Paris Themed Gifts – 49 Romantic Ideas From The City Of Love!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Paris”? Eiffel tower? Notre Dame? Beautiful streets? Parisian food? The list is never-ending. We are all obsessed with this romantic city. Aren’t we? Well, what if I tell you that you can buy Paris themed gifts and items right from the comfort of your home? Isn’t it delightful?

Whether you are looking for gifts for someone who loves Paris, or beautiful Paris themed gifts for her (or him), these 49 Paris themed gift ideas would be a great choice. And even if your partner gets addicted to a present like a Paris themed Spa gift basket, don’t worry! These Paris themed gifts are pocket-friendly. You can order these Paris themed gifts as much as you want.

(And this is not it). Either you are planning a Paris themed birthday night or looking out for a Paris themed home décor item, we have got you covered. From Paris party decoration set to Paris wall art and Eiffel tower wall clock, there is something for everyone.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Paris Themed Spa Gift Basket – $

Whether you or on a hunt to woo your better half, or want to uplift your mood after a tiring day! This Paris themed gift basket makes a perfect choice for a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience.

What are you waiting for? Relieve your stress! Pamper and nourish yourself with this Paris gift basket that comes in tonnes of fragrances. Truly a treat to your senses!

2. Paris party decoration set – $

Crazy about a theme party? These cute and easy to assemble items are great enough to revamp and beautify the overall feel. It will add a fun element to your party. To add more to it introduce some Paris themed games. Oh, and this advice is free.

So, if you are tired of the conventional balloon and flower decoration, go for this adorning Paris party decoration set. Be it a birthday party, a bachelor’s, or even if you don’t have a reason to celebrate, this item has got everything to add liveliness to your occasion.

3. Paris Wall Art – $

Well, you don’t need to be an interior designer to decorate your home. Or even if you have hired one, you can always add something to the decor.

Bring life to those boring walls with this Paris Wall Art. These Paris themed wall art items will remind you of the beautiful Paris streets. You can buy this wall art for your home or it can be an addition to the Paris themed gifts list for your loved ones. paris themed birthday gifts.

4. Eiffel tower wall clock – $

If visiting Paris is still a dream, this Eiffel tower wall clock will keep reminding you and your loved ones of their dream place. “Time is ticking and my heart is beating”. Let your heart beat for the love of Paris, every time you see the time!!!

A lot of designs to choose from for theme-based timeliness. A wall clock that you will cherish forever.

5. Tasting Paris- Recipe Book – $

Whether you are a happy meal lover or fond of a 5-star meal, this recipe book is a must-have. A solace to your passion for food or a lovely gift for your food-lover friend.

This book is a collection of 100 mouth-watering Parisian dishes to soothe your taste- buds. If you are still being corrected for pronouncing the Parisian foods, let it be. Just sit back, relax, cook (or ask someone to cook), and enjoy the dishes.

6. Paris Cocktails Book – $

Well, well, well how can I miss this showstopper. Having a secret guilty pleasure for cocktails or being a drink lover (alcoholic doesn’t sound good), I would love to own a timeless book like this.

This cocktail book brings 100 evergreen cocktail recipes. So, if you or your friend is a mixologist, you can always add and experiment more. Go a little off the beat

7. Paris Themed Pocket Watch – $

Don’t you think a pocket watch is something evergreen and classic? It always reminds me of the 90’s era or the black and white movies with gentlemen pulling out the pocket watch from their pocket.

So, if your friend likes being a classic, he/she is going to love this beauty. Buy one for everyone. It is going to be a head-turner. paris themed gifts for girls.

8. Pairs Tote Bag – $

Looking for a gift for her? Don’t miss this Paris themed tote bag. Let me tell you why- this tote bag is fashionable, fashionable, and fashionable.

Whether your girl is a gym lover, a shopaholic, or college going! This trendy Paris themed bag is going to be a thoughtful gift.

9. Eiffel Tower Bracelet – $

“I will bring stars for you”! Are you that cheesy guy? So, if you are not planning a trip to space! You can still charm your lady by bringing the Eiffel tower on her wrist.

