35+ Enthralling Ninja Turtles Gift For Hardcore Fans

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not just a series of movies but a phenomenon that has been going strong for well over three decades, thanks to its massive and passionate fan base. And that is to be expected given its huge success over the years in almost every visual entertainment media format imaginable, be it movies, TV shows, or comic books so here are some ninja turtles gift.

If you are on the lookout for a Ninja Turtles gift for someone who is a big fan of these sewer-dwelling Kung-Fu master turtles, then you must have been overwhelmed by the number of choices present before you for ninja turtles gift.

However, there is no need to panic, as this list of 36 most unique Ninja Turtles gift ideas is the only list you will ever need in order to buy the perfect Ninja Turtles gift for the person you love.

If you are in a hurry, check out our Top 5 picks!

1) TMNT Snapback Cap – $

The first gift on our list of “Teenage” Mutant Ninja Turtles gifts is something a Teen will absolutely love to receive, i.e., a Snapback cap. And while normal snapback caps do not really qualify for a good gift, this one is special. This cap is completely covered with Ninja Turtles print, making it a desirable gift for TMNT enthusiasts teenage mutant ninja turtles gift

2) TMNT Pizza Maker – $$

Ninja Turtles love eating pizza and do so almost every day, so it would not be completely baseless to assume that the TMNT fan in your life also loves pizza. And if that is true, then this unique pizza maker with a quirky Ninja Turtles print can be a good gifting option.

3) Shredder Shredder – $

There is no way you can ignore this gift item if you are looking for a unique and fun gift. The pun in its name makes it one of the quirkiest TMNT gifts, and a TMNT fan is going to be absolutely flattered when they get to add this to their collection.

4) Ninja Turtles Chair Desk for Kids – $

If your kid is a fan of the Ninja Turtles, then this unique Ninja Turtles inspired chair with a desk can be a really useful and fun gift for him/her. The chair is completely covered with TMNT inspired art and has features like a removable cup holder and storage drawer.

5) TMNT Throw Blanket with Sleeves – $

This throw blanket with sleeves can be a really good option in case you are looking for a TMNT novelty gift. Once you cover yourself with this blanket and put your hands inside the sleeves, it will make you look and feel like one of the Ninja Turtles themselves, making it an awesome Ninja Turtles gift.

6) TMNT Kids Projector – $

One of the best Ninja Turtle toys currently available, this TMNT kid’s projector with 3 Ninja Turtle reels is a must-have for your kid if he/she is a fan of the franchise. The three reels that it comes with contain TMNT stories that you can watch with your kids and spend some quality family time.

7) Ninja Turtles Bathrobe – $

This one size fits all bathrobe inspired by the Ninja Turtles franchise is another practical gift you can give to a Ninja Turtles lover. The bathrobe is designed to make you look like Leonardo, the leader of the squad. The bathrobe is also made from good quality fabrics and will last for a long time.

8) Ninja Turtles Themed UNO – $

It is no secret that UNO is probably the most played card game in the world. Therefore, whether or not the gift receiver is a TMNT fan, they will still love getting this unique TMNT themed UNO card deck as a gift.

9) TMNT Miniature Pinball Machine – $

Pinball is another world-famous game that everyone has played at some point in their life, which makes this miniature handheld pinball machine inspired by the Ninja Turtles a really great gift. The machine has two buttons on either side, which are used to control the sticks, and it also has a stand.

10) Ninja Turtles Foldable Play Hut – $

Another great Ninja Turtles toy for kids, this foldable hut is inspired by the renowned shell raiser vehicle in which the turtles move around. When the hut is completely set up, it features multiple entry/exits, which can also be used to connect to other huts. This is one of the best options as a Ninja Turtles gift for children.

11) Michelangelo Key Holder – $

This key holder can be a good gifting option in case you are looking for a subtle last-minute TMNT gift. This key holder basically covers the handle of the key and gives it a new and interesting look and also has a chain that allows it to be used as a keychain.

