37 Mind-Blowing Tequila Gifts For The Trippy People

Are you a tequila lover or do you know someone who is? Have you ever wanted to own something with tequila’s design on it or something which reminds you of tequila? If yes, then you are bound to like this amazing collection of tequila gifts.

Do we need the right time to gift someone? No, right. You can gift someone for so many reasons, it could be their birthday or a celebration like a thanksgiving or Christmas or to let them know how much you love them. Here you will find 30+ tequila gifts which can be gifted to him or her. Or why not treat yourself?

We can’t do a tequila shot together, but I can share my top favorite tequila gifts with you, right? So, here are my top 5 tequila gifts for you-

1. Tequila Decanter Set – $$

If you are a savant someone who likes to party in some experimental or fun way, then this is something made specially for you.

This handcrafted agave decanter with 6 agave shot glasses is perfect for your freaky parties. Any type of alcoholic drink can be served. A perfect tequila gift set, can also be placed at your home bar.

2. Tequila Glasses – $

This set of 2 tequila glasses are inspired by the original design of the Mexican Copitas. These authentic yet modern glasses are perfect for a Mezcal drinker.

Make your drinking experience more memorable and pleasurable, and enjoy the amazing sound produced by these glasses when you cheers!

3. Cocktail Recipe Glass for Tequila – $

This glass has got seven different cocktail recipes printed on them. It can be a really great gift for your drinking partner.

So, if you are a mixologist or know someone who is, then you must go for this glass. Enjoy the heavenly delicacies with your drinking buddy!

4. Tacos and Tequila Bamboo Stand  – $

These bamboo tacos and tequila holder stands are amazing for plating décor.

 This stand is eco-friendly, durable and easy to clean and can hold 6 tacos. And the best thing about this tray is that it has got 2 bonus salsa dip or shot glasses holder.

5. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses – $

Looking for something unique or out of the box for your bar? I bring to you these all natural, hand carved Himalayan salt shot glasses. Mesmerising, isn’t it?

These beautiful 3-inch pink salt shot glasses come in a set of 4. It resists the growth of bacteria and it gives the amazing flavor of salt to your tequila shots, naturally.

6. Parody Plush Dog Toy – $

“Dogmestic & Impawted”. Get these amazing fun gag gift for your dog now. This is dedicated to all the tequila lover dog Moms and Dads.

The design of this toy is puptron tequila. This means giving your dog something that you like, secretly!

7. Tequila Plush Stuffed Toy – $

Want a tequila toy for yourself? Or want to gift tequila bottle toy to someone? Don’t worry! I have got a similar and even bigger stuffed toy for you as well.

With its cute design, this 8-inch tequila stuffed toy is perfect for all the playful and light hearted tequila lovers. Anyone would appreciate this soft and cuddly gift.

8. Shot Glass Roulette Complete Set Drinking Game – $

A game changer?

With this amazing fairly odd thing, you could gamble at home for free (no need to go to the Casino). It is available in 6 pieces and also 16. The choice is yours. Keep the party rolling because… what happens in Vegas, now happens in your house.

9. Globe Decanter Set – $$

Do you like to travel the world? Do you like to keep tequila close to your heart (or right next to you)? If yes, then this one’s for you.

This stylish 8 in 1 decanter set includes- 4 world map etched (10 oz) glasses, an antique ship, a wooden stand with handles, bottle stopper and a pouring funnel. A classy addition to luxury tequila gifts.

10. Tequila-Tacos Kitchen Towel – $

It is a funny, cute kitchen towel which reads ‘tequila, tacos and best friends.’ Grab it and give it to your tequila buddy or partner.

I am sure your hygienic kitchen lover lady or friend will love it. One of the best off the beat tequila gifts.

11. Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser – $

This funny and amusing liquor dispenser is a perfect gift for a funny friend for his home bar décor. Just the look of it is good enough to make someone laugh.

This dispenser design is inspired from the world-famous Manneken Pis bronze sculpture fountain (located in Brussels, Belgium). It can be gifted to anyone who loves jokes.

12. Premium Bar Accessories Gift Set – $

This is a really perfect present for the occasion like house warming, bachelor party etc.

 This set includes 8 granite chilling drink stones, 2 large crystal drinking glasses and 2 coasters. All these come in an exquisite handmade wooden box. A great tequila flight gift set.

13. Artistic Tequila Pitcher – $

This aesthetically pleasing and designer pitcher is made of high-quality ceramic and dolamite material. This functional and decorative lady face design pitcher is durable.