It will remind her of you being a filmy person, every time she looks at this beautiful Eiffel Tower bracelet. It can even be a proposal asking her to visit the Eiffel Tower in real!

10. Paris themed necklace – $

Your lady will not tell you this, but every girl has a secret desire for jewelry. It’s never enough (telling you personally). And that too as a surprise gift from her lover.

This charming Paris themed necklace gift item for her will be a beautiful addition to her jewelry family. Don’t forget to sit on your knees and sing “I will take you to Paris, I will take you to London” while gifting.

11. Eiffel Tower Art on Canvas – $

There is no end to creativity! And this beautiful art is worthy enough to support this. Here I present one more item to the Eiffel Tower gifts suggestions.

This Eiffel Tower art on canvas will give you a feel of the beauty of the world-famous Eiffel Tower without even visiting the city. paris themed baby gifts.

12. Eiffel Tower Snow Globe – $

Make someone’s chilly winters even chillier by gifting this beautiful snow globe.

And wait! It is not just a snow globe. There is an Eiffel Tower inside the globe, accompanied by a creative base with all the famous Paris buildings. Wow! What more can I ask for? The best of Paris in one shot. Something unique, unusual, and rare.

13. Paris Travel Guide – $

Do you have a friend or a relative who always prefer pre-planned trips? Who is OCD about not missing a single thing? And most importantly the one who is crazy about Paris.

Trust me this person is going to love this travel guide. It is going to push him to execute his plans (even if he/ she has excuses to delay the trip). And will clear off all his doubts.

14. Paris Themed Wrist Watch – $

If you know a person who loves to be on time and is punctual! This Paris themed wristwatch will remind your loved ones that you adore their discipline. A beautiful add-on to their wristwatch collection.

This is a meaningful Paris theme-based gift that is attention-grabbing and quite uncommon. It is something unique and unconventional. It is going to stand out. paris themed wedding gifts

15. Eiffel Tower Night Lamp – $

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are”. Oh, this little wonder is perfect for someone who keeps wondering about the Eiffel Tower and the “City of Light”. This 3D lamp, when lit up, gives the illusion of the beautiful Eiffel Tower and that too in 16 different colors.

I am sure every time you gaze at this miniature night lamp it will remind you of the beautiful Eiffel Tower”. You can give this as a Christmas Gift or to your Valentine (straight from the city of love and romance)- it works for all.

16. Paris Coffee Mug Set – $

Cappuccino! Latte! Espresso!  Sip your favorite hot beverages in these beautiful Paris Coffee mugs. These cute Coffee mugs will accompany you with your late-night chit-chat.

It is also an amazing gift for a night person. All they have to do is pour their favorite hot drink and enjoy the exams or submission nights or night shifts. It will help them energize and reboot in a fun way.

17. Eiffel Tower Throw Blanket – $

This adorable Parisian style throw blanket is going to make your winters warm and cozy. So, whether you are watching a movie, reading a book, or lying idle just pull this cute blanket.

It’s reversible and super soft. Cuddle up with your special someone during the chilly winter nights. It’s definitely going to do a “warm welcome” of your loved ones for sleepovers.

18. Paris Jewellery Box – $

This beautiful Vintage Parisian jewelry box is a must-have for your queen who is obsessed with Paris. Perfect for travel or storage purposes.

It is divided into sections so that your pieces don’t get mixed up. A purposeful, thoughtful, and a classic gift for someone’s wedding or a birthday. So, if you are drooling over the Paris themed gifts items for your fashion-lover lady, this box will help her to keep the jewellery organized. paris themed christmas gifts.

19. Paris Zipper Bag Pouch – $

Made of pearl cotton and twill weave, this pencil bag doubles up as a makeup pouch as well as a work pouch. Multipurpose, eh! It is definitely a thoughtful addition to the Paris themed gifts list

It is a perfect gift for students, kids, or for your Paris obsessed daughter or lady. Or even if the lady herself is here, go for it just grab it. An ideal item for someone who keeps dreaming about the “City of Dreams- Paris”.

