50th Anniversary Gift For Parents | 27 Great Ideas To Make Them Happy!

Older the wine, the richer the taste. Same is with love. Older the couple, more mature in their relationship. Spending fifty years together is a big milestone that needs to be celebrated. If you are wondering what to get as a 50th anniversary gift for parents at their anniversary party then you have landed upon the right page. I have come up with the perfect list of gifts of different price ranges.

Before you choose your idle gift, it is important to know what kind of couple your parents are and what their preferences are. Try to gift them the best you can as they have figured out the secret to a happy marriage by setting an example. Bring tears of joy and happiness with these personalised and heart-warming gifts.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.    We Still Do Cake Topper for the one who sticks around

Spending half a decade together is like reaching a milestone for the couple. Amidst all the fights and hardships they stick by their vows to love each other to death and beyond. On their 50th anniversary give your parents a chance to renew those vows and celebrate their love with the rose gold ‘We Still Do’ cake topper. Just like their marriage adds some sparkle in their celebration.

2.    Louisa May Alcott Framed Quote for the one who loves literature

This Louisa May Alcott Framed Quote is especially for those strong ladies who held their relationship like a rock. If your mother is a strong-willed lady with a sense of love for classic reads then this is the perfect gift for her. The motivational quote from Little Women is printed on clear acrylic using durable UV ink. She can use it as an excellent décor item for her room.

3.    VonShef Moscow Mule mugs in Gold Hammered Effect for something different

Your favourite couple’s mocktail will taste even better in this elegant collection of mugs by VonShef. Gift them the Moscow Mule mug with hammered effect barrel style to notch up the feel of party. It is time for something different, this year make a toast with these mugs and serve your guest with the best. The hammered design will keep the drinks cool for a longer time.

4.    Roman Exclusive Terrace Garden Stone as a décor item

Take their 50th wedding anniversary as the glorious time to redecorate their terrace garden with this stunning Roman exclusive terrace garden stone that has a tree and verse. The sturdy tree and verse reflect the strong bond your family incorporates. It is a perfect anniversary gift for couples with deep family values.

5.    Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Display if you care for their loneliness

A couple in their 70s generally do not get much of the chances to meet the busy younger adults of the family. Just to let them know that you are there with them, give them this adorable Klikel Family Tree Picture. Your pictures with them will warm their heart during your absence. They can put it up from where it is visible whenever they want.

6.    We Share A Love Forever Young, 50th Anniversary for the mature couple with young love

Spending fifty years together might turn their hair grey, but their love can remain still young. If you have such lovey-dovey couples who are as much in love as fifty years before, celebrate them with this bisque porcelain figurine. It honours the couples who managed to keep their love young like it is their first day as a couple.

7.    Matashi 24K Gold Plated Loving Swans Figurine Clock to update their interiors

Celebrate their cosy home with some luxurious add-on. The Matashi 24K gold plated loving swans’ figurine clock is a perfect way to update their tabletop and give it an elegant look. The two love swans will act as an epitome of love and strength they endure as a couple. It will leave a wonderful feeling whenever they will look at it.

8.    Willow Tree Hand-painted Sculpted Figure to say I love You

Are you looking for something simple yet soothing for your parents that they can cherish? With the Willow Tree Hand-painted Sculpted Figure, you can highlight the soft and comfortable love that they share. After fighting battles for so many years, let them know that it is time to rest and cherish each other through this beautiful sculpture.

9.    Kiera Grace Collage Picture Frame to appreciate an eternal love story

Cliché alert! Falling in love is easy but maintaining that commitment for fifty years is itself a fairy tale. Let them admire their own fairy tale by finding some precious moments and getting it framed in the Kiera Grace Collage Picture Frame. The sentimental quote exactly represents what they have. It is a perfect gift that can be hanged anywhere on the wall to enhance the interiors.

10.  50th Anniversary Decorations Kit for the best party

Planning a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for your parents or grandparents? No party is complete with some balloons and banners, no matter how old you are. Get the best deal and dazzling decoration set with Yoaokiy. With classic colour matching and elegant design, it has a banner, paper pom poms and hanging swirls. It will bring out the life of your party and will double your enjoyment.

Add the sweetness in the party with the best Biscotti Cookie gift basket from Oh! Nuts Store. Impress the guest with the finest delicacies as decorated biscotti. With eighteen amazingly unique flavours and different toppings, it will leave a memorable impression on their palate. Take the notch of the celebration on the next level with this eye-watering cookie set.

12.  Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set for serving the best

The best way to toast a fifty-year-old couple is with an old fine wine and the best way to have your favourite wine is with Italian Ricotta, English Cheddar, or French Vacherin. Entertain your guests by serving their favourite wine snack on the finest bamboo cheese board that comes with a cutlery set. The nonporous surface makes it a perfect choice for your guest who takes their wine and cheese seriously.

13.  mamre Moon Ambient Light for the cliché lovers

Talking about bringing moons and stars is one thing but getting it is something impossible. If your parents are still one of those cliché lovers, get them this lovey-dovey Moonlight Shadows Lamp with a snuggly couple sitting in front. Every night let them create a romantic environment by adding this warm and comfortable glow light. They can easily adjust the intensity of light as per their mood.

14.  Luna Bean Keepsake Hand Casting Kit as a precious souvenir

Keeping the promise of foreverness with all the love and kindness is hell a lot difficult. If your parents are lucky enough to endure the strength of holding each other in worse times, then you got to give them something as strong as them. Get them the Luna Bean keepsake hands casting kit that will mould their togetherness. It is a high-quality rubbery mould to capture the fine lines and wrinkles that represents their experience and maturity.

