38 Exciting Anime Gifts For Him That He Will Definitely Love

Does your boyfriend or husband still love to binge watch anime and collect its merchandise? It’s okay, do not get flustered, it is normal. With rise in popularity of anime and k-dramas, many people have become fond of it. Try to bond over his love for anime with some cool anime gifts for him. It does not matter, if its his birthday, anniversary, date night or Christmas, a true anime enthusiast will always appreciate themed anime gifts. 

Calm down if you have zero idea regarding anime, I have organised an idle list dealing with all the possible gifts inspired from anime and its characters. All you need to do is to just know their interest and choices and make an appropriate decision. 

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 Picks:

1. Naruto Ichiraku Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks – nom nom! $

It is often seen that people generally pick up on the cultural and eating habits from the show they binge-watch. If your man loves to watch anime, make his noodle time a bit more exciting with Naruto Ichiraku Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks.

2. Anime Naruto Kurama Nine-Tails Fox Plush Doll for a kid by heart-$

Do you still feel the warm and fresh energetic vibes when you are around your boyfriend? Relish his childlike adorable nature with a Naruto Kurama Nine-Tails Fox Plush Doll.

3. Detective Pikachu Collector Treasure Chest

Make your child’s gaming time more exciting with  Detective Pikachu Collector Treasure Chest. It is a great gift for all the Pokemon fans out there. The detective Pikachu collector chest is the best leisure time to collect some of the new cards inspired by the movie.

4. My Hero Academia Wallet and Passport Booklet for the travel junkies-$

If he loves both anime and travelling, surprise him with My Hero Academia wallet and passport booklet. For longer durability and reliability, it is made from PU material and suede. Let him show off his love for anime!

5. My Hero Academia Bandana for both protection and style-$

With the current trend, bandana has become an important part of our life. To all the anime lovers out there, this My Hero Academia Bandana is an idle anime gift for him. Apart from being waterproof and breathable, it comes with adjustable elastic ear loops for comfort.

6. Harry Potter Anime Character Art socks for the potter head-$

A dream has come true for all the anime and harry potter fans. Collect you all favourite characters like Potter, Weasley, Granger, Malfoy and Hedwig with an anime look. It is ankle sized socks making it the best anime gift for boys. 

7. Dragon Ball Super TCG 2018 Booster Box for fun gaming time-$     

Best part of our childhood memories deals with watching Dragon Ball Z. If you want to cultivate that same sense of love in your child, introduce him to the world of Dragon Ball Z with this Dragon Ball Super TCG 2018 Booster Box. 

8. ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z for all the Goku fans out there-$

Dragon Ball Z fans can have their own anime themed decor. It is a personalised anime gift as a true-to-series replica of the 4-star Dragon Ball. It is an amazing decor piece that can light up your room and office. 

9. Stunning Sailor Moon Decor

This high-quality artwork by Uhomate. Is a perfect home decor for all the Sail Moon fans. With vivid and bright colours, will be an amazing contrast to your monochrome interiors of your room and office.

10. Boku No Hero Academia 3D Hoodie Sweatshirt as a cosplay costume-$

Surprise your partner with this stunning 3D Hoodie Sweatshirt which features Boku No Hero Academia. It is a comfortable and warm hoody which even you can share to snuggle during cold mornings.

11. Doremy 3D Illusion LED Night Light – anime gifts for him

If your man mostly gets bruised at night during his loo visits, mesmerise him with this Doremy 3D Illusion LED Night Light.  It is an amazing romantic decor if he is a big time anime lover. Ditch the regular fairy lights and go for something exciting. 

12. Crystal Glass 7 Stars Balls – Drangon Ball Z collectors- $

If he loves to collect treasures from the Goku world, make him happy with this Crystal Glass 7 Stars Balls. It is a medium sized orange crystal ball with red stars. It is a unique anime gift on the occasion of birthdays or anniversary.

13. Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset for the crazy fans out there- $

No Dragon Ball Z fan can get over the famous tournament stage with the mind blowing tailings and fights. Give this replica as a souvenir which he can proudly display at his office or gaming room. 

14. Dragon Ball Z Collectible Model for the dream set up-$

Does he loves to maintain a figurine collection of his favourite Dragon Ball Z characters. Make him happy by helping him in completing his collection with these collectible models. These are amazing anime gifts for him for special occasions.

15. Dragon Ball Z Birthday Party Decorations to be coolest mom-$

If you are planning to host a birthday party for your kid, make it more interesting by adding themed elements from his favourite anime. These Dragon Ball Z Birthday Party Decorations will excite all his friends to have a mind-blowing party.

16. Riot Society Geisha Shame Mens Hoodie for the Japanese fanclub-$$

Searching for something funky yet relatable? If your man is a big anime fan, surprise him with a Geisha Shame themed hoodie. It is a unique anime gift through which he can show off his obsession and love for them.

17. Collectable Death Note Notebook with Feather Pen for the one who loves to write-$

If your anime lover partner has a good flair of writing, get his hands on these personalised anime gifts. It comes with a white quill pen for smooth expression of their thoughts. It is one of the best birthday or Christmas anime gifts ideas for him.

18. Naruto Cosplay Adjustable accessories- anime gifts for him naruto-$

Nothing can make your man more happy than some cool accessories inspired from his favourite series. Glam up his dressing style with these cool trendy accessories based on his favourite character Naruto.

19. Naruto Box Set 2 for anime nerds in your life-$$

With being hilarious and outspoken, Naruto has inspired thousands of boys with his unshaken dedication to be the world’s greatest ninja. If your partner resonates with his personality, make him empathise Naruto’s journey with Naruto Box Set 2.