20. Paris Themed Costume Accessories Set – $

This French-themed costume set is a Paris fanatics dream! A fantastic gift for someone who loves to dress up like a Parisian. It comprises a French beret hat, satin gloves, sheer chiffon, and retro oval bold sunglasses (what more can I ask for).

I can imagine a girl’s-only night out or a bachelorette with a theme-based costume party. All girls adorned with this accessory set. Don’t forget to learn some French words to complement the night-out theme.


21. Paris Laundry Hamper – $

This Paris-themed laundry bag is perfect to keep your home clean and tidy. This black beauty has cute Paris-themed graphics all over it.

Having patterns of a champagne bottle, street lights, cute little cycle, it’s definitely going to remind you of the beautiful Parisian streets. This laundry bag can be quickly folded when not in use (so that it doesn’t take much space). A lot of design options to choose from! paris inspired gifts.

22. Birthday Party Favour Boxes – $

This beauty consists of ample party supplies with 12 Eiffel tower party favor boxes and 12 gift tags with coordinating satin ribbons. These gift boxes are a must-have for baby showers, proms, bridal showers, etc., for Paris-lovers.

These boxes are a complete treat bag that will fascinate people of every age. What more? You can also add your own stuff in the party bags like treats, prizes, party favors for your guests. A fabulous idea for your Paris themed gifts wishlist.

23. Paris Women Pyjama Pants – $

These pyjama pants are great to gift to the woman in your life. Tell them! Show them! that you value their comfort before anything. So, if she is bored with her old regular shorts or pyjamas, this could be a new addition to her Pyjama family

These are soft and are made of 100% cotton. There is only one problem. She would want to wear it all day and every day as soon as she slips into these comfortable pyjamas. The Eiffel Tower print can make you fall in love with it instantly.

24. Paris Coaster Set – $

Gift this or Own this! Coaster set apt for someone who leaves water rings all over the place. Use these beautiful coasters and refrain from doing such lovely things…

And on top of that, it is really really mesmerising. I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with these round coasters. It is so beautiful that your gaze will stand still for a while, when you look at them. So, buy it at your own risk.

25. Eiffel Tower Wall Decal – $

We all know someone obsessed with making their room look like a view right out of the Paris scenery. So, this Eiffel tower wall decal will give that person in your life precisely that feeling.

And wait! This is not just an ordinary decal. It can be customized as per the person’s name or a word that best describes them. You can even choose the color that goes with their style. I already have 10 names in my mind and still counting. How many would you like to order? Each one for everyone?

26. Paris Comforter Set – $$

This reversible Paris comforter set is undoubtedly the best gift that you can give someone in your life. May it be a wedding, anniversary, a house warming party or even if you want it for yourself, just go for it.

The Paris theme gives it a classic vintage look. Do you even need a reason to add this reversible 8 piece set to your collection? I am sure this will not go unnoticed.

27. Eiffel Tower Curtains – $$

These window curtains make for a beautiful room accessory for someone who is an Eiffel tower lover. These window drapes are soft and shiny.

You can hang them anywhere in your bedrooms or living room, and it would give your room a very nice Parisian touch. So, if you love decorating your home in the Parisian style, this is your style. It is going to instantly uplift your mood after a typical dull day.

28. Paris Bedspread – $

I would never want to leave the bed any time any day with this beautiful Paris bedspread. Make your bed look presentable and have a dreamy Paris sleep under this dreamy Paris bedspread.

The multi-functional bedspread is very cozy, and its weight will make sure that it doesn’t fall off the bed easily (even if you are kickboxing).

29. Paris Eiffel Tower Jigsaw – $

Are you an Einstein fan? Is the great Christopher Langan your idol? Do you like brain-storming tasks? Then this 3d- jigsaw puzzle is something that is completely made for you. You must have tried your hands on the conventional 2D jigsaw puzzle. But this 3d technology makes the puzzle even more interesting.

This Eiffel tower jigsaw puzzle once completed can be used as a showpiece as well. So, get yourself involved with your kids while you solve this unique puzzle.

30. Eiffel Tower Wine Bottle Stopper – $

‘When you’re in Paris you only drink champagne’. A famous saying in Paris, as Paris, is known for its champagne. And you need something to close the bottle of wine, right?

