1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend – 57 Treasurable Ideas In 2022!

In the era of hook-ups, it is difficult to find someone permanent to hold on. If you have found one, stick on to her and cherish the love in as many ways as possible. The first anniversary should always be special and memorable. Make this day indelible by gifting her something romantic and meaningful. It might get difficult to express your thoughtful side to her, no worries, I got you covered. I got a whole lot of ideas on 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend.

The list covers a wide range of budgets, from inexpensive to high-end luxurious products. You can choose a gift that can be both useful and memorable. Going overboard your budget is not necessary. Just give something meaningful with a smile and she will treasure it for life.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1. Tactical Pen for Self-Defence for the time when you are not around

Does the safety of your women constantly torment you whenever you are returning late from office or party? No worries! Rather than showering your love with cliché flowers and cards let her know how much you care by gifting a Tactical Pen for Self-Defence. It is not just an ordinary pen, but a multipurpose tool. The hardened nip can be used as a glass breaker or as a self-defence tool, flashlight for finding way during dark and many more.

2. Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace to cherish her elegance

Embarking your milestone of 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend? You can never go wrong with nice sophisticated jewellery. Strikingly surprise her with this mesmerising Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace that comes with two different chains for her convenience. Choose this simple yet personalised necklace in blue, purple or yellow stone. No hassle of boxing and packing as it comes in a beautiful jewellery gift box. It can also be an idle gift option for her birthday or Valentine’s Day.

3. Elegant Signs Lucky to Be in Love Picture Frame to remind her of your love

Falling in love with your best friend is indeed the most magical turn in your life. Lucky are those who get to accomplish this friendship turned love into a heart-throbbing relationship. Express how fortunate you feel by getting her an Elegant Signs Lucky to Be in Love Picture Frame. Frame one of the best moments you had with her and make her think of you whenever she will see it. The beautiful finish and elegant look make it idle to be hanged or placed anywhere at your place.

4. Sterling Silver Promise Ring to make her yours forever

There are a few important days and moments whose memory stays with us forever. The 1st anniversary is one of them. Make it special by locking her as yours forever through a twinkling Sterling Silver Promise Ring. Nothing can be more heart-warming than a fully customised promise or an engagement ring. You can make this ring personalised by engraving birthstones and the name of your and her name along with a short message. It has double rhodium overlay to make your ring extra shiny and durable just like your relationship.

5. Couples Pillowcases for the long distance lovers

Jazz up your life by bringing some cliché love in your bedroom. It is a perfect gift for couples in a long-distance relationship. Just in case she needs a reminder, show how much you miss her by gifting the Couples Pillowcases. Each one of you can keep one and hug it during long lonely nights. It comes in white colour and fits most standard and queen size pillows. You can also get your personalised message print on the packaging box. See your loved one smiling and cuddling it during your facetime call.

6. Four-Cup Espresso Maker for coffee lovers

Was your first meeting a coffee date with her? Recreate the magic and emotions of that first date in the comfort of your bedroom by making an aromatic freshly brewed coffee through an Espresso Maker. You can make those little doodles on the creamy cappuccino or latte and laugh on the nervousness you guys were facing on your first date. It is easy to use the machine which she can operate without any inconvenience in the future. Steam, foam and design your love and coffee.

7. Dejaroo Mesh Beach Tote Bag for the one who chooses beach over mountains

If she is a beach person, then a Dejaroo Mesh Beach Tote Bag is all she needs. She might rant how things get difficult to manage when on the beach. Give her comfort and convenience by getting this large waterproof beach bag. It has lots of pockets and space for anything that she requires throughout her day on the beach. From towels, slippers to wallets and sunblock, she can carry everything. No more hassle of cleaning and drying as it is waterproof on which sand slides off easily.  Gift her tote bag and celebrate your 1st anniversary on a beach. Romantic, isn’t it!

8. Vanity Mirror with Lights for your girl who loves to do makeup

Is your girlfriend an upcoming fashion blogger or a make-up enthusiast who loves to experiment with different products? Encourage her love for makeup by gifting this Vanity Mirror with Lights. It has 12x3W LED bulbs that produce warm light to give her clean and bright reflection to get the most natural application of makeup even at night. Touch her heart by profoundly showing your support of her interest and dreams through this countertop mirror. It is totally worth the money!

