49 Exceptional Rick And Morty Gifts For Those Anime Lovers Out There!

Rick and Morty might be an animated series, but it has fans in almost every age group and all around the world. It is a pretty successful franchise with a huge fan base thanks to its interesting plot and deep and meaningful storyline in which Rick, a crazy yet brilliant scientist along with his grandson Morty travel through time and space and go on thrilling adventures.

If you happen to know someone who is a big fan of this duo (which is highly likely) and are looking for some Rick and Morty gifts for them, then you came to the right place.

Here in this article, I have gathered 49 most unique and interesting Rick and Morty gifts and have made a list out of it. This list contains a wide variety of Rick and Morty gifts, and I am certain you will find at least one gift that will suit your needs.

If you are in a hurry, check out our Top 5 picks:

1) “I Turned Myself into A Mug Morty” Coffee Mug – $

If you have ever watched this show, you will very well know that Rick more often than not ends up turning himself into some other creature or object. Which is why this coffee mug can be a really witty Rick and Morty gift for the fans – something they will definitely enjoy receiving.

2) “Existence Is Pain” Mr Meeseeks Patch – $

Don’t we all agree with this golden advice from Mr Meeseeks? You don’t have to be a Rick and Morty fan to relate with this quote, but the Rick and Morty you gift this to will definitely relate to it on another level.

3) Rick and Morty Toy Portal Gun – $

The portal gun is probably the most used gadget by the duo and is also one of the most popular among fans. Therefore, this replica of that famous gadget can be a really good Rick and Morty gift idea.

4) Wolf Paw Slippers – $

Mr Meeseeks’s existence isn’t a source of happiness for him, but it can for the Rick and Morty who receives this coffee mug with Mr Meeseeks hidden inside it. This is a really good option in case you are looking for a unique Rick and Morty mug for gifting purposes.

5) Rick and Morty Novelty Socks (Pack of 2) – $

A Rick and Morty fan is sure to love these pair of novelty socks which feature unique Rick and Morty inspired prints. This set contains two pairs of socks with two different designs, both of which are unique and fashionable.

6) Pickle Rick Funko Pop – $

Everyone knows how popular Funko Pops are. And every Rick and Morty fan also knows that pickle Rick is probably the most famous Rick transformation. Therefore, this pickle Rick Funko Pop makes a perfect sense and is also an ideal gift for Rick and Morty lovers.

7) Rick and Morty Christmas Sweater – $$

This Christmas, surprise the Rick and Morty fan in your house with this perfect gift. This Rick and Morty sweater features a pickle Rick which goes to show just how much fans love Pickle Rick. This is the best Rick and Morty gift for Christmas.

8) Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Board Game – $

Anyone who has watched the anatomy park episode of Rick and Morty will know how fun this board game is going to be. Gift the Rick and Morty fan in your family this board game, and enjoy some quality time with them while you play the game.

9) The World According to Rick (A Rick and Morty Book) – $

The super-smart scientist is here to share the way he sees this world. And he has done so through this book. There is no way a Rick and Morty fan would not want to read this book. So why not gift him one?

10) Rick and Morty Card Game – $

If the Rick and Morty fan in your life is more of a cards type person than a board game type, then you should consider giving them this card game based on the series. This game can be played by 2-5 people, making it a perfect pass time in family gatherings.

11) Rick and Morty Portal Gun Umbrella – $

Give your beloved Rick and Morty fan a way to stand out of the crowd when the clouds come pouring down. This unique Rick and Morty inspired umbrella is one of its kind and will definitely make them excited when they receive it as a present.

12) Rick and Morty Shower Curtain – $

If the Rick and Marty fan for whom you are buying this gift is lazy when it comes to bathing, then you should definitely give them this shower curtain with Rick and Morty art on it. One of the coolest and most functional Rick and Morty gifts on the list, this curtain is sure to make them bathe more often.

13) Rick and Morty S01-S03 (Blu-Ray) – $

Given the Rick and Morty fan receiving this gift has a Blu-Ray player and a projector, this set of Blu-Ray discs from season one of the show to season three is going to be a really entertaining gift. They will surely fall in love with you once you gift them these.

14) Rick and Morty SpaceShip USB Light – $

USB lights can be pretty useful in case your laptop does not have a backlit keyboard or during blackouts. And now they can also be fun, thanks to these ones, inspired by Rick’s spaceship. These can make for really great last-minute Rick and Morty gifts.

15) Rick and Morty Fleece Blanket – $

Well yeah, you can always cover yourself with normal-looking blankets and still be warm. But if you want to be warm as well as “cool” at the same time then this Rick and Morty inspired blanket is the way to go. There is no reason to have second thoughts while gifting this to a Rick and Morty fan.