12) Ninja Turtles LEGO Set – $$

Every kid loves LEGO, and there’s no denying that. And if your child also loves the Ninja Turtles, then this TMNT LEGO Set is going to be the perfect birthday gift for them. This LEGO set comes with 3 TMNT action figures and two vehicles that you can build, making it a really great TMNT toy for kids.

13) TMNT Shell Shaped Backpack – $

Backpacks make for a great functional gift for almost every occasion. And if you are looking for a backpack that can be gifted to a TMNT lover, then look no further. This Turtle shell-shaped backpacked inspired by and covered with TMNT art is the perfect Ninja Turtle gift for a kid or a teen ninja turtles gift bag.

14) TMNT Water Gun – $

Kids absolutely love playing with water guns, which is why they make for a great gift for children. And it can be an even better gift for a kid who loves the Ninja Turtles if it is inspired by TMNT. And that is exactly the case with this water gun, which features a water tank shaped like a turtle shell and a water gun shaped like a nunchuck.

15) Ninja Turtles Blanket with Pillow – $

I am not saying that this TMNT inspired blanket and pillow set was made not with kids in mind, but I do believe that if the gift receiver is a hardcore fan of the turtles, it won’t matter what age they are. But of course, this will always be a great gift for a Ninja Turtle fan kid ninja turtles gift basket

16) TMNT Sewer Lair Set – $$

If there’s one best TMNT toy for kids, then without a doubt, it is this TMNT Sewer Lair Playset. This comprehensive and sophisticated toy with multiple ways in which you can interact with it makes it the best TMNT toy for kids, and you should not miss the opportunity of gifting one to the person you love.

17) TMNT Novelty Socks – $

This is another good Ninja Turtles gift idea in case you are looking for a novelty gift. This pair of novelty socks are inspired by the most fun-loving Turtle, i.e., Michelangelo, and features a set of eyes with an orange band just like the said Turtle. The orange band actually hangs from the socks, which gives it a really unique look.

18) TMNT Movie Collection (Set of 4) – $

These 4 TMNT classics made a huge impact in the cinema world, making the Ninja Turtles one of the most famous franchises in the world, and now you can gift a collection of these movies to the TMNT fan in your life. This set of movies is a good budget TMNT gift idea ninja turtles gift bags

19) TMNT Baby Action Figures Set – $$

Most people are going to give the normal TMNT action figures as a gift to Ninja Turtles fans, so if you want to stand out, you should go with this set of action figures which features the turtles in their baby form. It also comes with accessories like an alternate hand for Michelangelo and a pizza box.

20) Ninja Turtles Nintendo Wii Game – $

Nintendo Wii might be discontinued, but there are people who still own this console. If you know someone who happens to have a Nintendo Wii and are looking for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gift idea, then you should consider giving them this classic TMNT Nintendo Wii game ninja turtles gift ideas

21) Ninja Turtles Underwear (Pack of 5) – $

Well, if your kid loves the Ninja Turtles and fancy underwear, then this set of 5 underwear will make for an excellent gift. These pairs of underwear are made from 100% cotton and feature unique TMNT inspired prints making them a good Ninja Turtles gift choice.

22) Leonardo Action Figure – $

Leonardo is the leader of the Ninja Turtles squad and my personal favorite. If it is also the favorite of the TMNT fan in your life, then you can always give them this Leonardo action figure as a gift. The action figure features the Turtle in his full glory, holding his weapon, the Katana.

23) TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History (Book) – $

The only gift a diehard fan of the Ninja Turtles should be getting is this book called “TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History.” This book contains everything one needs to know about the Ninja Turtles – from their humble beginnings to their multi-million-dollar success teenage mutant ninja turtles gift ideas

24) Retro Ninja Turtles Coffee Mug – $

A coffee mug is a gift you can give to anyone without having to worry about whether or not the person will like it. And if the person who is going to get this gift loves the Ninja Turtles, then he/she is going to love this coffee mug without a doubt. This coffee mug features a unique TMNT art on the outside and comes with a surprise TMNT sticker as well!