9. Our Bucket List Journal to live life together

There is nothing more beautiful than dreaming and accomplishing your goals together. If you both believe in adding adventure and fire to your relationship, get yourself my Bucket List Journal and record your thoughts and goals together. This will offer a healthy platform to read each other’s mind and guide you through your destination. Take a break and experience together from deep sea diving to flying around the clouds. You can even gift it to other couples and make plans for double date trips and adventures.

10.  Three-Piece Suitcase Spinner Set for the couples who love to travel

True compatibility can only be tested once you start travelling together. If you have not done it yet, take this 1st anniversary as an opportunity to test the waters. Get her a Three-Piece Suitcase Spinner Set and whisk her off to a hunky-dory romantic vacation. There are three suitcases of 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches respectively that are suitable for US airline cabin luggage. Explore your options and take some break with your girlfriend for a quick getaway.

11.  F Factor Diet Book to change the lifestyle without any hindrance in your lifestyle

Has she been trying to shed those extra kilos from the last few months but ends up gaining again and again? Wrong it may be, but sometimes we all know how a toned body figure becomes the validation for a healthy body. Help her in achieving her target by gifting the F Factor Diet Book that will improve her health and lose weight without hunger, deprivation, or denial. However, it may work, do not forget to remind her how beautiful she looks even in those chubby cheeks.

12.  Lush Fizzies Spa Kit for a luxurious experience at home

Which girl does not like to be pampered with a nice luxurious spa? But getting one frequently from a salon can be a bit expensive. Bring her spa at home by gifting her exquisite Lush Fizzies Spa Kit to wither off her tension from work. These bath bombs come in seven different scents and colours that will instantly moisturise her skin and scent the ambience for her to love. To have some quality time on your 1st anniversary, you both can experience the magical relaxation together in your bathtub.

13.  Cosmetic Organizer for your not so organised girlfriend

Women generally love to hoard makeup and skincare products. They always like to be impeccable whenever stepping out due to which they do not prefer to travel without their vanity kit. Make their everyday struggle a bit relaxing by gifting her the Cosmetic Organizer. It comes with different sections and pockets to keep various sought of stuff and a hook to hang anywhere for easier access. Organise her life, and you will be the man of her dreams!

14.  Waterproof Tote Bag something she will appreciate

The Waterproof Tote Bag is an idle multi-purpose women’s shoulder bag that she can use anywhere, from gym to travel or even as a beach bag. It is fully waterproof and has a durable fabric and stitch which makes it an appropriate option for carrying during hiking or trekking. This can be one of the most efficient and thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend or wife who loves to take along all the necessary items when she steps out.

15.  Jasmine Lavender Bath Gift Basket as a redefined luxury

Jasmine and lavender are known for relieving stress and anxiety. Give her the blessing of calmness by gifting her Jasmine Lavender Bath Gift Basket. This bath basket will renew, relax and rejuvenate her for the work battle. The essential oils will soothe down her soul and bring back the lost nourishment of her skin. This Sensational Spa basket has everything for a luxurious spa treatment. Bring the bliss of spa in the basket and give her a chance for some self-care time.

16.  What I Love About US Fill-In Journal to move her heart and soul

Self-understanding is great, but sometimes it is important to express what is in your heart. If your busy schedule leaves you with less time to shower your love, make her feel special by giving a personalised gift through a What I Love About US Fill-In Journal. It is a little journal that has fill-in-the-blank lines to express your emotions and deep desire towards her and your relationship. Pour out your heart and let her know her true value in your life. Bring back the era of handwritten letters through this gift.

17.  Bohemian Striped Shower Curtain to boho up the bathroom

Add the boho touch in her not so colourful bathroom by getting her a Bohemian Striped Shower Curtain. You can choose from Turquoise and Orange and make her bathing experience more colourful. Each of them has an exciting and decorative pattern and prints to reflect both boho and modern ethnic look to her bathroom. The chic design will enhance the space while giving a bit of secrecy while she is showering. It demands low to zero maintenance to add long-lasting value.

