30+ Panda Gifts Ideas For The Panda Lover In Your Life

It is hard not to adore a fluffy round creature, with a soft black and white fur, aka, A Panda. And while there is hardly a person who doesn’t like this giant living teddy bear, there is absolutely no shortage of people who are just crazy for them. Some people love Pandas so much they would get it as a pet if the Chinese allowed it. Here are some panda gifts ideas just for you.

If you are looking for something to gift to such a Panda crazy human in your life, then there’s no better place you could have been right now. Here, in this article, we have curated a list of 34 most unique and quirky Panda gifts, that your Panda loving kids or even some adults will absolutely love these panda gifts!

Check out my top 5:

1) Panda Coffee Mug – $

Ever seen a Panda float inside coffee? No? Well, then take a sip from this mug and watch a cute little Panda come up gazing at you with a smile. It is an admirable handcrafted ceramic cup with a smooth lustre, and a Panda sculpture firmly fixed on the middle of the base inside.

The cup is corrosion-resistant, microwave-safe and easy to clean. It’s itsy bitsy size makes it a perfect gift for children. 

2) Panda Teddy – $

Next on my list is this mushy to the touch plush Panda soft toy that comes straight from the reputable workshops of China and Indonesia. It is 12-inch-tall in sitting position. The high-quality material used and the lock washer eyes make the toy durable and safe for kids. With a nice packing and a gift card, this Panda can bring a smile on anyone’s face.

3) Lego Panda Nursery – $

A dream come true for Minecraft and Panda fans; the LEGO Panda Construction Toy fuels creativity and fun. Configure and reconfigure the cutest mobs of Minecraft, i.e., mother and baby Panda; along with their hut, bamboo trees, Ocelot and even Alex with his pickaxe. Protect your land, mine gold and go to adventures now in the real world with your friends.

4) Wireless Panda Speaker – $

Want a miniature Panda who plays songs for you? If yes, then BAMBOO Wireless Speaker is the best option. The easy wireless connection and compact size make it portable and user friendly. The sound due to the in-built 3W Audio Driver is rich, clear and imposing. Also, the selfie feature helps in activating the camera from a distance which is a very useful feature, especially for YouTubers.

5) Panda Stuffed Bean Bag – $

A bean bag, a soft toy container, a giant stuffed toy and a magnificent addition to your home decor, this item is four in one. This amazing Panda bag is resistant to pushing, pulling and being sat upon as it is made from superior quality luxury velvet and a fastidiously engineered plastic zipper. And don’t worry if your kid mistakenly rips the material, the company offers 100% replacement and refund service.

6) Panda Table Lamp – $

If you need a new table lamp for your kid’s room, but don’t want to put a simple and generic lamp, then this quirky Panda shaped table lamp will be just right for you.

This table lamp uses LED to illuminate an acrylic glass Panda figure in 6 different colours, making it a hit among the kids. The lamp is easily rechargeable using a USB, and the glass is also extremely durable, so it won’t break and hurt your kids.

7) Panda Piggy Bank – $

Want to teach your young Panda loving kids the important lesson of saving money? Well, there is not going to be a more fun way to do so than to gift them this Panda piggy bank.

The mechanism of a Panda popping up and taking the coin you place over its button makes it really fun and fascinating for kids to use and encourages them to save more money, making it a perfect Panda Gift for children.

8) Panda Themed Party Decorations – $

If you are organizing a party for your Panda loving toddler, then you might want to consider the idea of having a Panda themed decoration. And if you think that’s a good idea, then this pack of Panda-themed party decorations is all you need.

This pack comes with a total of 69 pieces of party decorations, including a Happy Birthday banner, making it enough to decorate the whole room and everything else.

9) Panda Cell-Phone Purse – $

If this gift is for your daughter who’s in her pre-teen/teenage, then this PU leather Panda purse for carrying important items like her cell-phone can be a really useful gift.

The bag has three different compartments, and a dedicated credit-card carrying space, making it useful for even grown-up females. Its compact size also makes it extremely portable.

10) Panda Novelty Socks –  $

Who doesn’t love a pair of cosy and warm novelty socks to wear at home? Which is why, this pair of novelty socks with a Panda face design all over it, makes for a really great gift for Panda lovers, no matter what age group they belong to.

These socks are made from 70% cotton and are extremely comfortable, and you can even buy just a single sock if you want.