It is going to add a fun element or whimsy to your dining table, kitchen or bar. It comes in a gift box, a special gift for a special someone.

14. Funny Tequila Unisex T-shirt – $

This unisex t-shirt is a perfect gag gift for your drink buddy or you can buy it as a twinning gift for you and your partner. 

This black t-shirt has a crew neck style with short sleeves and is made of high-quality material.

15. Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass – $

This set comes with, cocktail stirring glass beaker, Japanese jigger, bar mixer spoon along with muddle and strainer. A complete gift comprised of everything a cocktail lover could ask for.

You can set this classy cocktail mixing glass at your home bar or can give it to someone who loves mixology. It comes with a 3-year quality guarantee (don’t drop it though, even when you’re drunk).

16. Hand Blown Mexican Tequila Glasses – $

This set of 6 hand blown Mexican tequila glasses are eco-friendly, lead-free and are made from recycled glass (feel proud when you drink from these glasses).

 These 2 oz each, confetti design glasses could be given to your friend or partner to surprise them with their outstanding design.

17. Famous Gangster Mugshots Glasses – $

Big things come in small packages (or I must say small glasses). These 6-piece shot glasses are, without a doubt, perfect for your gangster gang.

These brilliantly designed shot glasses feature America’s most notorious gangsters. It comes in a tequila gift box with the same mugshots theme. Ready for the most mischievous drink over? (Don’t forget to place rewards!)

18. Unique Tequila Glass – $

This is one unique piece of tequila glass which can be given on any occasion to any tequila lover. It is stylish, mesmerising and reasonable.

Perfect for a dining room or bar décor, it is going to compliment other bar accessories. This Emperor shot glass is going to catch everyone’s interest for sure.

19. Reusable Water Bottle with Time Marker – $

Feeling dehydrated is quite common after a hardcore party night. What’s the best thing to overcome nasty hangover? Water water water…

This could be one of the most thoughtful tequila gifts for dad. Stay hydrated with this BPA-free bottle which has hourly time marking giving you hourly goals. Say bye to the hangover mornings! Just do not refill it with tequila…

20. Funny Tin Sign Bar Decor – $

This one is an amazing gift even for the non-drinkers. Let them know how it feels after getting drunk.

This humor sign reads- “1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor”, with a blurred effect to signify drunkenness. Decorate your bar with this sign or give it to someone playful. I am sure this sign is going to suit the taste and style of all the drunkards

21. Tequila Design Socks – $

This pair of socks is an excellent heart-warming (and feet warming) gift for your lady. It reads “yes, you can dance – Tequila” which makes it cool.

So, if your tequila lover lady is fond of hitting the floor right after her first drink (or even if she hesitates), then you must pick these cute and meaningful socks for her. tequila drinker gifts.

22. Tequila Stainless Tumbler – $

One of the cutest tequila gifts for her – a perfect travel mug for your tequila lover lady. It can be given to your traveller or drinker partner or friend.

The bright pink color stainless steel tumbler with lid is quite eye-catching. It reads “this is probably tequila”. Just try to walk straight when you carry this tumbler with you. Get ready to grab the attention of tequila lovers…

23. Mexican Hand-Blown Glass Jar – $

This incredibly crafted cobalt blue glass jar is perfect for those hazy night parties. It is unique in its own way. Pour your tequila into your glasses from this classy and royal glass jar.

This handmade jar can hold approximately 84 fluid ounces. I am in love with it’s color. personalized tequila gifts.

24. Multicolor Recycled Glassware Set – $

These unique artisans crafted, lead-free, hand-blown tequila glasses highlight artistry and craft at its peak.

This VIP set of 6 glasses have got an attractive design and are handcrafted in Mexico. These are sturdy and dishwasher safe. You can use this as a dining or bar décor or give it to someone with similar taste (who likes to own something exclusive).

25. Tequila and Lime Couple print T-shirt – $

This one is dedicated to all the tequila couples. Cheer to your love for each other and for tequila!

We all know for a fact that tequila and lime are best together, so are you and your partner. So, get this amazing, soft, and comfortable couple t-shirt for you and your better half.

26. Tequila Coffee Mug – $

Let me bring to you something unusual – A Tequila Coffee Mug! You can drink any type of liquid in this. It simply reads “tequila”, which is written in blue color.

