World Of Warcraft Gifts – 50 Cool Ideas To Surprise Your Friends

World of Warcraft has witnessed immense popularity and increase in usage for over fifteen years. It deals with the battle between Orcs v/s Humans of warcraft, making it idle for both light and hardcore gamers. But even after hearing constant praises from your peers and friends, you haven’t given it a try to these world of warcraft gifts , it is okay!

In such a situation, getting idle World of Warcraft gifts for your person can be difficult for you due to lack of knowledge. Expert at your rescue! After investing countless hours playing and researching this game, I have come up with a super cool gifts list that will instantly lift up his mood. It does not matter if he is a supporter of Alliance or Horde, there is something for everybody world of warcraft gifts and world of warcraft gifts for him.

If you are in a hurry check out my top 5 recommendations:

1.     Pandaren Brewmaster Figure for anyone who loves to be Pandaren in game-$

If you know someone who is a big-time follower of warcraft series and has a thing for collecting various merchandise, get him the Pandaren Brewmaster action figure. It features a plastic body sculpted by the director in charge of creating the game world of warcraft gifts for her or him.

2.    World of Warcraft Official Cookbook for who loves to eat-$

If you find the delicacies of the game irresistible, level up your culinary skills with World of Warcraft Official Cookbook. It features all the recipes inspired by the whole realm of Azeroth. Invite over your clan and prepare a feast with over 100 recipes world of warcraft christmas gifts

3.    World Of Warcraft Book Collection for exploring the history of characters-$$

If you are one of those nerdy gamers who are willing to take their love for warcraft to the next level, this book set is all you need.  The World of Warcraft Book Collection includes five separate books, each of it dealing with a specific character gifts for world of warcraft lovers.

4.    Legendary Coffee Mug for the love of coffee/tea-$

Have your morning cup of coffee in this legendary coffee mug inspired from your new-found love for World of Warcraft. It is a great conversation starter around the people with the same interest and addiction for both coffee and game gifts for world of warcraft players.

5.    Heroes of The Storm – Arthas Action Figure something to treasure for life-$$

Surprise a warcraft game series fan by getting him this memorable Hero of The Storm – Arthas action figure. Along with a Frostmourne sword accessory, it comes with approximately 30 points of articulation for great battle poses best world of warcraft gifts.

6.    Murlocs Tote Bag for a comfortable wear on your shoulder-$

Looking for something light and colourful as a gift for your sister or girlfriend? You can never go wrong with a Tote Bag. The Murlocs Tote Bag is a multi-purpose bag that can go with anything. It comes with a main zipper closure to protect their stuff from falling apart.

7.    Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad for sure shot winning-$$

Brighten up their gaming experience by getting the idlest World of Warcraft gifts for one who is always in the heat of a PVP battle. The Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad is all they need to burn down their opponent in the lightning-fast speed. No doubt it is a #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals.

8.    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse to power your action with lightning-fast accuracy-$

Anyone who likes to play WoW with the full competitive spirit would definitely want to have this versatile Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse. It features 20 MMO tuned buttons along with G shift ring finger button. With the ability to personalise your way with thumb panel lighting colours and button assignments, you can ensure full comfort.

9.    WoW Blackout Ceramic Coffee Mug to match your classy personality-$

Make everyone around you jealous with this classy WoW Blackout ceramic coffee mug. It is a black matte mug which gives it a royal and classy look. You can easily carry it around in your office and let everyone know your love for World of Warcraft. At least now they know what to get you on your next birthday.  

10.  Alliance Limited Edition Collection Pin as a symbol for a fan club-$

Show off your crazy love for your favourite game by organising a small fan club and notarise it by getting each member the Alliance Limited Edition Collection Pin. If your mates still fuss about Garrosh for Theramore, then this one’s for you.

11.  Extra Wide Faction Mouse Pad to make your gaming better-$

Now play your game without any hindrances with Extra Wide Faction Mouse Pad. It is an 11.8×23.6×0.12 Inch which can accompany both your keyboard and mouse for perfect dual functioning. The ultra-smooth surface and stitched edges make the surface precisely smooth for easy movement of the mouse.

12.  MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE-442 15.6″ Gaming Laptop to be his favourite person for life-$$$$

If you are looking for a high-end World of Warcraft gifts for someone special, pamper him with the best of the best gaming laptops. The MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE-442 15.6″ is an ultra-thin and light gaming laptop with Intel Core i7 processor. It features 16GB (8G*2) along with a largest 99.9Whr battery.

