47 Best Gifts for Film Students To Get You A Big Hug!

A student’s life can easily be considered hectic, dramatic, enjoyable and a mixture of all three. And when we consider film students, the technicalities increase even more. So, when considering gifts for film students, it is to be kept in mind what can make a film student’s life easier and can bring a bright shiny smile on their face.

Here I have listed the best 45 fun gifts for film students, that you can reel out to your friend, family or partner who happens to be doing filmography. From a Film Review Notebook to Clamshell Light Reflector and Clapboards, I have got you covered.

As a film buff I would like to dedicate these top 5 techie gift items to all the lovely, hardworking and aspiring filmmakers. Cream of the crop!

Are you curious to know the whole list of gifts for film students? Well, here they are! Lights! Camera! Action!…

1. Film Critic Journal- Film Review Notebook – $

A notebook is one of the most amazing and fun gifts for film students for noting down their plans, favorite movies, listing equipment, doting the areas for filming and much more!

The playful design of the Journal reflects a fun filled mood!

2. The Movie Critic’s Notebook – $

This notebook is an effective way to scribble down all the critics on different films, ratings of all movies and bucket lists that need to be achieved while shooting!

A great journal to get them scribbling away!

3. Mini Voice Recorder – $

Give this mini voice recorder to your precious ones, and they’re bound to thank you for it! This mini high-tech recorder is able to record all kinds of voices, sounds, and lectures on the go!

An awesome way to cheer them up!

4. Mobile Film and Slide Scanner – $

With this mobile film and slide scanner you can easily convert all your 35mm slides and negatives into digital pictures, with your smartphone. A perfectly great way to spend time when bored.

This foldable scanner can be folded into the size of a small box, which makes it storage and travel friendly.

5. 35mm Film Strip Holder Photo Scanner Slide Holder – $

Just how much negative photo slides are important, ask your friend and they’ll tell you!

This grey metallic multipurpose slide holder will be of great convenience for all your lovely film students! Give it a go!

6. Datacolor SpyderCheckr – $$

This unique consistent color control of this SpyderCheckr with its RAW calibration software, provides a color standard for any camera.

Give it to a film student and their workflow will surely be made fast and easy. Buy for them and they’ll be surprised for sure!

7. Colorful Director’s film Clapboard – $

This would make a great gift for those who love directing films! This white dry erase board is very unique and fun and will make a great addition in their equipment.

Any film student would love this as a gift! This is also one of the most lovable and unique gifts for directors.

8. 3dRose Film Two Tone Mug – $

Who would not like to drink coffee while doing a tremendous amount of work? And film students are bound to sit at their laptops for hours, editing and doing a whole bunch of stuff.

This white ceramic mug with black interior and handle Image printed on both sides will make an insanely cute gift for sure!

9. Classic Polaroid Logo Vintage Rainbow T-Shirt – $

Gifting a shirt is ok… how about gifting a shirt that matches the receiver’s interest? That’s more like it!

Snap a look with this classic polaroid T-shirt and those even without a love for cameras will start loving it! It is surely one of the most lovable gifts for film students.

10. Personalized Keychains – $

How about a keychain with a personalized photo reel album!? This will surely pique the interests of a film student! Turn your precious memories into awesome keepsakes!

This vintage and retro designed keychain is a unique gift. It allows you to put upto 10 photos into the camera roll.

11. Advanced Travel Tripod – $$$

A basic necessity for all film students, this is one of the most decent gifts for film students.

This is an advanced travel tripod kit with New m-lock system. A thoughtful investment will turn out for sure!

12. Camera Backpack Bag – $

This bag will undoubtedly make your loved one’s day special! It is a waterproof bag for DSLR/SLR and mirror less cameras.

The camera case is compatible for Sony, Canon, Nikon camera and lens and tripod accessories. A special way to show your affection to your special someone!

13. Clamshell Light Reflector – $$

Looking for something exotic that would blow the mind of your filmmaker friend or relative? I give to you, the Clamshell Light reflector!

This clamshell light reflector is perfect for providing extra light for head shots and portraits, taking photos, making videos and much more. Get ready to receive a hug from the receiver.

14. Pyle Mic Boom Pole – $

A mic to record just about anything you want for the film. A great gift for a great film student!

It is durable, lightweight & reliable, a tool ready to record! Along with a quick setup it has an easy length adjustment. The one receiving it will surely come to love it.

15. Headphones – $

Headphones for sure are a great gift for filmmakers and editors.

These are designed for a perfect fit. These high-quality headsets are foldable and have padded cushions, which maximizes comfort and reduces noise. An instant attention grabber for a film student!


