PhD Graduation Gifts – 30 Awesome Ideas To Help Them Celebrate :)

Getting a PhD is a massive achievement and is something that calls for a celebration. And where there are celebrations, there are gifts. But if you’re on the presenting end, of the gift to a PhD Graduate, you can very likely find yourself asking the question that what can you gift to such a person. PhD Graduates are obviously very bright people, and bright people also tend to be very critical. These phd graduation gifts can come in handy.

Finding the right PhD Graduation Gift can be challenging, mainly because a PhD Graduate is not going to be pleased by ordinary and impractical gifts. But there’s no need for you to worry since this list of 30 PhD Graduation Gifts is here to solve all your problems. Each gift item in this list is unique in its own way, and I am sure you will definitely find the right gift to give once you go through the complete list of gifts for phd graduation

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1) PhD Graduation Quote Coffee Mug – $

The stuff you are taught while doing a PhD is something an average person cannot understand, and it sounds like nothing more than B.S. to them. Well, if you feel the same way about the random knowledge that your freshly graduated friend keeps on imparting on you, then you should definitely get this coffee mug.

The quote on this mug will perfectly convey your feelings to the receiver but in a funny way.

2) PhD Pun Coffee Mug – $

If the person for whom you’re buying the gift is not close enough to you to say something like in the previous mug, then you can always go for this one with a cute little pun written on it.

And if you’re thinking what pun you can make for someone who just “PHinisheD” his PhD? Well, there you have it!

3) PhD Graduation Key Chain – $

A gift is a gift, no matter how big or small. Also, the size of the gift usually depends on how close you are the person receiving it. So if the person who completed his PhD is someone like a work friend, then you can always give them this simple PhD Graduation keychain. The keychain is made out of high-quality stainless steel. A safe phd graduation gifts ideas.

4) Graduation Cap Coffee Mug – $

We know this is the third coffee mug in the list and we are just in the 4th item, but we just had to include this mug here due to its very quirky design.

This gloss black ceramic finished coffee mug comes with a lid that apart from being an excellent way to keep your beverage warm, is also shaped like a Graduation hat making it the perfect PhD Graduation Gift.

5) Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set – $

What’s a celebration without whiskey? And having a proper whiskey set to drink can always elevate the experience. So if your PhD Graduate friend doesn’t have one, then you should consider giving it to them as a gift.

A good choice can be this high-quality set from Frolk. It comes with 2 XL sized whiskey glasses, two whiskey chilling balls, two coasters, a freezer pouch and a pair of tongs.

6) The Big Leap (Book) – $

Some people experience negative thoughts like “I don’t deserve this” or “it is too good to be true” on achieving something big like getting a PhD. And if you think your friend or relative who just got this degree might suffer the same response, then you should definitely get them this book.

This book discusses the above-mentioned problem and its solutions and can be of great help and value to the person receiving it.

7) Smart Fitness Band – $

PhD Graduate or not, fitness is always necessary. And if you think that the person you care about so much has been completely ignoring their fitness due the pressure of studies during their PhD then its time you call for a change.

So give them this smart fitness band with features like heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, etc. and ask them to start focusing on their health. Makes great graduation gifts for phd.

8) Wireless Charging Dock for Phone and Smartwatch – $$

Almost every phone today comes with wireless charging. Hence, a wireless charging dock can be a handy and practical gift for anybody.

This wireless charging dock from Belkins is the right choice that you should consider if you’re looking for something like this. The dock is all black and has a minimalist design that will look good anywhere you place it.

9) Graduation Gift Wine Labels (Set of 5) – $

Merely giving a bottle of wine is too dull and ordinary. So to spice things up a little, you can always buy, what is called, a wine label. It is basically a custom made label with wishes written over it, that can be put on a bottle of wine.

From the link included here, you can buy a set of 5 labels made especially for the occasion of Graduation.