16) Rick and Morty Soundtrack Vinyl – $

This music in Rick and Morty is just as good as the series itself, and a vinyl collection of the soundtracks can be a really thoughtful and elegant gift choice for the show’s fans. Although having a vinyl player is a prerequisite for the gift. Or you can just gift them the CD or MP3 version of it.

17) Pickle Rick Tiki Mug – $

The next one on my list of Rick and Morty presents is a rather unique one. Tiki Mugs are usually seen in Tiki bars or tropical themed restaurants, but having one at your home can be really useful, as they can be utilized as decorative when not being used. And this Rick themed Tiki Mug will make for a great gift choice for a fan of the show.

18) Rick and Trivia Game – $

If the Rick and Morty fan in your life always claims to know everything about the show, then this Rick and Morty trivia game is the perfect way to put their knowledge to test. This game contains 600 different questions based on characters, locations and events, and is an excellent gift idea for Rick and Morty fans.

19) Rick and Morty Wall Art – $

Wall decorations and art pieces are always appreciated as gifts because everyone loves decorating their home. And this wall art based on Rick and Morty is definitely going to make a fan of the show jump with joy.

20) Rick and Morty Coasters – $

A budget-friendly yet creative gifting idea, this set of 4 Rick and Morty coasters is a must-have for every fan of the show. These coasters look like the portal made by Rick’s portal gun, and each one has different characters coming out of it which give it a really unique look.

21) Rick and Morty Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass – $

This 2-in-1 gift that doubles as a shot glass and a sauce dipper is definitely going to appeal to Rick and Morty fans who love the Szechuan Sauce episode of the show. This officially licensed merchandise of the show comes in a box, making it suitable for gifting purposes.

22) Rick and Morty Plush Slippers – $

A great gift if their birthday falls in winters, this pair of plush Rick and Morty slippers is the best way to keep their feet warm and cosy. The slippers are made from 100% cotton and are deliberately mismatched so that they can match the show itself in terms of quirkiness.

23) Talking Pickle Rick – $

The most loved alter ego of our favourite mad scientist, the Pickle Rick, is now available in a talking toy format which can be a great collectable item for the fans of the show. The toy only speaks two phrases, “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!” and “I’m Pickle Rick!”, but that should be enough to excite a true fan of the show.

24) Rick and Morty Hoodie – $

This is the easy yet coolest Rick and Morty gifts that you can give to your friends, if they need new clothes, this unique looking hoodie is sure to make anyone happy given how cool it looks. The hoodie features a chic design all over it, giving it a distinctive look.

25) Rick and Morty Official Coloring Book – $

Colouring books are a great way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon, and this colouring book that features Rick and Morty pictures is going to be the only one they spend their time with once you gift it to a diehard fan of the series.

26) The Science of Rick and Morty (Book) – $

This book should be a top contender in your list of possible gifts if the person you are buying this gift for is a hardcore fan and not just a normal one. This book talks about the little science and logic that is behind the show and does so very well.

27) Rick and Morty T-Shirt – $

The famous ripple junction created by Rick’s portal gun is probably the best thing you can put on a t-shirt, and this t-shirt does exactly that. Available in 6 different sizes, from S to XXXL, the t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.

28) Mr Meeseeks Snapback Hat – $

There is no cooler hat you can give to a Rick and Morty fan than this Meeseeks snapback hat. Made from acrylic and wool, the hat has an adjustable strap which makes it suitable for all head sizes.

29) Rick and Morty Spaceship Die-Cut Lunch Box – $

In case your beloved Rick and Morty fans love making a statement with their lunchboxes then this eccentric lunchbox with a 3D silhouette of Rick’s spaceship should be one of the perfect Rick and Morty gifts for them.

30) Mr Meeseeks Onesie – $

Be it for Halloween or just your own fun this Mr Meeseeks onesie is going to be well-received as a gift by Rick and Morty lovers. This onesie comes in 6 different sizes, so the size of your Rick and Morty fan doesn’t matter.

31) Rick and Morty Sticker Pack – $

This 66-pcs set of Rick and Morty stickers will be enough to cover all of their gadgets and other items so that they can show off their love for the series. All the stickers are waterproof and really high-quality with unique and quirky artwork.

32) CLUE: Rick and Morty Mystery Board Game – $$

This board game will bring you the closest you can get to going on a Rick and Morty style adventure while having fun with your family members. In this game, you have to find the bad guy with the help of clues, which makes it a really interesting game and can be one of the exciting Rick and Morty gifts.

33) Space Suit Rick Funko Pop – $

If you think that Pickle Rick Funko Pop will not suit their taste, then you can always give the Rick and Morty fan you know this Space Suit Rick Funko Pop. This budget-friendly gifting option stands at 3.75-inches tall and is a great decoration gift.