16. Lens and Filter Accessory Kit- $

This kit is a fabulous gift for all film students! The wide angle lens is great for diverse photography, whereas the 2.2X Tele converter works well for a variety of scenic or sports shoots.

The lens has a UV filter which protects it from scratches, and absorbs ultraviolet rays. You get video and digital images with a sharp contrast.


17. Lantern Battery – $

Now this may seem a bit different but is a very considerate gift for all those film students that camp out during shooting!

This super heavy duty battery has long-lasting power for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors!

18. Coffee Mug Warmer – $

The late shootings out in the cold won’t be a surprise while doing filmography. This coffee mug warmer is a heart-warming and coffee warming (of course) gift for that special someone!

With super heat preservation function, it has good thermal conductivity and is suitable for all kinds of flat bottom cups. It is an ideal gift choice!

19. Wooden Clapboard – $

An original clapboard not only can be used to record film production, direction, take, roll, date, etc. but can also be used as a kids’ toy (for filmmakers who have kids).

Perfect for directors and ideal for various shoots, from films to advertisements and much more.  Another addition to the clapboard gifts for film students list (so now we have both- black as well as a white clapboard)

20. Portable Handheld Fan – $

Breaking a sweat during a shoot on a hot blazing day? Give this portable handheld fan to your aspiring filmmaker!

This multi- use handheld fan has a foldable handle which makes it convenient to hold in while using. It is portable, small and exquisite. Perfect for outdoor shoots and a handy gift!

21. Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair – $

Giving an unusual gift might just be the right thing to do!

This portable chair with canopy and two fabric and mesh cup holders offers the comfort they probably need for outdoor relaxation during a long shoot. Better to take care, than to cry later!

22. Megaphone with Siren Bullhorn – $$

An awesome gift that holds a significant meaning in the filmography!

It has 50-watt peak power and can propel the voice or sounds up to 1,200 yards away. It is comfortable as it has an ergonomic pistol-grip and light-weight chassis. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

23. Personalized Square Decorative Pillow Case – $

A cute customized pillow never gets old. And for a film student, these can easily be declared the best comfy gift!

With its durables and environmental-friendly cotton linen materials, it is a great way to show affection and love for your budding filmmaker.

24. 5-Piece Canvas Artwork – $$

A film student will surely have a thing or two for art. Wrap up these as a present for them to amaze them.

It is a perfect wall decoration for the living room, bedroom etc. A sophisticated gift for those you love!

25. Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder – $

A ring light works best for those who love shooting videos with sufficient light.

This ring light features 3 light colors (White, Warm White, Warm Yellow) and 10 brightness levels in each color, 30 options in total. It has Bluetooth remote control that allows you to take photo or video recording from afar.

26.   Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet – $$

This present will come out as a delight for a film student. Truly, a blissful present for them!

The Max10 Tablet comes with the latest Android 9 Pie operating system, which makes it smarter and faster. Try giving it as a gift and you’ll thank me later.

27. Film Movie Video Making System Kit – $$

A stable priced present that will turn out to be mind-blowing for a film student receiving it.

It has high resolution, wide view angle IPS panel with LED Backlight, supports 4k input and has an Ultra HD 1280×800 resolution. It is multi-functional and has various picture zooms. Fasten your seat belt because anyone receiving it will jump with joy!

28. The Filmmaker’s Handbook – $

A complete guide to producing, shooting, directing, editing, and distributing your video or film (truly a solace to the aspiring filmmakers)!

If you are looking for some ideal gifts for film students, this comprehensive guide will help your closed ones studying filmography a lot.

29. Film Frame Home Theatre Sign – $

A very nostalgic, beautiful theatre frame that will 100% bring a smile on the face of those who will get it.

This wonderful home sign is a perfect gift for a filmmaker friend or relative, or even for yourself if you are a movie buff.

30. Movie Camera Keychain – $

A cool gift that is good on pocket and will surely be liked by some studying filmography!

Its stylish silver design consisting of movie camera charm, movie ticket charm and comedy tragedy mask charm is a funky way to express your gesture to the budding filmmaker.

31. Projector Vintage Design Resin Bookshelf Bookends – $

These unique and durable Camera & Projector bookends are not only fashionable, but heavy duty as well!

These multipurpose bookends are perfect for book shelves, office desks, study tables and much more. A sophisticated gift for the sophistication loving film student who loves to collect novels, books, movies and records.

32. Tent Canopy – $$

A film student would love to own a tent of his own and share with others when they set out for camp shoot!

The white color compliments the outdoors and will prove to be an outstanding gift for those you care for.

