Graduation Gifts for Sister – 40 Unique Ideas To Make Her Feel Special!

Sisters are an indispensable part of anyone’s life. Even though you may always find yourself fighting and quarrelling with your sister, you will still go to any length for your sister in a heartbeat, when the time comes. When someone is this special to you, the gifts you give to them should also be special so here are graduation gifts for sister

So if you have a sister who is celebrating a very special occasion in her life, i.e., her graduation, and you are searching for a unique gift to give to her, then there’s no better place to be for you than this site. Here in this article, I have included the 40 most unique graduation gifts for sister, that will surely make your sister’s heart melt.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1) The Hate U Give (Book) – $

There is no better gift to give to anyone than a book. As someone once said, “The greatest gift you can give to someone is the gift of knowledge”. So if you want to give something meaningful to your sister, then this book would be just perfect.

The book revolves around teens and young people and addresses the right and the wrong regarding racism, gang violence and other such important issues.

2) Bushnell Falcon Binoculars – $

If your sister is a wildlife lover and is planning to go to a safari now that she has graduated from her college, then a pair of binoculars can be a useful gift. If you agree with me on this idea, then I think this pair of professional-grade binoculars from Bunshell would be the best choice. These binoculars have features like Instafocus (to focus rapidly on moving objects) and non-slip rubber grip.

3) The Love of Learning, Sculpted Figure – $

If your sister is planning to pursue her studies further with masters and a PhD, then it can be safely said that she loves learning. In which case, this hand-painted figure titled, “The Love of Learning”, would be the right gift for her.

This sculpted figure of a woman holding an open book close to her chest perfectly depicts her love towards learning, physically representing your sister’s love.

4) Seuss-ism! A Guide to Life for Those Just Starting Out (Book) – $

A real journey in life starts when you graduate. And if you think your sister is not ready for that journey or should be better prepared, then you should consider gifting them this book.

This book is a collection of invaluable quotes and life advice from Dr Seuss, which are not only a great source of knowledge for people who are just starting out, but even for people who are already on their way. Could make a great a high school graduation gifts for sister.

5) Dog Tag with Inspirational Quote – $

A dog tag with an inspirational quote written on it can make for a good graduation gift for sisters if you are looking for something unique. The materials used on this dog tag are all very high-quality, and the chain is very sturdy.

The dog tag comes inside a beautiful velvet finish black bag, which makes it ideal for gifting purposes.

6) Photo Frame for Sisters – $

If you are a female who is searching for a gift for her sister, then this picture frame made for sisters might suit your needs. This photo frame has a quote dedicated to sisters, written on it besides which you can place a picture of you and your sister and give it as a gift. The wooden finish on this frame gives it an aesthetic look.

7) Graduation Jewelry for Her – $

“She believed she could, so she did”, there’s no way you cannot get a piece of jewellery with such an exceptional quote written on it for your sister as a gift.

This graduation charm bracelet is available in 10 different colour combinations like red and white, and silver and blue. What’s more, is that all these different colours have different quotes written on them, giving you a lot of options.

8) Teapot-Cum-Mug for Sisters –  $

This ceramic teapot-cum-mug is one of the most unique gifts on this list of graduation gifts for sisters. What makes it so, is its unique design with a teapot that perfectly fits above the mug, covering it completely when not being used.

It also comes with a note tied to it that says, “there is no friend like a SISTER”, making it perfect for gifting. college graduation gifts for sister that could come handy if she’s moving to the dorm.

9) Cookbook – $

Is your sister a big fan of Chrissy Teigen, and follows here passionately? If so, then she will absolutely love this hardback copy of Cravings, a collection of Chrissy Teigen’s most fun and delicious cooking recipes.

What’s unique about this book is that the supermodel author has also included the story behind every recipe to give it a more personal and intriguing touch.

10) Hand Painted Wine Glass – $

A normal wine glass is something you would never consider to be your top choice as a graduation gift. However, it’s a completely different narrative when you have a hand-painted wine glass with “Graduation Girl” written on it. That is something that makes perfect sense as a graduation gift for sisters. And you can easily get one using the link I included.

11) Keychain with Quote from Bible – $

A keychain can be a small and cute gift for any occasion. And this keychain with a graduation cap made on it, and a quote from the bible that perfectly fits the occasion, written on it, makes for a fitting graduation gift.

The words, “I know the plans I have for you”, written on it will constantly remind your sister that God is watching over her always.

12) Graduation Picture Frame – $

If your sister graduated in the year 2020 then this picture frame with Graduate written on its top, and Class of 2020 written on its bottom, with a place to put the picture in the middle will make for an excellent gift.

You can simply put her graduation day photo in it and give it as a gift which makes good graduation gifts for sister.

13) Always My Sister Necklace – $

Are you the kind of sibling who has always struggled to express your feelings to your sister? If so, then it is time you use this opportunity for expressing how you truly feel using this necklace with heart-touching words written on it.