18.  Kimono Robes for leisure weekends

A hectic week of dressing up and going for work can be a bit of monotony. Break her tedious routine by gifting a nice, soft Kimono Robes in which she can lazily lounge around on her weekends. It is cosy and breathable wear which will keep her warm and comfortable at home. Apart from being a nice 1st-anniversary gift, it can be appropriate for gifting a pregnant woman or aged lady who does not find comfortable to fit in tight restricted jeans.

19.  Long Distance Relationships Couples Bracelet for reminding the good times

One of the most difficult things to endure in a relationship is when your partner moves to another city or country for work purposes. Isn’t it? The distance cannot be shortened, but you can bring each other’s heart closer by gifting her beautiful Long Distance Relationships Couples Bracelet which will remind her of you every time she wears it. These are made of black onyx and white howlite beads to wither off the negative energy and calm your anxieties due to long distance.

20.  Cultured Pearl Necklace Set to define the elegance of her neck

If your girlfriend is a big old school lover, she will definitely fall for this alluring Cultured Pearl Necklace Set. Pearls never go out of style. They redefine elegance and personify class. It includes a gorgeous necklace, bracelet and a set of earrings to complete her attire and bling up her look. There will be no hassle of packing as it comes in a luxury PU leather gift box. Make her wear this necklace and see her smile during your date on your 1st anniversary.

21.  I Still Pick You Puzzle Key Ring for the one who believes in forever

Is it time to let her know where this relationship is going? Why not lock this memorable moment through a memento that she can treasure her whole life. The I Still Pick You Puzzle Key Ring will be an idle gift for such an occasion which will help you express exactly what you want. Watch her smile, cry and laugh all at once when she unboxes the key ring with a beautifully engraved promise.

22.  False Lash Effect Mascara for the beautiful eyes

Eyes are the best way to communicate between lovers. And if she has a beautiful set of eyes, enhance them by enabling her to achieve a faux lashes look. Eyelashes are the prominent part of eyes; free her from all the hassle of flaking and fading by gifting False Lash Effect Mascara. It is a long-lasting product that adds definition and dramatic volume to eyelashes and separates each of them to give a prominent bold look. This is something she definitely will love!

23.  Compact Makeup Mirror as it is something everyone needs

It is rightly said that you will find everything and anything that you need in a women’s purse. One of the vital things is a handy mirror for quick touch-ups and makeup fix. The Compact Makeup Mirror is an elegant black portable sized with a 10x magnification on one side for detailed touch-ups. It has a foldable design which makes it easy to be fit in her bag during travelling.

24.  Bangle Bracelet Made with Swarovski Crystals to lock her for more years

Since your relationship has completed the first year milestone and both of you know that this is no fling, then why not take one step ahead? Gift this beautiful Bangle Bracelet Made with Swarovski Crystals and seal the deal for many more years of togetherness. This exotic piece is a rose theme jewellery to represent love and passion in your relationship. Hurry up and catch the anxiously budding up romance.

25.  Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet for an Aromatherapy treatment

If you constantly find your girlfriend under pressure and anxious due to regular stress of life, give her the gift of calmness.This is the essential oil diffuser bracelet on which she can drop her favourite essential oil or perfume to calm her emotions, relieve tension and stress on a hectic work day. It is a perfect gift for the girls who are aromatherapy fans or love essential oils. The elegant design and vivid coloured cotton pad make it suitable for daily wear.

26.  Live Infinitely Six-Piece Yoga Set for a healthy lifestyle

With the constant rise in an unhealthy lifestyle, most of the girls face the problem of PCOD and body posture problems from an early age. Since ancient time yoga has been a single-handed cure for an overall lifestyle. Introduce your girlfriend to a relaxing world of yoga by getting her a top-quality Live Infinitely Six-Piece Yoga Set. It is a perfect gift for both beginners and professionals. Let her enhance her skills with the necessary equipment and proper guidance.

27.  Nail Lamp to take manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level

Putting on nail polish and waiting for it to dry can be a bit of a task. 99.9% of women fail and end up chipping or smudging their nails. If your girl also lacks patience and ends up ranting about how cheap these nail paints are then give her a dependable nail lamp that can avoid this mess. The 48W high power will quickly dry her nails and give her an appearance of uniform and efficient application of gel nail polish.