20. Monopoly Sailor Moon Board Game with satisfying color pallet for Sailor Moon fans- $$

There is not a single person who has not spent his childhood times playing monopoly with friends. Introduce your child with your favourite fictional world of anime with Monopoly Sailor Moon Board Game.

21.How to Draw Deluxe Edition (Pokemon) for enhancing his creative skills-$

Do you often find your child glued to the TV screen when his favourite Pokemon comes on screen? Stop cribbing and divert his obsession into something productive with How to Draw Deluxe Edition (Pokemon). With over 65 Pokémons, it comes with step to step instructions for the best artwork.

22. Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Badge Key Necklace Pendant Set – add on in his Titan’s collection-$$

Be the best girlfriend he can ever ask for with exciting anime gifts for him. Surprise him with this classic antique bronze coloured key necklace pendant set , especially made for Titan(shingeki no kyojin) fans.

23. My Hero Academia Big Gift Set for family and friends-$

This one is for little anime lovers. Let him show off his love for My Hero Academia among his friends with some personalised goodies. This gift set includes ample items like a drawstring bag, keychain, stickers etc.

24. Goku Magic Mug and Coaster Gift Set for his morning cup of milk-$

Does your notorious kid give you a hard time while drinking his morning cup of milk? Make this boring routine much more exciting with this Goku Magic Mug. Watch him get all excited seeing Goku getting powered up as you pour a hot beverage inside.

25. Adorable Ceramic Seahorse Novelty Set for a vibe of turquoise beauty-$

Deck up your dining table with cute ceramic seahorse salt and pepper shakers. It is an amazing housewarming novelty gift. The bright vibrant colours will brighten up the look of your dining room.

26. Pokemon Card holder for dust and crease free cards-$

A simple Pokemon themed playing card can be worth a precious collectible for a true anime fan. Help him preserve his hard earned collection with this Pokemon Card holder. It comes with 50 platinum 4-pocket pages for carrying and protecting his trading cards.

27. Anime Naruto Luminous Large Capacity School Bag to create an impression on first day-$

Is your child entering high school and beginning his new phase of life? Motivate him to work hard by getting nice anime gifts for him. This Anime Naruto Luminous Large Capacity School Bag will help him carry his load easily while making him look cool.

28. Super Saiyan Broly 2020 Event Exclusive Figure for something cool-$$

If your man is still into anime and loves to keep figurines of his favourite characters, this one piece anime gift for him is just what you need.  This premium Dragon Ball Z figurine will amplify the look of his collection and make his anime clan envy.

29. Senpai White Ceramic Coffee Mug for his tea and coffee-$

Make his morning caffeine more interesting and likeable with a Senpai White Ceramic Coffee Mug. Just a single sip from it will boost him up for the rest of his day. It can be an amazing conversation starter with his colleagues. 

30. Anime Playing Cards for exciting up the night-$

Be the coolest girlfriend by launching up his gaming nights with these adult anime playing cards. Invite over his friends and give him an amazing birthday night with some booze, cards and pizza.

31. Signature SeoulBox to discover their Korean side-$

Make his snacks time more interesting and exciting with these tremendous collections of exotic Korean snack boxes. With a complete package of delicious snacks, K-Pop merch, and K-Beauty items, give them a chance to intensify their love for k-culture.

32. The Otaku Encyclopedia for the geeks-$

If your partner is someone who goes more in depth after watching a show, The Otaku Encyclopedia can be the best anime gifts for him. It features people who are really into Japanese pop-culture, such as anime, manga, and video games.

33. Mens All I Care About is Anime T-shirt for an anime fan club-$

Make people know your immense love for anime with Anime T-shirt. It reflects your thoughts and obsession with anime for people to start a relatable conversation. It is a perfect jersey for all the anime fan clubs out there.

34. #Nani Hashtag Baseball Cap Black for the baseball lovers-$

Make him look more cool and stand out in public with this trendy baseball cap black with #Nani printed on it. It is comfortable while playing and going to keep them cool from excessive sunlight.

35. Guildable Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster for a true anime enthusiast-$

If your man is a true anime enthusiast, make him feel nostalgic with this100 Anime Scratch Off Poster. With colourful and vibrant icons and characters, this poster will never leave you disappointed.

36. 3D Printed Blanket for multi-purpose usage-$

Make his leisure time for fun with a comfy 3D Printed Blanket inspired from his favourite anime character Kimetsu no Yaiba.  It is soft and comfortable to make his reading and sleeping time relaxing.

37.Anime Style Anti-slip House Slippers for someone special in your life-$

Get your hands on these amazing customised Anime Style Anti-slip House Slippers which are both comfortable and cosy. The non-slip sole makes it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. The high definition printing and pattern makes it attractive and vibrant.

38.Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit for bringing out his true creativity-$

Still searching for an idle gift for your partner who is a big time anime lover? Here is a chance to motivate his obsessions into something productive with graphics drawing tablet board kits. Inspire him to create his own anime characters and series. 

Being a big time anime and k-drama fan, nothing more fascinates me than the Signature SeoulBox. Binge watching these shows have always attracted me with Asian culture and food habits. The wide range of curated snack boxes is just what I needed to explore more of it. Apart from this, each item in the list is appropriate as a gift for your husband, boyfriend and even brother. If you have any new ideas regarding anime gifts for him, feel free to contact me on my contact page. If you find our article interesting, do not forget to like and share my articles with your friends.

This video will give you a gist about the top 5 best anime gifts for him and even yourself. If you find it difficult to choose from my list, feel free to refer this video for some inspiration.

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