This heart-shaped necklace with, “Always my sister, forever my friend”, written on it is sure to make your sister shed happy tears.

14) Achieve Your Dreams Graduate Pen – $

This is a simple and useful gift that you can give to your recently graduated sister. A pen is something that always comes in handy no matter what you do. However, it’s not a normal pen, but rather a luxury pen, meant to be used on special occasions. The pen comes inside a very elegant box and has, “Achieve Your Dreams” written over it.

15) Pink Ceramic Coffee Mug – $

This pink coloured ceramic coffee mug can be another great choice as a graduation gift for sisters. And what makes it so is the witty version of the quote we see on the jewellery, written on it.

The words, “She believed she could, so she studied her a** off, and she did”, are sure to make her laugh as well as proud of herself.

16) Makeup Bag – $

If makeup is important to your sister and is something she puts on every day, then you should consider giving her this portable makeup bag.

This compact makeup bag comes with a small mirror inside and has a number of different storage compartments inside for easier organization. It can be a very useful gift if your sister travels a lot and takes her makeup everywhere she goes, best graduation gifts for sister.

17) Weighted Blanket – $

Graduation is no cakewalk. One has to go through a number of sleepless nights in order to get that degree, and now that your sister has graduated, it is your duty to make sure that she gets the sleep she deserves.

One way of doing so is giving her this weighted blanket, which has a weight just right to make you feel you’re being hugged and give you the best sleep.

18) Elegant Business Laptop Backpack – $

No matter what you do, you will always need a backpack. It is the most efficient way of carrying your stuff around, and with this elegant and minimalist looking backpack, it can now also be stylish.

This beautiful backpack from UGRACE has a slim looking profile, yet comes with sufficient compartments to carry your laptop and all other stuff, making it a perfect graduation gift.


19) RFID Blocking Passport/Card Wallet – $

Since documents like a passport and credit cards are something, you cannot afford to lose, having them all in one safe place can significantly reduce the risk of that happening.

And this card wallet with RFID scan blocking can provide for that safe house, making it an extremely useful gift. This wallet has several different compartments for efficiently managing all your cards, and it comes in 15 different colour options!

20)  Post Grad: Five Women and Their First Year Out of College (Book) – $

Real-life starts when you get out of college. You are faced with the challenges of deciding your career path and other such important decisions. This can be a tough time, and some pieces of advice from people who went through it and came out winning can help.

That is what this book is about; A real-life story of 5 women who chose five different career paths and excelled in them. personal favourite graduation gifts for your sister.

21) Graduation Mad Libs – $

If you want to give something small yet meaningful as a companion gift along with your main graduation gift sister, then this Graduation Mad Libs can be a good option.

Who doesn’t love filling mad libs? They are always fun, no matter how old you get, which is why this graduation mad lib will be definitely noticed by your sister, even if you give it as a companion gift.

22) Leather Tote Bag – $$$

If you are feeling generous and want to surprise your sister with something big, then this leather tote bag from Kate Spade is one of your best options.

These bags are all the hype at the moment, and your sister will absolutely adore you if you give them one of these. Apart from being a fashion statement, they are also very practical since they have large storage capacity.

23) Personalized Cuff Bracelets – $

Cuff bracelet makes a really good gift for women, and these ones from “If Only Pretty”, can be personalized according to your needs. What’s more, is that the metal used on these are completely pure. You can get them in Aluminum, Bronze, Silver or even Gold!

You can also get them in different finishes like hammered or shimmer. The level of customization makes sure that your gift is really one-of-a-kind. Makes a great diy graduation gifts for sister.

24) Customizable Silver Ring – $

If you like the idea of customizing your gifts, then I have another option for you. This Silver Ring from Hannah Design can be customized to engrave any name or small phrase you want.

All the letters are hand engraved to give it an even more unique look, and the ring is shipped with a jewellery box, which you can easily wrap in a gift paper.

25) Gift Card with Greeting Card – ($$ – $$$$)

If you are not sure about what your sister wants as a gift, you can always gift them an gift card. The gift card can be of any amount, be it $50 if you are on a budget, up to $2000 if you are feeling really generous.

Also, the gift card I have linked here comes with a greeting card tailor-made for the occasion of graduation, which makes it suitable for giving as a graduation gift.

26) God Is My Guide Compass – $

A gift does not always have to be functional; sometimes, it can be symbolic as well. And what better represents graduation than a compass? Once you graduate, you have to decide the direction you need to take in life, and you sometimes require guidance for that.

This compass, with “GOD” written on it, will always remind your sister that God is always guiding her in the right direction.

27) Customizable Folded Book Art – $$

This is a unique gift, something you won’t see being gifted very often. But who likes to give those same old gifts, right?

The best part about this folded book art is that it is customizable. You can get any initials made on it. A really great graduation gift idea would be to get the initials of your sister made on it along with her year of graduation for it to be graduation gifts for sister.

28) Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide – $

I am in no way saying that girls are not as good as boys when it comes to cars (given I am a girl myself). This book, however, can be a really handy gift, if your sister did not get an opportunity until now to learn her driving and car basics, due to her hectic graduation schedule.

This book includes everything you need to know about auto maintenance and roadside emergencies.

29) Keurig Instant Coffee Maker – $$

Coffee and graduation go hand-in-hand. A study showed that more than 90% of college students drink coffee daily. So, there are good chances that your sister is a caffeine addict too.

If so, then you should definitely buy her this instant coffee maker from Keurig. It has large storage and features like auto on and off. It is also very easy to clean it, due to its descaling feature.

30) BOSE Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $$$

BOSE is a brand known for its audio products. And these noise-cancelling pairs of headphones from BOSE is one of the very best available in the market right now.

But they are not named QuietComfort just because of their noise-cancelling abilities but also because of their comfortable design which allows you to use it for hours. It is a perfect gift for college graduates who love listening to music.

31) French Press Coffee Maker – $$

If you have ever drunk a French press coffee, you would know that it is in no way similar to normal coffee. And if your sister loves to drink French press coffee then what better gift to give to her then a French press coffee maker. And this coffee maker from Le Creuset is one of the highest-quality French press coffee makers you can get in the market right now. She will love you for this graduation gifts for sister.

32) Necklace Pendant with Gift Card – $

There are a lot of necklaces out there that you can buy for your sister, but included this one on our list due to its symbolic design with a deep meaning.

The necklace has two interlocking rings that represent the love of siblings, and it comes with a gift card that has words of praise written for your sister—a truly mesmerizing graduation gift for sisters.

33) The Happiness Advantage (Book) – $

This is the third book I have included in this list because as mentioned above, the gift of knowledge is the best gift. This is a book that every young adult, especially someone who just graduated must-read.

The book talks about the advantages of being happy and tells us seven principles of Positive Psychology that will lead you to success in life, making it a perfect graduation gift book.

34) Self Journal – $

People often find themselves lost after graduation since they are trying to figure out the next step in life. The best way to do so is by doing some planning. And this self-journal helps you do just that.

A graduate can use this to write down their qualities, achievements and interests, which can help them figure out their next best move, making it an extremely useful gift.

35) Wine Glass with Funny and Empowering Quote – $

Another wine glass with a quote on it, this one is a little different from the last one. The last one was about graduation, while this one celebrates womanhood, using the funny, witty and empowering quote written on it.

The wine is made of high-quality glass, and the quote written on it accentuates when you fill it with wine. A great graduation gifts for sister.

36) Adulting 101 (Book) – $

Another book on this list, this one also is full of life advice and planning, as the name very clearly suggests.

A book like this is always the best thing to give a young adult you care about, like your sister. It is a great way of showing to your sister that you care about her and want her to do great in life.

37) Oh, The Sh*t You Don’t Know! (Book) – $

It is not uncommon for graduates to not want to pursue the career path they got a degree in, but rather choose a new one. Life is all about change, and if your sister feels she wants to do something new, then you should give her this book.

This inspires people who are not looking for a 9-to-5 job but want to do their own business and guides them on the right path.

38) Bible Quote Compass – $

Just like the one mentioned above, this is also a compass with the same bible quote on it. However, the styling and design of this compass are drastically different. The compass uses a bronze metal finish and has an old-style flip cover, with the quote on the inside of the cover. It also comes with a leather pouch.

39) I Wish You More (Book) – $

This inspirational book about celebrating life’s joyous moments, sharing words of praise and encouragement, and observing the wonders of everyday moments, is a perfect preschool graduation gift for sisters.

This book, with its inspirational story, is sure to bring positivity and happiness in your sister’s life. Another awesome graduation gifts for sister.

40) Graduation Party Backdrop Banner – $

If you are going to organize a graduation party for your sister, then you will need to decorate the cake cutting area. And this huge graduation party backdrop banner is just perfect for that.

The whole set comes with three different posters, one congrats poster and two decorations posters, which you can place altogether to make one big poster or can just decorate the whole room with them.


Having gone through this list of 40 graduation gifts for sisters, there are slim chances that you didn’t find what you were looking for. In this list, I have tried to cover as many different kinds of gifts as possible. But if you are now confused as to what might be the best gift out of this 40, I’d say it would be the Post Grad Book.

The book tells the real and inspiring story of 5 women, and how they tackled life after graduation, making it a perfect graduation gift. However, you should know that since it is your sister who is graduating, a simple gift won’t cut it.

You will have to also give her a graduation party, and if you are not so good at organizing parties, here is a video you can watch to get some great graduation party ideas:

Also, if you feel that there is something missing on this list, feel free to suggest your ideas by contacting me through my contact me page. And, if you found this article useful, make sure to share it with your friends and family so that they can benefit too!

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