45 Heart-Warming Wolf Gifts For A Wolf Enthusiast In Your Life

Wolves have always been perceived as a cooler and more bad-ass version of dogs, and some people are totally crazy about them surprise them with wolf gifts. Movies and TV shows have a huge role to play in forming that image of wolves in people’s minds.

Movies like Twilight, which showed werewolves as strong creatures who hunt vampires and shows like Game of Thrones which showed dire wolves as lethal and loyal pets really made people fall in love with these creatures.

So if you too know someone with a liking for these animals, and are looking to surprise them with some wolf-related gifts, then you came to the right place. In this article, I have made a list of 45 most unique and gift-worthy wolf-related items that will bring a smile on any wolf lover with these wolf gifts.

If you are in a hurry, check out the Top 5 picks:

1) Wooden Wolf Figurine – $

This wood carved figurine of two wolves can be a good gift for people who like to decorate their home with artistic décor. 9” x 7.5” x 2” in dimensions, this figurine artistically depicts two wolves, making it a great choice as a wolf decor centrepiece wolf gifts.

2) Wolf Nation (Book) – $

A true wolf lover would love to learn more about these creatures and their history. Therefore, you should consider giving them this book which talks about the 300-year-old history of wolves in America and their relationship with human beings in detail wolf gifts.

3) Celtic Tribal Wolf Mug – $

I am sure you must have seen many coffee mugs in your life, but I can bet that you would have never seen a mug that was as beautiful as this one. This mug is entirely made from stainless steel and has beautiful carvings all over it and a wolf face in the middle, which gives it a mystical looking wolf gifts

4) Wolf Paw Slippers – $

Make the gift receiver have comfortable and warm winter mornings by giving them this cool looking winter slip-ons that look like a wolf’s paw. These slip-ons have fur all over them and fit like a shoe, thus covering your whole feet, making them a perfect winter wolf gifts.

5) Wolf Fleece Blanket – $

Another way to make their winter days warm can be to give them this fleece blanket with a quite unique wolf gifts design. The blanket is made from 100% polyester and is very lightweight, making it a perfect camping or picnic companion.

6) Wolf Stuffed Toy – $

An excellent wolf gift for kids as well as grown-ups who like stuffed toys and wolves, this cute little wolf stuffed toy looks so adorable that anyone who sees it will immediately fall in love with it. If you have a girlfriend who loves wolves, this can be a perfect wolf gift for her.

7) Howling Wolf Sculpture – $

A great last-minute wolf gift idea, this sculpture will be well received by people who have a liking for wolves. The statue is 5.5 inch in height and is hand-painted. It also comes with a wolf prayer placard and a gifts for wolf lovers.

8) Wolf Pendant Necklace – $

Necklaces are one of the most gifted items, and rightly so. People love wearing necklaces, and this necklace with a wolf pendant, a metal chain, and an inspirational wolf quote in the packaging can be a perfect all-around wolf gifts for wolf themed gifts and a wolf gifts for her

9) Wolf Themed Night Lamp – $

Wolves are magical creatures, and so is this wolf-themed night lamp. This night lamp is powered by a type-B USB port and creates a 3D effect when switched on making it a cool wolf gift for a wolf lover.

10) Wolf Folding Hand Fan – $

This wolf gift is rather unique compared to others since a hand fan is not something one uses a lot; however, it can still come in handy in certain situations. Also, that fact that it has wolf design over it means it can always be a great décor when not in use wolf of wall street gifts

11) Wolf Black and White Throw Blanket – $

If you think the blanket featured above would be too tacky to suit their style, then this blanket with a black and white wolf design print might be a better option for you. This throw blanket is 79” x 89” in size, making it perfect for a queen-size bed or couches and a wolf gifts for kids

12) Wolf Wind Chime – $

Another great wolf décor gift idea, this gift will be loved by people who like to hear the soothing and sweet sound of wind chimes in their home. This wind chime is 23” long and will fit perfectly with other decorations on a wolf lover’s home.

13) The Girl and The Wolf (Book) – $

If your child loves wolves, then he/she will absolutely love this short story of a girl who gets lost in the woods and meets a wolf who helps her find her way home. This story is one of the best bedtime stories you can tell to your kids or grandkids since it delivers a lot of positive messages that your child can learn from.