10) PhD Graduation Card Gift – $

It is customary to accompany a gift with a wish card, be it any occasion. So if you have already decided on an excellent PhD Graduation Gift and are looking for an excellent wish card to accompany it, then this one from Hallmark might interest you.

This gift card is extremely well designed and has good things written all over it, to please the gift recipient.

11) Glass Certificate Frame – $

Well, there is nothing more critical to a PhD Graduate than the certificate he/she receives upon graduating. And if you give them something to display that certificate proudly and also keep it safe at the same time, they definitely will be forever grateful to you.

So if you want to buy risk-free and practical PhD Graduation Gifts, then this pack of 2 certificate glass frame from GiftGarden is your ultimate option.

12) PhD Pun Coffee Mug – $

Well, if you thought that there’s only one pun you can make for someone who is “PHinally Done” with their PhD, you were undoubtedly wrong. This coffee mug, however, is different from the one mentioned above, who also happens to have a PhD Pun in it, in the way that it is shaped differently.

The handle on this mug is more prominent, and the size is smaller, making it easier to drink from it.

13) Handmade Graduation Cap Pop-Up Card – $

A cool and quirky gift card, with a Graduation cap popping up from it as soon as you open it, this pop-up card can be the perfect companion of your main gift as a wishing card.

The design of this card is minimal and elegant, with just “Congratulations on your Graduation” written on the front and pop up Graduation cap inside.

14) Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe – $$

Coffee is an essential part of every PhD student’s life since it is the only thing that gets them through those long sleepless nights of studying. So, giving them a coffeemaker that makes a coffee on its own will definitely get you in their good books.

This smart Coffeemaker can be programmed to make 14 different types of coffee and can also be scheduled to make your coffee 24 hours beforehand! Could make a great phd graduation gifts for him or phd graduation gifts for her.

15) Casual Travel/College Backpack – $

A simple and elegant travel/college backpack can be another excellent PhD Graduation Gift. Even though a PhD Graduate does not need to go to college for studying anymore, they are still very likely to go to a university as a professor or for research purposes. And in those scenarios, they are definitely going to need a backpack.

This simple black unisex backpack with a laptop compartment can be the right choice.

16) Funny Novelty Memo Pads – $

“Everything is fine”, “This is my life now”, “I have no idea what I’m doing”, “I’m not even trying anymore”. If that’s how your friend got through his/her PhD, then they will definitely relate to these quirky memo pads with all these things written on their cover.

However, it will also remind them that they will get through anything in their life just like they got through their PhD.

17) Office Desk Mesh Organizer – $

Well, its no doubt that now that the person for whom you’re buying this gift has done their PhD they are going to have their own office, be it as a professor or anything else. In such a case, an office desk organizer to keep their important files and other items organized can be a handy PhD Graduation Gift.

18) PIZZAZ Plus Rotating Oven – $$

A pizza is probably the second most consumed item by a PhD student after coffee. So if you are not sold on the idea of a smart coffeemaker, then you can maybe consider gifting a rotating pizza oven.

This small and portable oven has a tray that rotates like a vinyl player, above which you can cook a pizza or even other food items, making it a very useful PhD Graduation Gift.


19) Folding Camping Bed – $$

PhD students rarely get time to do anything else than studying, so there is a good chance that someone who just completed his/her PhD must be thinking of going on a vacation to blow off some steam.

In such a case, this folding camping bed can be an excellent choice of gift. This extremely lightweight bed is made from super durable materials like steel and can hold a weight of up to 440lbs.

20) Cordless Water Flosser – $

If this gift is for someone who does not takes their dental health seriously and is lazy enough to not floss their teeth with flossing threads, then you should consider them giving this water flosser.

It uses jets of water to floss your teeth and is a more effective method of flossing compared to using threads, according to some people. The device is also cordless, which makes it convenient to use while travelling too.

21) Portable Photo Printer – $$

No matter how challenging the course is, everyone misses their college after they pass out. Which is why it can be a good idea to give them a portable photo printer, using which they can print the photos of their best memories in college and make an album out of it.

