Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys – 35 Mind Blowing Ideas To Choose From!

Searching gifts for 14-year-old boys could be a bit overwhelming. With a wide variety of products, gadgets and toys, it will be difficult for you to choose an idle birthday gift for your son, nephew or brother. Boys at this age have an interest in various things. You first need to zero down on the type of gift you want and then proceed with my list.

To make your favourite teenage boy love you, even more, I have come up with various items that can be suitable as gifts for a 14-year-old boy. Each of these items is not just an ordinary gift, but something which can enhance their learning and growing skills.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Lightning Reaction Reloaded for a shocking game

There is no teenage boy who would not like a robotic toy with some twisted game rules. It is a nonconventional Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game for four players at a time. No worries! All the safety measures regarding the intensity of shock are kept in mind while designing this product. Gift him hours of fun and laughter and add some zap to his birthday party through this shocking prank.

2. Kindle Kids Edition for healthy learning

Making learning more exciting for growing up children has always been a focal point. The Kindle Kids Edition comes in cool print designs and includes thousands of books to widen up the reading parameters of children. It comes with the black and white glare-free display with no access to games, video or advertisement. This gift is a blessing in disguise for the birthday boy and his parents.

3. Guitar Kit for a budding musician

Inculcating a rejuvenating extra-curricular habit in his early teenage years will always keep him focused. This LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit includes a 39-inch guitar with all the necessary equipment for a beginner or an intermediate player. Introduce your boy to the world of rock and let him decide his beats.  

4. Movies Scratch Off Poster for his next bucket list

From timeless classics to modern blockbusters, movies and shows have always inspired our generation Y through its inspiring stories. If your dear one is at the brink of being a movie buffer, give him the Scratch Off Poster assorted with the best 100 movies to start his journey towards the world of cinema. This Enno Vatti Scratch Off Poster will recommend movies and offer him a souvenir for the one he watched. 

5. Building Book for a tinker boy in your life

Do you want your 14-year-old boy to indulge in some manually productive work rather than hooking up on video games?  It is time to get your hands on Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction for building models. It includes hours and hours of creative fun through supplies that are easy to acquire. Watch them build their arsenal miniatures with all the excitement.

6. UBTECH Interactive Robotic Building Block Kit for strengthening the programming skills

If he has ever wanted to get started building his own codable and interactive robot, this is the kit for him. Surprise him with this interactive robotic building block system on his 14th birthday. The JIMU robots buildingbots kit comes with all the required accessories and a user guide for assistance. Connect it with your iOS or android device and it will do wonders.

7. A Nintendo Switch for compatible gaming experience

Let your 14-year- old have his way with all the Nintendo video games. It does not matter if he is at home or travelling. The Nintendo Switch gaming system is designed in a way that it will easily fit according to his need with single and multiplayer options. He can either connect it on TV or just play the games in handheld mode. From recent favourites to classics, it is compatible to over 1,000 games. 

8. Nomadic Minimalist Wallet for convenience

Many new experiences are waiting when a boy turns 14-years-old. From going to high school to hanging out with friends, he might feel like a grown-up. Enhance his experience by gifting him a minimalistic slim wallet. It will not only add convenience, but it’s sleek design and durability will also add class to his personality. It will offer him easy access to four most used cards along with a room for his lunch money and locker keys.

9. Spikeball for the one who loves competitive sports

Introduced as another version of volleyball, Spikeball is an active sport played as two on two. He can play it on beaches, back in your lawn or even inside your living room. Invite his friends over and let them have a hearty laugh and sweat while playing in a competitive spirit. The main concept of the game delves on bouncing the ball on the net that is a few inches above the ground.

10. Illustory Book Making Kit for the budding authors

Through an award-winning bookmaking kit, Lulu Jr. is giving your kid a chance to create his book. Incite your boy’s passion for drawing and storytelling by gifting him Illustory Book Making Kit. It features a detailed guide which will teach your child to publish an impressive hardcover book from his creativity and talent. Let your boy know how much you care about his passion and dreams by gifting what he loves.

11. Helicopter for a safe fly

Looking for an affordable indoor helicopter? With Stable Flight Characteristics, the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter is an excellent option. Its Gyroscope system makes it easy to operate the controls with a stable fly. Even if his helicopter is chocked, it will power-off automatically to avoid any further damages. Gear him up for some mind-boggling adventure.

12. Apple AirPods for a luxurious experience

Apple needs no introduction. If you want to gift some high-end product, AirPods is always a nice choice. These are the sleek product that gives you high-quality wireless audio and have direct access to virtual assistant Siri for commands. It can run for 5 hours straight on one charge via a convenient charging case. Gift him the luxury of sound through these evergreen Apple AirPods. These are definitely going to be his favourite.