33. Waterproof Camera Backpack with Tripod Holder – $

This is no ordinary camera bag pack! Built with a tripod holder for cameras, lenses, flashes and other accessories. It is a must have for all film students.

So, without delay buy and give this to your special friend or family and make them gasp with excitement!

34. Insulated Coffee Travel Mug – $

During long hours of studying, it is wise to have a personal insulated coffee mug (and especially during a journey)!

A film student, in particular, would absolutely love these sleek, simple yet adorable mugs. It keeps your hot drinks hot. Different colors and textures options are available.

35. Handmade Vintage Camera Home Decorative – $$

Just the look of this item screams old royalty in every way! This home decorative with a classical look is designed like an antique vintage camera of the Mid-century!

Genuinely looks authentic. Perfect for chrome theme decoration and an absolutely spectacular gift for all film students!

36. Camera 3D Night Lamp – $

Let your loved ones have an out of the world experience with this camera shaped 3D night lamp! These 3D camera night lights have a unique and creative design.

Looks great especially in the dark. This will make a superb gift for a film student who does not want to leave the camera even while sleeping.

37. Mini 11 Instant Camera – $$

This cute polaroid camera will never get old! It will be a really good addition to the camera collections of any film student.

The Mini 11 chooses the accurate shutter speed automatically (depending on the lighting). It has different color borders to add style to images gifts for film directors.

38. Colorful Frame Mini Films Book – $

With a polaroid camera, this photo album is a must have item.

It is suitable for 64 photos taken with instax cameras or pivi printers. It has a frame front design. In this your close peer can put their favorite photo as the cover and gifts for film producers.

39. CD/DVD Case Holder – $

A highly convenient gift for the film students who love watching movies, using software, and collecting CDs and DVDs!

This elegant designed, portable disc wallet is the best way to easily store and protect their CDs, DVDs or games. gifts for film buffs.

40. Shoe Mount for DSLR Cameras and Vlogging – $

This shoe mount for Canon Sony and Nikon DSLR Cameras and Vlogging is distinct in its own way and is quite easy to use, foldable and lightweight.

It has a rotatable cold shoe and adjustable twist handle and much more. Now that’s an affordable yet attractive gifts for film lovers

41. Honeycomb Grid Reflector Diffuser – $

A great equipment that can come in handy during shooting!

All your film student buddies will appreciate this gift. It is perfect for product photography, advertising, portraits and much more and great gifts for film students.

42. 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Centre – $$

Now this would make a little off the beat and one of the best thought gifts for a film student!

With vintage looks on the outside & modern features inside, they can use it in various ways. It has a built-in CD, Cassette and FM radio with rotary tuner, Am/FM radio, Aux and headphone jack for audio streaming from smartphone. What more could I ask for? gifts for film students nyu.

43. M-Rig Metal Smartphone Video Rig – $

This is the upgraded gift choice for the present age. A great tool for filmography students interested in vlogging!

What can you expect? A stable vlogging + video recording experience! It can fit to action or DSLR cameras and cell phones. best gifts for film students, gifts for film school students.

44. Film Strip Movie Tape Cinema Poster – $

These are awesome stickers for any exterior or interior walls and would be loved by film students!

This removable vinyl sticker will turn out to be a great present for those who are into movies or films. good gifts for film students.

45. Movie Theatre Mouse Pad – $

A simple yet festive gift that will bring a smile to your filmmaker friend’s face. The high-quality rubber material makes it durable, non-toxic and comfortable.

It will be a comfortable experience without suffering visual fatigue anymore! A really functional present for sure! christmas gifts for film students.

46. Movie Theatre Throw Cushion Cover – $

Everyone loves gifts that are personalized just for us. Isn’t it true?

What can be better than a movie theatre throw cushion cover that bears the weight of the dreaming head while constantly reminding you to pursue ambition? One of the best gifts for cinematographers.

47. Godparents Wine Glass Set – $

Who can ever forget the most iconic and classic The Godfather series? We bet it has a place in every budding filmmaker’s heart.

This Godparents Wine Glass Set will definitely be valued as the most prized item, probably as movie memorabilia. It is a perfect addition to  some cool filmmaker gifts. unique gifts for film students

I am sure you will find your perfect present from these brilliantly thought gifts for film students! These are some gifts that no aspiring or budding filmmaker can refuse. If you have any suggestions or feedback for me please free to reach out to me through my contact me page.

Among all these, my favorite item wou

ld be the classic 8 in 1 turntable because of its multi-functional features and antique Victorian look that will perfectly suit a film student’s taste.

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