You can give this to your coffee or hot drinks lover friend. Fill this mug for your daily jolt of energy downing to suppress the hangover, in the tequila way. tequila christmas gifts.

27. Surfboard Wood Plague Sign – $

It has the quote “take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila” printed on it. It looks perfectly amazing and going to inspire you for a tequila margarita.

You can hang it in your bar room or dining space. It is going to remind you of that tropical, coastal, Hawaiian or beach themed party! tequila related gifts.

28. Stainless Steel Skinny Tumbler With Straw Lid – $

The previously listed Tequila Stainless Tumbler is perfect for ladies. This time it is a tequila tumblr for him, which reads “might be water, might be tequila” (for not so obvious men).

Perfect for tea, coffee, water, beer, tequila and all your favorite drinks. Keeps cold drinks hot and hot drinks cold (no I am not drunk, just kidding. Yes, it’s the opposite). tequila accessories gifts.


29. 40 Best Cocktails Book for Tequila and Mezcal Lovers – $

If you love reading books and love tequila then this one’s for you. It is an exclusive book which has got 40 amazing cocktail recipes for all the tequila and Mezcal lovers.

Now you don’t need to scroll the web to find the right recipe. You just need to open this book and you’re all set to shake, muddle and stir!

30. The tequila dictionary – $

A tequila dictionary? Yes, perfect for someone who likes to get into the smallest of details. If you are that perfect someone, who wants to learn all about tequila, then just grab this dictionary without a second thought.

You might feel like you have done a short term, extraordinary course on tequila after reading this revolutionary tequila guide!

31. Non Slip Rubber Indoor Doormat – $

This unique tequila inspired doormat reads “come back when you have tacos and tequila”.

So, next time your partner leaves home, ask him to read the mat instructions. You get both tequila and tacos when he/she is back. unique tequila gifts.

32. Bottle Opener and Fridge Magnet – $

It is a cute little fridge magnet come bottle opener with tequila inspired design and print. This circular fridge magnet looks simple yet exquisite.

This multifunctional fridge magnet is made of high-quality stainless steel and is strong and durable. Perfect as keepsake memento!

33. Bamboo Platter Set – $$

A drink is incomplete without some great snacks, right? Accompany your tequila drink with your favorite appetizers in this beautiful platter set, made from bamboo and zinc alloy.

This is not just a platter; it is a complete party set. This rustic wooden platter set includes a cheese board, 4 coasters made of cork, 4 skewers, a spreader, and a wine stopper. A must have party essential! best tequila gifts

34. Bartender Wall Organizer with Bar Tool Set – $$

A complete all-in-one professional bartender kit perfect for home bartending. I am sure your loved ones will never feel like leaving your place. So, buy at your own risk and get ready to welcome them over and over again.

This ultimate barware set includes canvas organizer, portable bar bag for cocktail kit, bartending equipment for mixing cocktails and a recipe pocket booklet.

35. Waterproof Bartender Bag with Bartender Kit – $$

If you are someone who doesn’t want to leave the booze anytime anywhere, then this bag is a wise choice (even if you are a shift bartender!)

Whether you are professional or an amateur this 11 -pieces high-quality stainless-steel bar set, includes all the essential bar tools. With this kit you have all the power to make great cocktails. tequila lover gifts.

36. Patron Tequila Face Mask or Neck Warmer – $

This unisex face mask can also be used as a neck warmer, scarf or headband. The fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and antistatic.

Get ultimate protection from wind, cold, dust and Uv rays, with this stylish, attention-grabbing multi-purpose tequila facemask. patron tequila gifts.

37. Incanter Clear Infusing Bottle – $$

Infuse your favorite liquor with your favorite ingredients with this infuser (decanter with infusing tube, rubber stopper and a coaster). It has a holding capacity of upto 13 oz and is hand blown from lead- free crystal.

A perfect combination of Italian elegance and Swedish simplicity. Enjoy the look when your favorite fruits or spices get infused with your drinks! tequila gifts sets.

These were some of the best tequila gifts that you can give to your friends, family, relatives and colleagues. I hope you will enjoy selecting the perfect tequila present, as much as I did while curating this list. So, this was it – everything you need except for the booze. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tequila or tequila gifts”. Even If you are not a drinker, I am sure these tequila gifts will inspire you to be one! And last but not the least, I have got a funny tequila video for you (I hope it will inspire you to change your password to “Tequila”) If you have any feedback for me feel free to share that with me on my contact me page.

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