60th Anniversary – 41 Romantic Gift Ideas To Fall In Love Again 😉

Crossing the milestone of 60 years of togetherness is not a cake walk. You are lucky if you are still married to your childhood sweetheart and cherished together some amazing unforgettable memories. Six decades of marriage entails a lot of hard work, sacrifices, forgiveness, love and passion. Life might not always be rosy but if your companionship has made it till here, it is time to celebrate! On the occasion of your 60th anniversary, surprise her with the best of the best party and gifts.

Choosing something romantic and heart touching can be bit confusing. Considering your problem, I have come up with a list of all the possible ideas of gifts and celebrations for the 60th anniversary party. The versatile feature of my list makes it appropriate to help a husband, son, daughter or  even grandchildren.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 Picks

1. Bar Stools for decking up your interiors-$$

How about surprising him with nice comfortable bar stools. Grab some chilled beer and enjoy your 60th anniversary in the best way possible. Impress your guest with these comfortable PU Leather adjustable bar stools.

2. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate for the chocolate lovers-$

Bring on some sweetness in your relationship with Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate. It is one of the great 60th anniversary celebration ideas for your parents as a gift. With milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolates, this is definitely gonna make them cheerful.

3. Picture Frame to please the couple you admire the most-$

Make them embark their diamond jubilee with lots of memories and souvenirs.  Wish your parents or grandparents with the best of the best memories through a love picture frame.

4. Gold Heart Cluster Pendant for the love of your life-$$$$

There are no women who can not be impressed with a piece of jewellery. Make them feel special and cherished with a gold heart cluster pendant. Give her your heart once again and make her fall in love with you all over again.

5. Home Spa Gift Basket for a luxury bath-$

Party is done, the celebration is over! Now comes the time to pamper her with something nice and soothing. Surprise her with an after party gift. This Home Spa Gift Basket has A-Z everything she will need to rejuvenate her charm.

6. Notes of Love- designer jar something she will cherish throughout life-$

Digital lifestyle might have brought us closer but it still lacks the charm and energy of hand-written letters and mixtapes. Bring back the era of retro style love by gifting your lover notes of love in a jar.

7. Laptop accessories as a saviour for their device-$

If your partner is a techno junkie, help him to make his laptop attractive with these cool soothing accessories. All these accessories will protect the laptop from accidental spills along with giving it a cool look.

8. Hexagon Coaster  for the OCDs-$

If those water rings creep out their OCD personality, calm them down with these unique hexagon coasters. Say no more stains and damaged tabletops. Upgrade your style and make your wife happy by helping around with these cleaning chores.

9. Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit for the old school couples-$

If you are still short with your parent’s 60th anniversary party ideas, a hands casting kit is the latest in town. It will preserve their forever bond that they can cherish throughout life. 

10. Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set to elevate the mood of the party-$$

If you are hosting a classy anniversary party for your parents, do not forget a nice premium bamboo cheese board set. It is an amazing companion for all the wine lovers in the house. 

11. Mr and Mrs Sign Coffee Mug for their morning tea-$

Give your love and 60th anniversary wishes for parents with moments that they can share together. Kick in their morning caffeine or tea with this 60th anniversary themed Mr and Mrs Sign coffee mugs.

12. 100% Cashmere Scarf for the warm hugs when you are not around-$

Make her smile and warm with this 100% authentic Cashmere Scarf. It will offer her the touch of luxury with its extra soft yet warm texture. She can elegantly carry it with her winter outfit, leaving everyone around her jealous.

13. Anniversary, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure – something sweet-$

A gift is all about expression of love and care.  Make your 60th anniversary more special and memorable with this heart touching sculpted hand- painted figure. The gift box comes with an enclosure card with a beautiful love quote.

14.Moon Ambient Light – who want to gift moon and stars to their love-$

Give the moon to the star of your life. Convert your room into a perfect romantic setting with warmness and nice glow of moon ambient light. It is an amazing gift for birthdays, anniversary or valentine’s day.

15. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right 2-Piece Kitchen Apron Set for couple chefs-$

If your parents loves to cook together, give them more chances to bond with these amazing couple apron set. This is made from strong durable fabric just like their ageless love.


16. Anniversary for Her – ‘to My Beautiful Wife’ Compact Mirror – a great romantic gift

You should never shy away in expressing your love to your wife. Just in case if she has forgotten, remind her how beautiful she is with a unique makeup mirror delicately engraved with ‘To My Beautiful Wife. Never forget that I Love you. Your Husband’.


17. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station for organising his stuff-$

After all these years does your partner still absent mindedly leave his stuff around the house. Help him to organise his basic essentials with a compact wood phone docking station. It is a great 60th anniversary gift that can be used on an office desk or night stand.

18. You are My Sunshine Wood Music Boxes for soothing melody-$

There are some melodies and music that holds a great part of memories of your happy times. Remind and relive all those moments again with these soothing ‘You are My Sunshine’ wood music box.

19. Preserved Real Rose with Love You Necklace in 100 Languages Gift Set for the love of your life-$

Just like your ageless love, nothing can be more romantic than a preserved red rose as a promise of eternity. This gift box comes along with a unique necklace with I Love You in 100 languages.

20. Beer and Wine Glass Gift Set of 2 to make your date nights more special-$

If you and your partner often bond over drinks, make it more special with these King and Queen Beer and Wine Glass Gift Sets. It is a perfect way to express how you still feel about each other.