13. Capture the Flag Redux for an interesting outdoor activity

If your teen enjoys playing capture the flags, then upgrade his experience with all-new Capture the Flag REDUX. It is the original Glow-in-The-Dark outdoor game that needs to be played for birthday parties, youth groups and as team-building exercise among 4-24 players. It will fulfil your dream when your child will leave his phone and enjoy the outside with his friends. Twelve different ways of playing with over twelve hours of battery make it a synergetic game.

14. Lego Technic for the junior racer

If you are looking for some powerful action on tracks, then LEGO Technic Getaway Racer 42046 Building Kit is the perfect choice for your kid. It possesses authentically designed huge vertical exhaust pipes, heavy-duty front bumper and pull-back motor for an instant breakout. If it does not excite you enough, then look out the dark-grey and black colour scheme with flame stickers for a bad-boy style.

15. Telescope for a science geek

Make your boy ready for some magical experience of stargazing through a Gskyer Telescope. For a 14-years-old, having his personal telescope can be overwhelming. With an idle coherence of price and exquisite features, it is perfect for adoring bird watching and the night sky. Since it is easy to set-up and operate, he will probably use it often.

16. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer to strike a balance

Does your boy constantly ask to ride a skateboard or perform tricks on surfers? But you find yourself fearing for his safety? No worries! This Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer will guide him towards using his core strength and posture to achieve a balance. Step up his skills with this long-lasting balance board trainer. The intriguing part? It does not scratch your floors when used indoors.

17. PlayStation 4- a gift he will absolutely love

Want to be a go-to person of a 14-year-old boy? Here is the trick. Pamper him with this hottest gift of the year. The all-new slim PlayStation 4 is a high-end gift which will let your boy explore the enticing world of gaming. Invite over his friends and let them have a gala time while playing online or pre-installed games. It comes with additional accessories like a DualShock wireless controller and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on Blu-ray disc.

18. Brain Teaser Card Game for home learning

It is time for you to challenge the noggin of your teen. As simple as it looks, but with hundreds of viable combinations but only one acceptable answer! It is not that easy. The Kanoodle is an award-winning brain-twisting solo game, perfect for your freshly turned 14 –years-old. It will keep him occupied and let him learn something outside the four-walled classrooms.

19. Virtual Reality Headset for an immersive experience

With the advancement in technology, home enjoyment has drastically revolutionized. What can be a cooler gift for a kid than a VR Headset! They not only let him explore the known and unknown realms but also offer him alluring 360 visual appearances. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The only limitation is his imagination. Gift him this eyesight protected goggles and let him slip away in the world of virtual reality. From riding a thrilling virtual roller-coaster to watching VR movies, he can do whatever excites him the most.

20.Creative Whack Ball of Whacks to jump-start the creativity

Give him a chance to expand his insights and creativity through a proven therapy offered by Creative Whack Company Roger von Oech’s Ball of Whacks. It is made up of thirty magnetic pieces that can be arranged in an unlimited number of combinations. It is an exciting way for artists, thinkers and writers to kick start their visionary instincts. Challenge him with brain-twisting patterns and designs printed in the activity book.     

21. Expedition Watch as s stylish yet useful wear

In the current era, watches have become a necessity rather than a luxury, even for a 14-years-old boy. Then why not make this necessity a style statement for his personality. With a timeless military looks nylon strap, the Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch features numerals in increments of five up to sixty. It is water resistance (up to 330 feet), making it perfect for daily wear. With a price like this and enormous features, it will be the best watch he will ever own.

22. Skullcandy Wireless Headphones to boom up the beats

Gift him the chance to stream lifelike high-quality sounds through these noise-isolating Bluetooth Skullcandy headsets. There will be no better way to pump up the music than with Custom–Tuned Drivers and Stereo Haptic Bass. It is a top choice among teens with its foldable design and long battery life. It complements their style and taste. Skullcandy is a trusted premium band that will make him look much cooler.

23. 1000-Piece Astronaut Puzzle for a quality time

If things about space and puzzles excite your child, then Spaceman Floating Astronaut Puzzle 1000 Pieces is a great idea as gifts for 14-year-old boys. They took the graphics of the puzzle from the high-resolution photo from NASA. It is a mesmerizing modern puzzle to poke his skills for a test. He can spend hours and hours with friends and family while solving this hard puzzle, making it a great gift for teens as well as the whole family.

24. Arduino Starter Kit for a mechanical nerd

The Arduino Starter Kit is perfect for teenagers who like to do programming and challenge their mind. In no time it will familiarise your boy with STEAM subjects and develop his problem-solving abilities. The kit features various kinds of sensors and actuators to build fifteen types of different components to control the physical world. For the added convenience, it includes a detailed manual guide along with all the required components. What are you waiting for! Give your child a lifetime of experience in experiments and programming.