This Eiffel tower wine bottle stopper is a great souvenir that you will associate with a great moment when you use this stopper. The stoppers are very detailed giving it an exact Eiffel tower look

31. Eiffel Tower design mirror compacts – $

A compact mirror is less of an accessory and more of a necessity, nowadays. We all need compact mirrors to see if we are looking presentable or not and fix ourselves.

This compact mirror is an excellent gift for people who always like to look prim and proper everywhere. The raised Eiffel tower design details pop against the background, which gives it a beautiful Paris theme and makes it look all the more endearing.

32. Parisian Table Lamp Home Décor – $$$

This side table has an Eiffel Tower as its base pillar and that too handcrafted. Wait… What? A sculptural table? A miniature Eiffel Tower table? Can’t believe my own eyes.

This table is uniquely admirable with all the craft, skills, and ideas they have put it. It is a head-turner, an artistic piece to decorate your own house, or a perfect gift for your loved ones. I would want to have so many sofas set to use this side table as many times as I could.

33. Paris Pattern Area Rugs – $$

Bonjour! This Paris pattern area rugs can be gifted to anyone on any occasion. This non-slippery rug is suitable for broad scope.

You can keep them in any room like bedrooms, kids’ room, living room, etc. The Paris theme on the rugs gives it an exquisite look and adds a classy touch to your whole room. It is very soft and comfortable. It is anti-slip so you can freely roam around. Don’t be scared, you won’t fall or slip.

34. Eiffel Tower Desk Table Clock – $

Get this creative desk table clock if you are a big workaholic or gift it to someone who loses track of time. The Paris themes desk table looks adorable. It is a digital clock so that it’s easy to see the time when you’re in a hurry.

Comes with a lot of other features like snooze, night light, glowing lights on the clock. So not only does this desk table make for a great gift, but it is also very usable. It shows you the time, day, date, temperature as well as your favorite Eiffel Tower!

35. Paris Lunch Bag – $

This Eiffel tower lunch bag looks like a canvas, beautifully painted by someone while dreaming of Paris. The print is quite dreamy and catchy.

This can be used as a lunch bag, picnic bag, sundry bag, and suitable for all age groups. The durable high-quality bag keeps your hot- food warm and cold food cold for hours. This easy-to-clean bag is breathable and water-resistant. An excellent gift for students or office going people.

36. Paris Themed Nesting Gift Boxes – $

La La Paris! These elegant boxes are incredibly detailed. They look exquisite and are very helpful in storage. Anyone will be awed with these gift boxes and would want to use them again and again.

The quality of boxes is such that you can use them any number of times, and they will still look brand new. These Paris themed boxes are very beautiful. Anyone will be awed with these gift boxes and would want to reuse them again and again.

37. Decorative Book Box – $

These 3-piece book boxes are great for someone who has a lot of stuff they want to hide from people. They are waterproof with magnetic inner linings. (I loved the intricacies so I started blabbering about the details)

Gift them to a studious friend or a relative. You can gift it to your partner and they can keep your love letters and gifts inside the box so that no one can find them. Hidden storage- quite secretive (only between you and me)!

38. Eiffel Tower Bag Pack- $

Do you have a backpacker female friend? Who is tired of hanging the hand purses? Then you must go for this foldable and portable and carriable (I am trying to rhyme) bag pack.

This bag is perfect for girls and women of all ages. You can go shopping, travel, hiking or even take this bag to school. The Paris theme makes it irresistible for the girls.

39. Paris Themed Eiffel Tower T-shirt – $

“I love Paris” show your love for Paris with this Eiffel Tower printed white basic Tee. This t-shirt is an absolute must-have.

Just pair it with your favorite jeans and you are set to rock and roll. It is suitable for men, women, and kids. You can even buy it as a family pack or for the whole troupe. You all are going to look lovely.

40. Paris Themed Towels – $

These 3-piece black towel set with Paris theme print bring sophistication and style all at once. Simple yet elegant, these towels are great to give someone who has a taste for Parisian items.

These French-inspired towels will bring the French countryside vibe instantly. It will not just look good, but they are also perfect for tackling the after-bathing job (to pat-dry- to be precise). These are incredibly long-lasting.