11) Panda Heart Pendant – $

A simple pendant would not be a really thoughtful gift for a Panda lover. But, the same cannot be said when it comes to a pendant that has Panda sitting inside a heart. Such a pendant is just the perfect gift for a Panda loving ladies.

This pendant, with an 18” metal chain, is sure to make anyone, who like Pandas, love you even more than they already do. Could be panda gifts for adults.

12) Swearing Pandas Adult Coloring Book –  $

Imagine you go to a Zoo and hear a Panda swear. I am sure you will burst out in laughter. Now, what if I tell you, you can get a colouring book where you can bring a bunch of foul-mouthed Pandas to life using colours, while you laugh at the mischievousness of these adorable creatures?

I think every adult Panda lover on this Planet deserves to have this book gifted to them.

13) Panda Plant Pot – $

Panda lovers will never get bored of Panda shaped stuff. And you can be pretty certain that they are already going to have a Panda shaped mug or a Panda shaped mobile phone cover. So what other Panda shaped stuff can you gift to them?

The answer is, this Panda shaped flower pot. What’s more, is that you can fill this pot with a beautiful indoor plant and make it a really unique panda gift. a panda themed gifts.

14) Oversized Blanket Panda Sweatshirt – $

There is no way you cannot give a Panda lover, a sweatshirt that is designed like a Panda, with a cap that has Panda ears on it.

Any person who loves the animal in the discussion here will absolutely fall head-over-heels for you as soon as you gift them this extremely cosy and warm oversized sweatshirt. panda bear gifts

15) Panda Stationery Set – $

One of the most functional gifts on our list, this Panda stationery set has all the essentials that you kid will need in order to organize his/her study table. And the best part is, it is themed on their favourite animal!

This stationery set comes with a good-sized pencil holder, a memo holder in the shape of a Panda (cute!), a bamboo pencil and a Panda keychain! gifts for panda lovers.

16) Panda Glasses Holder – $

Not having a designated place to keep your glasses can often lead to your glasses being lost or getting sat upon and broken, which is why it becomes essential to have something like this Panda Glasses Holder.

This glass holder is not only functional but also acts as a great décor piece at the same time. Not to mention how much your Panda loving friend or family member is going to enjoy having this. some cute panda gifts.

17) Panda Shaped Night-Light – $

A night-lamp shaped like a Panda can be a really handy Panda gift. And the one linked here is probably the best Panda themed night-lamp, mainly because of its ability to give multiple warm colour lights and touch-sensitive body that can be used to change the colour.

Any Panda lover will love this gift, without any doubt. Could make a great panda gifts for her.

18) Panda Winter Slippers – $

These Panda shaped winter slippers with soft cushioned soles, probably make the most sense out of all the gifts in this list. The soft fur on the slippers gives your feet the sensation of being hugged by a Panda while keeping your feet warm.

These slippers are the best way for a Panda admirer to keep his/her feet warm during chilly winter days.

19) Wooden Panda Dolls – $

I am pretty sure you must have seen those small dolls that open up, and there’s a smaller version of the same doll inside it, and there’s an even smaller one inside of that, which keeps on going and going. But have you ever seen that shaped like a panda?

This Panda version of that doll is the perfect décor Panda gift you can give to someone who likes Pandas and also likes decorating their house.

20) Panda Backpack Set – $

Giving a simple backpack for a gift is too old-fashioned. But what about a set of backpacks with three different kinds of backpacks for different needs, that too with Panda patterns on them? Now that’s what you call a gift!

This set of Panda backpacks comes with a school bag, a handbag and a hand purse, making it a complete panda gifts set.

21) Panda Squishy Toys – $

If you are confused as to what to gift to a toddler for his birthday party, then this set of 6 squishy toys might appeal to you. These squishy toys are made to regain their original shape no matter how much you squeeze and have no loose parts which can be dangerous for children.

These toys can also help adults relax by squeezing them, and also can be used as décor. Great panda gifts.

22) Panda Leaf Bookmarks – $

A bookmark is never the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a gift. However, it can be a really good gift to give along with a book, increasing the thoughtfulness and practicality of your gift.

And these leaf-shaped Panda bookmarks, with Pandas, painted on them can be a really good choice for a Panda lover as the panda gifts.

23) Hello Panda Cookies – $

Who doesn’t love cookies, right? So, why not give them as a gift? And while everyday cookies might be too simple to give as gifts, these Panda cookies are not. These chocolate-filled cookies have a Panda made on their outer cover, which makes them extremely fun to eat.

I must warn you, though. You will need to buy more than one of these.