25. Bluetooth Shower Speaker for musically shower experience

If he is a big-time music lover, then surprise him with amazing music quality by iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker. There is no scope for any damage as these are not only waterproof but fully submersible. He can not only enjoy his favourite band during the shower but it can be suctioned to your car windshield. The versatile usage and profound music quality surely will not disappoint your boy.

26. Xbox Wireless Controller for multiplayer fun

Always short with a spare controller whenever his friends come over? It can be a bit awkward. This Xbox Wireless Controller can operate Xbox One series and Windows 10, providing him with multiplayer fun. With twice the wireless range, gift him the chance to boost and show off his skills in front of his friends. You can never go wrong with gaming accessories as a gift for a teen boy.

27. The Mug with a Glove for a fun morning

If your child is a die-hard sports fan, then get him this baseball mug with a glove by MAX’IS Creations. Let him hit his home runs by tossing his favourite marshmallows, crackers, cereals or any other topping. Its size makes it versatile to be used as a mug for sipping hot chocolate or a bowl to have his cereals and milk. It will definitely bring a smile on his face.

28. Holy Stone RC QuadCopter Drone

Who does not like to play with drones? It is considered as the best gift choice for boys especially in their early teens. Even if he is a beginner, this Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone comes with an easy operating system. Through his 720P HD camera and highly responsive function, it will give you amazing clicks. The in-built LED light will let him locate his drone even during the night.

29. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit to make your kid smart

Are you interested in introducing your 14-years-old boy to robotics? Then start by gifting him LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit. This product will not only guide your child in building his first robot but also intrigue his mind in the field of coding. The kit comes with different robotic designs and all the required tools. Hurry up and widen up his scope of learning various activities. Once he successfully builds the robot, he just needs to connect to his phone and download the free EV3 programmer app for full control.

30. Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Charger to blast his favourite jam

What could be a convenient way for him to listen to his favourite beats while the phone’s battery is about to get zero? A Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Charger! Get him this bad-boy which will let him charge his phone while playing the music. It offers the option to either charge vertically or horizontally, as per his comfort. The product features high-efficiency and advanced dual-coil chipset along with the wide sensing range for promising results. This dual-purpose device delves on high sound quality through its appropriate bass and 15W powerful sound.

31. Big Life Journal for a better life

With the rest of his life ahead, a teen needs to know the basic understanding of life for a successful future. Give him this gift of knowledge which will pave the way for him to develop a positive and flexible mindset along with gratitude towards others. You might teach him about how life works, but his own thoughts and experiences will imprint more impact on his personality.  Then why not give him something which can shape his notions better. Let him learn, develop and turn his dreams into reality.

32.Light Up Bluetooth Alarm Clock for a better morning

Waking him every morning for school can be a tedious job but getting shrilling alarm clocks might leave him cranky. The Light-Up Bluetooth Alarm Clock853 is all you need. The colourful LED lights and adjustable brightness will definitely brighten up their morning. It can be used as a table lamp or simply listen to songs through Bluetooth, AUX or USB slot. With a single touch, he will have everything under his control.

33. 142-Piece Art Kit for giving wings to the creative mind

The 142-Piece Art Kit is the best birthday gift for the budding artist in the family. With various kinds of colouring and painting mediums, it comes with a sturdy deluxe wooden case. It is a kit that will let him create masterpieces. He will definitely enjoy pouring his creativity with these colours.

34. GlowCity Light Up Basketball

Nothing can be cooler than a basketball that glows. The GlowCity provides a basketball that illuminates the whole ball with two bright LEDs whenever in use. If your boy is a basketball junkie then surprise him with this light-up ball. It will be of great use especially for his practice and matches during the night. Early teens are the best age to engage your child with some physical sport along with some socializing. 

35. Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat Cookbook for the self-reliant future

If you see a glimpse of a future chef in your boy, then get his hands on the Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat Cookbook. It is not only necessary for little chefs, but also for all the teen boys for the days when they will move out to head their own life. It covers about seventy-five recipes that are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is time to nurture the independence and self-reliance in your kids.

36. National Geographic Geodes Kit to give an insight of geology

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 4 Geodes Science Kit is surely well-received by the kids who have a keen interest in geography. Gift him this thoughtful gift and encourage his dreams and passion. He can break the rocks and discover beautiful minerals, giving him a real-life experience of a geologist. Let him witness the beauty of nature and learn things beyond textbooks. Learning has never been this fun.

Among all these gifts for 14-year-old boy, my personal favourite is the Big Life Journal. Boys at this age have an active mind and great grasping power. It is very important for us as adults to shape their thoughts and personality in a way that they can reap success and a better life in future. Apart from this, my list delves on useful gifts items for both teens and family. If you have more points to be added in the list, then contact me on my contact page. Do not forget to like and share my article. You may want to check 60th Birthday Gift Ideas.

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