13.  Baby Yeti Whomper Plush as a décor accessory for her computer table-$

If you are blessed with a girlfriend who matches your level of craziness for World of Warcraft, you are lucky! Cherish her charm by randomly gifting her cute yet WoW customised stuff. This Baby Yeti Whomper Plush is a cute soft toy that can join her adventures throughout the realms of Azeroth.

14.  The WoW Diary Book to get the hold of anatomy of a computer game developer-$

Geek alert! The WoW Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development by John Staats is a perfect option for a nerd who loves to peep inside the mind of the creator of WoW. From blueprint to execution, it mentions each and every detail. Surprisingly, he even covered each argument, mistakes and Blizzard’s formulas it took for the success of this game.

15.  WoW Wall Clock something perfectly beautiful-$

Searching for something original that can be used as a perfect decoration piece in any game’s room? Check out the WoW Wall Clock from 7ArtsStudio that give a soothing effect with its wooden finish look. It can be hung in office, living room or bedroom due to its super-cool cut design.

16.  Arthas Funko Pop Figurine something he can treasure for life-$

Funko has always been known for its perfectly detailed and sculpted action figure. Surprise your friend with an Arthas Funko Pop Figurine that can be perfectly placed on his desk or beside the monitor. Every time he will look at it, he will think about you.

17.  Durotan Phone Charging Statue- an interesting way to dock your phone-$

A Swordfish Tech Warcraft, Durotan Statue Phone Charging Dock is the best way to complete the diorama scene at your place. It can accommodate sizes up to Galaxy S6 edge+ and iPhone 6S Plus which gives you a wide range of options. Place it on your nightstand or computer table and double up the vibes of your room.

18.  Sound Blaster WoW Wireless Headset to experience the game like never before-$$

For anyone who loves to spend maximum time shouting on their gaming screen will definitely love the Sound Blaster WoW Wireless Headset. Give them the luxurious chance to fully immerse themselves in the battlefield. The THX TruStudio PC sound technologies will upgrade the sound quality along with giving a feel of audio realism.

19.  World of Warcraft Adventure Tee something he will love-$

Make him laugh by getting a cute World of Warcraft Adventure Tee. It is a casual t-shirt that will let him show off his love for the longest running game ever. Short sleeves and a classic crew cut neck make it comfortable to be worn at night or during household chores.

20.  Alliance Cotton Robe for something comfortable on louse weekends-$$

For the Alliance! Bring his love for World of Warcraft in the bathroom by getting a stylish Alliance Cotton Robe. It is a perfect wear for him to stroll around the house on his lazy days. The high-quality materials and rich deep color makes it an idle gift option for your husband.

21.  World of Warcraft Hearthstone Stress Ball to ease up the game pressure-$

Ask any gamer, how difficult it is to handle the sudden level up of adrenalin rush. With a great victory comes lots of stress and bashing. If you know someone who easily gets fired upon a single loose of his troop member, get him the much-needed World of Warcraft Hearthstone Stress Ball.

22.  World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1 to explore the exciting history that shaped the world of Azeroth -$

Get ready to behold the journey through an age of myth and legend with the World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume1. Know about some intriguing facts and stories that go way back before the commencement of Horde and the Alliance. It is the best World of Warcraft gifts for a loves to be a ‘know it all’ person.

23.  World Of Warcraft: 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition to prepare you for next adventure-$

It is time for you to celebrate and encourage the tremendous online gaming community that three-fold upgraded your virtual battling experience. The Blizzard Entertainment has launched World of Warcraft: 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition as a tribute to the fantasy world of Azeroth. Get your own frame able fine art prints and look into the realms your character has explored from the past 15 years.

24.  Warcraft: The Board Game – Expansion for levelling up your party-$$

After seeing the immense popularity of World of Warcraft, many board games, movies and books have paved its production w.r.t the same theme. Got a house party to host this weekend? Entertain your guest with some cool board games i.e. Warcraft: The Board Game – Expansion. It can be played by four players within a playtime of 60-90 min.

25.  Horde Wallet if you care for his choices-$

Thinking of something simple yet special? If your boyfriend is a big Horde fan, a wallet is always a safe option. He can never go overboard in his gaming events with a Horde themed wallet. Make his friends jealous by gifting what every proud Horde desire to have and become his best girlfriend.

