gifts for trumpet players – 36 Amazing Ideas To Appreciate Their Hardwork!

Be it a trumpet, guitar or piano, no instrument is easy to play. It takes years and years of hard work and practice to achieve perfectionism in a performance. If your love is taking the first step towards being a professional trumpet player, motivate him/her with some useful gifts for trumpet players. Bestow their dedication and laborious hard work with exquisite personalised trumpet gifts. This will definitely motivate them to achieve more.

If you belong to a non-musical background with zero knowledge regarding instruments, choosing trumpet lover gifts can be difficult. Hold your thoughts there, I have come up with an interesting list which includes gifts for professional trumpet players as well as beginners. Sit back, relax and choose!

1. Illustration of Trumpeter Wall Hanging an amazing room decor-$

If you know someone who is a trumpet player, an illustration of trumpeter wall hanging is a perfect gift for him. The splash of vibrant colours will bring out the character of his room while leaving a long lasting impression on his guests.

2. Trumpet Cleaning Kit- an important trumpet accessory-$

Give your trumpet a break and clean it to get a better output. Clean it thoroughly like a pro via a nice trumpet cleaning kit as it comes with an in-depth guidance. With all the necessary cleaning items, make your cleaning a smooth session.

3. Portable Trumpet Stand Holder for his comfortable jam sessions-$

Does your partner always complain about his/her arms getting sore due to carrying a heavy trumpet round the clock? Gift them the blessing of comfort with a Trumpet Stand Holder which is very easy to carry around.

4. The Very Best of John Williams: Trumpet, Book & CD for all the types of instrument players-$

If you know someone who is a level 2-3 instrumentalist, help them get in touch with an incredibly versatile new collection including some of John Williams’ most-loved titles arranged in The Very Best of John Williams .

5. Trumpet Cleaning And Care Product for taking care what you love-$$$

Apart from practicing hard, it is very important to keep your instruments clean for a higher level of success. If you are a professional trumpet player, pamper your trumpet with a premium cleaning and care product.

6. TRUMPET PLAYER 6”  for the modern art lovers-$

This beautiful and classy trumpet player statue will make an amazing decor item which will easily blend with the interiors. You can place it anywhere you want, from nightstand to your desk christmas gifts for trumpet players.

If you are looking for something as personalised trumpet gifts, a pair of cufflinks and tie bar clip can be a suitable option. He can comfortably put them on during his performance for upscaling his attire.

8. Enamel Pin to upgrade his style and confidence-$

Let him know you are always in support of his dreams by gifting him a beautiful trumpet shaped enamel pin. It will not only boost his confidence but also add a flare to his whole outfit.

9. Trumpet – Unframed Patent Print- frame it and put it anywhere you want-$

Still wondering what can be an appropriate gift for a trumpet player? If you want to go for something simple, an unframed Patent Print of trumpet can be a great option. It is an appropriate gift for birthdays, anniversaries and even holidays christmas gifts for trumpet players

10. Clip-on Mustache for Trumpet Mouthpiece – In case you desire them to see with mustache-$

Make their jam sessions a fun time with this white elephant gift. Make everyone around them laugh with this cool Clip-on Mustache for Trumpet Mouthpiece. It is very easy to fix while giving a lifetime moments to remember and laugh.

11. Trumpet valve guard for demanding trumpet players-$

Surprise a professional player by decking up his trumpet with this classy trumpet valve guard. It will double up the look through its smooth and luxurious leather. Easy to fix and easy to peel! It is very comfortable and pleasant to use.

12. CHOP CHPS Chop-Saver Lip Balm by a musician for a musician-$

Practicing throughout the day is normal for a professional player but ignoring your body is not acceptable. Take care of his chapped lips with Chop-Saver Lip Balm while he is busy blowing the trumpet great gifts for trumpet players

13. BERP Trumpet for practice yet silence-$

A BERP trumpet is one of the most important trumpet accessories that helps to practice in silence. Players might find it difficult to practice during odd hours. BERP trumpet is blissful gifts for professional trumpet players to practice whenever they want.

14. Trumpet Pendant Necklace as a personalised trumpet gifts-$

Getting cold feet before performance is very common even among professional players. Help them to cool down and bring out their best with this beautiful Trumpet Pendant Necklace. Hug her tight and wish her luck!

15. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet for a successful beginning- $

With hundreds of exercises, beginning with basics and progressing to advanced compositions, it is a perfect gift for the trumpet lover who is embarking his journey towards his dreams. J.B. Arban has featured in-depth knowledge from his years of experience as a teacher and performer.

16. Trumpet Statue for making him laugh and loved-$

Give your partner something different to laugh upon. If he is a passionate trumpet player, make him feel close to his passion via this unique statue valentines gifts for trumpet players

17. Trumpet MAX Rectangular Case best gift for trumpet players-$$

A trumpet player has to generally carry a lot of things like tuner, mouth piece, cleaning kit etc. with him. Make it a bit easy for him by getting this useful Trumpet MAX Rectangular Case. It has velvety interiors for protecting their precious instruments and accessories.