28.  Personalized Artwork with Names and Date

Eternalize all the important moments that you have shared with your partner through this Personalized Artwork with Names and Date. It is a cotton canvas print with added semi-gloss acrylic coating to enhance the picture. It reflects a lot of warmth and affection which makes it perfect for celebrating first-year anniversaries. Hang it like a painting wherever you want and make your guest jealous of the love you both share.

29.  Chemise Nightgown for the making every night special

Add some spice in your bedroom by gifting her seductive ADOME Cotton Sleepwear Chemise Nightgown. This sexy nightgown is made from soft and comfortable material for a relaxing sleep. It is a perfect gift for a couple who are planning to take things forward in their relationship. It features lace-trimmed v-neckline with bow decor, wide open back and mini slit them to give an arousing appeal. Get her favourite colour and make your night a memorable special.

30.  Happy 1st 365 Days and Counting Bangle Bracelet for an everyday wear

A delicate personalized bracelet is best to surprise your girlfriend on an anniversary. The design embarks your milestone of 365 days of togetherness through a chain style bracelet. With its adjustable wire system, she can easily adjust the size as per her requirement. This captivating bracelet will augment the delicacy of her wrist. Gift your girlfriend and add something to her collection of Jewellery.

31.  Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager for on the go massage

Does your girlfriend live like a workaholic in her 9 to 5 corporate job? We all know office seats are not even that comfortable. With constantly sitting at a place and typing can result in bad body posture. This can lead to serious neck and back problems. Let your girl know how much you are concerned, by getting the Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. She can easily carry in her office and relax her muscles anytime while working.

32.  Aviator Sunglasses that are suitable for every occasion

If your sweetheart is all about badass personality and believes in up to date style, then add Aviator Sunglasses to her couture. These are polarised and have a metal frame to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight along with keeping your style on point. The stylish design will match her every type of clothes. You can choose from gorgeous pink, luxury purple to a vivid rose red.

33.  Nail Art Tools Fashion Design to break the monotony of nude colours

This full-fledged Nail Art Tools Fashion Design kit is perfect for ladies who like to constantly add doses of glamour to their nails. It is none less than a professional nail art kit, from all the necessary brushes to add on accessories and stickers, it covers all. Help your girl to get on some extensions and put on cool nail art to garner lots of compliments and attention from people. A quick way to make her girlfriends jealous!

34.  Floral Scented Bath Soap for roses that never fade away

Surround her senses with the refreshing scent of plant essential oils that will linger all day. Nothing is more seductive about a woman who smells nice. Get her luxurious Floral Scented Bath Soap and get mesmerised every time she leaves the trail of fragrance behind her. It is an idle way to balance the body and mind after a tiresome day.

35.  3D Sleeping Mask for a goodnight sleep

Rather than chocolates and jewellery, some girls just want some goodnight endless sleep. No light no disturbance. Do you have one such in life? You will be her knight shining armour for her if you get this 3D Sleeping Mask. These are made from Memory Sponge and comfortable fabric along with deeper contours for her eyes to move freely. It not only blocks out all the light completely but the top quality fibre fabric makes it skin friendly. No more of her cribbing due to half broken sleep!

36.  Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds for high quality tailored music

If your girlfriend is enthusiast towards her morning workout then jazz up her exercise routine by gifting her Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds. These wireless earbuds filter out wind and other disruptive noises around so that she can focus whole on her breathing and relax her mind. Choose from a wide colour palette, whichever suits her personality. With 7.5 hours on a single charge, you both can share and switch whenever you want. Isn’t it efficient and reasonable?

37.  1st Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame for romantic couples

Show your love and emotions towards your girlfriend/wife in the most adorable way with a top-quality leatherette engraved photo frame as a gift. This photo frame is a classy leather plate with a stand and can be personalized with the desired picture via adding a photo to make it the most special gift of love. Capture the most beautiful day of life in a memory and enhance its meaning by getting it framed in it.

38.  Stainless Steel License Plate Frame for the girl who loves everything in extra

Does your girlfriend or wife like everything extra shiny and bling? What can be the most unexpected sparkly thing she can add in her list? A license plate! Yes, you read it right. Surprise her with Stainless Steel License Plate Frame. It is made with over 1000pcs Premium Glass Crystal Diamond to add more compliments to her life. Wherever she will go she will leave her sparkle behind.