26.  World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game- for a nostalgic hit-$

What blissful days were they, gathering in a big living room and playing monopoly with your favourite set of cousins. Bring back those memories with World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game that will celebrate your love for both monopoly and WoW. Give a call to your same set of cousins and have a blast while shouting, cheating and winning.

27.  World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth-  Storm the warfronts-$

Are you one of those whose heart still relentlessly conflicts during the end of the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade but somehow unable to give up your desire to play more?  Join your allies and champion your faction’s cause because it is time to ambush the opponents with the fire of war.

28.  Lothar Statue Phone Charging Dock – a 2-In-1 Phone Dock and charger-$

There is no more happiness for a true gamer and technology nerd than upgrading his basic electronics to customised premium sculpts and painting detailed stuff. In case you feel like pampering your brother or best friend, get them a Lothar Statue Phone Charging Dock. It features “Load & lock” universal cord fit for Micro USB and Apple Lightning cable plug sizes.

29.  Warcraft Movie Blu-ray to treat their eyes with the best-$

Just say Blu-ray and see how their eyes will sparkle with happiness. If you know someone who is a true movie buff and loves the whole idea of Azeroth, Warcraft Movie Blu-ray is all they need. Keeping the location and characters the same as the game, the movie is a treat for both Horde and Alliance supporters.

30.  Mega Bloks: Goblin Zeppelin to be played in your next get together-$

Build your own Goblin Zeppelin airship with the Mega Bloks inspired from WoW. The set features a unique balloon and a brick-blasting cannon launcher to make you ready for the most intriguing battle of your life.

31.  War of The Ancients Book one- to embark a new saga-$

What could be some of the perfect World of Warcraft gifts for someone who likes to linger on his interest behind the game? A nice heart-wrenching book which will hook you up till end through its cliff-hanging story! Explore this epic trilogy by starting with WarCraft: War of The Ancients Book one by Richard A. Knaak.

32.  Warcraft Horde Banner to bring out the vibes of the room-$

Ditch the regular WoW merchandises and get him something that he deserves. Convert his gaming area by giving it a makeover like a battlefield. With Warcraft Horde Banner and some action figures of his favourite characters can jazz up the room within seconds. 

33.  Fight for The Alliance for all the Alliance in the house!-$

Is your boyfriend a nerd geek who spends the rest of his time playing his favourite game? Let his peers know that he is a true Alliance by getting him Fight for The Alliance Gamer shirt. It is a cool half sleeves shirt that can be casually worn around during gaming events or on any other day.

34.  Lothar Prestige Costume to be a replica of King llane-$$

Why only comic fans have all the fun through comic con events? Create your own game con and dress up as your favourite character. All the WoW fandom could not disagree with my selfless love for Lothar. If you are just like me, get yourself the Lothar Prestige Costume for your event. Leave everyone awestruck with your looks.

35.  World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion – PC/Mac as best world of warcraft gifts-$

Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion – PC/Mac. If you want to cage someone’s gaming experience this can be it. It will intensify the battle in greater detail with its all-new character models and animations.

36.  One Handed Mini Gaming Keypad to upgrade your gaming style-$


I am sure your friend might have never heard of One Handed Mini Gaming Keypad which might look extremely bizarre yet proves to be very useful. It is a mini gaming keypad with the ergonomic game controller to make it compatible for World of Warcraft. It comfortably fits and functions with one hand, making people around him awestruck.  

37.  WoW Horde Premium Hoodie for a versatile look-$$

If you want to gift something less flashy and simple, go for WoW Horde Premium Hoodie. With a neutral Charcoal Heather colour, it will be appropriate for any occasion. With the Horde symbol at back, people will automatically know in which team he belongs.

38.  Varian Wrynn’s Shalamayne Sword for your geek friend-$

You are not a true nerd if you do not decorate your room with your favourite game’s merchandises. Surprise you friend with one of the best world of warcraft gifts i.e. a Varian Wrynn’s Shalamayne Sword. It is 112 cm tall that can easily be hung in bedroom or office with the help of mount display plaque (included).

39.  Funko Pop Games: Wow Thrall Figure if you miss him after warcraft 3-$$

If you know someone who loves to collect action figures inspired from WoW game, get him

Thrall Figure. Just in case they do not miss out the best! It will double up the essence of their whole collection, leaving his guest jealous. Try to collect them all to complete your set.

