50+ Unique Gifts for 50th Birthday of Woman – She Would Love It!

Completing 50 years of life is a significant milestone, and some people like to celebrate it in style. But celebration means gifts, and choosing an appropriate gift for a 50-year-old can be a challenging task. It is hard to decide what to gifts for 50th birthday woman.

So if you too are going through the same dilemma of choosing the right gift for the 50th birthday of a woman, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have curated a list of the 52 most unique birthday gifts for any woman in your life, be it your mom, your sister, your friend, or anyone else.

Check out our Top 5 picks if you are in a hurry:

1) Quirky Coffee Mug – $

If there’s one thing women don’t like, it’s getting reminded of their age. But what if there was a way to make them realize that age is just a number? That is exactly what this coffee mug does.

The unique quote on the mug reminds the gift receiver that even though they have turned 50, they are still very young!

2) Funny 50th Birthday Toilet Paper – $

If you want to pull a prank with your gift, then this quirky toilet paper can be a fun gift for a 50-year-old woman. The toilet paper reminds the 50-year-old about their age in a funny and amusing way, making it an interesting choice as a gift for 50th birthday woman.

3) 1970 Insulated Tumbler – $

If this is a gift for 50-year-old woman who was born in 1970 and turned 50 this year, then this insulated tumbler can be a thoughtful choice.

This tumbler can be useful for a lazy 50-year-old who doesn’t like to make coffee every now and then, allowing them to make their entire single day’s worth of coffee in one go and store it inside this tumbler 50th birthday gifts for a woman.

4) Travel Destinations Map – $

Once you turn 50, you realize that you are getting old and start thinking of traveling the world in your remaining time. Well, if this gift is for someone who is going to do the same, then consider gifting them this Travel Destinations Map.

This map is covered with a layer of material that can be scratched off to reveal the places you have travelled! (Now that’s cool) gag gifts for 50th birthday woman

5) 50th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace –  $

If this is a gift for 50-year-old wife, then you should consider buying this Sterling Silver 50th Birthday Necklace. The necklace has a 5-rings design symbolizing the five decades in 50 years.

This silver necklace is definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts on this list, and also a very special one gifts for a 50th birthday woman

6) The Story of a Lifetime – $

A person who lived 50 years of life is sure to go through a lot of memories worth remembering. Therefore, giving them a journal to store all those memories in one place for their future generation to cherish can be a really smart gift choice unique gifts for 50th birthday woman.

7) 1970 Whiskey Glass – $

If the person receiving this gift is a whiskey lover, then you should consider gifting them this whiskey glass with a 1970 pewter badge on it. The badge has the words “aged to perfection” written over it, making it a special gift for 50th birthday woman in fact the best gifts for 50th birthday woman

8) Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $

If her birthday falls during the holiday season, then this faux fur throw blanket can make for a really great 50th birthday gift for her.

This comfortable blanket is made up of super soft and cozy fur and is also extremely lightweight, making it ideal as a couch blanket.

9) “Back in 1970” Birthday Decoration – $

If you are organizing a birthday party for someone who turned 50 this year, then you might be in search of relevant decorations. This poster, made for birthday parties of people born in 1970, with facts from that year written over it, is definitely something you should buy for the same. 50th birthday gifts for woman.

10) 1970 Candies Gift Pack – $

If you and your sister used to enjoy eating candies back when you were both young, and now you want to find a gift for 50-year-old sister that will make her relive those memories, then this pack of candies from the 1970s is your best choice.

The candies come in a basket, making them suitable to be given as a gift.

11) Portable Projector – $$

A travel enthusiastic 50-year-old will love nothing more than a gadget that allows them to take their entertainment on the road; Just like this portable projector.

This projector, despite being small, can be used with anything, be it a TV stick, an android or iOS smartphone, or HDMI, making it a truly versatile gadget.

12) Whiskey Decanter Globe Set – $$

Another great gift for a whiskey lover 50-year-old can be this whiskey decanter set with a whiskey decanter that looks like a globe and four whiskey glasses. The decanter also contains a glass ship inside it, making it look even more premium.

