Gifts For Women In Their 30s – Pick Some To Light Up Their Day!

As a lady crosses thirty, all she expects is practical and useful gifts. This might put you on a fix regarding suitable gifts for women in their 30s. Trust me! Women are not that hard to impress. All you need to do is understand their needs and hobbies and always give with a warm generous smile. You are good to go! If you are still intimated about what to consider and what to reject, I have come to your rescue.

Underneath is the pack of all the possible gifts that can be suitable for your girlfriend, mother, sister or a colleague over thirty. From travel essentials to self-pampering stuff, I have covered it all for you in a very price range.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

 1.    Spa-Quality Facial Steamer to deep clean and moisturise the skin-$$

Amidst all the house chores, you ladies might miss out your important skincare regime. It is time to sit back and relax and give your skin a chance to rejuvenate. Pamper yourself on this 30th birthday with a Panasonic spa-quality facial steamer. Bring back the forgotten charm on your face with its ultra-fine nano ionic steam.

2.    Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer – Espresso for a versatile cooking-$$$$

If your lady love spends most of her time in the kitchen as her hobby, a bowl-lift stand mixer will be one of the appropriate gifts for women in their 30s. Give her a hand in trying some new recipes and make culinary styled masterpieces together.

3.    Hair Iron for giving life to her flat hair-$$

Ask any girl, a teen to fully grown adult, the most difficult part of grooming up is setting hair. Are you tired of waiting for hours while she is busy fixing her hairstyle? Give her the gift of comfort with VOLOOM Rootie hair iron. It will enable to have a lasting hair volume which she always dreamt of.

4.    Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch for a timeless chic-$$

A stylish watch is the best and safest option in glamming her outfits.  Get her a Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch for an easy breezy look to her daily wears. This designer wear is a perfect way to envy her colleagues and girlfriends. With water resistant features, it will go a long way.

5.    Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder to safely polish her teeth-$

Does she constantly get conscious while smiling due to her pale stained teeth? Make her smile like never before with the help of activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. It will help her to mop off all the rigid stains from wine, tea, coffee or cigarettes. It comes in premium quality with natural ingredients.  What are you waiting for? Go get her smile back!

6.    Stylish Spiral LED Table Lamp for as an aesthetic décor accessory-$

Impress her with this contemporary looking Stylish Spiral LED table lamp that will jazz up the mood wherever she will place it. It is a minimalistic piece with an artistic aesthetic effect. It is the best add on a nightstand for all the clumsy girls who often knock themselves in the dark. The simple touch control system makes it a unique lamp.

7.    LORAC PRO Palette 3 Eyeshadow Kit for all the makeup lovers-$$

If she loves to do makeup, let her know how much you give attention to her likes with LORAC PRO Palette 3 eye shadow kit. It is packed with eight shimmer and eight matte eye shadows that are all needed by a lady to create a magnificent eye look.

8.    Natural Soaking Bath Salts for luxurious bathing experience-$

What can be better than a relaxing scented bath after a day full of work and travel! Pamper the love of your life with Herbivore natural soaking bath salts. It comprises soothing and calming agents that will comfort her mind and soul. It also features an Aromatherapeutic blend of Ylang-Ylang and Vanilla that is expert in pacifying the nerves.

9.    Fitbit Ionic Watch as a guidance to reach pre-set goals-$$$

It is very important to keep your health at check especially once you cross thirty. It is not always about being in shape but internally fit. The Fitbit ionic watch offers a step by step coaching along with featuring 300 plus songs. Surprise her with this iconic watch and let her have quick access to her favourite apps for sports, weather, payment and more.

10. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker for café like coffee at home-$$$

A full fledge coffee maker is a dream for every die-hard coffee lover. If she is a true coffee addict, cherish her taste with Ninja Specialty coffee maker. It brews a super-rich coffee concentrate for you to have your desirable lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos and much more. Apart from creating thick froth in both hot and cold milk, it can brew from single cup to full travel size. makes a great unusual gifts for 30 year-old woman

11. Pendaflex Two-Tone Color File Folders for organising documents-$

Does she often complain about her unorganised or misplaced important documents? If her work desk looks like a mess of sheets, get her Pendaflex two-tone colour file folders. This will make her work more organised which will make you earn lots of thank you and blessings. It is the best gift for a colleague, friends or your wife. gifts for 30 year old daughter,

12. Olay Regenerist Retinol Face Serum for a revolutionary hydrating-$

The constant up-gradation in technology has widened up the range of skincare products. Introduce your girlfriend, wife or mother to Olay Regenerist Retinol face serum to replenish the skin while they peacefully sleep during the night. The amalgamation of Vitamin B3 + Retinol Complex offers overnight regeneration along with preventing ageing.

13. Dry Skin Body Brush for healthy glowing skin-$

Cellulite is a common problem in women that can be easily fixed with proper exploitation. The dry skin body brush is a quick fix to shed off all the dead skin and enhance the blood circulation to bring back the youthful skin. The long handle helps to effectively exfoliate back. You can even turn it into a palm brush and carry in your travel kit. or for great gift gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

14. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker for caffeine lover-$$

Are you sending off your child to finally live an independent life? A single cup coffee maker is very important for his/her intake of morning caffeine. Buying or making a coffee from scratch is not always possible for people, especially ones living on their own. With Keurig k-mini plus single-serve coffee makers, they can make freshly brewed coffee in minutes.

15. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for a smart life-

Make her life a bit more smart and innovative by introducing her to the latest Echo Dot (3rd Gen). Astonish her by giving the ability of voice control and converting her ordinary space into a smart room. It will enable her to perform functions such as turning on lights, adjusting thermostats, locking doors and much more. the 35th birthday gift ideas for her.

16. 13-Piece Knife Block Set for comfortable cooking-$$$

If she loves to spend most of her time in the kitchen then why not make it decked up and appealing with intriguing accessories. Get her a Skandia Forte 13-piece knife block set. It is an attractive set that features a rose-gold knife along with a magnetic siding block to display the twelve accompanying knives.

17. Firming Treatment Mask for a healthy glow-$

With the gradual increase of age, women’s skin tends to loosen up with a fading glow. Bring back her confidence by rejuvenating her skin with GlamGlow GRAVITYMUD firming treatment mask. After its application, her skin will feel fresh and young like before.

18. Lip Gloss Holder Organizer for sorted organisation-$

If she loves to hoard lipsticks and gloss but somehow fails to manage them, gift them to organise their stock with a lip gloss holder organizer. It is made of strong acrylic material to withstand all her clumsy actions. Its sleek design will enhance the beauty of her dresser along with keeping it organised and clean. could be one if top 10 birthday gifts for her.

19. Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser to inspire her living-$$

From the very start, aromatherapy has always been the most effective practice to calm down your nerves and give a soothing ambience. Gift your girlfriend, mother, sister or any other woman you care about the beautifully hand crafted ceramic diffuser. It is inspired to give them a classic touch to the interiors and elevate the scent of the space.

20. Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera for a quick snap-$$

Now get a perfect selfie shot on Fujifilm instax with the mirror next to the lens. An instant camera is perfect for those who love to collect digital prints even in this era. If she loves to capture special moments, this is the gift for her! Its compact design will help her carry it anywhere and everywhere.

21. LED Neon Blue “Dream” Wall Sign for quick glam up-$

Surprise her by decking up a cosy workspace or living room with LED neon blue “Dream” wall sign.  It will delve on enlivening the ambience irrespective on whichever wall you fix. It will leave her friends to envy with this added stylish home décor. It is a perfect add on in a party decoration list.

22. Crystals Healing Stones for long-lasting fix-$

With added responsibilities and duties during the 30s, anxiety is a common problem faced by many women. Keeping the focus on the same issue, I have come up with crystal healing stones as one of the best gifts for women in their 30s. These natural gemstones are known to improve luck along with being useful for meditation, chakra healing, yoga, Reiki and spiritual practice. one of the unique birthday gifts for her.