40.  JuJuBe World of Warcraft Accessory Bag Collection for carrying out important stuff-$

Planning of taking your organisation skills at the next level? Get your hands on these amazing set of JuJuBe World of Warcraft Accessory Bags. The collection includes three different sized bags along with detachable shoulder and wristlet strap. No more digging around for small important stuff as each of it comes with 1 zippered main compartment.

41.  World of Warcraft Behind the Scenes DVD Collection for something unexpectedly different-$$

Astonish them with something that they might have never seen before. The World of Warcraft Behind the Scenes 6-DVD collection is a limited exclusive edition. It inculcates 10 hours of behind-the-scenes material from the juggernaut Warcraft video game franchise. With a mesmerising art work on each case, it is a beautifully perfect edition to his shelf.

42.  Cold Hearted Son of a Witch for enticing stories and adventure-$

Get ready and hop on your dragons to embark on a quest for finding the special mushrooms Mysterian. Relish the twist and turns in the life of five dragoneers and how they overcome the terrible threats. The Cold Hearted Son of a Witch by M. R. Mathias is breathtaking gift for any fantasy lover.

43.  Warcraft Horde Hoodie- exclusively for horde fan club-$

Help them to embrace their support for Horde fiction, with their own Warcraft Horde hoodie. The zipper features a Horde crest on the front, “For the Horde” on the back plus logos and symbols on both sleeves for a prominent look. Apart from wearing during gaming nights, they can casually put it on. 

44.  WoW Trading Card Game – Assault On Ice crown- go grab yours now-$$

Playing your favourite game can be a bit of a task when you are on a constant move. The portability issue or lack of proper internet connection can be a great barrier for your enjoyment. With WoW Trading Card Game, you can relish and enjoy your favourite characters wherever and whenever you want.

45.  World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book for bringing the locations of Warcraft to life-$

Searching for a mind blowing world of warcraft gifts for your friend, brother or husband? Trigger some of their creative instincts with World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book. All they need to do is to pick their favourite weapon and lead on towards an astonishing vision of the world of Azeroth with their creative skills.

46.  World of Warcraft Prepaid Game Time for unlimited fun-$

Be their favourite person by getting the World of Warcraft Prepaid Game Time on their upcoming birthday. It will enable them to discover thousands of custom quests along with creating their own hero from different choices. They can continue their epic quest for 60 days without a credit card. Now you have another reason to crash on their place unannounced.

47.  Horde Symbol T-Shirt as your team jersey-$

If not team Alliance, it must be team Horde. If planning another adrenaline rushed gaming event with your pals, support your favourite team by wearing a Horde Symbol T-Shirt. It will inspire you all to fight with 100% motivation. It can also be used as a gift on your fellow player’s birthday.

48.  World Of Warcraft Collectible Cups Set to enjoy them for years to come-$

Planning a birthday party for your friend? Make it more exciting with interesting games and intriguing décor. Beer pongs in the WoW cup set will definitely this party as talk of the town. Be the best host by giving your guest a night to remember. These cups can be later used during regular drinking nights. cool world of warcraft gifts.

49.  Vinyl For The Horde Clock for the members of Hord-$

Horde fans alert! Surprise your friend with this spell bounding wall clock on his birthday. Apart from featuring Horde symbol it has a unique vinyl design with engraved Trolls, Taurens and Orcs on the top. It is no less than a wall art that can deck up his living room, office or the gaming area.

50.  World Of Warcraft Wall Tapestry as a decoration item-$

Show off your craziness for World of Warcraft with the SUIBIAN Banner Flag. It might be different than regular merchandises, but it is an idle banner to hang around especially in dorm rooms, porch or just as a beach throw. Add a statement to your gaming room by choosing from Horde, Alliance, Arthas or a world map of Azeroth. a great world of warcraft gifts.

I am always up for new challenges and interested in upgrading my gaming skills. Keeping same in mind, one of my favourites from World of Warcraft gifts list is the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. It will help me multi-teasingly fight the battle. Apart from this, each product mentioned in my list is practically useful and relevant. Your friend will get the hang of it. If you have some more ideas regarding the same, do contact me on my contact page. If any of the gifts bought a smile on your friend’s face, then do like and share my article. Happy gaming!

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