This is truly a special gift for 50th birthday woman.

13) 1970 Beer Glass – $

I included gifts for a whiskey lover. But what about beer lovers? Well, you can always give this 1970 beer glass to someone who just turned 50 this year. The elegant and simple design of this beer glass makes it a fitting gift for a 50th birthday.

14) Himalayan Salt Lamp – $

If you are looking to gift something truly unique to give as a gift, then you should consider this salt lamp. Made from Himalayan rocks, each lamp has a unique shape, and the light it gives provides a soothing feeling helping the person easily fall asleep at night.

15) 50th Birthday Apron – $

If your mom just turned 50 and she loves to cook, then this apron with “Upgraded to Version 50.0” would make for a really awesome gift.

The apron is made of high-quality fabrics, and the way it praises the cooking skills using the age makes it a perfect gift for 50-year-old mom who loves cooking.

16) Funny Tote Bag – $

Tote bags make for a really useful gift for any woman, no matter their age. However, the funny and witty quote written on this tote bag makes it an exclusive and special 50th birthday gift for women.  

The bag is small and handy and can be easily used as a shopping bag or for any other purpose you want.

17) 37-in-1 Credit Card Tool – $

Tools like a cutter and glass breaker can prove to be extremely useful in emergency situations. And at the same time, they also help you with day-to-day tasks. This is why this credit card tool with 37-in-1 different tools can be a really useful and thoughtful gift for a 50-year-old, be it a man or a woman.

18) 50th Birthday Makeup Bag – $

Most women love to do makeup. Therefore, getting them a makeup bag can be a good choice. However, a simple makeup bag won’t be as impactful as a gift as this makeup bag with a funny 50th Birthday related joke on it.

The bag is also designed tastefully and uses good-quality materials, making it a good gift for 50th Birthday woman.

19) Scented Candles Set – $

If you are looking for a last-minute 50th birthday gift for best friend, then you should consider buying this gift box set of scented candles.

These candles can be really helpful for people who struggle to fall asleep at night. The candles also have beautiful patterns on them and come inside a pre-packed gift box.

20) 50th Birthday Bracelet – $

Another great simple and last-minute gift can be this bracelet made especially for the occasion of 50th birthday. The bracelet has things like “Happy Birthday” and “50 and fabulous” written over and has a metal finish. It can also be resized to fit on anyone’s hand.

21) 3D Birthday Gift Card – $

Well, if you’re going to give a gift to someone, it is a good idea to accompany it with a quirky gift card. And this 3D gift card with a half-naked man popping up as you open it can be a really fun choice. Not only for women but even for gay men!

22) 50th Birthday Makeup Glass – $

A makeup glass is not something that comes to mind as a birthday gift. But what if the makeup glass is a limited edition one, with 50th birthday quotes written on it, and comes inside a custom packaging with a velvet pouch? Nice, right?

23) BBQ Set – $

Barbecuing can be an excellent hobby, especially for older people. If the 50-year-old for whom you are buying this gift has this hobby, then you should consider giving them this premium BBQ set. The steel used on this bbq set is extra thick to make it more durable and give it a premium feel.

24) Cheese Serving Tray with Knives – $

Whether you need a wooden board for a picnic or a serving tray for your cheese night, this versatile cheese board will spruce up any event! The tray also has hidden compartments to store knives that come with it, making it an excellent gift for 50th birthday woman.

25) Wristwatch with Replaceable Strap – $

Wristwatches are never not a good gift to give. They might probably be one of the safest things you could give to someone in case you are unsure about what to gift. And this wristwatch from Times, with a timeless and elegant design and a replaceable strap, is definitely a watch worth giving as a gift for 50th birthday woman.

26) Massage Strap – $

When you reach the age of fifty, your muscles become weaker than they used to be when you were young, increasing the need for massages. This is why this portable massage strap can be a really great gift for a 50-year-old.