This one from Kodak is one of the best out there, as it can print 1:1 Instagram size photos in lightning-fast speeds

22) Graduation Bracelet – $

If one of your female friends completed their PhD in 2020, then you can consider gifting her these beautiful Graduation Bracelets.

These bracelets are finished in gold plating with 2020 written over it. Its modern design will make it look good with anything. You can also gift this to her before the graduation ceremony so that she can wear it to the ceremony and stand out among the crowd of black robes.

23) “Educated AF” Cake Decoration – $

Someone who has done a PhD is definitely “Educated AF”. So then why no get it written on the cake, you bought for the graduation celebration party?

If you agree with me on this idea, then you will be glad to know that you can such cake decoration easily on Amazon, using the link I have included here. This big decoration will look good even on giant cakes.

24) Collapsible Multi Apartment Trunk Organizer – $

For someone who travels with a lot of stuff, it can be hard to carry them all in an organized way. Well, this problem can be solved by using this foldable trunk organizer with size adjustable multi-compartment design.

This foldable bag is made using a durable cloth and sturdy materials and can be used in a multitude of way, making it a useful gift for anyone.

25) Graduation Explosion Box – $

If you have some good photos of the moments you spent with your batch mates during your Graduation and want to give it to them as a present on your graduation day, then you can do it with a bang using this Graduation Explosion Box.

This explosion box comes in the shape of Graduation hat, and you can very easily place photos or other such items inside it.

26) Key Chain with Inspirational Quote – $

A key chain with an inspirational quote written over it can be a decent and affordable gift. I have included the link to one such keychain that has the quote, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined!” embedded on it, making it perfect as a PhD Graduation Gift.

The keychain is made of stainless steel and also has a small compass emblem attached to it, giving it a unique look.

27) Pen with Inspirational Quote – $

A key chain is not the only gift item that comes with an inspirational quote. You can always get something that is going to be much more useful to a PhD Graduate, i.e., a Pen.

What’s even more amazing about this pen is that it has small LED lights around the writing tip, which makes it extremely useful to write at night. It can be used to read at night as well.

28) Personal Thermal Tumbler – $

If the gift receiver has done their PhD in a field related to pharmacy, then you get them this extremely personalized tumbler. It is the perfect gift for pharmacists since it has the quote, “Slinging pills to pay the bills” written on it.

The tumbler also comes with a stainless steel lid and a stainless steel straw and a straw cleaner. This is the perfect gift package for any pharmacist. A riveting personalized phd graduation gifts.

29) Doctor Gifts for Her – $

Getting a PhD might not make you a physician, but it does give you the title of “Dr”. So you can call a PhD Graduate doctor if you want. Which means you can also give them this make-up mirror as a gift, given they are a female, or like doing make-up (no judgement).

What makes this make-up mirror special is the unique doctor related joke on its lid.

30) PhD Pun Tumbler – $

Well if you thought I was “PHukin’ Done” with PhD puns; I wasn’t. This time it is a 12 oz tumbler with a lid, something every caffeine-addicted academic will put to good use.

The pun on this tumbler will definitely remind a PhD Graduate of all the hard work they did to get this degree and make them feel proud of themselves.


If you came here looking for something to gift to a fresh PhD graduate in your life, I am optimistic you must have found at least one, or even more than one gift of your choice. If you ask me, I think that the Programmable Coffeemaker is one of the most useful gifts out of the bunch since coffee is something a PhD Graduate drinks daily.

Even if you don’t have the budget to buy something as expensive as the Coffeemaker, you can always make the budget gifts more interesting by putting in some effort and making this DIY Graduation Gift  Box to pack the present, as shown in the video below:

If you think that we have missed out on some perfect PhD Graduation Gift ideas, then you can feel free to suggest them to me by reaching out to me on my contact me page. Also, if you found this list useful and enjoyed reading it, then make sure to share it with your friends and family and on your social media as well so that others can benefit from it too.

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