25) Ninja Turtles Pizza Book – $

All of us are well aware of the fact that the Ninja Turtles are diehard pizza lovers, and new technologically advanced weaponry is not the only thing they developed in their lair. They also invented some tasty pizza recipes, all of which are available in this book!

26) TMNT Dog Tag Necklace – $

Dog Tags make for good jewelry and are loved by teens and kids. So if you are searching for a gift for a teen who happens to like the TMNT, then you should consider giving them this Dog Tag with TMNT written over it. It also has some turtle shell design over it.

27) Ninja Turtles Kids Bedding – $

Good bedding can make all the difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep. So, if you want your kid, who is a Ninja Turtles fan, to sleep peacefully, then giving them this TMNT inspired bedding set can be a good gifting idea.

28) TMNT Jigsaw Puzzle (Set of 2) – $

Jigsaw puzzles never get old and are always a good gifting option for kids. Therefore, this set of 2 48-pieces jigsaw puzzles is another good gifting option for TMNT loving kids and children.


29) TMNT Board Game – $

Board games are the best way to enjoy and pass the time with your friends and family. And this board game based on the TMNT franchise can be a really good alternative for someone who’s bored with the traditional ones ninja turtles gift set

30) Ninja Turtles Wallet – $

A Ninja Turtles themed wallet with TMNT art all over it is everything a TMNT fan kid could ever ask for. And they can get that if you choose to gift them the wallet I have linked here, making their Ninja Turtle wallet fantasy come true ninja turtles gift sets

31) Shredder Bathrobe – $

Leonardo bathrobe is for kids, while the shredder bathrobe is for actual TMNT fans who love the arch-nemesis of the turtles. So if you happen to know someone of that sort, then go ahead and gift them this bathrobe that will make them look like this excellent super-villain teenage mutant ninja turtles gift bag

32) TMNT Monopoly – $

Monopoly is another world-famous game that you can get in the Ninja Turtles theme, and it is actually more interesting to play compared to the normal Monopoly. This is an excellent Ninja Turtles gift idea for someone who loves TMNT as well as board games.

33) Michelangelo Christmas Sweater – $

This Christmas, gift the Ninja Turtles fan in your family a sweater they will cherish forever. This TMNT themed Christmas sweater is based on Michelangelo, the most fun-loving Turtle out of the four! ninja turtles gift bag ideas.

34) The Complete Classic TMNT Movies Collection – $$$

If you think that the set of 4 movies featured above in the list is not enough for the TMNT fan you know, then you can always gift them this collection of 23 TMNT movies. This collection contains almost every TMNT movie that ever came out and will absolutely flatter the gift receiver.

35) TMNT Comics Volume 1 – $

If the TMNT fan you know is a real fan of the turtles, then he/she will very well know that the franchise first started with comic books and not the movies. And they will also very much appreciate this copy of the original TMNT comic book volume 1 that started it all.

36) TMNT Arcade Machine – $$$$

Finally, if you have a generous budget and want to give a big gift to the TMNT fan, then this Ninja Turtles arcade machine with 2 TMNT games is your best option. This machine comes with controls that feel just like the original arcade machines and an upgraded 17″ LCD display that lifts the overall playing experience.


Having gone through this list of 36 Ninja Turtles gift ideas, I am certain you must have found at least one gift item that you will be gifting to the TMNT fan in your life. But if for some reason, you do not feel like buying a gift, then you can always make one on your own by using the ideas in the DIY video linked below:

As far as buying a gift is concerned, I think that the 23 TMNT movie collection is the best gift you can gift to a TMNT fan since it is the gift they will enjoy the most and for the longest time.

If you liked this list of Ninja Turtles gifts and want to see more such curated lists on this website, then make sure to share this list with as many people as possible as that will encourage us to more such lists.

Also, make sure to drop a message to me through my contact me page in case you have any suggestions regarding any improvement that can be made on the list. 

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