24) Talking Panda Toy – $

A talking Panda toy that can speak? Nice. A talking Panda that not just speaks, but repeats everything you say to it? Awesome!

Yes, you heard that right. This Panda toy will speak everything you say, making it seem like a real human, rather than a toy. Also, the toy is extremely soft to hold, like a teddy. Your kid will absolutely love this panda gifts.

25) Giant Panda Teddy – $$

If this gift is for someone special, then getting a small teddy won’t be a good idea, as small doesn’t exactly scream “Special”. So how big of a teddy you should buy? I suggest this 5-foot one. While you can always get a bigger one, this is a perfect size, since it won’t be easy to play with a bigger teddy than this.

Also, this teddy is high-quality with no-shedding fibres and extremely soft paws.

26) Panda Coffee Mug with Lid and Teaspoon – $

While you must have come around a number of Panda coffee mugs, none of them would be like the one I have mentioned here. This uniqueness of this coffee mug comes from the mug’s lid, which has a Panda’s head as a holder, which makes this cup look like a décor item.

Also, the coffee mug comes with a teaspoon and is the perfect panda gifts of coffee mug.

27) Kung-Fu Panda Blu-Ray Collection – $

Even someone like me, who is not so much into Pandas, loves this movie. Now imagine how much a Panda enthusiast must love this trilogy of Kung-Fu Panda. So why not give them a Blu-ray collection of the series?

It would actually make for a really great gift since you can just open this gift and watch the movie with them to celebrate the occasion with this panda gifts!

28) Panda Tote Bag – $

A handbag with a cute Panda made on it? Yes, Please!

There is no way your daughter is not going to love you for getting her this extremely cute and useful tote bag with leaf-shaped key chains (Unless of course, you promised to gift her something like a Car). The storage on this bag is also decent and will easily fit most of your belongings. A cute panda gifts.

29) Panda Wine Bottle Holder – $$

A wine holder that makes it seem like the Panda is drinking your wine while lying on its back? Now that’s unique!

This wine holder is so unique that even if the person receiving it does not like Pandas, he will still love the gift. And as if it wasn’t already quirky enough, the Panda’s butt also has a small slit allowing it to be used as a piggy bank.

30) Panda Pattern Scarf – $

Scarfs are one of the most gifted apparel items, all thanks to their versatility. A scarf can be worn with almost any type of clothing, and can also be worn in a number of different ways.

So if you are looking to gift a scarf to a Panda lover, then this one with Panda patterns all over it would be the perfect one. It comes in 9 different colours!

31) Panda One Piece Costume – $

If you think that this Panda costume is only good for Halloween, then you are very wrong. This one-piece costume is made from the softest materials, and the fitting on it is on the loose side, making it a really quirky winter home outfit.

This costume is also washable and therefore, can be used multiple times and makes amazing panda gifts.

32) 3D Crystal Panda Puzzle – $

Who would want to solve jigsaw puzzles when you can solve a 3D puzzle and then showcase your achievement in your living room.

This 3D puzzle that becomes a Panda when solved is a really unique panda gifts that would be perfect for gifting to a kid. It will not only serve as a toy for the kid but can also be used as a showpiece.

33) Sterling Silver Panda Ring – $

Even a simple silver ring is not a bad gift, but a silver ring with a Panda made on it is just so much better panda gifts. And this one, made out of S925 Sterling Silver even has green stones embedded on it which gives it a really nice look.

The ring is also resizable, which means you don’t have to worry about it fitting the finger or not.

34) Panda Drawstring Bag – $

Drawstring bags are extremely popular among teenagers, seen more as a fashion accessory than a utility. And this drawstring bag with Panda patterns on it serves the fashion purpose quite well.

That, however, does not mean it’s not useful, since it can still carry a good amount of stuff and therefore makes for a useful panda gifts.


People who love pandas are the best kind of people for this panda gifts, and they 0deserve to receive a lot of gifts. Therefore, I suggest you buy multiple gifts for them from this list. If however, you are low on budget and want to do something special, you can always make one of these DIY gifts as shown in the video below:

And if you are going to buy something, then I suggest you go with my personal favourite, The Panda Backpack set. I think it is the perfect gift since it is a complete set with bags for every situation, making it a very practical gift.

If you think we missed something that would make excellent panda gifts or if we can improve anything else about our list, then feel free to give me your suggestion through my contact me page. Also, if this article helped you, then make sure to share it with other people who can benefit from it as well.

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