21. Premium Men Gift Tie Set to compliment his style-$

If you are still in a fix regarding the anniversary gift for your  man, you can always trust on a nice tie and clip set. This premium gift box is an idle option if they are into formal clothing and style.

22. Diamond Ring to rejuvenate your love-$$$$

If you still get butterflies after seeing her, recreate your proposal memories with this extravagant diamond ring. With Kobelli Moissanite centre stone, it has over 50 natural Earth mined white diamonds to keep it authentic. 

23. Wall Hanging Moon Star Dream Catcher for some refreshing ideas-$

Are you planning a small celebration at your place but still short with ideas regarding 60th anniversary decorations? Make your home more welcoming with these soul refreshing Bohemian home decor wall art. The string light attached in the package will lighten up your party.

24. Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover- couples who are still young by heart-$

It’s okay to go some raunchy even if you are in your 80s. Reignite your love for each other with this sassy throw pillow case. It will bring some youngness at your place with a touch of romanticism. 

25. Diamond Tiara to cherish her worth-$

Just in case old age has casted a shadow on your relationship, remind her again how she still rules your heart. Make her feel like a queen ( which she already is) with this adorable diamond tiara.  

26. Hand Knit Wool Fleece Lined Long Slipper Socks to keep them warm-$

With old age, comes a lot of problems especially during winters. Make them feel comfortable and warm with these hand knitted woollen socks slippers. They can comfortably wear these around the house while doing basic chores.

27. Natural Soap Bar Gift Set for a luxurious bathing experience-$

Get rid of all the chemicals and give them a touch of nature with a natural soap bar set. These are exotic natural bar soap with natural island botanicals, leaving their skin moisturised and supple.

28. Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark to motivate them to read more-$

If your partner loves to read, nothing can be more charming as a 60th anniversary gift than a classy bookmark. These are vintage styled feather bookmarks, which will give them a classy reading experience. 

29. Spectacle Holder for Men & Women for no more cribbing-$

Do your parents often complain about losing their spectacles? Taking their 60th anniversary as an opportunity, gift them these amazing spectacle holder which will ease down their life a bit.

30. Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor for giving best home for her plants-$$

If your partner loves to spend her time doing gardening, nothing can be more suitable than a Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor. It has a multi layer high and low garden shelf with no shelter for the plants to get enough water and sunlight.

31. Chakra Stone to heal their soul- $

Help them to connect with their inner souls with stack of chakra stones. Give them their best 60th anniversary wishes while bringing in abundance of positivity and good health in their life. 

32. 60th Wedding Anniversary photo frame in honour of their love-$

If your parents are completing a milestone of 60 years of their marriage, show your gratitude and love with this customised photo frame. The beautiful framed poem will definitely bring tears and smile on their face.

33. Photo Frame Clock for all the beautiful memories-$

Capture all the beautiful moments at a single place with a beautifully designed photo frame clock. It will not only leave your family in nostalgia but also be a great conversation starter. 

So, without delay buy and give this to your special friend or family and make them gasp with excitement!

34. Scented Candles Gifts Set for an aromatic party-$

Going for an intimate dinner to celebrate your parent’s anniversary? Take these pleasant scented candles for some nice 60th anniversary decorations. They can later on use these during bath, reading or even leisure times.

35. Comforter for a goodnight sleep-$

One of the best 60th anniversary gifts for your parents can be a warm cosy comforter. Make their nights more comfortable and tender with this brushed microfibre cover quilt. They are all season comforters that will help them to use year round.

36. 60th Birthday Wine Stoppers a great party souvenir-$

Want to make their 60th wedding anniversary celebration more special? Gift them these elegant wine stoppers. It is an amazing themed prop that will jazz up their party. They can even use it later on for preserving the leftover wine.

37. 60th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque as a token of love-$

It does not matter how old you guys are, it is never too old to express love towards your spouse. Let them know how blessed you are to share this life journey with them through a 60th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque.

38. Travel Case for her convenience-$

A bit dirty yet funny. A married life can only sustain for 60 years if you support your partner through the journey.  Remind her of how you got her back through this funny but meaningful travel case bag.

39. Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set for the purest taste experience- $

Diluted whiskey is the biggest pet peeve for the majority of booze lovers. Bless your husband with a finest drinking experience through a premium whiskey stones gift set. It will definitely make your 60th anniversary more special.

40. Bottle Openers to chug-chug all night-$

Make your celebration more themed and personalised with these amazing 60 customised bottle openers. It is decorated with three beautiful diamond studs giving it an elegant classy look.

41. Happy 60th Anniversary Cake Topper to decorate your cake-$

No celebration is complete without a cake. Make your parent’s 60th anniversary cake a bit sparkly and attractive with a customised 60th Anniversary Cake Topper. The high quality glitter will deck up the cake, giving it an exquisite look.

Considering the lost trends of hand-written stuff, my favourite gift among all will be love notes jar. It is an amazing way to express your feelings with one another. If you are hosting a party for your parents on the occasion of their 60th anniversary, gift something their love can connect to the most. If you have more ideas and stuff, please contact me on my contact page. Till then do not forget to like and share my articles.

It is a beautiful video of a couple celebrating their love and memories by bonding over something they love the most. Music! This sweet and soothing melody will throw anyone in the nostalgic memories of their loved ones.

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