39.  Nail Polish Set for eye catchy nails

On like polish, Wears like Gel, off in minutes, Mirror shine end, it is a dream come true for all those girls who love to keep their nails on edge. If your girlfriend frequently spends hours and hours on nail salon, then this is a perfect Nail Polish Set for her. If applied properly, it promises a two weeks stay with the same shine and colour. No more chipping, no more paleness, all she will have nice tones of warm and bright or nude colours.

40.  Shampoo and Conditioner Set for healthy hair

Say bye-bye to those expensive hair spa treatments for thin frizzy hair by getting her a set of WOW Shampoo and Conditioner. The virgin coconut and avocado oil will rejuvenate weak, thin, damaged hair or dry scalp and replenish all the lost nutrition. Maximise the hair strength like never before. Say yes to strong and smooth hair with WOW hair care range.

41.  Spa Bath Pillow for a luxurious comfort

A hot bath in a Jacuzzi is a luxurious experience on its own. Adding a spa bath pillow will be a cherry on top for her relaxing bath. It has got seven powerful suction cups that eliminates common and irritating pillow slippage. Whenever she is having a hard day at work, make her a hot bath, play soothing music, pour some wine and slip this spa bath pillow. See her glow with a pink fresh look after she unwinds all her tension. If this will not make you her dream boyfriend, then what will?

42.  Headbands Vintage Style for a classy chick look

A nice Vintage Flower Printed headband can never go out of style. With high tight ponytails to open flowy hair, it accessories most of her hair styles. If you are a bit low on budget, no worries! I got the best deal for you. Get her four Pack Turban Headbands for Women with Vintage Flower Print that she can style on not-so-good hair day. It can also be useful while she is having an intense skincare routine and does not want those baby hairs to interfere.

43.  Detangler Brush for no more ripping out hair

A long silk smooth hair is every girl’s dream which is almost hard to achieve due to pollutant and unhealthy lifestyle. Hair fall and hair breakage makes the situation worsen. Get her a quick fix from all the stubborn tangles and knots by gifting her handy Detangler Brush. It has cone shaped PE bristles of different lengths that work to separate the hair sideway instead of down. It will not only result in less hair loss and breakage but enhances hair growth by improving blood circulation. Isn’t it cool! Beauty with health benefits!

44.  Willow Tree You and Me to remind of your love whenever she sees

Your first anniversary is one to cherish and make a special occasion. It will always be one of the most important anniversaries you share together as a couple, and you want to make it memorable for your girlfriend.  Commemorate your day by getting her this beautiful Willow Tree You and Me, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure. It will help you to communicate through gestures, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. She can keep it as a showpiece to interiorise her house.

45.  Godiva Chocolatier Assorted

The rich dark chocolates have always been girls’ favourite thing. Add on the Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Truffles Gift Box as a sidekick and see her jumping and eating like a kid. It carries every flavour, from dark to white for every kind of taste bud. These legendary classic flavours are the perfect side gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas.

46.  Hands Casting Kit as a promise of togetherness

Hands casting has become one of the latest trends among couples to express their love and promise of foreverness. Let her know how precious she is to you by doing something cliché yet memorable. Get yourself a Hands Casting Kit and preserve that longed warmness of each other’s hands. It captures every fine line and fingerprint to make it a unique and personalised gift to be treasured for life. The best way to have is by wearing your promise/engagement rings.

47.  Manicure & Pedicure Home System to stop burning hole in her pocket

Does she constantly crib about how expensive nail caring has got? Well, aiming for a red carpet look is not that easy and cheap. But you can make it inexpensive by getting her a Manicure & Pedicure Home System. The Beurer professional set includes ten stainless steel attachments. These all are made from durable sapphire to give her a longer usage. She can enjoy salon like expensive nail care regime by just lounging down at home.

48.  Bohemian Printed Wrap Dress for the evening

Planning a beach date on your 1st anniversary? Gift her beautiful Bohemian Printed maxi dresses with sexy crossover V-neck and wrap bodice to compliment her feminine figure. You can even jazz up her outfit by adding a minimalistic neckpiece with a beautiful pair of high heels. Who does not like a candlelit dinner while watching a beautiful sunset over the sea in a romantic chick-flick dress? Shower her with compliments and make it a mesmerising evening.