18. Trumpet Mute a blessing for both player and family-$

Are you parents done with constant noise you produce while practising. It might be music to you but not for old aged ears. Bless their ears with a practice trumpet mute silencer. Now you can practice in peace while they sleep soundly fun gifts for trumpet players

19. Funny trumpet T-Shirt for comfortable jam sessions-$

Bring in some fun element in your wardrobe with this cute adorably funny trumpet cat T-shirt. If you are a trumpet player, it can be an excellent outfit during your jam sessions gag gifts for trumpet players

20. Fun Novelty Crazy Socks for happy feet-$

Comfortable, casual and perfect. If you know someone who loves to jam on some nice music, this novelty socks is a perfect holiday gift for them. They can wear them under formal trousers or casual jeans. 

21. Harry Potter Instrumental Solos for the Hogwarts dreamers-$

Potterheads alert! Surprise your musician cum potterhead friend with books and CD of Harry Potter instrumental solos. They can play-along with the best-known selections from the first five movies of this series.

22. Music from the Star Wars Trilogy: Trumpet for some great tunes-$

Completely compatible with each other, you have got some seriously nice instrumental editions that can be played together or as solos. It does not matter if you are a guitar or trumpet player, the tunes are pretty easy to crack in any instrument.

23. Pocket Trumpet to practice wherever you want-$$

Are you constantly backpacking and moving cities due to work? Do not miss your passion for music. Get a hang of this convenient pocket trumpet that comes with a tuner, case and mouthpiece. It is a great birthday or holiday gifts for trumpet players.

24. USB Microphone with Studio Headphone Set for adding professionalism in regime-$$

You need guts and lots of motivation to dream something big. If your loved one took a step towards his dream, push him towards his goals with a professional USB microphone with studio headphone set. With advanced active noise reduction technology they can focus on what they want to hear.

25. Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet best for advanced students learning-$

With remarkable recording from 1994 of Philip Smith, the Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet will give the learner something to strive for. Choose anything, MP3, online streaming or simple audio CD, whichever suits you best trumpet gifts for players

26. Silent Brass System – something useful as trumpet accessories – $$$

Now practice anytime and anywhere you want with Yamaha SB7Xc Silent Brass system especially made for trumpet players. No more complaints from parents and neighbours gifts for beginner trumpet players

27. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for premium sound quality-$$$

If you know someone who is into music, surprise them with this amazing wireless bluetooth headphones by Bose. With 3 levels of world-class noise cancellation, it will give them the best listening experience.

28. Varigrip Hand Exerciser to have full control on fingers-$

Playing the instrument requires a full control on your overall body. A Varigrip Hand Exerciser can be the best gift gifts for trumpet players. It will enable them to build the necessary strength and dexterity. 


29. Trumpet Music Instrument Necktie that can go with everything-$

Make him ready for his most awaited performance with this formal Trumpet music instrument necktie. It will glam up his style, giving him much needed confidence and motivation. An amazing holiday gift for trumpet lovers.

30. Personal Embouchure Training Device for regular practice- $

Choose from silver, gold or simple plastic finish and let them have a full fleshed practice via the isometric trainer. It directly targets the exact muscles that tire toward the end of a performance trumpet gifts for trumpet players,

31. Trumpet for learning with the best-$$$

Thinking of best gifts for trumpet players? Drop all the fancy ideas and stick to the basics. Get him a suitable trumpet which will take him a step closer to his dreams. The Jean Paul USA Trumpet has got an adjustable third trigger for proper playing technique.

32. Audio Recorder- simple to record, simple to listen-$$$

A four-track digital audio recorder and USB audio interface is meant to be a desirable gift. It is a high-tech innovative tool with unidirectional stereo condenser microphones that can record in A-B and X-Y positions.

33. Sheet Music Stand for a smooth performance-$

Help them practice more smoothly with a sheet music stand. This will help them to have a stage performance type body language and confidence. You can even get it as a gift for the trumpet teacher around you.

34. Trumpet tea/Coffee Milk Ceramic Mug Cup for your first sip of coffee-$

Make their morning more musical with this amazing Trumpet tea/coffee ceramic mug. It has got a cool and adorable trumpet that will definitely leave people around you jealous and wondering. It is an amazing trumpet lover gift that they would adore every morning. 

35. Novelty Bow Tie for a classy edge look-$

Are they having another grand performance? Make them feel more confident and motivated with a small token of love via novelty bow tie. It has little trumpet printed on it, making it an appropriate gifts for trumpet players.

36. Digital Metronome amazing gift for professional trumpet players – $

There is nothing better for an instrument player than a gift which can uplift his skills and make his music better. If you know someone in life that loves to play trumpet, make their melody more engaging with a digital metronome funny gifts for trumpet players.

I sometimes go for a piano jam session whenever feeling down. Being an instrument player, I resonate with a full fledged professional recording set i.e. USB Microphone with Studio Headphone Set. But before you choose gifts for trumpet players make sure to cross check their requirements and level they are on. Rest leave it on me! Happy shopping. If you have more ideas to add, feel free to contact me on my contact page. Till then keep liking and sharing my articles.

There is nothing melodious until you put on some great headwork and sacrifices. Hear the amazing soulful recital of the great CRISPIAN STEELE who has dedicated his whole life to trumpet.

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