34) Rick and Morty Monopoly – $$

Even though I have listed a few really good Rick and Morty board games, there is nothing that can beat the good old game of Monopoly. This is a game most of your family members will be familiar with, plus it has a Rick and Morty theme to please the fans of the show as well.

35) Rick Knit Hat – $

Why should a Rick and Morty fan wear a simple woollen cap in winters when they can wear this cool looking Rick Knit Hat? This cap is made to look like Rick himself and even has 3D Rick’s hair making it a statement piece.

36) Rick and Morty Bifold Wallet – $

Wallets make for nice and useful gifts for any occasion, and this one with a Rick and Morty touch on it should therefore be a good choice as one of the coolest Rick and Morty gifts. The wallet has a Bifold design and has enough slots for keeping all your cards, IDs and cash.

37) Mr Meeseeks 4-Pieces Jar Set – $

Another unique Mr Meeseeks gift, this set of 4 jars is sure to make their kitchen livelier and more vibrant. Not only that, it is also a really functional Rick and Morty gift since it can be used to store a lot of different stuff in the kitchen.

38) Inflatable Pickle Rick Costume – $

Make the Rick and Morty fan relive the hilarious Pickle Rick episode by gifting them this inflatable Pickle Rick costume. This incredible costume can also be used to throw a great birthday party for a Rick and Morty fan.

39) Rick and Morty Pint Glass Set – $

There’s no better way for a Rick and Morty fan to spend his/her Sundays than to do a rerun of the show while having some beer. And now they can do it in style if you gift them this set of cool-looking pint glasses with a Rick and Morty design on them.

40) Rick and Morty Accordion Windshield Sunshade – $

Let the Rick and Morty fan in your life show everyone in the parking lot how big a fan of the show they are with these Rick and Morty design windshield sunshade. Oh, and also, they protect your car from the heat.

41) Rick and Morty Portal Container – $

Want everyone to know that the person you love is a huge Rick and Morty fan as soon as they enter their kitchen? Just gift them these Rick and Morty container jars with a ripple portal design on it, and they will all know automatically!

42) Rick and Morty Van Gogh Wall Décor – $

A simple yet elegant gift, this piece of wall décor takes a Rick and Morty take on the famous Van Gogh painting; And it does so quite well. This painting, when displayed on a wall, is sure to spark conversations among Rick and Morty enthusiasts.

43) Rick and Morty Boxer Briefs – $

If you don’t know already, then let me tell you, guys love quirky boxer briefs. And this can be your chance to give the Rick and Morty fan in your life a boxer brief he will absolutely admire. And don’t worry about the quality since it is as you would expect in this price range.

44) Rick and Morty 2021 Calendar – $

Help your adored Rick and Morty fan leave behind the horrors of 2020 and start 2021 in style by giving them this Rick and Morty themed 2021 calendar. This calendar comes as a proper gift set with some Rick and Morty stickers included in the set as well.

45) Rick and Morty Shaker Bottle – $

This shaker bottle with a Rick and Morty print is going to be the best way for the Rick and Morty fan in your life to show everyone in their gym that they love this show. Not to mention it is also a functional gift that most people can utilize.

46) Rick and Morty Herb Grinder – $

Bet you never imagined that herb grinders could be fun too. And this Rick and Morty inspired herb grinder is the prime example of that fact. Give this to the Rick and Morty fan in your life and see them spark with joy every time they sprinkle some oregano in their food.

47) 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – $

Well, if they love challenges as much as they love Rick and Morty, they are going to be absolutely flattered when they receive this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle as a gift. Solving this puzzle is not an easy task, but it will bring a great sense of achievement once they complete it.

48) Rick and Morty Air Pods Case – $

The Rick and Morty fan you know can now keep their prized possession, the Air Pods, safe and that too in style. Made from high-quality TPU, this case will offer great protection against scratches and falls.

49) Rick and Morty Portal Style Chair – $

If they truly are a Rick and Morty fan, they will love to own a piece of furniture related to the show. And this chair that looks like the ripple portal made from will make for a good choice for that. Sitting on it will make you feel like you are teleporting!


Rick and Morty is more than just a TV show. It is an emotion for the show’s fans, and a gift related to the show can be a great way to trigger that emotion and make them happy. That is precisely why I made this list, and I would like to believe it helped you in finding what you were looking for.

If you still are a little confused or want a few more options, then you can watch this video I have linked below:

If you ask me, I think that the Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Board Game is the best gift on the list, since the game is pretty interesting and can be enjoyed with multiple people like your family members, which is something we seldom do in this era of smartphones and gadgets.

If you enjoyed this list and benefited from it, then it would be really encouraging for me if you take the time to share it with your friends and family. Also, feel free to suggest any additions or suggestions for the list by contacting me through my socials linked below.  

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