49.  LED Face Light Therapy- a secret of Korean beauty

The LED Face Light Therapy has been the latest addition to the skincare regime of most of the women. Some many big celebrities and models endorse this product with guaranteed results. If you have a high-end budget, surprise her with this mind-boggling gift. It is installed with high quality LED beads and has a specific wavelength to recover different skin problems. See her smiling in the mirror after using this photogenic beauty mask comfortably at home.

50.  Face Exfoliating Microdermabrasion kit for an ageless beauty

Give her the comfort and results of a salon-like facial at home through this Face Exfoliating Microdermabrasion kit. It is a Dermatologist-designed microdermabrasion and cleansing system that promises to deliver effective results at home. No time for a salon? No worries get this quick fix and let your girl impress you with her radiant skin. Give her the glow of love through this deep cleansing exploiting brush.

51.  Jeweled Music Box something she going to love for life

Old school love can never disappoint her. If she is a last of the romantics, then this can be an idle gift for her. The Jeweled Music Box inlays a photo frame lid with black velvet lined interior cushions for her precious ornaments. It is definitely a tear-jerker as it plays a melodious tune of ‘You Light up My Life’. Move her soul and touch her heart with this thoughtful gift on your first anniversary.

52.  Metatarsal Pads for no more sore feet

No matter how attractive and enchanting those high heels will make her look, but you have no idea how pinched those feet feels. The higher the heels, the more her feet are in agony. Be a chevalier boyfriend and comfort her feet with a pair of Metatarsal Pad. These are amazingly soft, gel-based and cloth-covered high heel inserts that can free her from the painful cost of looking sexy. Apart from this, carrying her in bridal style will always earn you some extra brownie points.

53.  Fruit Infuser Water Bottle for the boyfriends who care for her girl

Getting clear skin and a healthy body is a dream for many girls. It is rightly said, what you look at is what you eat. Give your girlfriend a boost of nutrition by gifting her Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. It will not only help to detoxify her skin but add some natural flavour to water. She can carry it anywhere, from the gym to her office. Remind her not to skip her water, keep her hydrated and glowing!

54.  Leather Laptop Tote for a stylish chick

If your woman believes in a self-made life, encourage her dreams while she fights her war. Let her know how proud you are by pampering her with a nice Leather Laptop Tote. It is made from genuine oil waxed leather along with durable and soft fabric lining. It is an excellent quality bag with varieties of slip pockets and columns to accommodate a laptop and all the necessary stuff. Nothing can be more daunting than a strong personality with a style in her walk for people around her.

55.  No buckle Stretch Belt to glam up her costume

Halloween being right on the corner, it is time to put yourself on show.  Ease up her tension of deciding what to wear by getting her a No buckle Stretch Belt. It is a wide black stretchable belt made from comfortable soft but durable PU leather. She can style whichever way she wants through tying the knots in various forms. This will not only accessorise her outfit but enhance her hourglass figure to portray a feminine charm.

56.  Mesh Laundry Bags with Zip Lock for hassle-free laundry

Does her white expensive lingerie often get withered off or the hooks and pins damage the other fabrics? Make this laundry disaster into a smooth washing by getting a Mesh Laundry Bags with Zip Lock. At first, it might not appeal to be a romantic gift for her, but it is something that will make you wonder how you were living without it. Nothing can be more comforting and romantic than easing off the daily chores of your woman. Protect your finest garments through this premium, silky mesh.

57.  Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Home Voice Assistants for the one who creates mess

Does your girlfriend make a big mess of all the tangled wires and adapters?  You can’t change everything altogether but need to start from the basics. Make her life a bit more mess free by getting her Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Home Voice Assistants. It has the capability to adjust your Dots home speakers with a custom shorted cable for charging to give a cleaner look as possible. This will also keep her speaker away from any potential damage. No drilling, no screwing!

One of my favourite products from 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend is a Jeweled Music Box. It is not only unique but matches my personality of an old school hopeless romantic girl. These little cute gifts not only denote significance but also express your love with a personalised twist. However, choose whatever you like because regardless of her choice she will love it.  If my list helped in making your day special then do not forget to like and share. If you have any other idea, drop it on my contact page.

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