41. Paris Collection Kitchen Dishtowel Set – $

This 4-piece Kitchen dishtowel set is a cutie. It has the Eiffel Tower, hearts, and various cute prints all over on a white base. A fun decorative useful item.

Perfect to use for a summer-spring party due to its cool design and print. This colorful and dishtowel set is a must-have if you are planning to go for a theme-based kitchen collection.

42. Paris Collection Kitchen Apron – $

To complement the Paris theme-based dishtowel set you can go for this Paris themed apron too. Who knows you end up making Parisian delicacies while wearing this cute Paris themed apron?

I don’t know why the design is reminding me of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Though you can fantasize about your own fairy tale.

43. French Quote Home Décor – $

La Vie Est Belle! So here is a task for you- if you know the meaning it is perfect if you don’t know you have to find it out. This quoted home décor in French could be an engaging and playful décor item for your home.

The edges are round so that you do not get hurt. I would only want you to decorate your house with this interesting home décor item. It can even allure you to learn more French quotes, or you can even try your hand at this language.

44. Paris Themed Party Decoration and Supplies – $

So here is another addition to the previously mentioned party decoration items. With these ideas, I am trying to allure you to host a Paris-themed party, even if you do not have a reason to party.

Make your theme-based party even more enjoyable and creative with these162-piece Paris party decorations and supplies. Perfect for birthdays or any occasion. It is perfect for 16 people so if your list is extravagant do not forget to add more quantity.

45. Eiffel Tower Photo Frame – $

Hold your favorite picture in this beautifully crafted metal picture frame. Cherish your memories every time you look at this ornamented photo frame with your picture in it. Keep Paris closer to your heart or I must say closer to your picture.

I am sure everyone is going to love this frame and of course your beautiful picture right next (or adjacent) to the Eiffel Tower.

46. Paris Sealed Lid Mug – $

This beautiful Paris themed +floral print mug with a sealed lid is a great way to carry your favorite drink while traveling. So even if you are in a hurry just pour your drink into this mug and you are all set to rush.

The sealed lid will make sure that your drink doesn’t spill over. Your drink is safe inside Paris. The mug comes in a beautiful similar print gift box. Gift it to your loved one, in the Parisian way.

47. Eiffel Tower Throw Cushion Cover – $

What if you get a chance to re-decorate your home the Parisian way? Won’t you love to handpick each and every single item that will remind you of the beautiful city?

Have you purchased your favorite long-wished sofas or a couch? And if you are not finding the perfect theme-based cushion, your hunt ends here. This beautifully printed Eiffel Tower cushion cover is going to add to your overall French themes. And even if you haven’t planned for a theme makeover it still looks unique and equally great.

48. Paris Themed Wastebasket – $

Ever heard of a theme-based wastebasket? Well, here it is. A wastebasket is often an overlooked item in your house. Surprise your loved ones with this uniquely designed decorative wastebasket. Even if you do not have something to throw you can ask them to throw this or that purposefully.

It is so elegant that you would want to use it as a décor item and rather use it as a wastebasket (though it is completely your choice).  The royal golden metallic detail on the white base is going to cast a spell on you.

49. Paris Themed Bathroom Accessories Set – $

This is gorgeous, elegant, stylish!!! With this Paris themed bathroom set your mornings will make you sing “I wanna take you to Paris” to your partner

The ceramic bathroom set comes in a beautiful gift box packaging. The purple gift box is so beautiful that you would not want to further gift wrap it while gifting it to your loved ones. You must go for these accessories if you are looking for some Paris themed gifts for your friend’s bathroom (people do decorate bathrooms, don’t they?)

If you love this thoughtfully curated list of Pairs themed gifts for all your Paris lovers do not forget to share your thoughts. Who knows these Paris themed gifts items inspire you or your loved ones to visit Paris? Pick and buy your own goodies and try not to steal “a Baguette when you are in Paris” – watch the prank. Let me know your feedback to me through my contact me page.

Show your love to Paris! Celebrate! Because….

…. “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” Ernest Hemingwa.

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