly cleans the hardwood and light carpet floors along with all the places that were otherwise difficult to clean.

#38 Senior’s Texting Coding Mug

It is a funny 60th birthday gift for a co-worker or family member who has developed a unique text speak called the senior’s text code. Let them get a hold of all the millennial slang texts (abbreviations and its meaning) through this hilarious ceramic mug.

#39 Sherpa Blanket for warm nights

Just in case they need to be reminded, how much you love them; gift this Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Queen Size Grey Plush Blanket. As they get old they would naturally feel colder. It is the best gift for making them warm and cosy during the night time or while they are lazing on the couch. Give them this touch of warmness made from 100% microfiber polyester fabric.

#40 Tea Organizer Box

If they are meticulously serious about their tea collection then gift them what they always adore. This tea organizer features various compartments and sections to store their tea and neatly arrange as per their preferences. It is a practical birthday gift which can be an add on as fantastic kitchen décor.

But in the end, it does not matter what you choose. Give it with love and a simple smile. Since I am an avid reader; my favourite gift will always be a Kindle E-Reader. Nothing can be better than a healthy reading during your free time. This list is assorted to lessen up your burden regarding 60th birthday gift ideas. If you found our article useful then do share it. You can even contact us through our contact us page if you have any more ideas.