15.  50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations to add some booze

Wondering what to take to your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party? What about their favourite bottles of wine? Hold on! You can get them personalised as per the celebration with wine bottle label stickers. Gift any of the four favourite wine bottles and zing up their party with these personalised labels. It is a great way to increase the showbiz of the party and to impress the guest.

16.  Katie Doodle 50th Birthday Decorations Gifts to bring back the roller coaster of memories

Make everyone nostalgic by bringing the memories from the 70s through the Katie Doodle 50th decoration gift. Since most of your parent’s guests are the 70s born, thus it will be a perfect conversation starter. You can place this print display at the most prominent place and make everyone engage in remembering the good old days. See your guest laughing and cheering about coming this far!

17.  Luwint 50th Polyresin Statues – Wedding Car Elderly Couple for refreshing the love

Honour the couple and replenish the old memories via a Luwint 50th polyresin statue of a wedding car with an elderly couple. Keeping love as new as before is not easy, but your parents proved it wrong. The smiling couple is a way to celebrate all those who have stuck around each other for half a decade. This car statue can be used as a swear jar to collect coins. Isn’t it fun!

18.  50th Wedding Anniversary Oval Double Picture for the one who completed their vows

In the times of rebound and moving on, your parents stood with each other and completed their vow of loving each other in sickness and health. Remind them about how they are still the same even after fifty years with this 50th wedding anniversary oval double picture frame. Place it on their nightstand and every morning let them feel gratitude for what they have.

19.  LifeSong Milestones Floral 50th Anniversary Plaque for love-struck couple

It is rightly quoted that with the right one you never realise the passage of time. If your parents are a living example of this, let them know how much they have actually covered and still going strong with this beautifully laser engraved eye-catching keepsake floral anniversary plaque. It is a perfect wall hanging to make their love nest more adorable.

20.  Personalized Cutting Board for the couple who cook together

Do your parents or grandparents love to cook together even after so many years? Cooking might be their recreational time where they can spend some quality moments after a hectic day of work. Gift them a chance to celebrate their love even in the kitchen with a personalised cutting board. You can get their names printed along with the wedding date. You will definitely see a smile on their face whenever they will use it.

21.  50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Album for the old school couples

With so many precious moments from the day they embarked their relationship to this day, they might feel overwhelmed once they recapitulate them. In the era of digitalisation bring back the feel of developed photographs with a 50th wedding anniversary photo album. Watch them giggling and smiling while going through those old photographs again and again. Isn’t it romantic!?

22.  Ivy Lane Design Hallmark 50th Anniversary Candle Holder something to treasure

Going for an intimate dinner party to celebrate your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary? Take with you the Hallmark 50th anniversary candle holder to illuminate their anniversary dinner. This will enable you to spark the romance, joy, and nostalgia for their wedding. It can be the perfect keepsake to be passed as a family heirloom for special occasions.

23.  Parents Anniversary Poem in Gold Frame one who loves literature

Nothing can be more heart-warming than some poetry lines for your loved ones. Achieving 5o years of marriage is itself setting an example of consistency and patience. Let your parents know how much you adore them as a couple through the parent’s anniversary poem in a gold frame.  It is an idle gift for people who love to appreciate little couplets and poems, especially those who are in their 70s.

24.  Wooden Family Birthday Reminder Calendar Board for the one with large family

If your parents are celebrating their milestone of fifty years, they might have reached a certain age where remembering small details are difficult. One of such troublesome things is birthday dates. Bring the family closer and let your parents/grandparents be the first one to wish everyone on their birthdays with a wooden family birthday reminder. It is a unique yet effective way to keep all family birthdays into one place.

25.  50th Anniversary Gold Crystal Mirrored 4×6 Picture Frame for couples in love

Spending fifty years together is a long time. Amidst all the chaos, your parents have hundreds of beautiful memories. Preserve one of such insightful days and get it framed in a Gold Crystal Mirrored photo frame. It is an adorable gift which they can treasure for life. The gold borders will represent a pull off of their golden jubilee. Place it on their bed stand to enhance the look of their room.

26.  50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Cross for your catholic parents

Get them to reminisce about the time of their Catholic wedding with this elegant golden 50th wedding anniversary cross. It is a handcrafted cross that represents a long lasting eternal relationship through its rings at the centre. Gift them this heart touching custom made souvenir to celebrate their love and marriage. It can later be fixed on a wall as a reminder of their bond.

27.  Praying Husband and Wife 5 inch Grey Resin Stone Table for the couple as solid as rock

What is better than a couple who have the same faith and beliefs? Reflecting the ideology of sticking and strengthening your beliefs together, this Praying Husband and Wife 5-inch grey resin stone table is perfect for couples who achieved fifty years of togetherness. The high-quality resin polymer makes it durable, just like their love. The rough and rusty look gives a vintage vibe that is perfect to decorate the house.

Even though I am a millennial, I still believe in old-fashioned love. For me, the best gift you can get is a nostalgic trip to all the beautiful memories from the last fifty years with a 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Album. It does not matter what you choose to gift among them because each of these 50th anniversary gift for parents has hidden meaning and message regarding the eternal love they are sharing. Feel free to contact us on our contact page if you more ideas for the same. Till then, keep liking and sharing my article!

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