23. Comfortable Blindfold Eye mask for relaxing sleep-$

Getting a peaceful goodnight sleep is still a dream of many. If you know someone who is a light sleeper and often faces problem sleeping, a comfortable blindfold eye mask is what they need.  Along with being a breathable eye mask, it is very lightweight and comfortable that blocks 100% light.

24. Massage Gun Deep Tissue to relax knots and tight muscles-$$

Getting a deep tissue massage every weekend might not be possible for her. Sour muscles and stiff back can now wait with a professional like massage techniques at home with Massage Gun Deep Tissue. With interchangeable head, it will enable her to focus on different body parts and satisfy her needs.

25. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for  Apple geeks-

Looking for a high-end gift to pamper your wife or sister? What can be better Apple AirPods? Apart from having a universal fit to go all day long, it comes with a wireless charging case for easy portability. Be her most favourite person by getting AirPods to let her pair with the latest iPhone.

26. Portable Charger 12000mAh for her safety-$

Do you often find yourself worried because of her low-battery and switched-off phone, especially during late-night shifts? Give yourself peace of mind by gifting her Yoobao Portable Charger 12000mAh. It is an ultra-slim power bank which is compatible with Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone.

27. Smokey Kohl Eyeliner in Black & More Shades for controlled application-$

Does the love of your life like to deck herself for you? It does not matter what hr age is, because a Kohl is every girl’s best friend. Give her the access of smoothest application and long-lasting effect with Haus Laboratories Smokey Kohl Eyeliner by Lady Gaga. Choose as many shades as you want.

28. Exercise Outfits as gifts for Women in their 30s $

Are you searching for a perfect gift for a woman who loves to go for a quick run before starting her day? You can never go wrong with exercise outfits. They are always in need, more the merrier. These outfits are made from premium nylon and spandex seamless for offering her full stretch and soft wear.

29. Home Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer something she will like-$

After a long tiring day of work, let her enjoy some sweet fragrance and relax her mood with home mosaic glass fragrance warmer. It comes with 25W warming bulb with an elegant decorative touch for adding aesthetic in her room. Choose from a variety of designs and gift her fragrance glass with a warm smile.

30. Passport Holder with Unique Zipper Closure for a secure travelling-$

After 10 years of hardwork, it is time for her to explore the world. 30s are the best years to go backpacking for Europe or any other country. If she is planning on doing the same, a passport holder with unique zipper closure is a must to carry. It will make her travelling easy by carefully carrying her cards, tickets, passport and cash at a single place.

31. House Indoor or Outdoor Slippers for a clean house-$

Are you dealing with a clean freak who constantly cribs about tiniest of tiniest dust particle? Nothing can be more of bliss for her than a separate set of indoor and outdoor slippers. It is the pair of cosy, chic and elegant slippers that are a perfect option to add on her rack. With memory sole insole, these will relax her foot after juggling with work for the whole day.

32. Back and Neck Massager for bringing professional massage at home-$$

Just in case if she needs a reminder of how much you love her, back and neck massager has always been one of the idle gifts for women in their 30s. The Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager incorporates powerful 3-dimension deep-kneading that will relax her overused and tight muscles.

33. Insulated Champagne Flute for a chilled beverage through-out-day- $

Entering 30s is an all together with a wholesome task with a constant pressure of work and managing family affairs. On top of it, not getting access to favourite beverage as per her desirable conditions can be a bit unfair. Get BrüMate insulated champagne flute which will allow her to enjoy bubbly beverages anytime and anywhere, without worrying about it getting warm or going flat.

34. Pure Silk Pillowcase to make her feel like a queen-$

Does she constantly complain about how dry her hairs have become over time? Gift her magic of silk for restoring that lost moisture of her locks. This pure silk pillowcase will not only add grace to your bedroom but will make her hairs look fresh. Add this luxurious bedding and enjoy it as both sham and pillowcase.

It is hard to pick one favourite item among all the list of all the ultimate gifts for women in their 30s. But being a die-hard coffee lover, Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker will always be my favourite present. It is stylish ye useful with promising results. If you guys have some more ideas, do ping me on my contact me page. Till then, keep liking and sharing my articles.

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