14) “Advice From A Wolf” Wall Hanging – $

Wolves not only deliver positive messages for kids but adults as well. And this wolf wall decor is the proof of that. This wall hanging contains a message from a wolf that tells us the right way of living life, which makes it a perfect motivational gift and a wolf pack gifts

15) Wolf Salt and Pepper Shaker – $

Surprise the wolf loving cook in your life with this useful yet elegant wolf gift that will remind them of you every time they put salt or pepper in their meal (which will be almost every time!). This salt and pepper shaker is unlike any other they will have ever seen.

16) Jumbo Wolf Plush – $

Well, if you think the stuffed wolf toy featured above is a bit too small for their liking, then you might want to consider this one. This stuffed toy has dimensions of 75” x 25” x 25” which will be enough to make any stuffed toy lover happy wolf merchandise gifts

17) Wolf Pajamas – $

Are you looking for something wolf-related to gift to your boyfriend? If yes, then you might like this pair of pyjamas with a wolf pattern on it. These pyjamas are made from 100% cotton and are incredibly comfortable to wear, making them a perfect wolf gifts for him.

18) Hooded Wolf Blanket – $

One of the most fun wolf gifts for kids on this list, this wearable blanket, with a hooded cap that has wolf ears and pockets shaped like wolf paws, will be worn all day by your kids. Give them this wolf blanket and watch them act like this cool creature a day a matching wolf lovers gifts.

19) 4-Piece Wolf Wall Painting – $

This modern piece of artwork that comes together when you join the four components of the painting together and can be an excellent wolf wall decor gift. This painting comes with a ready to hang mechanism, which makes it really easy to hang without much hassle of white wolf gifts.

20) 3D Wooden Wolf Assembly Puzzle – $

A unique wolf gift, this 3D puzzle, when solved, turns into a wolf figurine. It is a great gift since it can be a good time pass for kids when de-assembled and can be a beautiful decoration when assembled.

21) Face To Face with Wolves (Photobook) – $

Make them indulge into the fascinating world of wolves by giving them this photo book that contains some of the best wolf photos taken by National Geographic photographers themselves. Any wolf lover is going to love receiving this photobook as a gift.

22) Fingerless Wolf Gloves – $

A pair of fingerless wolf gloves is some of the best wolf merchandise you can give to a wolf lover as a gift. These sweater-knit gloves are made from some of the warmest and lightweight wool that will keep your hand warm while you get some work done on a chilly winter day. 

23) Star Wolves T-Shirt – $

One of the best wolf garments you can buy, this wolf t-shirt has a design, unlike any other t-shirt. The starry pattern on the t-shirt along with the picture of the wolves gives it a mystical look which is fitting because wolves are also mystical creatures.

24) Wolf Kids Bedding Set – $

Your wolf loving kids are going to jump with joy when they see this new bedding set laid down on their beds. The set comes with a microfiber polyester comforter and two pillow covers and is one of the most useful wolf gift idea for kids.

25) Wolf Dagger Centerpiece – $

A truly unique knife coupled with an equally impressive wolf knife stand gives you a centrepiece like no other. This dagger centrepiece is the perfect gift to give to a wolf lover who loves decorating their home with unique sculptures and art pieces.

26) GOT House Stark Dire Wolf Coffee Mug – $

If the wolf lover in your life has seen Game of Thrones then there is no doubt that their favourite house in the series is House Stark; The one with a dire wolf as their sigil. And this coffee mug has that same sigil printed in it making it an excellent choice for wolf gifts.

27) Wolf Silver Ring – $

A ring with a wolf’s face on it feels like a powerful piece of jewellery and can make for a great gift for someone who loves this creature. This ring can be handy as a fashion accessory and will be a suitable gift for both men as well as women.

28) Wolf Bag/Key Hanger – $

Another functional wolf gift on the list, this bag/key hanger will not only provide them with a place to organise the essential keys that they might otherwise lose but will also live the interior quality of their home. The minimalist yet the thoughtful design of this hanger makes it a strong candidate in this list.

29) GOT House Stark Snapback Hat – $

While this gift is the same to the coffee mug gift in the respect that it also has a dire wolf from Game of Thrones printed on it, the gift in itself is pretty different, given it is a snapback. This snapback will be a good gift for someone who plays a sport like tennis or golf.

30) Wolf Dream Catcher – $

Give the wolf lover in your life nights full of sweet dreams with a wolf-themed dream catcher. The centre of this dream catcher has a beautiful oil painting that is meant to keep bad dreams away from them, making it a nice wolf gift to give to someone you care about.