It can be easily wrapped around the neck and shoulders, giving them a massage that will rejuvenate their body.

27) Binoculars with Smartphone Camera Adapter – $$

If the 50-year-old receiving this gift is fond of wildlife safaris and photography, then this pair of binoculars along with a smartphone camera adapter that increases the zoom of your smartphone camera might appeal to them.

Both these items are extremely high-quality and can be used for multiple different tasks.

28) 1970 T-shirt – $

A simple gift to give to your 50-year-old work colleague can be this t-shirt with some 1970 related graphics on it. The t-shirt is black in color. Which makes it suitable for wearing with almost anything, and the fabric is also really premium so that you don’t look like a cheapskate giving this gift.

29) Premium Cookies Gift Basket – $

Looking for the perfect gift for a 50-year-old with a sweet tooth? Look no further, as this gift box filled with premium cookies will satisfy all their cravings.

Filled with 24 premium Italian biscotti cookies, this gift box is something you might want to buy two of so that you can keep one for yourself!

30) Champagne Flutes Set – $

Well, if you are thinking of playing it safe and gifting the 50-year-old a good old bottle of champagne, then you might want to consider accompanying that bottle with a pair of champagne glasses to make your gift feel more thought out.

31) 1970 Wine Glass – $

How could I forget wine lovers when I included something for whiskey and beer lovers. So, for a 50-year-old wine lover, this 1970 wine glass will be a perfect gift. And if you think that this gift is too simple, you can always pair it with the next gift on this list.

32) Funny Novelty Socks – $

Novelty socks are becoming the new trend in gifts, and this pair with the words, “If you can read this, get me some wine” written over it will make for a perfect companion gift along with the wine glass above.

33) Comfortable Wedge Pillows – $

Wedge pillows are more useful than one might think. They provide great comfort and support when you want to lie down and watch TV or read a book. And this wedge pillow with an extremely soft cushion will definitely please the 50-year-old who loves doing both of those things.

34) Home Spa Set Gift Basket – $

When you turn 50, you look to stay at home as much as you can. Therefore, this at-home spa set will definitely come in handy for a 50-year-old woman who loves taking care of her body. This set includes every amenity like a loofah, shower gel, bubble bath, and more.

35) Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag – $

Well, if you are going to give so much spa stuff, then you might also want to give a toiletry bag along with it to keep everything in one place. And to save you some time, I already searched for a great leather toiletry bag, which is big enough to keep all that spa stuff and much more.

36) Terrarium Planting Kit – $

A great gift for 50th birthday woman who loves trees and gardens can be this terrarium planting starter kit. This kit comes in a gift box packaging and includes every material (and even an instruction pamphlet) one will need in order to plant their own terrarium garden.

37) Multipurpose Self Defense Pen – $

A great way of showing a 50-year-old that you care about them is by gifting them something that is meant to keep them safe. Like this multipurpose pen with ten different safety tools, loaded in a single normal-sized pen. Giving this gift will definitely send a message that you love the person receiving it.

38) 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50 – $

Many 50-year-olds think that now that they have turned 50, there’s not much that they can do in life. Well, if the 50-year-old receiving this gift feels the same way, then you should give them this book that has mentioned 50 different things you can still do after turning 50.

39) 3-piece Samsonite Bag – $$$$

A 50-year-old fond of travelling will make good use of this 3-piece Samsonite Trolley Bags. The bags are all different sizes for different uses and are made of unbreakable material. The wheels on the bag are freely movable, and the design is attractive as well for gifts for 50th birthday woman

40) Vera Wang Perfume – $$

Perfumes are an ideal birthday gift for anyone, be it a 50-year-old or a young person. And this Vera Wang perfume is definitely a perfume premium enough to give on an important occasion of 50th birthday, and the sweet fragrance of this perfume will make the wearer feel refreshed.