31) Wolves: Behavior, Ecology and Conservation (Book) – $

Another great book with a lot of information about wolves, this is again a really great gift to give to a wolf enthusiast who has already read the previous book. This book contains everything one would want to know about the behaviour, ecology and conservation of wolves.

32) Grey Wolf Table Lamp – $

Brighten up the wolf lover’s home by gifting them this elegant wolf lamp with a unique design. This wolf lamp would not only serve as a source of light at night but will also be a piece of décor during day time.

33) Crescent Moon Wolf Earrings – $

Add a pair of wolf earrings to her collection by giving her this unique crescent moon wolf earrings. This is such a unique pair of earrings that it will surely make them a centre of attraction whenever they wear it.

34) Wolf Toothbrush – $

Who said that the wolf lover in your life should have that boring old plastic toothbrush holder in their bathroom when they can have this cool wolf themed one. This two slot toothbrush holder is made from ceramic and features a unique 3D wolf design.

35) Adult Wolf Onesie – $

Wolf lover or not, you got to give them this really unique wolf onesie as a fun gift. This onesie can be a great piece of clothing to wear on days when you feel like wearing loose clothes at home. What’s more, it can even double as a Halloween costume!

36) Wolf Shape Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – $$

This jigsaw puzzle is not your everyday square-shaped jigsaw puzzle with a picture. This puzzle is made entirely from wood and is in the shape of a wolf. Also, it has patterns inside of the wolf’s face, which makes it even hard and more fun to solve.

37) Teen Wolf Scott McCall Figurine – $

Teen wolf is very famous among wolf enthusiasts, and therefore they are absolutely going to love this Scott McCall bobblehead from it. This bobblehead is almost 4 inches in height and can be a great addition to a wolf lover’s study/office desk.

38) Howling Wolf Novelty Socks – $

This pair of novelty socks with a howling wolf print on it is a wolf gift every wolf lover should get. And if the one you know doesn’t have them already, then it is your duty to gift it to them, now that you know of their existence.

39) Wolf Whiskey Glass – $

Elegant whiskey glass with a subtle wolf design, this is a perfect wolf gift for adults who love to have their whiskey in style. This whiskey glass is made from good-quality glass and even comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind!

40) Wolf Trinket Box – $

This trinket box shaped like a wolf can be a cute little place for a wolf lover to keep his/her rings organized in a single place. And the fact that this trinket box is shaped like a wolf, and is finished in silver and gold colour scheme allows it to be used as a piece of decor as well.

41) Wolf Couch Cushion – $

“Pack life with good memories” is what this cushion will remind them of every time they sit on their couch. And the wolf graphic printed on it will also remind them of the love they have for this magical creature, making it a perfect gift for wolf lovers.

42) Wolf Fur Hat with Attached Scarf and Paws – $

What if I told you, you could get a fur hat that has a scarf attached to it and has pockets at the end of it that look like wolf paws? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, to our surprise, it is true! And you can quickly get one as a gift for your wolf loving friend by following the link included here!

43) Crystal Glass 3D Wolf Model – $

Carefully crafted using computers and robots, this unique wolf décor is genuinely one-of-a-kind. It is basically a cubic crystal with a picture on the inside that can be looked at from any angle giving it a 3D effect and making it a great wolf gift.

44) Wolf Wall Clock – $

A risk-free and straightforward gift, this wall clock with a wolf theme is a perfect last-minute gift you can buy for a wolf lover. The clock is analogue and displays numbers in a rather unique manner which makes it an exciting gift.

45) Decorative Wolf Paper Lantern Lamp – $

This lamp is a rather unique one compared to others in this list as it gives a feel as if you are burning a real paper lantern inside your house! Also, it has different lighting modes, one of which is “Flaming mode” which makes it look like a flame is burning inside the lamp! Awesome, right?!


I am sure it wouldn’t have been difficult for you to pick at least one gift item from this comprehensive list of wolf gifts. But even if after choosing your gift you feel like it is too simple, you can just watch this video we have included below of DIY gift wrapping ideas to make your gift more presentable and sophisticated. Feel free to share your feedbacks with me on my contact me page.

And if you are having difficulty deciding on any single gift, then I recommend you go with my favourite, which is the Celtic Tribal Wolf Mug. I absolutely love it because of its very unique and beautiful design which makes it look like an ancient artefact rather than a coffee mug.

Also, wow would love to hear suggestions from you so that improve upon this list and other lists that we will make in the future. So please make sure to reach out to us through our socials with any kind of suggestions regarding our blog posts. Also, make sure to share this article with as many people as possible if you found it to be useful.

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