41) 50th Birthday Cup Gift Set – $

This is not just a normal coffee mug that you give as a last-minute birthday gift but is a whole gift set with a premium ceramic mug, a ceramic lid, and a gold-finished metal mixing spoon. The whole set is packed inside the premium gift box packaging gifts for 50th birthday woman

42) Crystal Rose with Lighting – $

If you are looking for a showpiece lamp to give as the 50th birthday gift, then you might want to take a look at this crystal rose lamp. The rose is placed inside a see-through glass container and is surrounded by LED lights, making it look mesmerizing at night.

43) 50th Birthday Wine Labels – $

A great last-minute gift for 50th birthday woman can be these wine labels. These can be a really good option if you want to buy an inexpensive gift for a colleague at work since you can just buy a cheap bottle of wine and slap this label around it to make it look like a personalized gifts for 50th birthday woman

44) Keurig Coffee Maker – $$$

What would a coffee lover love to get more than a coffee maker itself? The answer is nothing. And this Keurig coffee maker would make for the perfect gifting choice for such a person since it has all the features a caffeine addict would love and is made of durable and high-quality materials.

45) Electric Blanket – $

Electric blankets can be great for older people since the resistance to cold weather can decrease substantially with age. And so, if you are considering gifting such a blanket to a 50-year-old, then you should take a look at this one from Sunbeam.

This electric blanket is made from soft and cozy material and has an easy to see and use controller gifts for 50th birthday woman

46) Electric Heated Gloves – $

A great gift for 50th birthday woman to pair with the electric blanket (in case you feel like just a simple electric blanket won’t cut it) could be these electric heated gloves that work like magic when it comes to heating hands. These gloves can be of great use if the 50-year-old loves skiing.

47) Yoga Mat Set – $

We all know how beneficial doing yoga can be, especially for older people. So if you want to encourage your loved one who just turned 50 to start doing yoga, then you could start by gifting them this yoga mat set. The set comes with a yoga mat along with a bag and strap to carry it.

48) Shawl Cape – $

It is no secret that women love clothes, and age has no factor to play in that fact. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a piece of clothing as a birthday gift. But normal clothing like jeans and t-shirts are cliché. However, this warm shawl cape to keep her warm in style is something that will surely stand out among other gifts for 50th birthday woman.

49) Crystal Bottle with Tea Infuser – $

A simple yet effective gift, this crystal water bottle is unlike any other water bottle you must have ever seen. The beautiful glass design with a crystal base makes this water bottle feel like something made for a royal family. What’s more, is that it comes with a tea infuser for tea lovers.

50) Airbnb Gift Card – ($-$$$$)

If the 50-year-old is looking to go on a trip to celebrate her 50th birthday, then this Airbnb gift card would make for the perfect gift choice for her. The best part about this gift is you can choose it to be however big or small you want it to be, based on your convenience. It can be as low as $25, or as high as $200 or even more for gifts for 50th birthday woman.

51) Amazon Gift Card – ($-$$$$)

Don’t worry if the 50-year-old does not have any travel plans. You can always gift them this Amazon gift card as a gift and let them choose their gift on their own. The best part about this gift is, you don’t have to worry about the person liking the gift or not!

52) Sterling Silver “Bad A**” Bracelet – $

If the person for whom you are buying this gift is familiar with Morse code, then you should gift them this unique bracelet that spells the words “Bad A**” on it using Morse code. This bracelet is definitely one-of-a-kind, and the 50-year-old will love you for giving her something so unique gifts for 50th birthday woman.


The woman in your life who just turned 50 would love nothing more than these thoughtful gifts for 50th birthday woman on her special day. And to help you find that gift is the reason why I made this list. However, if you are finding it difficult to choose the right gift from this comprehensive list of gifts, then the following videos might help you.

If you ask me, the perfect gift on this list that will suit any 50-year-old woman has to be the Amazon Gift Card since it allows them to buy anything they really want.

If you think that this list/article can be improved in any way, then feel free to send your suggestions on my contact me page. Also, if you found this article to be useful, then do share it with your friends and family so that they can benefit from it as well. 

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